Oct.-Nov.1998 Articles:
The Race to be Florida's Next Governor

Mindpower: Love and a Big Butt

Spoil Your Inner Child

Preventing Rape: The Do's and Don'ts

Sexual Politics in the Workplace

(music reviews)

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What You're Missing By Not Picking
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Notes From The Cultural Wasteland
by Morris Sullivan
A look at how, so often, the artist exploits the non-artist.

Duels With the Rules
by Susan Sterling
Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. With so many rules, how can you follow all of them?

MONEY as a Determinant for Your Place in Society
by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
The title says it all. This takes a look at the situation.

Adam Smith: Prophet or Profit?
by Scott Raymond Bledsoe
Our ship is sinking and it's beyond repair. So stop trying to fix it and let's move on.

Tell You Why I Feel Like Rip Van Winkle
by Sam Silva
America needs to wake up, because we're falling apart as we sleep.

Make an IMPACT on AIDS
by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
AIDS counseling -- how it should be done and what to expect.

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