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Issue No. 41: October-November '02

things within

This issue hit the streets Oct. 4. This is some of it. Enjoy.
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Privatizing Public Schools: Leveling the Playing Field or Political Football?
by Morris Sullivan
Tuition vouchers, charter schools, and privatization promise creative solutions to America's education crisis. Will they really solve the problem, or are their supporters simply kicking our kids education around the field just to keep the audience interested in the game?

From the Editor: by Craig Mazer
Fishing: A "Sport" Baited with Cruelty --"From our dinner table to the purchasing of cats and dogs (as opposed to adoption) to such 'hobbies' as hunting and fishing, children are raised with little respect for the pain and suffering humans inflict daily on non-human animals."

Over-Priced Musings: by Don Pflaster
Satellite Tracking Moves to Ships -- Boats in the St. Lawrence Seaway will soon be tracked by GPS transmitters. But that might only be the beginning.

Animals Like Us: The Search for a Species Identity
by Dr. Steven Best
An examination of current crises in the natural world and the role played by the construction of a presumptive species identity by humans.

Comic Relief: The Muddlemarch by Neal Skorpen
Choose: Iraq Attack Not Issues | Nine-one-one-oh-two

Invisible Casualties by Paul Rogat Loeb
What does it mean to make so many people routinely expendable in the name of progress, the market, and the American way of life?

Adam Finley ... Breaks the Silence
by Adam Finley
Whatever happened to individual reflection? It's time to re-evaluate the "Moment of Silence."

Quickies by various writers
A little bit on a whole heck of a hell of a lot of CDs.

Advertiser Index: The businesses that make this magazine possible; includes lots of cool music-label links.

This issue's quotes:

"Scientific evidence overwhelmingly indicates that cannabis is substantially less harmful than alcohol and should be treated not as a criminal issue but as a social and public health issue."

--Canadian Senator Pierre Claude Nolin

"Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."
--Joseph Stalin

"The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different."