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Feb./Mar.'05 Articles:
Freedom & Hypocrisy
The New Abolitionism
The Next Gingrich
Reinventing the Future
The Muddlemarch: 1
The Muddlemarch: 2
Opinionated Lizards
(music reviews)

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Jobs, Wages, Mergers, And You / Bonus Season
by Jim Hightower
Job creation doesn't mean wage increases, despite climbing corporate profits; But it gets worse... $15.8 billion was paid out in executive bonuses in 2004.

Acts of God, Acts of Media
by Norman Soloman
By now, perhaps no subject has achieved more agreement in the USA's news media. Faith in God is a televised no-brainer.

Overpriced Musings: Parents! Lojack Your Kids
by Don Pflaster
Meet "Teen Arrive Alive," a ghastly new program that parents can load onto a GPS-enabled cell phone to track their teens and constantly know exactly where they are.

WWMLKD? What Would Martin Luther King Do?
by Mara Voukydis
"Every American deserves to be an owner of the American dream," said President Bush, but a great racial divide remains. If Bush wants to make this a nation in which we can all be owners, he should be asking "WWMLKD or What Would Martin Luther King Do?"

Taking Back Our Food
by Kari Lydersen
As the average American becomes more disconnected from the land and natural, locally-grown foods, a diverse array of grassroots projects across the country are reconnecting people with the soil.

Racing For The Grave: The Iditarod's Trail Of Dog Deaths
by Heather Moore
The annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, a grueling 1,150-mile expedition held in March, has mushers competing for cash and a Dodge pickup truck; the dogs are merely trying to stay alive. They're viewed as little more than snowmobiles with fur, bred for a single purpose, and casualties are acceptable.

Book Reviews:
by Craig Mazer, Kari Lydersen
"15 To Life: How I Painted My Way To Freedom"; "A Poverty of Reason: Sustainable Development and Economic Growth"

Comic: The K Chronicles
by Keith Knight

Muzzled Activist in the Age of Terror: The Strange and Telling Case of Sherman Austin
by Joshua Frank
On the afternoon of January 24, 2002, approximately 25 federal agents stormed the home of activist Sherman Austin. What has unfolded since then exposes the frightening reality of the government's misled war on terror.

Tsunami & Malthus: Will The Planet Survive?
by Ron Virmani, M.D.
If we were to seriously talk about reducing human misery on this planet, and not just pay it lip-service, we necessarily need to address these other man-made tsunamis.

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