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CD reviews

7L & Esoteric Dangerous Connection Brick Records • Boston's Esoteric lays down the flows and 7L provides the bulk of the beats on their sophomore effort of long awaited joints. Appearances by Count Bass D, Jedi Mind Tricks, Apathy, Kut Masta Kurt and J-Live spice things up a bit. The posse-cut "Rules of Engagement" with J-live and Count Bass D stands out with a nice sound and fine rhyme display, as well as "Terrorist's Cell" which is a track about a self-doubting plane hijacker on the verge of doomsday. The disc will grow on you through its beats as the majority of the lyrics and flows are just along for the ride. (JC)

Affront You'd Make A Good Looking Corpse Commode Records • To be honest, I almost didn't listen to this record. The cover art is definitely something found in a Stephen King film and (in my opinion) represented something similar to death metal (something I am not a big fan of). I'm glad I did listen though because this hardcore punk band hailing from Washington has everything any punk rock fan would enjoy! Hard guitar riffs, melodic vocals, background harmonies, and inspiring words that tell tales of anti-racism, the people of America (to some extent), and genocide leave you wanting more than just seven songs! The Bad Brains cover at the end of the record shows the creativity of the band as well. Keep a look out for this band; I sense big plans in their future. (CMax)

Animal Farm Hear and now Sky Tunnel Music/Popstar Records • This is Animal Farm's debut EP. Chock-full of songs about girls and the problems that surround teenagers in love. If you're into recycled pop nonsense you will definitely be into this band. Sounding like most radio friendly emo/pop this is a must have for fans of bands sounding like Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne. All I can picture in my mind while listening to this c.d. is hoards of 12-year-old girls screaming encore. (RP)

Annabella Annabella A Las Olas Recordings • The music here is very mesmerizing and popish. The gentle, soothing sound on vocals is that of Terri Dittmar who had gotten help on the album from her husband Tim who is drummer for Bobudgreene. The mixture of indie-pop, beats, new wave sound and various influences from the 70's and 80's is what is birthed on this release. A lot along the lines of the Indigo Girls and Mazzy Starr, the 80's pop singer sound also shows its head heavily. (JC)

Arcade Inferno The 'Dante' EP self-released • With bands like The Hives, The Vines, The Pattern, The Strokes and The White Stripes getting national attention for their brand of garage rock and roll, it's about time a band without "The" in front of their name got some attention. Maybe Florida's Arcade Inferno is the band. Loads of feedback, plenty of energy and that "mod" sound the kids all seem to love are featured on this five-track CD. This self-released EP is the bands way to reach out to potential labels, but it's also a great way to introduce themselves to potential fans. (CM)

Arkestra One self-titled Eighteenth Street Lounge Music • For his self-titled debut as Arkestra One, Matthew Timoney blended elements from jazz, Latin, lounge, soul and funk into a highly cool album of downtempo beats. Employing the sultry vocals of Brazilian songstress Nina Miranda adds an eccentric and international flavor. (AL)

Ass Coffee If Your Face Were On Fire, I'd Put It Out With A Sickle One Lump or Two Records • Ass Coffee's first album was lumped into the avant jazz category due to their experimental style, and they were not happy about that. So, they set out to do a rock record. They kept the experimentation, and could now be compared to something from Storm and Stress or other such bands. The songs change all the time, and rarely slow down. Excellent. (AL)

Black Widows Stops A Bleeding Heart Initial • How good is it to hear Rob Pennington's voice again? The former Endpoint front man is back and bringing it all to the table again with his new outfit. While the vocals will bring back some visions of Endpoint and By The Grace Of God, but the music this time is straightforward and by no means just another attempt to resurrect ideas and styles of the past, this incarnation is planted firmly in the present with an eye on the future. This could be huge. (KM)

Blood Red Hostage Initial Records • Taking their name from a love of old U2 records, this band does sound a bit like a post-hardcore band with The Edge and Bono making guest appearances. Lyrically different and musically distant cousin of their heroes, this record still has a bit of flare and will spark some interest. While they have the winding ethereal music down quite well, I still found myself wishing for more of the good hardcore breakdown to show off their other roots. (KM)

Bluebird Black Presence Dopamine Records • Bluebird's space-rock brings to mind bands like Sianspheric, Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Tortoise. The songs range from ambient waves of sound, to more rock-oriented tracks, while maintaining a feeling of experimentation. Vibraphones, congas, keyboards and some horns help create an atmospheric mood. (AL)

Boy's Night Out Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses OneDaySavior • This disc reminds me of everything I loved when I first heard Grade. All sorts of bands scream, but there is something different in the voice when you just know the guy is putting it all out there for you. The nearly but not quite so pop guitar adds beautiful contrast, and the rhythm section is tight almost but not nearly confining the emotion. This one has almost constant rotation around my house lately. (KM)

Brooks You, Me & Us Mantis Recordings • Andrew Brooks' love for all kinds of electronica is evident. In You, Me & Us, he explores electro, house, techno and disco, keeping the groove going no matter what the style. The album feels like a mix tape by different artists, due to the changing genres, which makes it a perfect album to listen to at a party. (AL)

Carrie Akre Invitation My Way • Akre is best known for her work with Seattle rock bands Hammerbox and Goodness. She's gone solo, and gives us this self-released album of driving, rock-and-jazz-loopy tunes with retro stylings. Her vocals are sly and sexy, reminiscent of Raquel Welch's entertainment offerings of a quarter century prior, but with a modern spin. It has a strength of will that you don't usually see in solo female artists. (DP)

Children Of Fall Ignition For Poor Hearts Stickfigure • More good hardcore from Europe. If you are looking to put faith back into creative inspiring hardcore, this might give you some hope. In the along the lines of Darkest Hour or From Autumn To Ashes, Children Of Fall not only provide some ignition of poor hearts, but some gas too. I love the acoustic contrasts that make the almost metal bust out parts that much more intense. (KM)

Choke The Rivers With Our Dead Self-Titled EP Slave Magazine Records • Motherfuck hell yeah, this band rocks. I keep hearing an oddly mixed combination of Frail and Ashes, along with some other 90's hardcore. Excessively creative and emotional with wailing enthralling emotions that I can only imagine are best felt in a smelly house show in the middle of August. Four songs aren't enough. (KM)

Chris Mills The Silver Line Powerless Pop Recorders • Wasn't there a basketball player named Chris Mills? Like the NBA namesake, Chris Mills the singer/ songwriter's strength is his power game. While the songs are quiet and unassuming, the power and passion in the song structure are great. With a gentle nearly 80's Echo and the Bunnymen and a Whiskeytown thing going on all at the same time. Moslty acoustic guitars, some horns and strings add a different touch. Undefinable is its beauty. (KM)

City of Caterpillar self-titled Level Plane Records • As hardcore as City of Caterpillar can get, they also know the power that silence has. Several songs have slow, gloomy sections that have as much effect as when they are ripping away at their guitars, kicking the shit out of their drums, and screaming at the top of their lungs. (AL)

Common Rider This Is Unity Music Hopeless Records • Former Operation Ivy singer Jesse Michaels has found some new inspiration and has now released an album he has always been planning to create. Early on it is a groovy punked-out rock record. Things change as the disc progresses, the sound changes towards a Long Beach, California style reggae rock with touches of 311 and Sublime mixed with the Offspring. As the title implies, a mesh or "unity" of styles with attitude and confidence are delivered here. (JC)

Cordero Lamb Lost in the City (Cordero perdido en la ciudad) Daemon Records • There is a bilingual play on words in the title. You see, "cordero" means lamb in Spanish. Ani Cordero is the lamb lost in the city, where the city is Brooklyn, NY. She sings both in English and Spanish, adding Latin influences to their indie rock sound. Sometimes the songs are slow, sometimes they pick up the pace, reminding the listener of Aterciopelados or Ozomatli. (AL)

Craw Bodies for Strontium 90 Hydra Head Records • Although they have stopped touring, you can still crank up Craw's newest, Bodies for Strontium 90, in the comfort of your own home. Of course, you'll probably have the cops called on you for excessive noise. This music is heavy, full of time changes and vocals that scream in your ears. I was reminded of Tool if they decided to do hardcore. (AL)

Custer & Goode The Maverick Strain and Other Stories BC Records • For the past ten years, Beth Custer has worked with dance troupe The Joe Goode Performance Group. This CD is a collection of songs from four major productions they have collaborated on. It goes all over the place, from jazz to experimental, country to avant-garde. Many tracks are instrumental; others have beautiful vocals or spoken word. (AL)

Cutthroats9 self-titled Reptilian Records • Cutthroats9 is fronted by ex-Unsane member Chris Spencer. Prepare your ears for bleeding, because this will blast the hell out of your eardrums. Not because it's big, chunky hardcore or metal, but because the aggression on this record is more genuine than you normally hear. The vocals are screamed in a perfect manner while the distorted rock in the background fuzzes with feedback, pounding drums and warped basslines. This is the soundtrack to an amazing car crash or bloody killing spree. It will make you drive too fast, break things and, quite possibly, hurt yourself. You've been warned. (CM)

Dälek From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots Ipecac Recordings • Prepare for chaos in the best possible way. This album deserves a few spins and will trap anyone interested in hearing a different style within hip hop. At times spooky and other times gritty, the sound is sonic and made up of turntables, intelligent lyrics, spoken word and massive noise. Industrial-like technotic beats mix with drums and hidden guitar parts behind out-of-the-box lyrics. Lines like "scraped knees don't prove what you believe, your blind faith passed to your seeds...while you blame me for blemishing our family tree, I'll uproot all of humanity" touch on questioning beliefs and our journey through this life. This whole disc is a journey in itself, an acquired taste full of originality and concern. (JC)

Demons Stockholm Slump Gearhead Records • Sweden's Demons show no signs of slowing down on their sophomore effort, Stockholm Blues. They blend rock and roll with garage rock and regular rock and roll, creating a highly combustible combination. Get ready to be blown away! (AL)

Destination: Daybreak / New Mexican Disaster Squad Split E.P. Breaker Breaker Records • Out of Orlando, FL, these two bands push out some serious energy. Destination blends elements of punk, raw Southern rock and a rowdy hardcore rock sound fronted by melodic female vocals on the first five tracks. The vocals and music have such a different sound that they blend so damn well together, and with confidence. Don't miss out on frontwoman Ellyson Kennedy singing "coming up from the goddamned dirty south / putting up with their goddamned dirty mouths" on the track "Stealing Home." Makes you want to hear the full length already. New Mexican finishes out the E.P. with six tracks of aggressive punk rock that storms along like a runaway train with a solid sound and screaming vocals. Check out the track "L.O.S.T." (JC)

Disarray In The Face of the Enemy Eclipse Records • When you learn that this album was produced by GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus, you know it's gonna kick ass. With a sound similar to old Pantera mixed with stoner rock and a touch of hardcore, Disarray leave a trail of pain behind them. Hard charging guitars create a thick wall of sound, an amazing feat considering they are a three-piece. (AL)

DJ Jazzy Jeff The Magnificent BBE • The debut album from turntablist and producer DJ Jazzy Jeff is a reflection of the rich musical heritage within his hometown of Philadelphia. After starting his own production company (A Touch of Jazz) Jazzy has since been laying down beats behind the scenes, and this release keeps his sounds hovering just above the underground once again. Packed with hip-hop and R&B flavor that strays from the pop, this collective effort, another Beat Generation product, is not bad from front to back. The downfall is that not much turntable scratching is heard (mostly on the hooks) on these mellowed-out beats and because of that not much is surprising here. J-Live is slammin' on "Break It Down" and "A Charmed Life" and Jazzy shines with beats that showcase Chef, Freddie Foxx and Pauly Yamz. (JC)

dZihan & Kamien Gran Riserva Six Degrees Records • There must be something in the water in Vienna, because they have been exporting excellent downtempo beats for a while now, with Kruder & Dorfmeister, Koop and dZihan & Kamien. Besides the jazzy, sensual compositions that they are know for, they also create house influenced dance numbers. (AL)

Egon Phonetic Disasters Has Anyone Ever Told You? • A lineup change has changed things slightly for this Texas band. On their third full-length things are a bit mellower with low-toned, at times melodic, vocals that have these guys coming across a bit deeper than in years past. Lyrics are poetic and the jangly guitars alongside tight drum work and the new focus on keyboards make this album good all the way through. The two instrumental jam sessions add structure to the disc as a whole and keep this band moving along no matter what changes. (JC)

Eighteen Visions Vanity Trustkill Records • What sets Eighteen Visions apart from other metalcore bands is their eagerness to experiment. Where else would you find choruses with multiple harmonies, or an acoustic guitar track? Of course, they pound on your ears like no one else, with gut wrenching vocals and thicker than hell guitar riffs. (AL)

Elaine Lachica '9' self-released • Elaine has the ability to use her voice to both uplift and haunt a listener. Backed by ethereal, soothing sounds, '9' creates a musical landscape that flows like an emotional ocean. Elaine has extensive schooling in both music and drama (Peabody Conservatory of Music and American Academy of Dramatic Arts), and that knowledge shows through with this release. (CM)

End On End Why Evolve When We Can Go Sideways Substandard • So is it me or does Substandard have a monopoly on all the good hardcore bands in the west? End on End argues my point with a great collection of politically potent songs that will shake the complacency on the most jaded of hearts. Fiery guitars and absolutely brutal drums lay down the tracks for a throat of razorblades. Deep and heavy is such a beautiful combination. (KM)

Erik Sootes Nerves self-released • Erik Sootes has been playing guitar for over 15 years, and his experience shows in Nerves. Armed with only an acoustic guitar, he works his way through flamenco, rock, classical and other styles effortlessly. This album is perfect for listening during rainy afternoons. (AL)

Everest The Road Less Traveled Join The Team Player • This should be the soundtrack for a movie about girls and boys who wear thick rimmed glasses and sweaters. This band should be on the "likes" list of every profile on Make-Out Club. Every jaded Get-up Kids fan has a new icon in the making. Art kids and disenfranchised preppy kids unite, I found a new icon for your lonely nights. (KM)

Everybody Uh Oh Man Am I Brad Arborvitae Records • This album opens with a slow-moving, heartfelt indie rock "ballad." The next track is more upbeat and poppy, reminding me of Mates of State meets The Cure. It's a pretty addictive song. From there, the album bounces around, from feedback-heavy, indie rock tunes to more flowing, soothing pop gems (the latter being a little more prevalent on this release). Without fail, the band seems to find a way to incorporate some quirky, and effectively used, electronic elements. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois has been known for great indie bands (Braid, The Poster Children) and now another name can be added to the list. (CM)

Exhaust Enregistreur Constellation Records • In the tradition of most bands on Constellation, Exhaust's music is a mixture of ambient and experimental rock blended together in a way Brian Eno would love. Ten minutes can go by without hearing anything from the drummer, then he picks up the pace with a catchy beat, only to drop it again for a while. After it was all over, I was ready for a nap. (AL)

F self-titled Morticia Records • Led by singer/guitarist F, the band that bears his name are unabashed New Order and The Cure fans. They combine The Cure's sad and gloomy lyrical content with New Order's danceable beats. They even covered Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart." Of all the current bands paying homage to 80's pop, F is the most true to the genre. (AL)

Floor self-titled No Idea Records • These guys have been together for ten years, and only now did they finally release their debut record. The vocals are soaring and melodic, and the guitars are tuned down as far as possible, sounding somewhat like Korn. The difference is that while Korn has five guys in their band, Floor accomplishes their wall of sound with only three members! (AL)

Fragile X Plan B Bone Break Records • This is rock and roll, plain and simple. Distorted guitars and simple song structures. It's not a bad thing, though. That's what rock and roll is, right? These guys have a first time in the studio sound, but I could be wrong. It's a good disc and I'll bet that they put on a heck of a live show. They have a sound vaguely reminiscent of Sacred Reich. (MK)

Free Beer The Only Beer That Matters Alternative Tentacles Records • There once was a time when Skateboarding wasn't on ESPN every two hours and it was actually frowned upon. Free Beer was formed around that time, with skaters who also played punk music, helping create skate punk. Their songs have been collected and are all here, and sound remarkably well. This is Volume 1 of a three part series of skate punk re-releases. (AL)

Fuzz Townshend self-titled Stinky Records • A former member of Pop Will Eat Itself and Bentley Rhythm Ace, Fuzz Townshend creates highly danceable music with an indie rock flair and elements of folk music. Equal parts Fatboy Slim and Blur, his eclectic sound is sure to get you dancing in no time. (AL)

GBH Ha Ha Go Kart Records • GBH??? They're still around? Apparently, twenty-two years has not mellowed these guys one bit, as they continue recording noisy and distorted hardcore punk rock. They sing about non-conformity, drinking beer, punk rock, and religion, and they're going to tell you exactly what they think. My guess is they'll be around for another twenty years. (AL)

Girl On Top Sue Is Sane self-released • This actually came out on STR Entertainment a few years ago, but lead singer Karen DeBiasse is still working this record and for good reason. It's a strong, ten-track power pop album with great vocals and a diverse rock sound that won't bore you. This is a head-bobbin' album, fit for college radio across the U.S. (CM)

Glasseater Self-Titled Fearless Records • What happened? I swore I loved Glasseater, I was giddy with anticipation when I got this disc to review, and wow was I let down. The older stuff had so much nerve and passion, with the imperfect crackle of the voice and the chaotic guitars. All of that in mind, this is tight, melodic, and well written. This power punk emo incarnation really lacks the beauty of earlier releases, and only comes out in quick busts on this release. (KM)

Graig Markel The Gospel Project Pattern 25 Records • The next time you are going to meet your significant other for a late night date, do yourself a favor and bring this CD along. You will score. Markel blends smooth R&B and soul with a touch of indie rock that grooves without sounding like an R. Kelly rip-off. The songs are centered around his silky voice, which is sometimes enhanced with horns, strings and keyboards. (AL)

Grain USA Over the Counter Culture Disposable Pop Revolution Records • Hooray! Another offering from one of my favorite new bands (new to me at least). Four tracks of pop-punk euphoria. These guys are good musicians and good songwriters, but they don't take themselves too seriously. Imagine a cross between Green Day and Barenaked Ladies. Odd, but true. And good, so good. (MK)

Gregor Samsa untitled Iodine Recordings • If you were to sum up Gregor Samsa's sound in one word, it would be haunting. Tons of sounds fill the air, from echoed male/female vocals, distant percussion, and reverbed guitars to unidentifiable loops and melancholic piano melodies. Unfortunately, there are only three songs on this EP. I would have liked to hear more. (AL)

Hangedup Kicker in Tow Constellation Records • If you liked Hangedup's debut, you are going to love Kicker in Tow. This duo experiments with drums and viola in an unprecedented manner. This album will hold your attention the entire time, building suspense and tension, then bringing you back down. Their attitude is all punk rock. (AL)

HiFiDriveBy Life's Not This Book You've Been Sold The New Beat Records • Four guys, a wealth of energy and a load of melody leads to an amazingly catchy release. For lack of a better genre, these lads play indie pop rock that is heavy on the rock. Track after track, it's an infectious ten-tune tour of musical goodness that is bound to leave even finicky listeners satisfied. It's hard to resist a good hook that isn't hollow. These guys are genuine, bringing real emotion to the music, not just relying on a catchy melody to get 'em through. (CM)

I Farm Two Collected Works Traffic Violation Records • These guys combine their 2nd LP with a split 7" they did to display music that rides the fence between hardcore and punk. Lots of the songs almost seem like two songs put together. It makes it very interesting to listen to. This is good music that defies many of the typical structures of the genres. Lots of screaming and super fast beats to keep your tingly bits tingling. (MK)

Id. Idiom self-released • Bass heavy music that defies description. This is strange music, but it is really cool. The oddness is just enough to make it interesting to listen to, but not enough to make it obnoxious. It almost sounds like an '80s synth-pop band playing with a punk band, with neither taking control. Excellent cover of "Tainted Love." (MK)

i-defy The Lessons of Life's Brutality Become Guides to Action Medea Records • The basis for i-defy's music is their anger with today's social landscape. Racism, violence and other injustices fuel their old-school hardcore, with staccato vocals and ripping guitars. Every once in a while, they inject some melodies into a song, then continue to shred. (AL)

INDK! Kill Whitey Go Kart Records • INDK formed from the remains of Choking Victim, and are aided by members from Leftover Crack. They play fast, sometimes-melodic punk music that deals with plenty of political issues. Obviously, hardcore, ska and Oi are big influences in their sound. (AL)

Jack Hayter Practical Wireless Absolutely Kosher • Jack Hayter, of the band Hefner, has a voice like silk, old torn silk that's stinking and slightly rotten. Maybe that's not a compliment to you, but it should be. It's cultivated and perfect in all its slightly off key glory. Kinda a mix of Bob Dylan and Nick Cave, with great song craft. Listening to the songs you almost want to make a movie and make this the soundtrack. (KM)

Jets To Brazil Perfecting Loneliness Jade Tree • The Jets are back with their third record, a twelve-track collection of restrained energy and revealed emotions. This album is a little less country/Americana than the last album, adding a bit of a more rockin' punch. It's still not as powerful as I continue to desire, but I suppose I have to accept the direction of the brilliant men in Jets. Blake's vocals are, as always, fantastic, blasting out heartfelt lyric after lyric. The music is a mix of strong rock anthems and more mellow ballads that have that Americana jangle. Current fans of JTB will melt over this release while new fans will be absorbed by the skill at which Blake can effortlessly carry a song over a variety of musical styles. (CM)

June Panic Baby's Breadth Secretly Canadian • This is June's 11th release and it's definitely a solid work for the artist. Combining aspects of folk, pop, country and soul, he's created a heartfelt style that is both aurally pleasing and decidedly unique. It's hard not to find yourself easing into each track, leaning back, closing your eyes and being carried along with the melodies and enlightened by June's vocals. (CM)

Kellee Bradley I Talk to the Stars In a Big Way • Bradley, who has performed during the 2002 Olympic Torch Ceremony and sings the national anthem for the Seattle Mariners, gives us a great collection of 10 songs which straddle the genres of Americana, Pop, and Adult Contemporary. She has great talent both in vocals and songwriting, making her brand of straightforward musical simplicity a genuine pleasure to hear. (DP)

Kerbloki self-titled Bifocal Media • Kerbloki is back with their second release of electro/hip hop. Hailing from New York, Chapel Hill and San Francisco, this trio explores a wide variety of styles including hip-hop, rock, electronica and funk. Many songs influenced by acts like Beastie Boys, Kottonmouth Kings and The White Dove Frisbee Team .At times a bit repetitive, but after a few spins these guys really grew on me. If you're looking for a good soundtrack to your next house party this is definitely a strong contender. (RP)

Kitchens and Bathrooms Utter a Sound Sonic Unyon Recording Company • Though rooted in indie rock and math rock, Kitchens and Bathrooms have no trouble experimenting with heavier sounds. The vocals even sound a bit emo from time to time. Tempos go from slow to fast and back to slow with little warning. (AL)

KriyaShakti Enter the Dymensional Vortex Celestial Light Recordings • KriyaShakti is two guys who want to enlighten your spirit through their music. While their colorful cover art and picture of them in the desert wearing beads might suggest they play music deemed fit for a Phish tailgate party, their songs actually incorporate mostly synthesized sounds and guitars. They inject hip-hop, free-jazz and new age into their songs, with often repeating chants taking you on a musical journey. (AL)

Kurt La Guard Nova Recordings • This is the 3rd release from these German masters of emo noise rock. The first thing that came to mind while listening to this CD was the resemblance to Twelve Hour Turn, although a bit more chaotic. The production on this album is great and every instrument is played to its to fullest potential. With only 8 songs on this CD, Kurt left me wanting more. A must for fans of ShotMaker or Rye Coalition. (RP)

Latterman Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing Traffic Violation Records • Latterman comes tearing out of the gates with a rippin' opening track that combines creative guitar work with an emotionally-driving sound. From there, the record is a blend of emocore and power punk that features extremely well-orchestrated music, a ton of melodies and enough hooks to keep this album original throughout. If you're into bands such as Digger, The Get Up Kids or Lifetime, you will find this irresistible. (CM)

Lo-Hi Say It More Tiger Style Records • Former Boss Hog drummer Hollis Queens and former Speedball Baby drummer Martin Owens formed Lo-Hi in 1997, and in 2000 added a second guitarist and a bass player to beef up their sound. Queens evokes Debbie Harry, Peaches and Alanis Morissette with her upfront vocal style, while the rest of the band plays garage-meets-punk riffs and beats. (AL)

Loose Change God Save The Scene Out Of Step • "Check this out, you might like it," Craig told me. "Nah," I said looking at the title, "I don't think it's my thing." So I'm wrong sometimes, it's not the first time you know. Great punk rock with heart and soul, sorta like Face to Face with a touch of Hot Water Music and old school So Cal punk. They can't save the scene, but hell if these guys can put out a damn good record. (KM)

Los Olvidados Listen to This Alternative Records • Volume 2 in the Alternative Records' skate punk re-releases, from way back in 1981. Los Olvidados played fast and furious punk, sloppy and loud. But I'll be damned if it doesn't bring back memories. You could compare them to the Sex Pistols, but without the seriousness. (AL)

Lucid Nation Tacoma Ballet Brain Floss Records • This double CD release by Lucid Nation is an interesting combination of styles. While singer Tamra Spivey yells her lyrics like she's had too much to drink, the music tends to be more subdued, floating through psychedelia and indie rock. (AL)

Madcap East To West Side One Dummy Records • This sophomore release from this group of "up-and-coming" Oi punk rockers only makes their future in life so much easier to achieve. Track one brings to you the melodic, Oi style we miss in a lot of the bands that you hear corrupting your radio station and all over The lyrics have matured and you can tell that Madcap was trying a "new approach" with this record. Even though, (in my opinion) Stand Your Ground was better, the "scattered" guitar solos, mean vocals, blending harmonies, and "Oi Punk Grab A Beer & Sing-A-Long Anthems" will leave this CD warn out and over-played in your home stereo. (CMax)

Man Without A Plan Get Right Immigrant Sun • MW/OP sort of remind me of a screamo version of early Jawbreaker or maybe even Lifetime. Straight up punk rock with all the chaos and cymbal crashing glory one might expect. I love the vocals that sound like he has a swarm of wasps in his throat at times. The cover art is also glorious. (KM)

Manalive Heart, Hands and Mind Universal Warning Records • Denver should consider themselves lucky to have a raging-good punk rock band like Manalive in their town. The rapid-fire, vocal-aggression coupled with pounding punk rock, fused with hardcore, and even ska rhythms, makes for a unique album. The twelve-tracks bring the early-90s East-Bay sound to mind - kinda like Crimpshrine meets Op Ivy, but done hardcore. There's so much here to like: the gruff vocals, the catchy riffs, the angst-filled intensity. (CM)

Matt Skiba/ Kevin Seconds Split CD Asian Man Records • If there was an all-star punk solo acoustic projects genre this one will rule it hands down. Matt Skiba of the current Alkaline Trio, and Kevin Seconds from the great 7 Seconds combine to create a great acoustic split. Skiba's sound more current, more polished, and lyrically brilliant contrasts very well with Seconds gruff, down to earth style. Bridging the punk rock generation gap and a good introduction to ones fans to the other, and a must for a fan of either. (KM)

McLusky McLusky Do Dallas Too Pure Recordings • While the spoon fed radio audience listens to corporation approved rock acts like The Strokes, The White Stripes and The Hives, you can rest assured that here at Impact we give you other options. McLusky is one such band, with kick ass guitar riffs and sarcastic lyrics that would never make it on radio. These two-minute gems evoke such artists as Pavement, The Jesus Lizard, the Pixies, and the aforementioned White Stripes. (AL)

Meat Beat Manifesto R.U.O.K? :\run Recordings • R.U.O.K? marks Jack Dangers' seventh album as Meat Beat Manifesto, and his first in four years. In it, he changes the sound you may have become used to, stripping away the politically charged vocals and the layers of samples and breakbeats. Not that this album is minimalist, but there seems to be a lot of repetition. He created almost all the sounds on the album from scratch, and enlisted turntablist Z-Trip and The Orb's Alex Paterson to help out on a couple of tracks. (AL)

Milemarker Satanic Versus Jade Tree Records • For their follow up to their well-received debut, Anaesthetic, Milemarker decided to mix things up a bit. This EP contains three songs of dark indie rock, and three electronically enhanced tracks the band recorded themselves. The enhanced portion of the CD contains raw tracks so you can do your own remixes, and a couple of videos. (AL)

Missy Roback Just Like Breathing Hear Kitty • Hauntingly beautiful vocals are the centerpiece of this great collection of songs produced by Steven Roback of the band Rain Parade, part of LA's Paisley Underground revival. Missy sings them with Aimee Mann-like lush harmonies over self-described "psychedelic alt-country" arrangements. It is a soft, yet unsettling style of emotional power that strikes the listener with great fullness. (DP)

New Bomb Turks The Night Before The Day The Earth Stood Still Gearhead Records • After 12 years, the New Bomb Turks are still rocking hard. This latest release sees them returning to their early punk style, blending it with their more recent sound. Don't worry about the neighbors and play this sucker loud! (AL)

Null_Objct self-titled self-released • Gary Herbert is Null_Objct, and his interest in both indie rock and electronica is evident in this self-titled disc. Live instruments, particularly electric guitar, float around canned beats and other effects. The music could be loosely compared to DJ Shadow, Chemical Brothers, and Lvx Nova, all in one. (AL)

Nymb The Breathing Out Vapors Single ForgeAgain • Nymb broke up about a year ago, but their recordings live on. Distorted, syncopated guitar/bass tradeoffs support some really fantastic female vocals in this band's wild assault on rock normalcy. This album seems to articulate through music a sense of emotional instability as it thrusts backward and forward from some of the gentlest sweetness imaginable to a hardly thrown punch in the chest. Surprises around every corner. (DP)

Oneida Each One Teach One Jagjaguwar Records • This is a double CD version of their previously vinyl only record of the same name. The first CD consists of two 15-minute songs. Each song basically consists of one riff played over and over and over. They are perfect for listening with headphones in the dark, letting your mind explore the repetition. The second disc is more varied, with seven tracks. Some tend to fall into the repetitive pattern, but for the most part keep it varied. One of the most versatile rock bands out there, Oneida always keeps you wanting for more. (AL)

Over It Timing Is Everything Lobster Records • The last time I heard these boys was when they first signed to Negative Progression Records and, honestly, I wasn't impressed. But now, with a new batch of songs and a brand new label, I have "thrown away" the old and am "Over It" (pretty cheesy, huh?). From the beginning of the album to the end, the talents of all four members of this band will creep over you as each solo and breakdown leave you rewinding the song, making sure nothing was missed. The song-writing has also matured since their last record, especially track 12, where the members put their creative minds together to produce the biggest array of saying's and sounds ever heard. With vocals similar to the likes of Rufio and Finch, fast riffs between all the guitarists, melodic harmonies, and breakdowns have gotten this album to where it is today, and will bring them farther and farther as the years go by. If I only knew what these guys sounded like live. (CMax)

Paul Melancon Camera Obscura Daemon Records • Nice mellow music. This is slow, but not depressing. A well-balanced mix of songs with strong vocal delivery and intricate song structures. Definitely on the singer/songwriter side of the spectrum. Good stuff. (MK)

Plane Idiot 4 minus 1 self-released • Another fun and mellow disc. Not necessarily slow, but a soft disc. It almost sounds like a '60s retro thing, but not in a sappy nostalgic way. There is sort of a hint of Beck and Lou Reed and The Monkees. Interesting and fun, I like this disc. (MK)

Plankton Man vs. Terrestre self-titled :\run Recordings • Taking elements from Mexican Norteña music and blending them with techno beats, the Nortec Collective caused quite a ruckus with its debut album. Two of its ex-members, Plankton Man and Terrestre, have joined forces to bring you this self-titled album. It showcases this new style of electronica called nortec. (AL)

Qualm Long Story Short Not Bad Records • I'm trying not to write "this sounds like Hot Water Music," but well, it does. The early Hot Water Music that has an edge combined with some medley and some great choruses, vocally and musically passionate. They cover my favorite Lifetime song, ""Young, Loud, and Scotty" which is kinda weird, I'm not sure if that's treading on sacred ground or not, but they don't mess it up so I'll forgive them. (KM)

Seek Surrender Soulestial Elements • This Atlanta group play what they call "progressive soul," since they take classic elements from soul music and cut them up with 21st century style. The songs are mellow and smooth, and make you want to dance away. Perfect for that romantic night with your honey. (AL)

Skillz I Ain't Mad No More Rawkus • No longer mad, Mad Skillz has shortened his title and in return may have let the world know how short the originality within Rawkus would run. This Virginia emcee has recruited the likes of Missy Elliot, Musiq, Cee-Lo and production by DJ Hi-Tek and the Neptunes to rehash such beats as "Rapper's Delight" and "Ugly" while borrowing lines from KRS-One among others. A couple tracks stand out like "Imagine" which is a make believe story about rappers telling tall tales on wax. "Ghostwriter" has Skillz calling out (not by name) emcees in which he has written rhymes for in return for a couple bucks. Overall, it's all been heard before. (JC)

Smoke Smoke Follows Fire Kozmik Records • Formerly of Thunderfuck 69, Marc Star formed Smoke with bassist Yosh with the intent of creating some of the best fuzz / stoner rock out there. I think they succeeded, with a style similar to Scene Killer meets Queens of the Stone Age. (AL)

Speechwerks The Journey Illfold Inc. • Mars and Ries form this Chicago based hip-hop group and provide a lot of substance lyrically and musically on their debut offering. Incorporating live instruments, a b-boy vibe and 1970's influenced jazz funk and soul; this release flows easily and should make its mark within the underground world. Thick plots, conscious stories about life and just getting by day-to-day fill these 18 tracks. The lyrical delivery itself is nothing too original or anything that stands out but the overall blend of beats, stories and appearances by Casual, Rude One, Nu-Ras and Juice make this worthy of checkin' out. It's just another example of what the Midwest has to offer. (JC)

Spock's Beard Snow Metal Blade Records • I would never have expected progressive rock to show up on Metal Blade's catalog. I guess they just like to put out good music, regardless of the genre. If you like Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and Rush, you will probably like Spock's Beard. Neal Morse's singing is very similar to Phil Collins's at times, and he is generally backed up by Yes-like harmonies and keyboards. Snow is a concept album that spans two discs and is the culmination of the band's 10-year career. (AL)

Staring Back On Lobster Records • To be honest, it is quite unfair for the bands and for the fans for me to review pop-punk and emo material because it is something I am not interested in. Throw away that fact and this is an incredible album. I know talent when I see it and this band has more talent that many bands that infest your local radio station and MTV. The diversity in the instruments and the creativity in each song is incredible, something I have never heard before. The lyrics match each song perfectly and the emotions of the band members are spilled out and expressed in every riff and beat that is played. Their live show is said to be just as good as the album. If so, then this band has everything going for them. Fans of Rufio, Midtown, and Unsung Zeros, be sure to pick this one up. (CMax)

Steve Gibb Zig Zag Stem Productions • Even though Steve Gibb plays almost every instrument on this album, he excels at playing the guitar. Tackling styles that range from jazz, to country, to Celtic rock, his fingers do all the talking in this instrumental set of songs. (AL)

Stillwell Don't Face A Problem...Burn It Forge Again Records/Hewhocorrupts, Inc. • The music on this hardcore release out of Chicago has no structure and the sound drowns out the already distorted vocals that don't offer much lyrically. "The Monet Shot" stands out from the other tracks with a more fluent sound that still keeps the edge intact for this grungy/punk band. The cover art is cool though. (JC)

Sugarman 3 & Co. Pure Cane Sugar Daptone Records • Everything about this album says "1970's funk." The album is packaged to look like an old record, using old fonts and everything. Even the music sounds like it was recorded 30 years ago. They capture the feeling from those days in these 11 tracks or organ driven funk. (AL)

T. Raumschmiere Anti Hefty Records • German producer Marco Haas is making his US debut with Anti. It's full of minimalist techno, with unusual sounds acting as the "instruments." Samples loop incessantly, and clicks and pops make you think your stereo is broken. In fact, the opening track, "Random Noize Musick," has a recurring noise that sounds like a record when it reaches the end of the last song. You'll suddenly forget you are listening to a CD. (AL)

Tender Trap Film Molecules K • This band plays hooky rock that's infused with some synthesized elements and female vocals to create an unusual, disembodied brand of pop. Their songs are quite clear and simple, but a hint of new wave and electronic looping here and there make all the difference. A fun album with that isn't afraid to experiment with sound molecules. (DP)

The All-American Rejects Self-Titled Doghouse • If the ghost of James Dean wasn't around the recording of this record then I have no explanation for the sexy misunderstood rebel sound The All-American Rejects have created. Weezer, The Anniversary, and Reggie and The Full Effect doing covers of 80's songs might be another way to think of it. However it came to pass, this record is a decent effort, and infectiously poppy. You may love it, but you may not admit it to your friends. (KM)

The Beautiful Mistake Light a Match, For I Deserve To Burn The Militia Group • From track one, this four-piece from Riverside, California, tear things up. The guitars wail as the vocals comb a heartfelt landscape, only shattered by the occasional screaming. Each track forward only reinforces the shear energy this band packs. They remind me of Thursday (and even Grade at times), but craft guitar licks that blow both bands out of the water. Emo rock has become a trite and hollow descriptor for music, but The Beautiful Mistake embody everything that style probably should contain: a big rock sound and a load of emotion blasted out musically and vocally. (CM)

The Color Guard Speech For Heated Hearts Suziblade Music • For male-bashers worldwide is this metal-laced pop album that stays heavy on the chords and attacks moments of fear, lust, anxiety and fury. Tracks like "Not My Valentine" and "Superglue" are dark with harmonies and aggressive with feeling. The music is a lot along the lines of 80's new wave but with a bit more power. (JC)

The Commercials Twenty Years Tonight Jump Start • This CD is half average, a sort of not half bad, but not really half good either. It has that over played sound that everybody seems to make these days where they scream like a hardcore band, play fast like a punk band, have mellow melodic breakdowns like an emo band, while trying to be catchy like commercial radio punk (forgive the pun). The last song is a 3 and a half-minute song that becomes a monotonous uncreative 17-minute waste of time. (KM)

The Control The Forgotten EP Go Kart • The name "The Control" is sort of ironic I guess, since these guys play straight up brutally fast hardcore. A great mix of traditional roots hardcore and new school styles, slightly melodic, but mostly four to the floor and straight for the throat hardcore that will peel the paint off your walls. (KM)

The Ditty Mu First Suckling 2xCD self-released • There's a red CD and a blue CD - each with a different lineup of members. Erica and Mitch, though, are the co-conspirators behind this massive recording endeavor. The blue CD is rather uptempo, poppy, quite quirky and features Mitch handling all vocal duties. Sometimes it reminds me of Mr. T Experience, but less punk, more indie weirdness (bringing to mind a little They Might Be Giants) and a dash of the '60s. It's a raw recording, but it works with the musical style. The red CD is a good deal different. It opens with Erica crooning out a bluesy bit of heartfelt music. From there, the blues continue, fusing it along with elements of acoustic rock, emotional pop and plenty of melody. Erica commands all the vocals on this CD and she has a voice deserving of such control. The production on this CD is definitely cleaner than the other CD, again, an appropriate sound. This is a fascinating release showing that two great musicians can work together to create some rather differing, yet accomplished, material. (CM)

The Elevator Division Whatever Makes You Happy EP Department Records • The four songs on this CD are at times depressing but truly heart felt. This four piece has stumbled upon a definite recipe for success in mainstream rock. These songs capture an array of human emotions often disheartening but a true portrayal of everyday life. With lyrical content pertaining to memories of shattered relationships and youthful angst, The Elevator Division has no trouble relaying their true thoughts and feelings. (RP)

The Fartz 15 Working Class Songs Alternative Tentacles Records • The Fartz formed in the early 80's, then took a break until 1998 when they reformed. 15 Working Class Songs is all new material, with vocals a bit like Corrosion of Conformity circa Animosity. The rest of the band pounds out hardcore with thrash roots that are reminiscent of the time when they started. (AL)

The Gamits Come Get Some Not Bad Records • It seems like these guys record a disc every two or three days. It is amazing that they can continue to put out quality music that does not end up all sounding the same. This is delicious pop-punk with nice vocal harmonies and enough oomph and crunch so that you don't forget that this is rock, dammit. This is another winner from the Gamits. (MK)

The Hellacopters Cream of the Crap Vol. 1 Gearhead Records • Next time someone tells you they got a rare copy of the Hellacopters first 7", "Killing Allan," for $275 on e-Bay, proceed to laugh in their face. On this first volume of rarities, all three songs from the release are included, plus fifteen other tracks that are just as hard to find, and many that had never been pressed on CD before. Any self-respecting Hellacopters fan will want to run to the store to get this. (AL)

The Infinite Path Mansion, Cave, or Lobotomy The Infinite Path • There's so much going on here! The influences behind this fascinating band are so varied, one would expect the intersection of them to be a cacophonous mess of hillbilly rock, hip hop, punk, guitar rock and even a little They Might Be Giants-style geek rock. But they ingeniously merge this soupy mess into something experimentally deep, interesting, inspired, and real. It's almost possessed with spooky greatness. (DP)

The Killing Tree The Romance of Helen Trent OneDaySavior • Pretty straightforward hardcore emo, not unlike a lot of the stuff out there today. The Killing Tree do it up pretty good, with a good amount of passion in the mix. Sort of like a melodic Converge. This record feels good in your heart, and listen after listen you find yourself just feeling it more and more. Everything good about hardcore summed up in 9 beautiful songs. (KM)

The Lackies Itch Sit-N-Spin Records • Using various influences to pull off their sound, this band crosses between Ween, late Beatles and early Genesis. There is a southern-bred guitar sound that gets rockabilly-like with a popish feel that also turns melodic at times. Moods range from distorted grunge to trippy atmospheres as the concepts slip in and out of the journey inside a man's soul as seen through his own image in a mirror. The versatile nature of this disc should be heard all the way through as it becomes more interesting as it progresses. Some experimenting should have been held back such as the drum machine beats and sample effects that cause this to sound a little overproduced. "The Devil," "Paid," and "Spit It Out" are a few that stand out. (JC)

The MPS self-titled self-released • MPS stands for Multi Purpose Solution. Their music is a weird mixture of indie and rock with touches of the Cure, fronted by a guy who sounds like Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones getting over a cold. Luckily, he doesn't take over the band, letting all the other players show off their skills. (AL)

The Pattern Real Feelness Lookout Records • The new invasion by rock bands like The Stokes, The Hives, and The Vines continues with The Pattern. Straight up rock and roll with a touch of sixties soul and punk sensibilities. It's damn catchy if you ask me, and has vocals with an attitude but no screaming. (AL)

The Post Backwards Super Asbestos Records • The Post's Backwards is a grab bag of drone rock, melancholic wailing, and tribal beats. Think of a mixture of Radiohead and Godspeed You Black Emperor! with David Byrne sound-alike vocals. There is so much reverb on this album that you'll think there's something wrong with your hearing. (AL)

The Postman Syndrome Terraforming Now or Never • Boring indie rock combined with boring hardcore to create an unappealing sound, the nu-metal breakdowns didn't help much either. Playing this disc repeatedly begging for something positive to say, I'm still at a loss for something good or constructive to say. I imagine this disc appealing to a selective group of people consisting mostly of friends of the band. (KM)

The Rotten Apples Real Tuff Empty Records • Take twenty minutes out of your busy schedule to check out the Rotten Apples, an all-female pop-punk / rock group. They have a little Hives thing going, but they keep things somewhat poppy. Lead singer Dejha sings with attitude and sensuality at the same time. (AL)

The Stryder Jungle City Twitch Equal Vision • I guess I expected something more than an averagely good release. Sometimes a band gets too hyped to me, and maybe that was the case here. With a brand of slowed down pop indie punk, sometimes I think the songs drag with no real ideas for release. I could see myself getting into this CD at some point, but its slow coming at best. (KM)

The Underground All The Passion in the World self-released • On the press material the band has this line: "We're rocking and sensitive." That's a pretty appropriate statement. This San Francisco-based band plays poppy indie tunes that, at times, remind me of Luna. Every song is packed with melody and a pop sensibility making it a record that will definitely get in your head. The Underground play the kind of music you can't help but tap your toes to. (CM)

The Unlucky Few Self-Titled Self-Released • Like a half-baked cake, uncooked and still kinda eatable, The Unlucky Few sound like a band that's still about 20 minutes from being done. With a raw sound not unlike creative hardcore bands like Quicksand, Shift, or Cave In. There are some breakdowns and choruses that sound too much like good ideas gone bad at the production board. Creative as hell, but just not there yet. (KM)

The Visible Men In Socks Mode Leisure King Productions • The Visible Men is centered around ex-Cherry Poppin' Daddies Dan Schmid and Dustin Lanker. However, there is no swing revival going on here, just some melancholic piano based pop songs similar to Beulah or Koufax, but slower. Even though the songs are simple, they are still compelling and entertaining. (AL)

The Wicked Screaming Squirts Even the Wicked Sometimes Prosper self-released • It's hard not to crack a smile when listening to these guys. Lead vocalist Wicked Queenie goes all over the place, from pissed off screaming to childlike squirming. Musically, they are metal all the way, and quite good at it. From all the female fronted metal bands that are coming up these days, this is one of the most unique ones. (AL)

Thievery Corporation The Richest Man in Babylon Eighteenth Street Lounge Music • It is hard to say that this is an electronic album, because it has so much live instrumentation in it. However, it would fit nicely in the downtempo genre, with its groovified beats and elements of dub, reggae, Latin, jazz, and soul. It's hard to believe that two guys who started out listening to hardcore could make such mellow, neo-retro music, but they're damn good at it. (AL)

Thirty-Two Frames Self-Titled Revelation • Featuring ex-members of a whole lot of the best bands to come out of Louisville, Thirty-Two Frames keep the rich musically heritage of the region alive with this recording. Political and driving straight for the heart with a musical style blinded in-between Hot Water Music and By The Grace of God. This might be one of the best new bands Revelation has put out in awhile. This is the band that you want to see in a hot smelly warehouse or something, and walk away with a newfound faith in the scene. (KM)

Totimoshi Mysterioso? Berserker Records • A bit too fast to be considered sludge rock, Totimoshi's guitars are nonetheless thick and deliberate. Think equal parts High on Fire, The Melvins and Queens of the Stone Age. Play this loud in your car, and people a few cars down will feel the low end coming out of your speakers. (AL)

Toxic Narcotic We're All Doomed Go Kart Records • Ten-year-old Toxic Narcotic is as caustic as ever, with a powerful mix of hardcore, punk and thrash that leaves no eardrum intact. Wasting no time, they cram thirteen songs into 30 minutes, leaving you disoriented and confused, much like after getting hit by a car. (AL)

Transistor Transistor self-titled Level Plane Records • Transistor Transistor don't give a shit about the Strokes or the Hives, and neither will you after you listen to their self-titled EP. In it, you'll find nothing but good old rock and roll with plenty of attitude. You can hear influences from punk, hardcore, and emo reflected in their songs. (AL)

Tsunami Bomb The Ultimate Escape Kung Fu Records • Labeled as punk rock, this band doesn't show much punk but are led by a charging sound fronted by the female vocals of Agent M. The disc itself, produced by Steve Kravac, has potential but lacks direction. Tracks like "Russian Roulette" and "Headlights On A Hand Grenade" are aggressive, "Top 40 Hit" is about lack of originality within the industry and "The Simple Truth" is a more melodic track that shows the versatility and potential inside this band. (JC)

Various Artists A Testament to Broken Walls Backroad Records • The purpose of this compilation is to showcase music from various bands, some of which are Christian, and some that are very non-Christian, to show that it's the music that counts. They may differ in their religious views, but one thing they all have in common is a heavy, heavy sound. Punk-meets-hardcore-meets-death-metal in bands like Blue Skies Burning, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Incision, Silence of the Fall and Fighting Academy. (AL)

Various Artists Apocalypse Always Alternative Tentacles Records • Eleven out of the twenty-six tracks in this compilation are exclusive and not available anywhere else. Spoken word, punk, hardcore, rock and even a little bluegrass are included. Some of the artists featured are Jello Biafra, D.O.A., Noam Chomsky, The Causey Way, Ratos de Porao, The Fartz, Zen Guerilla and Half-Japanese, among others. (AL)

Various Artists Datawaslost: Building Datawaslost Recordings • Focusing on the indie/lo-fi scene in Cincinnati, this compilation meshes many styles in a Sonic Youth meets instrumental Beastie Boys kind of way. Showcasing electronic (Coltrane Motion), alt-rock (Pop Lolita), folk (Velcro One) and hip-hop (DJ Aphid) this compilation moves in many directions without getting lost and without wasting space with nonsense filler like many label compilations do. Full of experimenting sounds that stray from the norm, this collection should keep the indie crowd waiting for what will be released next from this label. (JC)

Various Artists DJ Spinna Presents: Beyond Real Experience Vol. 2 Beyond Real Recordings • With DJ Spinna on nearly all the production, this compilation features a solid roster of hip-hop MCs backed by Spinna's blazin' beats. While this 18-track release does feature some bigger names (Mr. Complex, Sadat X and Guru), it also brings some new artists to the forefront (Brooklyn's Akil and Florida's Dynas, just to name a couple). Other MCs who rip it up on this bumpin' release include Shadowman, label-mates Jigmastas, and Skam. The key to this album, in the end, is the music backing up the vocalists. Sure, the MCs can flow like all get-out, but the diversity of sounds on this release make that the truly unique aspect that sets it apart. (CM)

Various Artists Love & Rebellion: A Thick Records Label Sampler Thick Records • This latest sampler by Thick Records features unreleased, out of print, or soon to be released songs from their stable of artists, including The Arrivals, The Gadjits, Calliope, Trenchmouth, Blue Meanies, and Vortis. Musical styles cover indie, punk, folk, and pop. (AL)

Various Artists Peanut Butter Wolf's Jukebox 45's Stones Throw Records • I won't go into the whole story of how Stones Throw started recording hip hop and funk 7" records, but suffice it to say that it's a good thing they did. It's an even thing that they decided to release this CD, which includes songs from that series, songs that are available nowhere else. Artists include Quasimoto, Breakestra, Captain Funkaho, Yesterday's New Quintet, and Dudley Perkins. Whether you are a vinyl enthusiast or not, you'll definitely enjoy the tracks on this CD. (AL)

Various Artists Plea for Peace: Take Action Vol. 2 Sub City Records • This double CD is the second in a series conceived to raise awareness of depression and suicide. Not only does it include 32 tracks by artists like Anti-Flag, Poison the Well, Snapcase, Piebald, Dillinger Four and others, but each disc also includes an enhanced portion, which contains information about suicide prevention and a depression-screening tool. Not only do you get great music, but you might also learn what it takes to save someone's life. (AL)

Various Artists Soulful Behaviour :\run Recordings • As drum & bass fell out of favor in clubland, several artists refused to let go of the genre. Instead, they added elements of funk and soul, even Bossanova, and created "soulful drum & bass." It sometimes features full vocal tracks and is more organic than its machine-like predecessor. One of the pioneers of this subgenre is DJ Addiction, who seamlessly mixes 16 tracks from the Defunked label catalogue. Also included is a bonus disc with unmixed versions of many of the tracks, plus three extra tracks. (AL)

Various Artists The Difference Vol. 1 Official Joints Recordings • Not a bad compilation for all hip hop heads out there, although it could have been better considering the packaging of artists. Domingo produces all tracks, and the beats keep bangin' as some high profile (underground) artists lay down rhymes on this release. Dilated Peoples, KRS-One with Tonedeff, High-N-Mighty and Cocoa Brovaz are just a few that came through impressively on this release. Punch-N-Words disappoint on the basic "Native New Yorker" but Deacon The Villain is slammin' on "Watch Yo Mouth" as he connects the best with Domingo's sound. Big L is resurrected on a track with Royal Flush and Kool G. Rap as well. (JC)

Various Artists Urban Renewal Program Ninja Tune/Chocolate Industries • As eclectic as any major city can be, so is this compilation of tracks. Songs by rappers Mos Def and Aesop Rock are butted up against ones by Tortoise and DJ Food. Hip-hop experimentalists Prefuse 73 and RJD2 share space with Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori and While. This is the first in a series of four, so keep your eyes open for the next one while you enjoy this one. (AL)

Various Artists Your Scene Sucks Go Kart Records • This compilation rounds up hardcore bands from the US and Europe, all for the good cause of lighting a fire under hardcore music's ass. Sick of It All, Kill Your Idols, Ensign, Downpour, Tear It Up, The Control, and Revolution Summer are some of the bands featured in these 28 tracks. (AL)

Wafflehouse Olympia Forge Again Records • These boys seem to borrow a page from everybody's book, with a various pallet of styles from indie to hardcore to post hardcore to emo... you get the point. While solidly creative and powerful, there is an element of multiple personalities you have to get past. Sometimes I'd believe they had 8 or 9 singers. I love a lot of it, I'm confused by some of it, but overall it's a strong release. (KM)

Weatherking Millimeters Magnesium Records • This Boston area trio reminded me of Dianogah, since they employ two bass players (one also plays guitar). For this reason, their sound tends to be closer to the low end. These mostly instrumental indie rock songs are medium in tempo - they are not all-out rockers, but they won't bore you to tears either. (AL)

White Star Line Self-Titled Antiantenna • As musical lines get blurred these sorts of things are gonna happen. WSL's experimental indie static Americana twang sound for example. Girls Against Boys meets Don Caballero on the open country roads with the big red barns and cornfields for miles. I'm a sucker for the old style, almost Sailor Jerry artwork too. (KM)

Your Enemies Friends The Wiretap EP Buddyhead Records • This debut by Your Enemies Friends reminded me of The Causey Way and Polysics, because of the intensity and urgency in the songs. The sense of urgency is created by two guitar players and one keyboardist, who never let up. Vocals are mostly screamed, except for "Your Enemies Are Your Friends," which is rather slow and subdued. (AL)

Zelienople Pajama Avenue Loose Thread Recordings • Get ready to be hypnotized. Not only would this music pass as great instrumental drone rock, but singer Matt Christensen's voice also adds to the atmospheric effect, barely whispering his lyrics in a soft, hushed style. Think of Physics with a singer. (AL)


Armatron Mutation Programming 7" Gold Standard Laboratories • These guys combine keyboards and other electronics with hardcore and almost death metal throwdowns in their songs. This is what the Locust would sound like if they budgeted more than 50 seconds per song. Mike Patton probably loves this band. (AL)

Chromatics / Monitor Bats split 7" Gold Standard Laboratories • The Chromatics offer up, I think, two tracks. They both sound similar, so maybe it's just one. Regardless, it's an uptempo, funkified rock tune that gets your toes a tappin' and your hips a shakin'. The Monitor Bats come with two, also similar, tracks but with a very different style. They remind me of God Is My Co-Pilot, in that there is a sense of chaos, but the melody finds its way through. They feature drums, guitar and sax with an assault of both male and female vocals. (CM)

Darius Axis self-titled 7" Dead Tank Records • The A-side features one track of mid-tempo indie pop that's heavy on the heartfelt, emotional delivery. Flip it over and you get two more tracks. The first is a bit spacey and catchy as heck with kinda high-pitched vocals that definitely work. The second cut is a bass-heavy indie rock tune that closes out the slab with a bang. (CM)

Declaime Caliwayz (remix) 12" Groove Attack • Declaime punches out tight rhymes over bumpin' Cali style beats on this remix of ≥Caliwayz≤ produced by Oh-No. You also get the radio remix, instrumental remix, the original radio version and the original instrumentation, just in case you can't get enough of this cut. Declaime also brings a second tune, ≥Shit Ain't Right≤, which is, to me, a damn good, Cali-fied version of A Tribe Called Quest. But here's my complaint: why do you release a song called ≥Shit Ain't Right≤ and only put on the radio version. I mean, the title has the word ≥shit≤ in it and you can't even say it on the cut you release. Now, that shit ain't right! (CM)

Pete Rock & Grand Agent This is What They Meant (GE-OLOGY remixes) 12" Groove Attack • This is a super duo, blastin' out a solid single that features two different remixes by the smoothed-out GE-OLOGY, plus the original version of the track. The flipside has instrumentals of all three. The remixes definitely take the original track to a higher level, lifting the beat-factor a notch and adding soul to an already soulful hip-hop cut. I'm just wishin' there was at least one other track on here for me to satiate my appetite for more. (CM)

Pulby / Primitive Painter Split 7" Dead Digital Records • This split 7≤ features Primitive Painter and Pulby with one song each. Primitive Painter's ≥Self Reference Hour≤ is a highly danceable house tune with repeating vocal samples and a hint of electro. Pulby contributes ≥Water From Different Falls,≤ which has an upbeat rhythm that reminded me of New Order a bit. (AL)

Rescue / Grayson split 7" Forge Again Records • I scored! This is a limited edition, mislabeled record. Look out Sotheby's, this one is gonna bring in a million, easy! Riches aside, this is a great release. Rescue immediately reminded me of Braid. Like Braid, they hail from the midwest (Detroit) and play very technical indie rock that weaves melody through the nimble orchestration. They also feature ex-members of Mycomplex. On the flip is Grayson (but it says Rescue, remember?!). Like Rescue, Grayson is definitely a technical band, featuring tight song-structure that's long on creativity. Again, the Braid comparison is hard to ignore, but that's not to say either of these bands lacks creativity ≠ it's just a genre that's familiar and one that I, personally, can't get enough of. And it's on sweet-ass blue vinyl. (CM)

S.T. Monroe / The Like Young split 7" Forge Again Records • STM gives us one cut on the A-side that starts as really flowing, mid-tempo pop rock with fantastic vocals. Halfway through, it busts into an almost rapped/spoken word part and a more aggressive sound that diversifies the tune for the better, before appropriately cutting back to the style the song began with. The Like Young are a husband-wife team (plus an extra guitarist on this release) that rocks out very solid pop rock gems, heavy on the guitar and vocals. The drums pound out an up-tempo beat on both tracks, driving the music forward as the melodies pull you in. They are, truly, hard to resist. (CM)

The Black Lips self-titled 7" Electric Human Project • Group this band with The Hives, The White Stripes and the slew of other sweaty, hard-rockin' bands that are all the rage. The key is ≥The≤ at the beginning of your name. I'm sure of it. You get five tracks of Ć60s influenced hard rock that's amped up enough to give you a good punch to the gut. I'm sure this band puts on a great live show. (CM)

Turn Pale self-titled 7" BlueSanct • This Indiana band plays haunting rock that, at least based on the two tracks here, can cover a lot of ground. ≥Chance≤ is an uptempo post-punk tune with goth influences and piercing guitar lines that add a huge emphasis to the sound. The flip side is darker and more droning, with vocal effects and wavering sounds that remind me of a drunken Cure song. (CM)


The VandalsOi to the World: Live in ConcertKung Fu Records • Every year, the Vandals get together to spread some holiday cheer to their fans by playing a concert featuring tracks from their Oi to the World album. This video is of one such concert, captured forever in all its DVD glory. Not only does the disc include 18 tracks, but there is also an audio commentary with the band, a couple of trailers and a link to their website. (AL)

Various Artists Secret Weapons of Kung Fu Records Kung Fu Records • Not only is this a kick-ass compilation of songs from the Kung Fu label, but it is a kick-ass compilation of videos. Eighteen videos by the likes of Audio Karate, The Ataris, No Use For A Name, Antifreeze, Mi6 and Assorted Jelly Beans, plus two fan-submitted animated videos for Ozma and the Vandals. The extras include audio commentaries by some of the bands as they watch their own videos. And you get this for just seven bucks! (AL)

These reviews represent the "best of" music that was reviewed for this issue by IMPACT Press music reviewers.

Amon Tobin Out From Out Where Ninja Tune Records • A native of Brazil, Amon Tobin has rhythm in his blood. He also has a flair for making up sounds and combining layers upon layers of samples in his tracks. Out From Out Where is his fourth album, and it feels like a soundtrack to a film, dark and seductive. (AL)

Bouncing Souls / Anti-Flag BYO Records Split Series Volume 4 BYO Records • When I popped open my CD package and saw this release, I swear I jumped 10 times higher than Justin Sane of Anti-Flag ever will. I then began to ponder, "What is better than the BYO Split Volume 3?" and doubt came over me. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but this time the truth didn't hurt! The Bouncing Souls kick off the CD with the melodic "Oi Punk" style everyone loves, also adding a touch of acoustic and pop-punk, and you can't forget the hard version of Anti-Flag songs they cover. Once the Bouncing Souls are done, Justin Sane's melodic voice signals another set of incredible songs featuring melodic, yet hardcore vocals, mind-boggling bass riffs and emotional lyrics all fans of Anti-Flag have come to love. This review is so cheesy because I am speechless and can't think of anything else except for one word to describe this release, and that is "Incredible"! (CMax)

Busdriver Temporary Forever Temporary Whatever • The first track sold me. This guy can flow. Not like an average MC, not like a good MC. This guy is gifted with abilities that few MCs display (those few include KRS-One, Eminem, Slick Rick, Aceyalone, among a few others). The Aceyalone reference is quite appropriate, too, as both of them were part of the Project Blowed crew that amazed those who have heard their recordings. But Busdriver is also well respected for his freestyle and live performance abilities. On wax, Busdriver will mesmerize you with his vocal skills, flipping his delivery style in multiple ways in a single track. He can speed it up, slow it down, sing a little, deliver spoken word - man, this guy is diverse. But for me, I need more than just a nimble lyricist. Luckily, this album is stacked with amazing beats, incredible instrument samples and an eclectic collection of musical genres, from jazz to drum and bass to head-bobbin' hip-hop beats. Oh, and did I mention the sick scratches delivered by D-Styles of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz? Get this CD, pop it in and let it blow your mind. (CM)

Karate Some Boots Southern • My friends have been begging me to listen to Karate for years, if only I had listened. This disc has me converted, that's for sure. With a smooth indie, almost jazzy feel at times, and Geoff Farina's almost conversational vocals, you are soothed into a musical dream. While it's mostly technical, which some might shy away from, there is brilliance in almost every sound. "Airport" is already a favorite of mine, along with "Remain Relaxed" and "Original Spies." (KM)

Madrid de los Asturias Amor :\run Recordings • Upon first glance, you might think that Madrid de los Asturias are Spanish. In fact, they are from Vienna, which is becoming a hotbed for downtempo producers. They are however, influenced by Spanish music, as evidenced by their frequent use of Latin percussion, flamenco and other Andalusian flavors in their organic take on downtempo grooves. (AL)

Namelessnumberheadman When We Leave, We Will Know Where We've Been Urinine • These guys are really great. What is lost on the listener of this album without a press release handy is the size of the band. Just 3 multi-instrumentalists flow between nine keyboards, two guitars, steel guitar, electronics, and drums to create a sound so full you just can't believe it's only them. Their composition is genius, and you know you're hearing something completely new. Less is certainly more for this intelligent group with cutting-edge ideas in the evolution of sound. (DP)

Phantomsmasher self-titled Ipecac Recordings • You know anything coming out of Ipecac is gonna sound weird. Phantomsmasher, James Plotkin's latest band, is no different. Think of Fantômas without the screaming. It seems the drummer gets paid by the beat, because he consistently beats the hell out of his kit, sometimes in random patterns. Guitars are a mess of jangly distortion, and synths provide sound effects. You definitely have to be in the mood to sit through 43 minutes of this aural assault. (AL)

The Paper Chase Hide The Kitchen Knives Beatville • A seriously eerie and dramatic rant of emotions starts out with the track "I Did A Terrible Thing" which is a dark confession that sounds a bit like the first Nine Inch Nails album. The music on this disc is tough and loud; it marches from track to track. High-pitched screaming vocals make things comfortable in a demented kind of way. The disc continues on pounding with aggressive bass, drums and squeaky guitar riffs. The heavy industrial sound is mixed with a spaced-out vibe that thrives for attention. Did you get all that? Wait, there's more. The sound crosses between the bass guitar of Les Claypool and Prong. Lyrics lean towards basic storytelling, religion, relationships and are all transformed accordingly. John Congleton is the mind behind this band out of Dallas and on this, their third album, it has been said that John may have finally taken control of his demons that were present on the bands past releases. Lets hope so, or not. (JC)

Various Artists 20 Years of Dischord 3xCDs Dischord Records • Is there a punk indie label with a more prolific history than Dischord? I'd say, probably not. And this three-CD set gives you 73 reasons why. This is the kind of release that doesn't need a review, just the facts. There are three CDs, the first two chronicle Dischord's musical history from 1980 through 2000 - featuring a track from all 50 of the bands on the label. They include Minor Threat, Iron Cross, Rites of Spring, Dag Nasty, Embrace, Shudder to Think, Fugazi, Jawbox, Hoover, The Make-Up and Faraquet, 50 songs and 50 bands total. While that's impressive, disc three will make fans drool: 23 tracks of rare or unreleased material from such artists as Minor Threat, Government Issue, Slant 6 and The Teen Idles. Want more? There are also video files of live performances and a 100+ page booklet chock-full of info that will make you an even bigger Dischord dork. All this for $25ppd! Need I say more? (CM)

Various Artists Embedded Studios Presents: The Bedford Files Embedded Music • Mix tape DJ's Hipsta and Ese have finally pushed out their first full-length project and have a line-up that needs little introduction. Tracks from many of the underground mainstays are the showcase of this collection. With hyper beats and a sound that stays consistent straight through, this mix will stay glued to your CD player. Aesop Rock and Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) show up on four tracks and they may not even be the highlights of the show! Other appearances are from the likes of Tes, Hanger 18, M. Sayyid, C. Rayz Walz, RJD2 and more. Enough said. (JC)

Various Artists The Spice Arrakis Records • I think most hip-hop heads respect the talent that Philly holds. But this much talent?! Damn! This is a slammin' compilation from track one to track 18. The beats on this album keep the pace, pounding out a rhythm that is irresistible and driving. It's the kind of hip-hop that really gets you amped up, not just head bobbin', but rockin'. Every time I listen to this, I close my eyes and pretend I'm in a big-city club, the dance floor packed, the sound system bumpin' the album till my ears bleed. It's a beautiful dream. And while the music is definitely a major part of what makes this release great, it's even better with the vocal support provided by mostly Philly-based MCs, including Briz, Digs Darklighter and Kenneth Masters. The numerous vocalists provide diverse lyrical styles that keep each track fresh. Look out NYC, looks like Philly is ready to step up as the possible new leader in indie hip-hop. (CM)

Warsawpack Gross Domestic Product G-7 Welcoming Committee • Every now and then a band comes along that breaks barriers, crosses genres and blows the music formula out of the water. Warsawpack is a crew of seven Canadians set on bringing both a musical and political revolution to the forefront. Combining elements of jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop, Warsawpack deliver a socio/political message with each fresh track. There are thirteen tunes to enlighten the listener with such lines as, "It's a small group of men/ with 51% of your Fortune 500 dividends/and you're living for them." Besides corporate consolidation, Warsawpack comments on such topics as big oil, war and our reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. And while the lyrics are brilliant, this release is so musically accomplished that the proactive lyrical element is just icing on an already aurally tasty treat. Warsawpack utilizes live bass, guitar, tenor sax, flute, baritone sax, drums, turntables and vocals. It's a lethal combination that will enlighten, inspire and enthrall any and all listeners. Welcome to the next generation of indie music. (CM)

Waxwing Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns Second Nature • If it were up to me to plot the musical future, Waxwing would look like it. Its amazing to think after all the music I have heard in my lifetime that a record could affect me, shake me, evoke so much emotion as this one did on it first play. Already a fan of Waxwing, I knew I would like it, but this one takes the notch up and then some. This is an instant classic that is miles ahead of anything else put out recently. Filled with a blistering mix of emotion, temperament, hope, and pain all on a musical backdrop as passionate as the lyrics. Damn it, I think this one might almost be perfect. (KM)

In alphabetical order. Please write them.

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A Las Olas Recordings, no contact info available
Absolutely Kosher Records, 1412 10th St. Berkeley, CA 94710
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