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The Age of Anger by Morris Sullivan
Drive-by assassinations, freeway shoot-outs, and other, smaller acts of violence by Americans against Americans fills in the blanks between the “big” stories—between the latest news on the McVeigh trial and the search for the Army of God members who planted several bombs in Atlanta during the Olympics. Americans may have always been quick to fight—reaching for the six-shooters when someone does us wrong—but why do we see increasing violence in our society? Why are we so angry?

Anonymous Sex With No Commitments: Public Sex Environments by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
Public Sex Environments are places where people gather simply to "get off". A study of these places explores why people go there and the risks they are taking.

Mind Power: The Preferential Treatment Controversy by Patrick Scott Barnes
Barnes explains the three types of people who oppose affirmative action.

Your World: Views of the News by Sean Helton
Current events disected: Japan's XXXcellent Educators, Klan-o-ween, Shoot The Fat Guy, Get Off My Road, Puff The Magic Litigant

Chewin' The Bone With Maddog by Maddog
"What happens to a human’s body chemistry around puberty that suddenly necessitates the use of deodorant?" • "Is penis size hereditary? How does Alpha Hydroxy reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?"