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50 MillionBust the Action Broken Rekids • Unusual is the best way to describe this band. The music is mostly uptempo punk rock with a snotty attitude. But it has a quirky, creative side that separates it from the norm. It1s something that grows on you quickly.

Alec EmpireThe Destroyer Digital Hardcore Records • Alec Empire is one hard German mo-fo. Track one starts with a clipped Chuck D sample, 3Hard like its a pose2 and thrashes through 14 more drum and bass distorto symphonies with a machine-gun-like fury. The last time aggression sounded this real, this nihilistic and honest, rusty clothespins and 3 foot mohawks were in vogue. Summarizing the liner notes and thus the CD, it says, 3At the end of all this we all gonna die and that1s it!2 Hail the fury Mr. Empire!

Alkaline TrioGoddamnit Asian Man • Chicago has become the hub for great punk rock once again. Since Screeching Weasel has become boring, the Windy City needed something fresh. Between The Broadways, Tuesday and now Alkaline Trio they1ve got it! And Asian Man has all three, lucky them. This is poppy, energetic punk that is dusted with a bit of emo power. The vocals are shared and both guys rock. It1s often hard to believe they1re only a three-piece. It1s hard to describe a band that is this good without feeling that the review doesn1t justify the quality. Hooky, catchy, smart, and fun are all great words to place this music think Smoking Popes but with a faster, more punk rock sound. One listen and you1ll fall in love.

Another Victim Apocalypse Now Equal Vision • I like sXe hardcore. I HATE cheesy rip-offs. This band is from Syracuse, they1re ultra-militant about straight-edge and how it1s gonna save the world. Hmm. If there wasn1t an Earth Crisis this band would be Earth Crisis but since we have Earth Crisis, why do we need another? We don1t. Avoid this like a Big Mac and beer.

Appleseed CastThe End of the Ring Wars Deep Elm • The people at Deep Elm sure love emo. The thing is, they have a knack for weeding through the zillion new emo bands to deliver some of the more creative and worth listening to stuff. These guys are four pieces of strong, emocore that focuses on smart guitar/bass parts, powerful vocals and great tempo changes. The music transitions perfectly from high-energy rock to a more slowed down solitary feel, from song to song and within songs.

Archers of Loaf White Trash Heroes Alias Records • The Archers1 debut album 3Icky Mettle2 was one of 19931s best indie-rock records. The record sounded like a blend of Pavement and Superchunk, with the Archers1 own unique style thrown into the mix. With each subsequent album though, the band has yet to match their outstanding debut. Their latest offering, 3White Trash Heroes2, has its moments, but overall lacks the consistency and excitement of 3Icky Mettle2. And, besides, if I want 3White Trash2, I1m listening to Southern Culture on the Skids while drinking cheap beer and eating fried chicken in front of my trailer.

At The Drive-In In/Casino/Out Fearless Records • This is a great album from a five-piece that hails out of El Paso, Texas. The music is very hard to describe. It often has an indie/emo feel but incorporates very hard, energetic, hardcore attitudes. At times it reminds me, in scope, of Boy Sets Fire. Some songs are more mellow, guitar driven, while others rely on intense vocals and pounding music that peaks and doesn1t come back down. This is far more creative than much music out there and Fearless has definitely broken away from their typical sound to give this band the opportunity to be heard. Go hear it!

BaneHolding This Moment Equal Vision Records • The music is good but damn if it seems like the common thread between all sXe kids is someone selling out their scene and them feeling betrayed, alone, and further committed to the 3x.2 This said, I recommend Bane because the music is so good, and the words are honest.

Blue MeaniesLIVELIVELIVELIVE Asian Man Records • This is fast furious SKA-punk like the VooDoo Glow Skulls. It is a non-stop aural assault on your brain. It is a blast.

Bomb 20 Field Manual Digital Hardcore • The sound collages and distorted beats make this a worthy listen. Though I1m skeptical of bedroom revolutionaries, the inside booklet is a good read for those into politics. Of the digital hardcore set, Bomb 20 is the most accessible as the sound collages are entertaining and there is a structure to his songs not dissimilar to your favorite industrial/noise artists. If you like your beats noisy beyond near comprehension, get this.

Corn Doggy Dog & The Half Pound self-titled Skunk Records • I though that this was going to be a bunch of silly nonsense and whaddaya know, I was wrong. It1s actually pretty decent rock, punctuated by a heavy punk feel. It1s a surprisingly listenable disc.

Deadbolt Zulu Death Mask Cargo Records • If 3Zulu Death Mask2 was a soundtrack for a movie, that movie would be a cross between 3Pulp Fiction2 and 3The Serpent and the Rainbow.2 Deadbolt specializes in Surf Music with a horror movie edge, in what they call 3voodoobilly.2 More times than not, singer Harley Davidson actually narrates rather than sings, making these two tales of evil witch doctors and hippie murders seem like stories set to music, rather than songs. Sure, it1s a gimmick, but one that you1ll enjoy, especially during the Halloween season.

Death The Sound of Perseverance Nuclear Blast • Death Metal is basically the 3jazz2 of guitar based hard-music. The performers are far more skilled and really want you to notice how good they are through solos, overdone tempo shifts, etc. As much as I hate metal in my hardcore, I do appreciate this disc. Death are one of the originators of their genre. If you1re a hardcore kid into Overcast, Coalesce, or Converge, you should broaden your horizons to this CD and give 3To Listen2 a spin. If you like metal, definitely check this out. They cover Judas Priest!

Del Noah and the Mt. Ararat FinksBlower Explosion Skunk Records • Unless you1re a big fan of HotRod/Surf music, stay away from this one. By the third song, the gimmick wears off. The singer doesn1t help either. Listen to some of the lyrics from 3Amish Drag Buggy:2 3They only ride buggies / except for one man / with a custom built wagon / and overhead cams / It1s an Amish Drag Buggy / It really gets around.2 What the hell is this shit?

Despair Kill Initial Records • Five songs that are lot more accessible than their previous stuff. It1s as heavy as 3As we bleed2 just easier to get into. The cool thing about Despair is they play very rough and tumble hardcore music, yet their lyrics demand accountability for being callous and insensitive. Five songs, but heck, if you need a solid hardcore fix, get it.

Earth CrisisBreed the Killers Roadrunner Records • Well, well, the kings of straight edge metal/hardcore are FINALLY on a metal label! Amen! Hopefully less kids will stop confusing metal with hardcore, cuz face it, DRI wasn1t really that great and crossover is so 1989. Nevertheless, Earth Crisis give us metal with some good breakdowns here there. This is not the adrenaline rush of 3Gomorrah1s Season Ends,2 so if you1re a big fan and need more leadership in militance, march on over to your local record store and get this. If you1re straight edge, there are better bands to listen to.

Ebeling Hughes Transfigured Night Zero Hour Records • Lush soundscapes and dreamy sequences, layered with mellow vocals make this a very slow, textured album. To say that Ebeling Hughes prays at the altar of Pink Floyd is an understatement. They are so similar that I half expected them to break out into the chorus from 3Comfortably Numb2 a few times. Turn off the lights, relax, sit back, and let Ebeling Hughes take you on a musical journey through that 3Transfigured Night.2

EC8ORWorld Beaters Digital Hardcore • Given that the protest against lazy rave music has been made, where to from here? The subversion of electronic dance music to a heavier industrial origins was cool, but alas, it1s now becoming it1s own genre. Judging by this CD, that1s not a good thing. This is digital noise for those who want high pitched, um, noise to annoy those around them.

Eighty Eight Fingers Louie Back on the Streets Hopeless Records • We want these guys back in the streets. This is some of the best punk-infused rock I1ve had the pleasure to experience in a long time. Relentless audio joy.

Electric FrankensteinSpare Parts Get Hip Recordings • It took me two listen-throughs to really start to enjoy this disc. I don1t know why that is, but it is. As it stands, I really like the disc, especially a track called 3Right Now2 which is a bit of fun.

Elizabeth Damn Your Art Pile Deep Reverb Records • Former Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg once said he1d prefer to be booed than to have a crowd just sit there and do nothing. At least then he had evoked some sort of emotional response from the audience. 3Damn Your Art Pile2 is a solid record with good performances, but it fails to move the listener on any sort of emotional level. The songs, while well-crafted, are just there. Maybe Elizabeth is more engaging as a live act; Paul and I are hoping so.

Fun Size Glad to See You1re Not Dead Fueled By Ramen • I1m not the biggest punk fan in the world; not that I have anything against the genre, I just have a very short musical attention span. But enough about me. Fun Size1s sound is reminiscent of Orlando1s own Shyster, a catchy and melodic brand of emo and punk. 3Glad to See You1re Not Dead2 is a great album, not to mention one of the better album titles I1ve seen lately. Most importantly, I listened to the entire album in one sitting. What more of an endorsement do you need than that?

Galactic Cowboys At the End of the Day Metal Blade Records • If you1re stuck in the metal scene of the 19801s, you may like this. I did not. It1s very generic metal that lacks any feeling or aggression. They pretend to be humorous, but it just doesn1t work. This CD did not sit well with me and I think you1ll feel the same way.

Gillian Webb Hell Among the Yearlings Almo Sounds • Country/mountain music produced by T-Bone Burnett. If you1re into a darker form of country in the more West Virginia hillbilly blues form of storytelling, check this out for size. Gillian Webb1s harmonizing is beautiful, complete with twangs and banjos, and the lyrics are interesting enough.

Glass Eden self-titled Reality Records • The problem with being an industrial music performer in this day and age is that it1s really, really hard to be inventive and stand apart. Trent Reznor was very lucky that the world-at-large didn1t listen to Skinny Puppy, so he was cited as leader of the 3Industrial Revolution2 after all the ground work was laid out by others in the 801s. Which brings us to Glass Eden/Peter Blackwell. If this were 1990 this CD would amaze me. It1s not, so I1m not. Hopefully new ground will be searched out, because this CD shows talent. It1s just not original enough to recommend to anyone outside of die-hard NIN fans who appreciate imitation.

Guttermouth Live from the Pharmacy Nitro Records • It1s Guttermouth. Do I need to say more? These guys are the kings of punk-rock energy. I love them and you will too. You will, Dammit.

Indecision Most Precious Blood Wreck-Age • THE VOICE! THE WORDS! THE SALVATION OF HARDCORE FROM SELF-REFERENTIAL CLICHES! This release caught me very much off guard yet set me into balance. Live for today has always come off as hokey but Indecision can say 3carpe diem2 and it feels so sincere. Read the liner notes and find out why this band is most definitely worth your time.

Jen Wood No More Wading Tree Records • A female voice and acoustic guitar! I feel very comfortable comparing this to Sinead O1Connor for the songs celebrating strength rather than weakness, for her ability to twist her vocals so that every song doesn1t sound the same, and for the urgency of the delivery. Very soothing and engaging.

Jets to Brazil orange rhyming dictionary Jade Tree Records • There1s nothing wrong with rock and roll. Maybe it1s that it takes great musicians to make real rock and roll. Blake (ex-Jawbreaker, guitar/vocals), Jeremey (ex-Handsome, bass), Chris (ex-Texas is the Reason, drums), and Brian (ex-Van Pelt, guitar) make up the latest super group. But these guys are really super. Most songs follow a mid-tempo pace, sometimes even a bit more chilled out. The grooves are often straight up rock and roll, drifting into a country jangle at times. And there is a constant new wave feel that runs throughout the album. The emotion of Jawbreaker shines through in Blake1s vocals and his always brilliant song writing. Hopefully this band won1t break up, because they are absolutely addictive.

Jon Cougar Concentration CampMelon BYO Records • Punk Rock-N-Roll, folks! I really liked their 7", so I was happy to hear this full length. It1s guitar driven rock-n-roll with a punk rock beat that covers all styles of punk rock! Wow! Go you crazy kids! Start Dancin1! Strictly for young loathers.

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp Too Tough To Die Liberation Records • Here1s a concept- a full length record of Jon Cougar Concentration Camp covering Ramone1s songs. The recording itself is rather rough and the vocals gruff, but if you like either band you might like this. The vocals are a lot harsher than their other releases, so if that sounds like a great thing to you, give it a listen.

Kitty BadassOne Cell at A Time Elevator Music • There are few things I love more than chicks who sing punk. One thing is chicks who sing punk well. She does. This is one of the best punk discs I1ve heard in a long time. Get it and whack off to it. Now.

KnapsackThis Conversation is Ending Starting Right Now Alias Records • There are few bands that can move me the way Knapsack can. I can think of two off hand: Jawbreaker and Gameface. Knapsack creates a sound that wraps itself around you and pulls you in. Even if you don1t know the lyrics, you feel what they mean. These three guys (including, now full-time, Sergie from Samiam) define a sound that many will try and copy. There are no comparisons. Safe to say though, the sound is full, solid, melodic and emotional. But please do not mistake that to mean this is an emo band. They deserve far more respect than to be grouped in a genre. Let1s just call the genre Knapsack. I have yet to hear a song by this band that I didn1t like.

Lunachicks Drop Dead Live Go Kart Records • More angry punk chicks. Does life get any better than this? Poignant tearjerkers like 3The Day Squid1s Gerbil Died2 nearly brought me to the brink of suicide. Then I got better and started rocking out.

Mineral EndSerenading Crank! • This is emo for those who don1t like emo. The downfall of emo has always been the emphasis on lyrics covering the same ground of love with rise and fall music. The saving grace of Mineral is that these elements fit together so perfectly on a CD I1ve listened to for two days straight. Great music to sleep and wake to, and that1s a sincere compliment.

Mock Orange Nines & Sixes Lobster Records • This is the second release on Lobster Records new emo division, Boiled Music. Mock Orange is a superb four-piece from Indiana. The music is tight, melodic and creative with awesome guitar parts and tempo changes that give a bounce to the sound. At times they are reminiscent of Braid, but far more often they display a unique sound that is captivating. I don1t like the word emo, but the music is emotional, but more punk than sappy. This is definitely a great album, through and through.

Nate Dogg G-Funk Classics Vol. 1 & 2 Dogg Foundation • This two CD set features thirty tracks of slowed down gangster funk featuring more singing than rapping. It1s a different sound for relaxing, with some direct references to Nate Dogg1s ex-label, Death Row. Ninety five percent of the tracks here are stand outs with insightful lyrics, and about half feature cameos, including Warren G and Snoop Doggy Dogg. Well worth the cost.

New York Ska Jazz Ensemble Get This Moon Ska Records • This is some smooth-ass super cool music. You1ll want it in the background when you1re trying to score with that special someone. They even do a nice cover of an old Aretha Franklin tune. This is worth whatever they charge you for it.

Nine Lives Reignition Mendit, Inc. • This is pop punk in a good way, it sort of sounds like Green Day would sound if the didn1t suck ass-water now. The only problem is that there are only6 songs on the disc.

Park Scene 14 Playing Field Recordings • Fans of emo should get this disk. The music has a consistent catchiness through each song, be it aggressive or passive. The whole CD is so good it rises above any hint of pretension. It1s nice to hear something that gives back to you.

Pilsner AutoSuggestion Get Hip Recordings • These guys are fun. It1s punk in its truest form. Unadulterated and full of energy. Plenty of good stuff for the entire family.

Q-Burns Abstract Message Feng Shui Astralwerks • Orlando1s most famous DJ has just released a new album. Q-Burn1s latest release is a showcase for his talent, not only as a DJ, but more so as an artist. The beats are constantly changing and the sounds are far from the norm. This is electronic only by nature of the genre, but the music is instrumental at heart, in that the sounds come together to sound like a orchestra as opposed to a computer. 3Feng Shui2 is nearly 70 minutes of funk infused, soulful, hip-hop influenced composition. There is no band out there at the level of creativity that Q-Burn has attained. Even if you1re not into electronica, give this one a listen and you may fall in love.

Ramona and Beezus self-titled Idols of the Marketplace Records • This CD isn1t the world1s greatest, but damn if it isn1t inspiring! The booklet lists the contacts for putting together your own CD, as well as a few introspective writings about the musical process. This is independent lo-fi musicianship with at times off-key singing beyond his range. When I say inspiring, I mean it! If this guy can put out his own CD, what1s stopping you?

Refused The Shape of Punk To Come Burning Heart Records • Fusing punk rock politics with a modernist sense of style, Refused have released perhaps one of the most vital releases of the past couple of years. This takes off where Nations of Ulysses left off in spirit, but sonically it1s a 100x1s better than anything NOU put out. The more I listen to it the more I like it. The whole package - music, lyrics, liner notes- is essential, so what are you waiting for? Invest in your future!

Saves the Day Can1t Slow Down Equal Vision Records • Saves the Day plays some good punk. A few times you get this emo vibe, and at other times I thought of Weezer. They take the time to create harmonies for their choruses, making Can1t Slow Down a CD worth checking out.

Seam The Pace is Glacial Touch and Go • Seam is a mid-west four piece that play indie rock with a solid emo influence. The music is, at times, sweet and sincere and then moves to a more energetic and driving sound always grabbing you with tight melodies. You1ll find yourself bobbing along with the grooves and hooks. The vocals are tight and only add to the overall sound. Sometimes it reminds me of some of the DC-style indie rock and then it drifts back to the mid-west style. This is smart rock.

Sepultura Against Roadrunner Records • With the loss of Max C. as a front man, I think that Sepultura has lost some of the ferocity that so dominated their earlier works. This is still great stuff full of tribal rhythms and searing guitars, though.

Shutdown self-titled Against All Odds • This is music for hardcore kids growing up past the blind 3sXe 4-ever2 militance to the awakened awareness that there1s a whole big world that could care less about 3sXe2 or hardcore, where you truly do stand alone. There1s maturity to Shutdown, which is why I have to recommend them. The music is very familiar fast hardcore with sometimes-strained vocals, but that doesn1t stop them from playing so give it a listen.

Sick BeesOn the One Rx Records • If you liked noise rock ala Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. in their early years, you should pay close attention to Sick Bees. The female vocals are so strong and distinct, able to change to fit the melody amidst the dissonance. It1s not a carbon copy of their influences. Rather, Sick Bees use them as a starting point of experimentation.

SirenBecoming Wheels Cool Guy Records • Looking for social and political commentary put to some kick-ass punk rock? Look no further, my friend. Siren rails against the typical punk archenemies like corporate America, bigots, and other narrow-minded idiots. Musically, the band is extremely tight and energetic. Even a die-hard Republican would find it hard to resist these eleven tunes. Who knows, they might even change their evil ways after listening to Siren. Stick it to the man and buy this record!

Sleeping for Sunrise Skyline Symmetry Playing Field Recordings • Pretty decent emo-punk. I really liked the somber mood on this CD, accentuated with some super fast drum breakdowns. Unfortunately, the singer could use some voice lessons. Overall, I would recommend a listen.

Slightly Stoopid The Longest Barrel Ride Skunk Records • To be honest, I expected to hate this. From the surfer smoking pot cover art to the band1s name, I thought this CD was going to be slightly stupid. Boy was I surprised. These three guys from San Diego guide you through different styles of music: from reggae to punk to ska, ska-punk. I really recommend this one.

Thatcher on Acid Frank Broken Rekids • I don1t know if this is old or new material, but regardless, it stands up as good punk rock from an era when the sound wasn1t so damn generic or restrained. Actually, to call this punk rock might conjure tired images in your head, so please give it a listen with an open mind. It1s good stuff that takes the political and makes it personal.

The Adjusters Before the Revolution Moon Ska Records • The Adjusters play cool old-school ska, not that white suburban kid from SoCal kinda-ska. (Of course, many of those kids are now starting swing bands, but that1s a rant for another time.) There is also a heavy rhythm and blues influence. The Adjusters1 songs touch on several different styles within the reggae/ska universe, and it works very well for them. All in all, this is a great album.

The Enkindles Buzzclip 2000 Initial Records • This is the break out record of your lifetime! Catchy pop-punkish sounds with gruff vocals that cover familiar territory yet it1s still very vibrant and fun. The writing and delivery of the words is what I enjoy most about The Enkindles. Everything you loved about hardcore and pop punk minus macho posturing is in here, so get it!

The Goons Living In America Torque Records • This is fast, melodic, kickin1 punk. Full of mohawk-inspiring angst and super speedy riffs that you will like. Trust me.

The Hi-Fives Get Down Lookout Records • These California modsters unleash some fun 601s styled pop tracks that will definitely get you dancing! I1m skeptical about retro bands, but this one rules! If you like the oldies, The Small Faces, or if you want something to pick you up with fun, fun, fun, sounds, BUY THIS NOW!

The Idiots/Jack Saints Split CD Man1s Ruin Recordings • 25 songs of pure joy. Hard-core in the greatest of old-school styles. Rockin1 and rollin1 and never missing a beat these bands are terrific and you get two for one!

The Mopes Low Down Two bit Sidewinder Lookout! Records • A couple of ex-Queers guys give this surf-rockabilly creation a feeling of goofy fun. You1ll want to do the shimmy on the beach by the time they1re done with your sorry narrow ass.

The Notwist Therapy Zero Hour • I1m happy to be alive in this day and age where there are still musicians interested in being inventive and able to pull various different elements together to form a solid record. The Notwist do this all-too-rare feat with ease. This is a treasure that may not get the music press attention it deserves. Easy to get into, and still captivating after thirty listens. Please, please, please- GET THIS! It sounds great and you1ll feel enriched from the experience.

The Scofflaws Record of Conviction Moon Ska Records • One of my favorite SKA bands is in fine form on this, their latest release. Full of tight, bouncy songs reflecting the scope of problems affecting today1s youth like 3I Can1t Decide2 (which beer to drink...).

The Shrooms Minihaha Cool Guy Records • This is standard issue punk rock. Kinda whiney, but pretty good. Be sure to check out the last track 3Joe Rockhead.2

The Smugglers Growing Up Smuggler Lookout Records • Take the 60s and toss in some punk rock and you1ve got it going on. This is fun, guitar-smokin1 rock and roll. Recorded live in Madrid, Spain, The Smugglers are a five-piece act that are wild, cool and smooth. Twenty tracks of dancin1 goodness.

The Vehicle Birth Tragedy Crank! • This is an interesting release, with some good songs in the mix. An aggressive song like 3Marathon2 should set the pace, but the CD alternates between quiet repetition and bursts of energy. Worth hearing before making the decision to own it.

Token Entry From Beneath the Streets Go-Kart • Oh, the joys of re-releases. The mid-eighties brought a new style of punk rock that combined metal melodies with the attitude of the 70s punk movement and a craving for fast-paced music. Token Entry were one of the front-runners, listened to on the boom boxes of many a skateboarder. The music is guitar heavy with hooks and chanted choruses that create a fun and, for those who listened to this music years ago, nostalgic feel.

Underdog The Vanishing Point Go-Kart • Underdog was a mid-eighties skaterock band that, like the other punk bands of the time, combined punk attitude with metal melodies. The vocals are awesome, going from wonderfully sung to emotionally screamed. Personally, this is one of the greatest of the bands from that time consisting of Gorilla Biscuits, Token Entry, DRI, Bad Brains (who definitely influenced Underdog), Angry Samoans and others. This is a must have for those who liked them back then, and those who have an interest in punk rock history.

Valis/Kitty Kitty Split CD Man1s Ruin Records • This is pretty straightforward rock and roll. It1s done well by both bands, but my preference is for Valis who have a more groove-oriented sound.

Various Artists Boss Soul: The Genius of Barry White Del Fi • Barry White is best known as a seductive crooner with a deep baritone. The fault of this record is that is the ordering of tracks by release date rather than merit. The first song is so weak yet the later songs are so good. Being that it1s a 50/50 split of great vs. sub-average soul, this CD becomes strictly for the collectors, as there1s a lot more accessible R&B collections (Chess Records Vol. 1&2 are priceless!) with more consistently good tracks for those new to the sound. If you really LOVE Barry White or Northern Soul, check this out. Otherwise, try it before you buy it.

Various Artists Honest Don1s Greatest Shits Honest Don1s Records • Dance Hall Crashers, J Church, Riverdales, and more and more and more. It1s sampler discs like this that make getting out of bed in the morning worthwhile.

Various Artists Mindset Overhaul Wreck-Age • This is a retrospective of the past eight years of Wreck-Age and Exit hardcore releases compiled on one CD. For $5ppd, you really can1t pass this up. I1ve heard of a lot of these bands but never heard their music, so this was a treat to hear what I missed the first time around, as well as some bands I1m glad I missed. Thirty tracks including Silent Majority, SFA, Indecision plus more!

Various Artists No More Heroes - A Tribute to the Stranglers Elevator Music • This is a good mix of bands paying tribute to a band I have never heard before. It is good stuff though and has inspired a quest to start digging up some Stranglers discs.

Various Artists You1ve Got The Fucking Power Digital Hardcore Recordings • An eight band amalgamation of digital 240beats per minute type hardcore. Atari Teenage Riot, Bomb 20 and more.

Varnaline Sweet Life Zero Hour • This CD starts off very sweet with high falsetto singing and a sonic pacing to dream to. If only they had held onto this I would shout the praises of Varnaline. The remainder of the songs feature standard rock stylings and deeper vocals. 3Gulf of Mexico2 is a great song. The rest of the CD doesn1t measure.

Watts Flash Luminosity Music Group • Pop type rock and roll which seems to be wanting in some way. It just doesn1t have anything too special going for it. It1s not bad; it1s just not great.

Welt Broke Down Dr. Dream Records • Bad Religion meets Social Distortion in 3Broke Down,2 Welt1s third full-length release on Dr. Dream Records. Very tight punk band that doesn1t sound polished by post-production, but neither does it sound full of mistakes. I can only imagine that their live shows must be amazing. Tracks like 3Lazy,2 3Something to Believe In2 and 3Everything1s OK2 are the stuff punk dreams are made of.


13 Frightened Girls Splash1 72 Get Hip Recordings • Punk rock with a garage feel. This isn1t astounding, but it ain1t bad either.

Ahriman/Vae Victis split 7" Satan1s Pimp • Ahriman didn1t do much for me- monotonous atonal grind/evil-core. Vae Victis, on the other side, did a whole lot for me! A complex yet heavy hardcore sound. This 7" is worth it for Vae Victis.

Alien Crime Syndicate Supernatural 72 American Pop Project • Very hip, very catchy electronically influenced pop. I1m really diggin1 these two songs. Real instruments with electronic loops and beats put in the mix. They have an awesome thing going.

Boris the Sprinkler I1ve Been Hittin1 on a Russian Robot Lookout Records • Oh, the joys of silly punk rock. Boris has been doing this for years. The music is catchy, sing-a-long, fast tempo goodness with some 60s influences.

Bride Just DiedWe Are The Hungry 7" Neat Damned Noise • Horror punk rock anyone? It1s really catchy music from England, and comes on blood red vinyl. If you love the Misfits you1ll like this, as the vocals and playing is right dead on.

Davie Allan and the Arrows self-titled 7" Get Hip Recordings • Here we have two garage rock instrumentals where the guitar leads and drives the song, ala Ventures somewhat. The packaging looks great, but the music didn1t wow me as much as the sleeve.

Electric Frankenstein vs. L.E.S. Stitches split 7" Devil Doll • A Motorhead cover and an original that should be awesome- fast delivery with a chant along chorus- but comes up as uninspired punk by numbers.

Eric The Red self-titled 7" Caulfield Records • The B-side is the better of the two tracks from this emo 3 piece as it1s a nice instrumental. The A-side is standard mid-tempo indie rock fare.

Ethel Meserve self-titled 7" Caulfield Records • The A-side is a winner! The vocals have a call and self response thing going and the guitars work nicely against a drive beat. The B-side is sterile in comparison.

Leslies self-titled 7" American Pop Project • Strangely sweet lite pop sounds anyone? Very very relaxed, almost overly 701s minus the bubble-gum. It1s different enough worth hearing, so check it out.

Los Ass-Draggers Kings of Cheezy 7" Get Hip • Ultra-fast garage rock-n-roll with vocals that are lost in the wall of sound. The band is from Spain playing a very American sound. Go transcontinental!

Mark Brodie & the Saboteurs Tiger Rock 72 American Pop Project • Hop on board, we1re going surfing. The guitar work is great and the beat makes you wanna dance. All instrumentals and I can1t complain.

Northself-titled 7" The MindWalk Recording Label • The cover for this 7" is a smart imprint. The music has a slowed down, repetitive quality that1s still very textured. Two songs- one1s an instrumental, the other is comedown music with bursts at precise moments. Severely worth seeking out.

Six Going On Seven/Hot Water Music Split 72 Some Records • Two emo tunes from two of the best emo bands. Awesome grooves and creative orchestration make this better than the rest.

Subsonics Frankenstein/Mary Ann 7" Get Hip Recordings • Frankenstein has a driving sex-mad tempo and sneered delivery. Very heavy and moving. 3Mary Ann2 owes heavily to 501s rock-n-roll, which is cool because they pull off the sound- rough and dirty with a great beat.

The Loudmouths Spit It Out 72 702 Records • Since when are bland, repitative lyrics the in thing? The female vocals are screamed and constantly pissed off and the music is your typical lo-fi punk rock. This band sounds like they rock live, though.

The Nobody1s w/ Joe QueerQueers for a Day, Nobodys for Life Suburban Home • Why ask the lead singer of the band you sound like to sing with you? Well, I guess it makes sense. They should be called 3The Queers w/ nobody2. Take the Queers, speed it up a tad and there ya have it standard issue, sloppy, snotty, stupid punk rock.

The Sons of Hercules self-titled 7" Get Hip Recordings • While listening to this record I kept thinking of early 801s punk bands that would fuse surf and whatever else into their music before the scene switched to a generic hardcore sound. The beats are driving, guitars elaborate, though the track 3Surfin In the Bars2 is dumb. One for two, you decide if you like those odds.

Turbine/Majority Rule split 7" Submit Records • Turbine play clearly sung hardcore marrying angry topics with a happy sound. The kids have a new anthem in 3Rise Up/Wise Up,2 as it sports such a great chorus and lyrics. This is a song too far between in h.c.- so catchy you listen to the words and maybe just maybe you are inspired to make a difference because of the feeling the melody inspires. Majority Rule is okay, but get this for Turbine.

Ubangis Lovesick 72 Get Hip Recordings • This is three songs of garage surf that is super lo-fi. The vocals are dramatic and totally fit the music. Although it definitely isn1t my thing, if you like 60s style trashrock, you1ll love this.


In alphabetical order. Please write them.

702 Records, PO Box 204, Reno, NV 89504
Against All Odds, 2149 71st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204
Alias Records, 2815 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91505
Almo Sounds, 360 N. La Cienega Blvd., LA, CA 90048
Amer. Pop Project, POB 2271, San Rafael, CA 94912
Asian Man Records, PO Box 35585, Monte Sereno, CA 95030
Astralwerks, 104 W. 29th St., 4th Floor, NY, NY 10001
Broken Rekids, PO Box 460402, San Fran., CA 94146-0402
Burning Heart Records, Box 441, 70148, Orebro, Sweden
BYO Records, PO Box 67A64 Los Angeles, CA 90067
Cargo Music, 4901-906 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92117
Caulfield Records, P.O.B. 84323, Lincoln, NE 68501
Cool Guy Recs, 10140 Gard Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Crank!, 1223 Wilshire Blvd. #823, Santa Monica, CA 90403
Deep Elm Records, PO Box 1965, NY, NY 10156-1965
Deep Reverb, PO Box 32247, Washington DC 20007
Del Fi Records, P.O. Box 69188, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Devil Doll, P.O. Box 30727, Long Beach, CA 90853
Digital Hardcore, 30 Dean St., London, W1V 5AN, UK
Dogg, 11823 E. Slauson Ave., Ste. 30, Santa Fe Spr, CA 90670
Dr. Dream, 16331 Gothard St., Ste. D, Huntington Bch, CA 92647
Elevator Music, 29 Center St., New Haven, CT 06511
Epitaph Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Equal Vision Records, PO Box 14, Hudson, NY 12534
Fearless, 13772 Goldenwest St., #545, Westminster, CA 92683
Fueled By Ramen, PO Box 12563, Gainesville, FL 32604
Get Hip, PO Box 666, Canonsburg, PA 15317
Go Kart, PO Box 20, Prince Street Station, NY, NY 10012
Honest Don1s, PO Box 192027, San Francisco, CA 94119-2027
Hopeless Records, PO Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495
Idols of the Marketplace, P.O. Box 50138, Ft. Wayne, IN 46805
Initial Records, P.O. Box 17131, Louisville, KY 40217
Liberation Records, P.O. Box 17746, Anaheim, CA 92817
Lobster Records, PO Box 1473, Santa Barbara, CA 93102
Lookout! Records, PO Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94712-2374
Man1s Ruin, 610 22nd Street #302, San Francisco, CA 94107
Mendit Records, PO Box 1096, NY, NY 10003
Metal Blade, 2828 Cochran, Ste. 302, Simi Valley, CA 93065
Moon SKA Records, PO Box 1412, NY, NY 10276
Neat Damned Noise, PO Box 42850-123, Houston, TX 77242
Nitro Recs, 7071 Warner Ave. F-736, Huntington Bch, CA 92647
Noise Patch Records, PO Box 1646, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Nuclear Blast America, PO Box 43618, Philadelphi, PA 19106
Playing Field Recordings, P.O. Box 851, Urbana, IL 61803
Radar Light Records, POB 578582, Chicago, IL 60657
Reality, 11684 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 135, Studio City, CA 91604
Roadrunner Records, 536 Broadway, 4th Fl., NY, NY 10012
Rx Records, PO Box 14624, Chicago, IL 60614
Satan1s Pimp, P.O. Box 13141, Reno, NV 89507
Skunk Recs, 6285 E. Spring St., #234, Long Beach, CA 90808
Some Records, 405 W. 14th St., #3, NY, NY 10014
Submit Records, 803 Thayer Ave., Silver Springs, MD 20910
Suburban Home, 1750 30th St., #365, Boulder, CO 80301
The MindWalk Recording Label, POB 22514, Phila., PA 19110
Torque Records, PO Box 229, Arlington, VA 22210
Touch and Go, P.O.B. 25520 Chicago, IL 60613
Wreck-Age, PO Box 263, NY, NY 10012
Zero Hour, 14 West 23rd, NY, NY 10010

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