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This Issue's Top Picks


Animals On WheelsNuvol I CadiraNinja Tune • Andrew Coleman, AKA Animals on Wheels, has come out with his sophomore effort for Ninja Tune. He uses his skills with breakbeats to create a loungy kinda mood, accentuated with xylophones and other quirky sounds. This is mid-tempo stuff, folks, and some nice stuff at that. If a record could seduce the listener, this one would have you humping your speakers.

Anti-Pop ConsortiumTragic Epilogue75ark • Combining the finest elements of poetry and hip-hop, Consortium are the real deal vocalists with rhymes that won't waste your time and beats that are divine, on time, and designed with your ears in mind. Instead of shooting bullets, words shoot from the mouths of Priest, Beans and M. Sayyid, piercing skin, entering your brain, allowing the fresh beats, delivered by E. Blaize, to be absorbed, unable to ignore. When other MCs talk smack about skills, the Consortium is paying the bills with their word-flows and abstract orchestration.

Appleseed CastMare VitalisDeep Elm Records • The title of the Appleseed Cast's latest effort, Mare Vitalis, is Latin for "sea life." It's an appropriate title given the flow of the music, as it rises and falls much like the tides. Not just a collection of songs randomly thrown together, Mare Vitalis is an incredibly powerful album meant to be listened to in its entirety. One of the best emo records I've heard in quite some time.

Arling & CameronMusic for Imaginary FilmsEmperor Norton Records • Gerry Arling and Richard Cameron have a vivid imagination indeed. Music for Imaginary Films is an interesting follow-up to their last CD: All-In. This entire album is composed of theme songs for shows that have never existed. Neat idea! Unfortunately, almost every tune sounds like a drawn out version of the theme from Buck Rodgers in the 21st Century. Without vocals to break up this 70's TV show sound, Arling & Cameron makes for some tedious tunes. Big kudos, however, for Hashi the drug-sniffing canine.

A-SetSongs From The Red RoomTree Records • This follow-up to The Science of Living Things tries to distance itself from the Lo-Fi label A-Set had earned for themselves, and for the most part, it succeeds. I would describe the music (12-songs worth) as a blend of emo and pop, using electric guitars but no distortion. "Pick-A-Lie" has a happy Beatles feel to it, while "Blue Girl" is a sad little instrumental track.

Billy DechandPop Another CorkMuss My Hair Records • Dechand is the singer/songwriter for this 8-song album. Most of the music is simple, yet creative, psuedo-artsy pop. Some times, it reminds me of an acoustic-jangly-pop version of Smoking Popes. Other times it reminds me of Jawbox or Dismemberment Plan (their experimental sounds, not their intensity). (Note: Ignore track five cause it sucks compared to the rest.)

Broken HopeGrotesque BlessingsMartyr Music Corporation • Necro-Fellatio, Chemically Castrated, Hate Machine, Christ Consumed... Do I need to go on? This is evil music that would make Tipper Gore shit in her nasty old underpants. Fast, furious, sweaty and screaming, it is pretty typical of the death-metal scene. If you dig that kind of stuff, you won't be disappointed.

Bulemics/River City RapistsFull on Hate FuckMan's Ruin • I'm getting really bored with all these "hatepunk" bands. First, they probably aren't nearly as big of assholes as they want you to think, it's just what works for them. The music is drunken punk rock with childish lyrics: "Let's fuck, anywhere, everywhere, cause I don't care, let's fuck!" The only thing to really note about this album are two of the musicians: Doug Didjit (Didjits) and Rex Everything (Dwarves). The rest is southern-fried, garage punk that isn't bad, it just isn't that great.

CatchpennyDajomNext Records • It took me a few minutes to realize what I was hearing. This is the music that you hear when really trendy shows (e.g. Friends, Ally McBeal, etc.) come on. This is the kind of music that becomes the theme songs to shows like these. It's very pop-oriented and, I suppose that if you like that sort of thing, it's good.

ChimairaThis Present DarknessEast Coast Empire Records • This Cleveland hardcore band doesn't necessarily stand out musically, except that at times singer Mark Hunter goes for a Deftones style of vocals, more like a pained whisper. Other than that, this is regular, run-of-the-mill hardcore.

Co-Ed/PollenA Split RecordingCool Guy Records • Co-Ed is awesome. The female vocals are perfect, energized and sincere and are backed by equally perfect melodic punk rock that is far from generic. Loaded with hooks, their six songs had me immediately humming along. Pollen delivers pounding, melodic rock n roll with great guitar parts, smooth tempo changes and powerful male vocals.

CooterLooking UpFastmusic • It's pop-punk. The kind of guys who wear bowling shirts and pennyloafers and slick back their hair. There are no songs on here that really stand up and grab you by the nutsack. It is pretty typical of the genre... not great, not bad.

Crooked Fingersself-titledWARM • Archers of Loaf frontman Eric Bachmann and Brian Causey of Man or Astroman? form Crooked Fingers, an excellent project producing strong anthems reminiscent of the Pogues, but by no means a reproduction. Brilliant music.

Dahlia SeedPlease Excuse All The BloodSpirit of Orr Records • Dahlia Seed is no more. The band dissolved in 1996, but this final album is a collection of unreleased tracks and rare singles from this basement punk band. The tough voiced Tracy Wilson tears through some very simple, but good, tunes with all the conviction necessary. If these are the leftovers, I would like to give the main dish a try.

Deal's Gone BadOverboardJump Up! Records • Chicago's Deal's Gone Bad give us a new release that's both uplifting and depressing. It starts off with the catchy upbeat "I'm Sorry," and then evolves through bright and dark tones. For some reason or another I don't fully relate to this release, but then again I've had a hard time getting into any ska from the Midwest. Most of the instrumentation is on the lower end of the scale, so the brightness associated with genre is dimmed by the weight of the song's notes.

Dirty ThreeWhatever You Love, You AreTouch and Go Records • After a few rocky years, The Dirty Three finally released their sixth album, Whatever You Love, You Are. As the title suggests, this trio has realized that they are the music that they so love. Consisting of a guitarist, a violinist and a drummer, The Dirty Three's music flows beautifully, creating different moods that seem to last forever (shortest song is 6 minutes long). Turn off the lights and let The Dirty Three take you on a voyage of the soul.

DiscountCrash DiagnosticsNew American Dream • Since 1995, Discount has been wowing audiences with their energy and intricate pop-punk stylings. This is the four-piece's third full-length album, and it's their best to date. Recorded by the great J. Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines/Desoto Records) this album takes the band beyond the realm of stereotypical pop-punk into the world of intricate new rock that is more intense and emotional than past releases and sounds great! Alison is still as amazing behind the microphone as ever and the band is becoming more and more mature with each new release. Past fans will drool, while new fans will wonder how they missed noticing this band years ago.

DJ FaustInward JourneysBomb Hip-Hop Records • In his latest release, "Inward Journeys," DJ Faust explores his inner musical self through four sections: Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. There's lots of sampling and tons of scratching. Fellow labelmate Shortee appears on the track "Boy Meets Girl."

DMTC4Stray Records • Drum Machine Technicians (DMT) was conceived by DJ Cue and Eddie Def, as a series of 5 discs to be released, featuring Eddie Def in the first and third, DJ Cue in the second and fourth, and both in the final disc. C4 is the second, and features DJ Cue showing off his skills on the drum machine. The result is a bit monotonous. Each song seems to go on forever, repeating the same beat over and over.

Doctor ManetteThe Same Thing Over And OverJump Up! Records • Even though the title is The Same Thing Over And Over, this debut by Doctor Manette is anything but. They jump from pop to ska to punk seamlessly, sometimes in the same song. The production is flawless, with crisp horns and pounding drums.

DrowningmanHowtheylight EPRevelation • Something happened in Vermont, some kind of chemical mix-up that transformed five northern boys into fierce, hardcore musicians. These four songs are just the spark that will ignite the fire. For the most part a hardcore band, Drowningman turns things upside down with the injection of punk/indie aspects to their sound. While your head gets stomped, your attacker pauses to reflect on happier times, only to resume pounding you soon thereafter this is Drowningman.

Drunk Horseself-titledMan's Ruin Records • For fans of uncompromising Rock n Roll. Drunk Horse (formerly known as The Pants) take no prisoners as they assault you with raunchy, heavy guitars, and unpolished vocals that reminded me of early Mick Jagger at times. Get ready to rock like never before.

Eddie the Ratself-titledSeeland • You have never heard anything like this before, and that's probably the highest praise I can give this creepy, disjointed project. I use the word project because there are few real "songs" here, so be warned. Eddie the Rat (aka Pete Martin) uses found noises, homemade instruments, snatches of conversation, and stoned nursery rhymes to create eerie sound collages. Some will call it profound, some will call it insane, most just won't know what to call it.

Enemiesself-titledNew Disorder • I wish more songs here were like "In Decay." This song slows down and hits a rhythm with it's delivery that has more power than all their fast numbers combined. The lyrics throughout this disc are great and worth reading. The music is guitar-bass-drum punk rock. I hoped for more, but Enemies are a perceptive band playing punk rock. Can't fault them for that.

EntombedBlack JujuMan's Ruin Records • This release expands on their recent 10", adding four new tracks, including covers of artists like Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Bob Dylan, The Dwarves, Captain Beyond and Jerry's Kids. This is the punk side of Entombed, and one you will like.

Epiphanyself-titled EPself-released • Three guys sure can rip your head off. With these three tracks, you get a taste of the hardcore intensity Epiphany delivers. Screamed vocals, fast-paced music and a pounding attitude keeps this sick shit alive. Looking for a pick-me-up, this will do that and then throw you against a wall.

Errortype: ElevenAmplified To RockSome Records • With thought-provoking lyrics and an energy that won't quit, ET:11 are back with nine tracks of rock. From catchy hooks to pulsating melodies to emotional power, "Amplified To Rock" is just that. Arty's vocals are intense, a perfect counterpart to the pounding rhythms and intricate instrumentation. This is definitely a worthy follow-up to their first, self-titled full-length taking ET:11 to the next level and reassuring fans that they'll soon be in a town near you to rock the stage, and they will!

Funeral OrationDiscographyHopeless Records • This is a two disc set with 48 songs on it, encompassing 15 years that this band has been recording. It is a good set. I had never heard of these guys and did not know what to expect. The discs are packaged nicely and produced well. The music is fast, aggressive punk that still retains musical aspects, not just speed and fury.

Funny Looking KidsPicture DayFastmusic • I thought this was going to be mediocre, old school punk rock based on the first track. But from there, the music turns into an Op-Ivy/Less Than Jake influenced mix of punk and ska riffs. There's loads of melody and hooks, tempo changes and attitude. This is an incredibly fun punk record put on some dancin' shoes and call all your friends!

Groove ArmadaVertigo • Jive Electro Records • A well-rounded US debut by UK's Groove Armada. Sometimes trip-hop, sometimes house, Vertigo definitely has a mellow mood to it. Influenced by funk as well as by dance floor rhythms, GA use plenty of live instruments to give the album a more live' feeling. Standout track is Fatboy Slim's remix of I See You Baby.

HagfishThat Was Then, This Is ThenColdfront Records • This is a compilation disc of unreleased and barely released Hagfish tunes. It covers almost a full decade of music-making and merriment. Hagfish is one of the bands that dragged me into the punk scene and this disc is a clear example of why. It is cool, daddy-o.

Hi-StandardMaking the RoadFat Wreck • Oh, Japan, country of punk rock boys and girls, thank you for the new Hi-Sta album. Like their past albums, this one is full of power-punk energy and melodies, quick changes and surprisingly good English vocals. This releases features 18 tracks, each ready to rock your world.

HomemadeWhat Were We Getting Into, Before We Got Into This?Theologian • This foursome with heavy punk rock influence provides us with a fantastic contemporary sophomore release, a sound that Homemade has been trying to achieve for five years. It's hard-hitting, but has an emotional backbone that keeps everything in balance.

Hot Stove JimmyTheme for a Major HitJump Up! Records • Hot Stove Jimmy explore Blue Meanies territory in this release. The lyrics are a Dadaist mix on nonsense, with the structure based in the vocal intonations and repetitions of phrases. The Blue Meanies employ the theatrical, yet there is an emotion you can cling to through some songs. Hot Stove Jimmy have yet to fully master this delicate balance of embracing the absurd to communicate a deeper essence that standard song structure might be able to. They finally convey a solid emotion on "Good Dresser," yet that's not a very good batting average for a full length disc. I leave it to you to determine for yourself if there is a point behind the foolishness.

In My EyesNothing to HideRevelation Records • Another full length from Boston's straight edge hardcore heroes. There isn't a musical departure from their prior release. This is a hardcore record. Alas, it's a well produced and mixed hardcore record, which really makes a difference with the impact the music has. The lyrics deal with regret and disappointment, of him holding true even though you are changing. Hardcore is more or less 18 years old, and hardcore is still stuck on the same themes (regret and disappointment in all relationships). It's a hard path to follow- growing up and deciding what to hold onto, and determining whether the music's message is pertinent to your life.

Integ2000Project RegenesisEast Coast Empire • This is a full length by the band formerly known as Integrity. For one reason or another, though both bands have the same vocalist, the vocals here are weak comparatively. Perhaps the earlier recordings had some processing done to beef them up. Nevertheless, the music is great and then the singing starts. Ugh. On the upside, this disc is worth owning for the four cover songs they've included. "Hot Stuff" and "Dancing with Myself" are a lot of fun. Track 10 is the best original on this CD. For once, a talking (not singing) voice and music combine to create an eerie sensory experience.

Jill TowersWelcome to DreamfieldForbidden Records • Towers plays a mix of contemporary pop/rock and country. While it doesn't break any new ground, Towers does have a real sincerity to her music. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, she's been playing music all her life. It's just too bad that she doesn't test out some new styles and sounds instead of the same old stuff you've heard before but at least she does what she does well.

Kid Brother CollectiveNever Trust YourselfDoom Nibbler Records • It bothers me when artists put out releases that are less than 30 minutes. Why not wait until you have more songs to release anything?!? This latest release by Kid Brother Collective is only 10 MINUTES LONG! What gives?!? The music is pretty good, but come on...

Kittens For ChristianIs That What Sex Is Like?Dirtbox Records • If this is what sex is like, then forget sex! I enjoyed this CD, but it's nothing like sex. This LA duo scream and churn their way through 25 minutes of visceral emotion. The songs have minimal structures, acting more as a platform on which the screaming/singing can stand on and be heard. Indeed, the vocals sound closer to the listener than the instruments, further enhancing the effect.

KittieSpitArtemis Records • The title track opens this album with an intensity that will make people run...afraid of the assault on their ears as this four-piece of teenage girls rock them with heavy guitar riffs, throbbing bass and emotionally-charged vocals. This is ferocious metal that is absorbing, constantly changing pace and vocal stylings going from a slow grind to speedy thrash and from screamed to sincere. Kittie's melodic, hardcore metal is incomparable and addictive.

Life of Agony1989-1999Roadrunner Records • This is a CD collection of material spanning Life of Agony's 10 year existence as a musical entity. The CD booklet has lots of band photos showing their evolution from a hardcore band to artsy metal group. I mean, look at the many hairstyles! Images aside, this disk has unreleased tracks that sound like a lot of the crappy metal from their respective year of origin. Their 1990-era hardcore doesn't hold up 10 years later except as a reminder of how bad things were. Overall, this CD shows the evolution of yet another hardcore-origin band that wanted to grow musically, and did through metal, but did not achieve the mainstream success their image seemed to crave. This one is for the fans.

Little ChampionsPillowBarsuk Records • Powerful, yet sincere, female vocals and shy, but clever, male vocals characterize this catchy indie-pop release. The music bounces and hops along, with a sweet charm flowing forth with every guitar jangle and vocal harmony (don't forget to factor in the simple, yet perfect drums, Casio-created sounds and solid bass work). These 14-songs come together to create a super indie rock record that will be stuck in your head for days to come.

MazarinWatch It HappenVictoria • Fantastic songwriting is at the heart of Mazarin. Singing of "lost love, music, and nostalgia," this blend of insatiably interesting mirth, incorporating the best musical characteristics of decades past and present, is a must have.

MegaSuperUltraPower Pop ArtJump Up! Records • MegaSuperUltra have worked hard to preserve the Mod styles of the 1960's. Upon this, they have styled the songs in Power Pop Art. The singer sounds very much like Elvis Costello at times, while the music is filled with quick changes, stops and starts, keeping you on your toes at all times.

MekonsJourney to the End of the NightQuarterstick • You're sitting at the bar, it's 1am and you're getting bored. On comes the Mekons, and the night is shaping up. With a slow, soulful sound, different from past work, the Mekons weave and sway with each shimmering sound. The pop sensibilities are sincere while the artistic touch influences all twelve tracks. The mixture of vocalists (male and female four different singers in the Mekons plus guest vocalists on different tracks) and instruments (fiddle, auto-harp, piano, accordion besides the standards) makes for a highly creative work of art. This is a soothing and sincere musical composition.

MollycuddleThe Best Place For YouGuilt Ridden Pop • Mollycuddle could be your favorite local band. They are not really from Orlando, but they have that "local band" sound to them. The beginning of My Osmosis reminded me a bit of Weezer for some reason. A guy and a girl share the vocals in this power-pop EP.

NickelbackThe StateRoadrunner Records • Nickelback hails from Canada, where they have experienced a moderate amount of success with their radio-friendly style of hard rock. Right away, you can hear the similarities with bands like Creed, Bush, and early Stone Temple Pilots. With The State, they hope to enter the American market. With any luck, you'll hear them on a radio station near you soon.

PanamaPanamaTwo Street Recordings • This self-titled disc is the first release for Panama. The band features former members of Caterpillar, Moped, and Meringue. Musically, Panama sounds like it would fit in well in the Teen Beat universe. At times, Panama's guitar-based pop is reminiscent of former Teen Beat house band Unrest and New Zealand popsters such as the Feelies.

PeleelephantSign Language • Remnants of Alligator Gun and The Promise Ring comprise this difficult-to-classify band. They are experimental, and I mean that in the most complimentary of ways. Their instrumental music comes closest to jazz, but stands slightly outside the realm to incorporate soft rock. Their music is perfectly comfortable, relaxing to a great extent, and demonstrates that this trio has an excellent understanding of what the human ear craves.

Penny's Pet DragonflyIn A Frail DaydreamOrange Peal Records • They cite bands like Radiohead and the Smashing Pumpkins as some of their influences. They also sound like them. Hailing from the neon covered shallowness of Las Vegas, Penny's Pet Dragonfly dares to reveal what's under the surface with emotional songs, mostly about lost love.

PhysicsLive: 2.7.98Gold Standard Laboratories • Recorded live to DAT at the Casbah Club in San Diego, 2.7.98 consists of two songs that last about 15 minutes each, in a mind-numbing hypnotic trek through the world of echo and reverb. Track 1 flows right into track 2, with only the talking of the audience in the background that pops in between the songs giving you any sort of clue as to there being any change. Completely instrumental, this CD is perfect for listening in a dark room and thinking about nothing.

Pinehurst KidsViewmaster • 4 Alarm Records • When I first heard the Pinehurst Kids last year, I was amazed. They did something with music that I hadn't heard before, and with Viewmaster they stick to that format. The sound is somewhere between Superchunk sweetness and Nirvana noise, but jumps free from being categorized. Joe Davis' vocals are almost as infectious as the music, which slides from simple to intricate but never forgets to stay original. A pop bounce and emotional grind are present in nearly every track, as the Pinehurst Kids keep real rock alive!

Pocket ChangeGoldenResurrection A.D. • Can you taste the sweet, pop-punk? With sincere, heartfelt vocals and powerful, hook-filled melodies, Pocket Change will have you dancing in no time and singing along even sooner. These Cali-based fellows let you in on personal thoughts and feelings while getting you addicted to their infectious sound. Have some more.

PollenChipFueled By Ramen • Loaded with energy and emotion, Pollen presents 14 tracks loaded with tempo changes and sincere harmonies. With similarities to ALL, Gameface and The Stereo, Pollen still finds a way to carve their own niche. The vocals are powerful and potent while the music hooks, weaves and pops along, leading you on an emotional rock journey.

Pop UnknownIf Arsenic Fails, Try AlgebraDeep Elm Records • If Arsenic Fails, Try Algebra starts out with a hell of a catchy tune, one that I've been humming all day. It's too bad that Pop Unknown drops the momentum they built in that initial track, opting instead for a more relaxed, mellow tone. The album is still good a clever, creative, mood-shifting mix of indie-pop and rock. I just wish it had kept the energy it started with.

PuffballSwedish NitroBurning Heart • Puffball play lean, mean rock and f-ing roll, not the limp tired garage rock Americans are so happy to regurgitate. Nope. They flat out give us guitars, growls, attitude and acceleration. Granted, they're stupid for promoting their support of the "Anti-Ska Movement." Why not say "Disco is Dead?" Just like rock and roll, Puffball are ultimately dumb, dumb, dumb, targeting easy marks until someone takes the nitrous away. Alas, the downfall of all rock and roll is that through its rebellion comes conformity.

QuetzalThe Messenger Lies Bleeding in the Footprints of HistoryConspiracy Records • Quetzal is just one of many outlets for this Belgian quartet's political beliefs. The band members are actively involved in politics, as well as organizing and promoting punk shows, in their hometown of Antwerp. Their jarring and sometimes abrasive music certainly reflects their rage against the ills of modern society. Not for the faint of heart, but that's probably what they were going for in the first place.

Radar MercuryThank You, Goodnight EPDoghouse Records • This is alternative rock, which I must admit I have never been a big fan of. They have that "alternative" sound, whatever the hell that means. There are four songs on this EP, none of which stand out as future classics in the rock world. The disc is good, as far as this type of music goes, but it doesn't go very far.

Rick Rizzo & Tara KeyDark Edson TigerThrill Jockey Records • The instruments on Dark Edson Tiger sound like they are communicating with each other. One speaks, another responds. This is possibly due to the fact that Rick Rizzo and Tara Key recorded most of their parts in different locations, sending tapes back and forth. The result is an ambient-like recording where the music comes in and out, like waves and the tide. The tempo does the same thing. The ambient atmosphere lasts for the first four tracks, slowly introducing guitars and drums until track 5, a wholly rock and roll song. The tempo slows down until the end of the CD, with the 11-minute final track putting the music to rest.

Rubbish Heapself-titledConspiracy Records • Rubbish Heap plays no-nonsense hardcore with heavy guitars, fast drumming and screamed vocals that sound a bit fuzzy. The songs are a bit more complex than what you would expect, with key changes a-plenty.

Screeching WeaselThank You Very Little 2xCDPanic Button • Since 1986, Screeching Weasel has been rockin' out punk tunes. Over those 14 years, they've displayed an ability to create tight, melodic songs going from snotty to poppy. Lyrically, SW can be both silly and smart, sometimes at the same time. This double-CD release features 51 tracks. The first 28 are various songs from throughout the bands career including "Crawl", "Crying in my Beer", "Totally", "Stuck Out Here", "My Own World" and many more. Disc two is the other 23 songs, an entire live show from 1993. Although the sound quality isn't great, the selection of tunes is ("You're the Enemy", "Cindy's on Methadone", "Veronica Hates Me", "Automatic Rejector", "Goodbye to You" and more). This is a great compilation of tunes for any hardcore SW fan to grab. Lovers of punk rock (especially the melodic and often poppy kind) should also take notice.

SeelyWinter BirdsKoch Records • As opposed to their previous recordings, Seely has decided to put more emphasis on the vocals, mixing them a little louder than before and even printing the lyrics. The band is still hypnotic, a little more electronic, and very captivating. Melodies are explored further, as well as harmonic structures. If it helps, they are compared to Stereolab all the time.

Seven HeartsMots de Faux CursJungle Crystal Records • By the sound of this band, I can assume they do not enforce any kind of "No Drugs or Alcohol" policies while recording. They sound like a cross between garage, a bit of surf music, and about 10,000 cases of beer. There seems to be a "lounge" vibe, but don't ask me why I think this.

ShorteeThe DreamerBomb Hip-Hop Records • If there ever was a concept album put out by a DJ, this is it. Aptly named, The Dreamer is an exploration into Shortee's subconscious. The record is divided into 4 stages, presumably representing 4 stages in "the dream." The whole album has a drowsy feeling to it, with vignettes intermixed with the actual songs.

SnapcaseDesigns For AutomotionVictory Records • It has been a long time since Snapcase's "Progression Through Unlearning" amazed listeners in 1997 and they're back. This time around, these hardcore kings are injecting musical knowledge directly into your brain. The intensity of the music on this release is remarkable; it pounds, throbs, grinds, soars, drives, hums and then pounds some more. The vocals are screamed with fierce emotion sometimes overwhelming the infectious music. But that one set-back does nothing to hamper this fiery hardcore masterpiece.

Space RaidersDon't Be DaftThe Medicine Label/Skint Records • After listening to track eight from Don't Be Daft, I thought that Space Raiders should have titled their CD Don't Be Daft Punk. These English folks share musical tastes with their French counterparts, playing with their EQ's and faders during the sampled disco beats they use. Not all of the CD is like that, though. Monster Munch, for example, samples a guitar hook from Teenage Rampage by The Sweet. After all, Space Raiders pride themselves in their lack of planning, instead sampling records to see where the music takes them, in their goal to create music that is "happy and sad at the same time."

StandbyeDays Spent WaitingGuilt Ridden Pop • Dancing on the line that separates emo and power pop, Standbye is definitely worth checking out. Strong female vocals deliver one heartfelt emotion sadness. Sadness that, over crunching guitars, makes for a good listen.

Storm and StressUnder Thunder & Fluorescent LightTouch and Go Records • When Storm and Stress write music, they begin with a song. Then they try to forget it, letting it evolve into a stew of picked guitar strings and frenetic free form drumming. Most people will find this lack of structure hard to digest, but if you can, you will probably like it. You do not have to think about the music, because S and S give the impression that they do not think about it much either. Since the band is made up of 2/3 of instrumentalist prog-rockers Don Caballero, Under Thunder & Fluorescent Light feels more like a collective value releasing the pressure of the energy of that band.

SubaSo Paulo ConfessionsSix Degrees Records • Suba, who tragically passed away in a fire this past November, had lived in Brazil for the past two decades. He had become one of the top producers in the land, blending electronic sounds with traditional Brazilian elements. This trend is evident in So Paulo Confessions, a gem of an album that recounts his life in the South American country. Sensual vocals by Cibelle, as well as by guests Katia B, Taciana and Joana Jones add to the eclectic atmosphere created by the music.

Sue Garner & Rick BrownStillThrill Jockey Records • After more than 15 years as a performer, most recently as a member of the experimental rock band Run On before going solo, Sue Garner delivers the goods with her latest offering, Still. She has partnered with husband Rick Brown to develop songs that are very dissimilar, yet somehow interconnected. A little bit of Blues, a touch of Country, sultry vocals and some electronic effects make this CD an interesting listen.

Super ColliderHead OnThe Medicine Label/Skint Records • This very weird dance record blends elements from p-funk, techno, and blues to get you excited yet a bit repulsed at the same time, thanks in part to Jamie Lidell's vocal work. He sounds as inspired as Prince, yet employs computers to randomly generate his lyrics. Words are chosen for their phonetics rather than for their grammatical sense, making the singer just another instrument. All the sounds were generated by the English duo, who refer to the album's "gestation period" as the proper way to create a record that will make people dance instantly.

Takako MinekawaFun9Emperor Norton Records • Japanese pop artist Takako Minekawa fills her music with juxtapositions of contrasting elements from French pop to Krautrock to Easy Listening to Indie Rock, all blended together into what she calls "future-folk-fusion-funk." She avoids the clichs of love and relationships, adopting instead the purer themes of color and water. She is aided by remixers Cornelius and DJ Me DJ You, who contribute in the creation of the electronic backdrop. Fun9 (pronounced "funk") is definitely worth checking out.

The American Flagself-titled 2xCDChampagne! • Despite Guided By Voices' love for this band and rave reviews for their "bubble gum" pop and "sugary hand claps", The American Flag remind me more of The Monkees (updated for the millennium) than "the year's most impressive album" (from Magnet magazine). While the melodies are catchy and there are more hooks than a meat locker, this isn't anything I haven't already heard. However, live, this band blows away anything I've heard on this CD (which is a full-length CD and a 4-song EP CD) their live sound is much bigger rock and less jangly, sugar-pop. They have an animated, rock-star show that is so confident you can't help but love them. Watching these six guys on stage is awesome definitely do not miss them.

The AnniversaryDesigning a Nervous BreakdownHeroes & Villians • Forming in late '97, this five-piece began to perform live shows with Superchunk, Braid, Helium and more. Then in spring of '99, two of the members of The Get Up Kids asked if The Anniversary would do a record on their new label "Heroes & Villians." The ten-tracks are the result of that offer, the band's first full-length. It's characterized by quirky melodies, amazing keyboards and a solid indie-emo-rock sound. There are definitely similarities to The Get Up Kids, but that's not to say The Anniversary aren't unique. The dueling (male/female) vocals are awesome, and their tempo changes are perfectly timed. This is a great album from a band I'm sure you'll hear more from soon.

The Bar FeedersPour for Four, Pour Favor!Fastmusic • What an appropriate album title for an obviously alcohol-influenced band. The pace is rapid, while the music is punk rock with a garage/live sound. Sometimes melodic, always in your face, these four guys deliver solid tunes with every new track! Try not to choke on these 19-tracks of raucous punk rock.

The Berlin ProjectCulture Clashself-released • The kids still like to play the ska, but do the kids still like to buy it? I'm not sure. But, if you're one who does, this is a pretty impressive self-released album featuring a nine-piece band, 14 tracks and, for the most part, mid-tempo ska with solid horns, great melodies and a really catchiness about them. The songs combine ska riffs/horns and punk rock - creating a danceable and delightful mix.

The Busy SignalsBaby's First BeatsSugar Free Records • To say that The Busy Signals like lo-fi is an understatement. They use tons of electronic toy instruments and play the samples and loops by hand, without any sequencers. This, and the hummable singing style gives you a feeling that this music is giving a nod to the past while embracing the future. This is especially true of 88's and 73's, where the singer laments the passing of 88 and 73 rpm records (anyone remember those?), equating them to 8-track tapes and plastic flowers, on top of a sampled percussion and guitar riff that's straight out of 1975. Quirky, weird and fun.

The CigarettesPraise the Music EPBurning Heart • Four songs are presented to you by a Swedish traditional ska/swing ensemble called The Cigarettes. The music is so different than the poppy Third-wave ska that I've come to associate with European bands. Nope, this doesn't sound like happy circus music. The playing is accomplished, the tempo is at a steady pace, and the vocals are sung at the right pitch in English. Much recommended!

The Deadbeatsself-titledFueled Up Records • Not for the faint of heart. Sweden's The Deadbeats puncture eardrums wherever they go with their high-octane Rock n Roll sound. The guitars never let up, the drums keep perfect rhythm, and the singing makes you want to get up and sing along while banging your head. The Deadbeats care about one thing and one thing only: rockin' their ass off. Both fans of metal and punk will dig this.

The Frowniesself-titledFastmusic • The Frownies are a hard-hitting three-piece from South Carolina. With an often-ferocious pace, the music charges along with intensity. The vocals are passionate, but far from wimpy. The music is uptempo and aggressive, rough yet refined. This is punk rock, but this is far from the generic punk rock all the kids are used to. While the melodies, hooks and tempo changes are all there, the sincerity of The Frownies, coupled with their unfathomable energy, sets them apart.

The Jesus LizardBangTouch and Go Records • Remember back before "alternative" was mainstream? The Jesus Lizard is still putting it out there like the black day the music was weakened never happened. The name was vaguely familiar to me. Turns out, they've been putting out music for years and this is their last album. Where the hell was I all those years? These guys are subversive, funny and, hopefully, prolific as I intend to go hunt down everything else they ever put out. GO get the disc and feel self-pity for ignoring them all the years before they stopped.

The ProductsOnce Again ... The Products!Sidekicks Records • Prepare to wear out your nastiest boots to the Products! This is straight-up anthem punk in the finest Ramones tradition: fast, loose, and with a minimum of studio production fucking things up. These guys aren't nearly as ironic as their name might suggest, making no apologies for lyrics like "Straight edge Oi punx let's unite." Who cares? You could do worse with edgier bands. Recommended.

The Streetwalking Cheetahs/The BellRaysPunk, Rock & SoulColdfront Records • Three out of five punk songs, here covered by TSC, were only thinly related to any punk format to which I would listen. "1968 (Bobby took one in the Head)" was one rare exception. Hearkening back to the classic days of punk, this one should have been the map they used to draft the other sucky pieces. The BellRays' are supposed to be covering the rock end although, where the soul part of the album title falls in, I couldn't tell you. Lead singer Lisa Kekaula can't seem to decide if she'd rather be Janis Joplin or the lead singer of AC/DC, ya know, of "TNT" fame. I don't care so long as she shuts up. Listen to this only if it's given to you for free and then only once.

The VindictivesHypno-PunkoColdfront Records • I like The Vindictives. I like them a lot. This is a very cool disc which is infused with the Hypno-Punko sound, which is cool in short doses. It is a hypnotic sounding chant-like sound found on 3 tracks on this disc. I honestly feel that the disc would be better without these three tracks (they are too long) but, hey, that's what that skip button is for on C.D. players.

3rd WindowTell Me WhyTWindow Records • While the vocals are solid and the music isn't bad, this six-song release is unremarkable. The music is mediocre, contemporary pop that you could hear from any inhouse bar band. I wouldn't be surprised if this band plays weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, too. Don't get me wrong, they aren't awful they just don't give me any reason to commend them.

ThunderballAmbassadors of StyleEighteenth Street Lounge Music • Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona blend drum and bass, trip-hop, breakbeat and dub, and cloak it all with a spy theme. You will feel like a secret agent infiltrating the enemy camp as you listen to Ambassadors of Style.

TiltwheelHair Brained Scheme AddictsCool Guy Records • I was expecting something a little more goofy than this, based on the cover art. Don't get me wrong, it is good punk. It is fast and hard but still doesn't give up every musical ideal for the sake of speed. This is good old, straight-ahead punk.

Tom DailyTragedy of Fanbelts EPDouble Zero Records • Tom Daily is a man who can wear a lot of musical hats. On this seven-song EP, Daily does all the vocals as well as playing guitar, bass and keyboards. To fill out the sound (most notably, drums), he has guests join him. Daily used to be in the Chicago pop-rock band Smoking Popes. With his solo material, he creates jangly guitar rock with sincere vocals and quirky hooks. While the music is definitely along the pop lines, it's far from wimpy. The music will make you feel sentimental while it forces you to hum along.

TravoltasModern WorldColdfront Records • This, children, is some cool-ass punk. Imagine the Beach Boys and the Ramones melding into one perfect entity. Sweet vocal dynamite and smooth pop melodies make this a really good disc. You will listen once and the songs will get stuck in your head, but you'll be happy about it because it will block out all that annoying shit. Buy this and clear out your head...

Various ArtistsA Little Something for EveryoneNew Disorder Records • This San Fran based record label has put out another artist compilation with samples from The Pist, The Criminals, Soda Pop Fuck You and others. Solid punk from TheGodsHateKansas, Half Empty and ThePist, but the rest leave a lot to be desired. It's worth taking a shot on this CD and seeing if you can find some gems.

Various ArtistsAt Home With the GrooveboxGrand Royal Records • Almost as much of an advertisement as a compilation disc, the latest Grand Royal sampler features 14 songs composed with Roland's MC-505 Groovebox. The Groovebox is a musical workstation designed to create hip-hop, house, and techno. Artists such as Beck, Pavement, and Sonic Youth take turns experimenting with the Groovebox, resulting in some wildly interesting tunes.

Various ArtistsBoston and BeyondNebulon Community Records • This 23-band compilation features mostly bands from Boston with a few from NY, Rhode Island and Maryland. The music is diverse, with styles from ska to pop to hardcore and more. The opening track by Moment, "Aramark", is a great, melodic emo tune. Other stand out bands include: the infectious, punk ska of The Goonies; the indie-rock rhythms of Chupa Cabra; pop-punk from The Bends; experimental, indie-rock from The Wobblies; and the brit-like pop of The Fantastics.

Various ArtistsBoycott Radical RecordsRadical Records • A great compilation of Radical's better bands. They managed to squeeze 25 solid tracks worth of punk, ska, and oi onto this tiny little cd, and you can definitely hear the pressure building. We've got The Cuffs, Inspecter 7, Road Rage, Blanks 77 and others, including The Agents, a reggae-ska band from Rhode Island who have earned a new fan here. You absolutely cannot go wrong here, kids. Fun for all ages and levels of sobriety.

Various ArtistsCapitol RadioCapital Radio Records • Capitol Radio is a punk show on one of DC's most popular radio stations. This compilation features some of the bands they've supported through on-air play. With more than 21 punk and hardcore bands, there's bound to be something you'll like. Standout tracks include "Translocation" by Hot Water Music, "Disappeared" by Tuesday, "P.H. Decontrol" by Kid Dynamite, "Half My Time" by Battery and "Bob and Weave" by Oblivion.

Various ArtistsCaravana CubanaRhino Records • Joining forces on this toe-tappin' release are some of the biggest names in Cuban and Afro-Cuban music including Chucho Valdes, Al McKibbon, Jimmy Bosch and more. The result is eight-tracks of swingin', Afro-Cuban rhythms. Loaded with horns, spunk and dance floor appeal, this is an awesome mix of island bounce, salsa soul and tribal beats. With over 50 minutes of music, Caravana Cubana will get the party started on the right note and keep you dancing till the wee hours of the morn.

Various ArtistsDeep Elm Records For The Working Class No. 2Deep Elm Records • Deep Elm Records has assembled a compilation from tracks by some of the bands in their current roster. They include Appleseed Cast, Camber, Pop Unknown, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Five Eight, Muckafurguson and Triple Fast Action, among others. Deep Elm enlists bands for their quality, not necessarily for the type of music they play. Tempos and styles vary from slow to fast, punk to emo. Standout tracks are Camber's "Spirit Gum", Pop Unknown's "Head In The Sand", and Pave The Rocket's "Tyro."

Various ArtistsInsomniac RadioInsomniac • With over 15 underground hip-hop artists, this compilation of underground beats and rhymes is the real shit. Independent hip-hop is definitely where the real MCs and DJs are at. The opening track by DYME features two women who can rhyme and have some funky-ass, original beats and music to go with their vocal assault. Some other hittin' tracks are delivered by Da Grassroots, Shadowyze, D128, and Basic Impact. Listen to this and experience what real hip-hop artists are up to.

Various ArtistsListen Picks - Volume • It would be idiotic for me to sit here and tell you how popular MP3's are. feels the same way. They just came out with a compilation of the songs they like the best, all of which are available on their site. Some established artists like Pavement, Public Enemy, and the Smithereens share space with up and comers Pretty Mighty Mighty, Mover and Antarctica. Even Q-Burns Abstract Message appears in a remix of the Supreme Beings of Leisure's Strangelove Addiction. Obviously, MP3's have a long way to go before they replace CD's, since they used a CD to promote their MP3's.

Various ArtistsMetabass N Breath: The Life and Times of a BeatboxerBomb Hip Hop Records • This gets props just for doing something I've never seen before: creating a full-length compilation to display the skills of hip-hop's all natural music machine, the human beatbox. Featuring 18 tracks and tons of artists, this album is a true display of what the skilled beatboxer can really accomplish. While some tracks are only so-so, a majority are damn good, mixing beatboxing, DJing and some vocals. Artists featured include beatboxers Morganics, Baba, and Rafael The Seeker; DJs include DJ Duck, Vin Roc, DJ Shortee, and that's only some of the performers. From the Fat Boys to Doug E. Fresh, this carries beatbox into the year 2000.

Various ArtistsOur Souls Have Grown Deep Like The Rivers 2xCDRhino • This spectacular compilation features some of the biggest and most wonderful names in black literature. The album runs chronologically according to when each work was written, from Langston Hughes's "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" (1919) to Carl Hancock Rux's "No Black Male Show" (1999). By reading their work, each author adds a new emotional perspective you don't get when reading their works on your own. The 75 tracks (almost half unreleased) were drawn from albums, radio programs, Library of Congress recordings and elsewhere. From powerful to peaceful to rages against racism, each poet delivers their perspective on America in the eyes of blacks through times of struggle to times of great change. Some of the authors featured include Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelou, The Last Poets, Ishmael Reed, Amiri Baraka, Nikki Giovanni, Gil Scott-Heron, Rita Dove and Saul Stacey Williams. If the author recordings aren't enough the 52-page book that comes with it should be. This is a must-have for lovers of poetry, African-American history or anyone fond of beautiful, strong literary works.

Various ArtistsReturn of the DJ Vol. 3Bomb Hip-Hop Records • The third installment in the Return of the DJ series, this volume features the likes of DJ Faust, DJ T-Rock, Furious, Innernational, Shortee and Z-Trip (with the sequel to Rockstar, which appeared in Vol. II). The liner notes feature a brief history of the DJ as artist, with some insight into the current interest in Turntablists. With DJ compilations bound to saturate the market due to the music's rising popularity, you would be better served by starting with this one.

Various ArtistsStranglehold: Punk Rock Across AmericaTriple X Records • The cover for this comp says "21 pretty decent bands." That is exactly what you get with this CD. Some of them are The Fucking Assholes, Limecell, The Bulemics, Nuclear Saturday, Turning Blue and Calamity Jones among others. Also included are instructions on how to submit your own band's music to Triple X Records, if you think yours sounds better than theirs does. Last but not least is the quote by William Burroughs printed on the inside cover: "I always thought a punk was someone who took it up the ass."

Various ArtistsTektonicsOM Records • I guess it was just a matter of time until electronica artists got together with hip hop artists and collaborated. The result, as you can imagine, is earth shattering. The Herbaliser meets Meat Beat Manifesto. The Scratch Perverts meet Photek. DJ Rob Swift meets Wagon Christ. DJ Craze meets the Propellerheads. You get the idea. This album will satisfy both electronica fans, as well as hip-hop fans, dancing on the fine line that separates turntablism and techno.

Various ArtistsThe Orange Spot Sessions Vol. 1Orange Peel Records • A weird and eclectic little collection this is. There is some punk, some rock, and some stuff I wouldn't even try to identify. Most of it is really good. In fact, there's only one exception to a varied-interest music listener: Scott Louis' too dreadfully close to country "Girl Like You." You've gotta be extremely varied for that one. I wish I could more adequately describe what you're gonna get on this CD, but it's everything and it's worth getting.

Various ArtistsWCW Mayhem: The MusicTommy Boy Records • If you enjoy the madness that is WCW Wrestling, you are going to love this. WCW Mayhem: The Music is a compilation of some rough music that could be a good background for any fight. You will hear never-before-released tracks by Kid Rock (Blast), Limp Bizkit (Faith remix featuring Everlast) and Metallica (Live version of Seek and Destroy), plus WCW regular Megadeth (Crush em). Also included are Big Punisher & Fat Joe (Make the Crowd Roar), Ruff Ryders (Pay Per View) and Cypress Hill (Fist Full). For the big WCW fan, they have included the Theme songs for Monday Nitro, and wrestlers Goldberg, Macho Man Randy Savage, Diamond Dallas Page, Sting and the Nitro Girls.

Warren ZevonLife'll Kill YaArtemis Records • After reviewing a boatload of punk, this is a good change of pace. Do you remember this guy? "Werewolves of London"? "Lawyers, Guns and Money"? He is like a folk singer gone horribly, horribly wrong. This is a great disc. Simple and fun, you get twelve tunes like: "Don't Let Us Get Sick," "My Shit's Fucked Up," and "Porcelain Monkey." These are really good songs which will get stuck in your head... but you won't mind.

WunderkindHello...My Name Is Beautiful EPself-released • With a heavy rock sound, Wunderkind marches forward, distancing themselves from other "similar" bands by using creative instrumentation and unique musicianship. While this release only features five songs (each clocking in at over 5 minutes), it's a solid display of the infectious nature of Wunderkind's music. Loaded with energy and melodies, the Athens-based quartet will leave no ear undisturbed (and that's a good thing).

Zao/Outcastsplit EPSteadfast Records • This was originally released in 1995, and it still holds up. Zao play their screaming-vocal, tempo-shifting style of hardcore quite well here, with "Security" being my favorite of the two tracks. It's interesting hearing a band screaming for Christ, as it is. You gotta respect the conviction, plus the song rocks out. Outcast finish out the CD with their two songs. I'm not a big fan of these two songs, as they have the stop-start hardcore thing going and the vocals are scream/sung, but not in a manner that's as engaging as Zao.

These reviews represent the "best of" music that was reviewed for this issue by IMPACT Press music reviewers.

AM/FM • Audiot • Skylab Operations • This solo project of Brian Sokel, most notably from the band Franklin, is a fantastic mix of catchy hooks and great melodies. From the poppy "The Death They Claim" (Track#1) to the sad guitar strains of "Poor Sense of Timing" (Track#3), Audiot is well produced and inventive. This music isnt about to change the world, but it will make you feel a lot better about living in it.

Blackalicious • Nia • Quannum Projects • Hip-hop is a wonderful thing, when properly used. Unfortunately, there are a lot of groups that think gangsta rhymes make them a hip-hop artist, but they're wrong. Luckily, Blackalicious (and all of Quannum) knows that it's much more than that. Hip-hop is a combination of styles and sounds, mixing funk and soul with DJs and vocalists, new school beats and old school samples and so on. The final factor is lyrics -- it's not hard to write about smackin' bitches and buyin' cars. Blackalicious use their lyrics diversely -- for storytelling, social commentary, verbal games, and more. The result is an album of bumpin' party tunes, straight up social lessons, hardcore rhymin', soulful rhythms and creative stylin' culminating into one of the most hip-hop albums I've ever heard. Blackalicious is Chief Xcel (DJ) and The Gift of Gab (MC), but anything on Quannum involves the family (Lateef, Lyrics Born, Erinn Anova, Joyo Velarde, and DJ Shadow) something for everyone and nothing you wanna miss out on.

Indecision • Release the Cure • MIA Records • Indecision has always had favored status as they sing of subjects dear to their heart, and are an example of a band effecting change through personal progress with each new record, and, most importantly, they rock out the NYC Hardcore. I severely recommend picking up this new release and reading through the lyrics, and giving the music a chance to direct your aggression outwards ("Tunnel Vision" is an amazing track!).

Rainer Maria • Look Now Look Again • Polyvinyl • Holding our hand and guiding us through immediately pleasing emo rock melodies, Rainer Maria has a great power to emotionally stimulate the listener. The timing is flawless, the vocals are dreamy, and could probably hit Jesse Ventura's soft spot. Kudos to this wonderful partnership.

The Album Leaf • An Orchestrated Rise To Fall • Linkwork Records • I was blown away by this CD. Being a fan of Tristeza, I immediately picked up An Orchestrated Rise To Fall by The Album Leaf (AKA Jimmy LaValle, of the aforementioned Tristeza). This record has the melancholic feeling of Tristeza, but adds to it by employing organs and pianos, as well as guitars, to project the utter sadness that permeates this recording. He also added hum and ambience from taped conversations, field tapings and other recordings that give the listener the feeling he is at home. While Tristeza keeps some aspects of rock composing intact, LaValle strays from it a bit by dabbling in improvisational jazz and classical styles. An Orchestrated Rise To Fall is the perfect album to listen to while alone, listening to the rain outside.

The Dismemberment Plan • Emergency & I • DeSoto Records • Most people are familiar with this band for "The Ice of Boston," a great song. Now it's time to introduce yourself to what this band can do besides that song -- and it's well worth your time. First off, The Plan knows how to write fascinating, intelligent lyrics. Luckily, they also know how to write some of the most creative, original and, at times, experimental music I've ever heard. Vocally, Travis Morrison is on-point, delivering emotion when necessary, harmony when requested and subtlety if required. This album features a mix of sounds -- from soul to funk to punk to pop to electronic sampling. The one thing it doesn't feature is a bad track -- it's a complete work of varying styles performed skillfully -- a breath of fresh air, a change of pace, a culmination of musical greatness.

Various Artists • It Goes Without Saying: An Instrumental Compilation • Sign Language Records • Have you ever started listening to a CD, really liking it, until the singer opens his mouth, totally ruining the music? Well, you do not have to worry about that happening with this CD. Fourteen tracks by the likes of MxPx, Mercury, Sharks Keep Moving, The Troops, Ninety Pound Wuss, Labrea, and others, all without any singing of any kind. I was listening to this CD while driving to Miami, and it made the 4-hour drive bearable. The tempo is mostly slow, with guitar-string picking a-plenty. About one-third of the tracks pick up the pace a bit, introducing distortion and jarring you out of the trance-like mood the other slower tracks induce.
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