February/March '98 Issue

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Human Cloning: Modern Prometheus or Frankenstein's Monster by Morris Sullivan
As the rage surrounding cloning continues to fuel the fire for physical and social scientists to debate, we have to confront the issue from both sides. A recent statement by Chicago enterepreneur, Richard Seed, that he intends to start cloning within two years, has taken the debate to a higher level; so high that President Clinton urged a ban on it. But is cloning really a dangerous tool to be used for harm or can it help mankind? So many issues surround this subject. Sullivan tries to unravel them.

Spilling Your Guts: Surviving Bulimia by Kathy Cannon
PPersonal accounts and the issues surrounding the destructive and deadly disease.

STUDY: Purchasing Condoms and Sexual Lubricants by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
An analysis of attitudes and experiences while purchasing sexual products.

Your World: Views of the News by Sean Helton
Current events disected: New laws, Swimming with Gators, Dead Diana, Racism and Latrell, plus a bonus on OJ Simpson's stupidity.

Chewin' The Bone With Maddog by Maddog
THE FINAL INSTALLMENT - Snackwells, Television, Tooth Decay and more.