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Politics and Activism

AK Press
Specializes in libertarian socialist (anarchist)/anti-authoritarian material. Great books available -- very cool literature.

Altar Magazine
a forum for critical thought, coalition building, artistic creativity, and activism.
Great collection of user-submitted articles, news and discussion on a variety of topics.

Clamor Magazine
"New perspectives on politics, culture and media."

Common Dreams Newscenter
"Breaking news and views for the Progressive Community." This site is amazing, full of information and fighting the good fight.

Counterpoise is a quarterly review journal that makes independent points of view widely accessible to librarians, scholars and activists.

Different Voices
"Alternative news, zines, books, music, opinion, media resources, and more!" Great collection of alternative media articles on many subjects.

The Drug Reform Coordination Network
A central internet resource for online drug reform activism.

Farm Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary is a U.S.-based organization which operates farm animal sanctuaries and wages campaigns to stop the exploitation of animals raised for food.

Visit the Meatout 2005 Website!

Hear the Issues
"Political Issues and Commentary"

Human Rights Campaign
"Working for Lesbian and Gay Equal Rights" - this site is GREAT.

Human Rights Watch
Comprehensive, shocking, important, urgent -- words can't describe the info this site contains.

Impact News
They have a similar name and a similar approach. But these cool cats are overseas. Check 'em out!

Institute for First Amendment Studies
"Founded in 1984, IFAS is a non-profit educational and research organization focusing solely on the activities of the radical Religious Right."

Manufactured Citizens
An online zine for anarcho, crust, and peace punks.

Mindfield Magazine
An eZine that features political satire, short stories, poetry, and interviews.

Montreal Anarchist Black Cross Federation
The ABCF is a network of collectives that support North American Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War. Different PP/POWs participated in progressive and revolutionary movements in varying levels, some in educational and community organizing, others in clandestine armed and offensive people's armies. All are in prison as a result of conscious political action, for building resistance, building and leading movements and revolution.

National Abortion Federation
The Voice of Abortion Providers; very informative site, lots of info.

October 22nd Coalition:
Stop police brutality, repression, and the criminalization of a generation.

Orlando Direct Action:
Central Florida-based anti-authoritarian group organizing protests and educational events around local, regional, Florida, national and international issues.

!OutProud!, The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Youth. Great, needed information.
Great, needed information.

People's Weekly World Newspaper
The People's Weekly World is the newspaper of the Communist Party, USA reporting on and analyzing the pressing issues of the day: peace, social and economic justice, workers1 rights, civil liberties, reproductive rights, protection of the environment, and more.

Project Vote Smart
Project Vote Smart (PVS) provides a comprehensive database about thousands of candidates and elected officials for President, Congress, Governors and State Legislators. Less detailed information is available at the county and local level for each state.

Protest.Net is a site to help progressive activists by providing a place where times and locations of protests and meetings can be posted and activists can find out about events near them and around the world.

SixBillion is an online magazine of narrative journalism. "There are six billion people in the world. Each has a story to tell."

Smirking Chimp
Tons of news and commentary from alternative news sources plus interactive discussion boards on current issues. You'll also find political satire galore. Ask not at whom the chimp smirks - he smirks at you.

Thought of Freedom
Inside news and stories of first-hand experiences with activism in British Columbia and Canada.

True Food Now
Greenpeace's campaign against Genetically Modified foods. This is a site you MUST CHECK OUT if you want to avoid GMO products.

Turn Left
The home of Liberalism on the web.

Vegan Action
Vegan Action is a non-profit organization that educates the public about the many benefits of the vegan diet and lifestyle.

Your friendly vegan and vegetarian resource. There is a TON of information at this site. Don't miss it!

Voice of Freedom
"As an organization, our mission is dedicated to informing the public of actions by our government that affect our Unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and our Constitutional guarantees of Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Peaceably Assemble and Freedom to petition the Government to redress of grievances."

Where In The World Is Bush
All George W. Bush, all the time; incredibly comprehensive newssite compiling information on the activities and travels of our unelected 43rd president.

Working For Change
Comprehensive Web site made up of resources for people with progressive values. Anyone with Internet access (members and non-members alike) can speak out on urgent issues, go shopping, make a donation, volunteer their time or listen to the radio.

The Premier Search Directory for Women Online. VERY comprehensive women's resource site. Easy to use and loaded with info and links.

Music Links

It's the dope shit! Comprised of 8 gentlemen involved both individually and in small groups with recording, performing, writing and unlearning art at large, anticon is a label for a movement. Bound by 8 brands of genre defiance, the anticon family along with a handful of coworker cousins have been amassing an archetypal work ethic for the past 5 years while allowing their respective aesthetics to grow separately and influence one another.

Ari's Simple List of Record Labels
Tremendous listing of record labels, major and indie, alphabetized and indexed. It also shows where the labels are based out of.

Blac Bloc
Central Florida-based anarcho-punk band.

Caught Red Handed
A Seattle-based political D.I.Y. band and record label.

Central Florida Local Music Scene
Get listings for shows across Central Florida, from Tampa to Daytona and everywhere in between. This is DIY internet at its best.

Crustacean Records
Cool indie label with releases by bands such as: Fierce Nipples, Mucky Pup, and Carl You Know Peggy.

Fearless Records
Home of Dynamite Boy, Bickley, Lonely Kings, Aquabats, Bigwig, Whitekaps and other punk/hardcore bands

Holiday Matinee
A San Diego-based music publicity company, representing such artists as Piebald, Jejune and Kind of Like Spitting. Also publishes Muddle magazine, covering punk/hardcore music and pop culture.

Hopeless Dregs of Humanity
"We are an anarchist band comprised of the three horsemen of the rock apocalypse. We geographically hail from central New Jersey and have come to single-handedly spur the rock 'n roll revolution! Hopeless Dregs of Humanity is not a political band. This is about life, not fucking politics. Politics is the sterilized bullshit that those Republicrats of the state shovel around every 4 years and is spoken of on television news programs."

House of the Rising Punk
Extremely cool site that has a tremendous number of links for bands, zines, labels and other misc. punk related things. It is presented in a very easy to use framed fashion.

The Music and Miscellany of TagYerit
Discover why Guitar Player says "full of the pure joy of words and music" (samples in .wav and .mpg)

Rainmaker Music Publicity
Regardless of genre, age demographic, and musical ability, without the power of the media, your artistry will never reach its full commercial potential. Rainmaker educates you on the machinations of the music media and the myriad of ways to define and succeed in a niche market.

Don't fight the feeling to listen to Ropeadope releases 24 hrs. a day. They're just THAT good. Artists on this genre-bending label include The Philadelphia Experiment, Jazzanova, DJ Logic, Spanish Harlem Orchestra and much more. Bump it!

Signal Path Records
A Gainesville, FL-based indie label with releases by The Horror, Might As Well, Robotix, Daughters of the Revolution and Today Doesn't Count.

Sudden Death Records
Started in 1987 by Joey Shithead Keithley (of punk legend D.O.A.), the label has several, varied bands on their roster.

Wilmington Exchange--festival of independent music -- films -- zines -- microbrews
"The Wilmington Exchange is a cooperative organization that encourages independent thought, striving for an environment where people can come together and be inspired."

Zhopka Records
This California-based indie label bills itself as "Strange music for strange people." Check it out and decide for yourself. Its artists include Ethelscull, Hmmm..., Mandible, Pangenitor, Pilesar and The Gray Field Recordings.

A Detroit-based artist whose Thoughtcrime installations composed of intricately made stencils, inspire and evoke autonomous free-thinking over conformity and feature deconstructions of popular icons, self-analytical purgings, and social and political commentary as key central motifs.
A quick and easy way to convert your unwanted CDs and DVDs into cold, hard cash without ever having to leave home!

Daddy Zero
Tampa's independently owned and operated punk, rockabilly, vintage, tiki, surf, metal, goth, emo, swing, retro, mod and just plain fun boutique. Tell Miss Holly and Joe that you learned about the store and site through IMPACT.
Orlando, FL-based maker of politically and socially conscious apparel. All T-shirts are sweatshop-free.

Jonathon Baker - ARTIST
Jonathon has done some extraordinary work for IMPACT press. Check out his web site to see more.

The Montage Art of Winston Smith
You've got to see Winton Smith's amazing art to really appreciate it - descriptions don't do it justice.

MooShoes is one of the best vegan shoe stores around. Not only are the sisters who run it very cool and totally down with IMPACT, they also sell GREAT shoes (and other items). The store front is in NYC, but you can order online too!
This site offers a wide variety of re-usable bags of all types along with facts and news on the huge environmental problem posed by the billions of plastic and paper bags that our society consumes every year and the global push to reduce their consumption.

Zine Guide
Zine Guide has established itself as the definitive resource for independent and underground publications known as zines. And they give IMPACT press plenty of props.

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