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CD reviews

5ive self titled & The Telestic Disfrastructure Tortuga Recordings • I love thick, sludgy stoner rock, but sometimes I can't get past the singer's voice. With 5ive, my prayers have been answered. No vocals (well, almost), just two guys playing guitars and drums for 6 tracks per CD that seem to go on forever, from 5 to 17 minutes apiece. Charles Harrold patiently keeps the pace going, while Ben Carr hits a riff about once a minute, letting the distortion just float and drift in and out of feedback. Truly excellent. (AL)

7 Angels 7 Plagues Jhazmyne's Lullaby Uprising Records • This debut by 7 Angels 7 Plagues shows their originality with their take on hardcore / metalcore / noisecore. Songs are powerful and emotional, some with quiet interludes and actual singing. Most, however, are punishing in their intensity. Aimed squarely at fans of Converge and Coalesce. (AL)

Adam Goldstone Lower East Side Stories Nuphonic • For his first album on Nuphonic, Adam Goldstone dipped into plenty of musical genres to come up with this diverse dance album. Deep house, salsa, funk, and even minimalism take their turn coming out of your speakers, seamlessly blending together. Plenty of guest stars abound, from singers Ceybil Jefferies and Sally Cortes, to disco legends Fonda Rae and DC Larue. (AL)

Ambition Mission self-titled Government Music • The angst-filled, gruff vocals on this release are awesome, reminding me of Crimpshrine. And the comparison continues from there, as the progressive basslines are also reminiscent of that classic East Bay power punk sound. But this five-piece is from Chicago, and I guess you could then compare them to local rockers Lawrence Arms. The pace is uptempo and the melodies are fantastic, absorbing you before you even get through the first track. Factor in that this is a nearly 70-minute album and you simply cannot complain. Good punk rock albums are few and far between; look no further than Ambition Mission. (CM)

Ananda Project Re-Release Nite Grooves Records • A lot of times, a record gains so much attention and recognition that an album of remixes is released. This is one of those albums. Top notch producers and DJs like Blu Mar Ten, King Britt, Kyoto Jazz and G-Pal give their own spin to tracks from Release, all blending the sounds of garage, two step, and new jazz. Unlike with other remix projects, the songs on this remix album don't stray too far from the originals, merely adding to the already outstanding tracks. (AL)

Antipop Consortium The Ends Against the Middle Warp Records • The Ends Against the Middle is just a taste of what is to come with APC's next album. Their rhyming skills are unmatched, flowing like lava through a small village, and the beats are smooth, almost futuristic. Whether throwing down raps or cutting up electro, APC does not miss a beat. (AL)

Audiocrush So You Call These Flowers Lorelei Records • So You Call These Flowers is the first release for Audiocrush, which features former members of Fury 66 and Good Riddance. The six songs are post-punk, indie rock tunes that are reminiscent of Seaweed. Audiocrush has a strong melodic sense that complements their driving, heavy guitar sound. This is a very promising debut for the California quartet. (CL)

Bakunim's Bum Fight to Win! A Benefit for the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty G7 Welcoming Committee • On somewhat of a concept album, 1 Speed Bike and Norman Nawrocki joined to put together 11 songs which feature snippets from a speech given by OCAP anti-poverty activists. Musically, electronic beats and strings are blended as the perfect bed for the speeches, and I'll be damned if they don't fire you up and make you want to fight poverty. (AL)

Bane Give Blood Equal Vision Records • Besides their aggressive hardcore sound, the thing that captures your attention when listening to Bane is the vocals. Somewhat reminiscent of Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies, the lead singer is full of urgency when he sings. Though the music sounds modern, there is a quality that nods to the 80's thrash and hardcore sounds. (AL)

Beth Hirsch Titles & Idols !K7 Records • Reminds me of Kate Bush as she combines beautiful vocal inflections and electronic beats. Her voice powerful and passive in the same breath her sound loses nothing as it twists in and out of the electronic drum tracks. It's easy to compare her with other female vocalists, Sarah McLachlan, Enya, or the sounds of This Mortal Coil. Beth Hirsch is good enough to hold up to such comparisons, but make no mistake her sound is in no way a carbon copy. (KM)

Bhopal Stiffs (1985-1989) Harmless Records • Before there was the great Chicago band Pegboy, there was Bhopal Stiffs, comprised of future Pegboy lead singer Larry Damore and bassist Steve Saylors. This release showcases 28 tracks worth of classic, amazing punk rock that is mostly out of print and hard to find, until now. The sound is a combination of Naked Raygun (John Haggerty recorded ten of the tracks for the band), Pegboy (yes, Damore handles more of the vocals) and even the Ramones. I've been drooling for some new Pegboy material and this comes close enough. Grab this great collection that documents a killer time for punk rock in Chicago. (CM)

Bigwig An Invitation to Tragedy Fearless Records • Here is what happens when you mix melodic punk with hardcore, the way it should be done. This disc starts off with a fiery blaze of energy that does not let up until the last chord burrows its way through your brain. This is really one of the better discs that I've had to review in a long time. The songs are well-written, well-produced and full of piss and vinegar. (MK)

Billy Mahonie What Becomes Before Southern Records • London's Billy Mahonie pick up where they left off with their debut The Big Dig, with 14 new compositions of amazing instrumental post-rock. The reason why their riffs sound so heavy is because guitarist Hywell Dinsdale also becomes a second bass player at times. Their sound is heavily rhythmic, with a solid beat that carries you through the musical storm and into the calm that characterizes their style. (AL)

Black Surreal Inner-Active G.I. Management • This male and female lyrical duo brings a conscious, insightful rhyme-slaying approach to the table - with opposite styles. Though they share the same objective with enough to rhyme about, the female lyricist stands out while spiting with fire and aggression. On "Ah Ha" she is just furious and strong in her delivery. The male is mellow and brings a smoothed out style that sneaks up on you from behind. The rampage is best heard on tracks like "Savages" where a slammin' beat is chased by a haunting synth sound. (JC)

Bluetip Post Mortem Anthem Discord Records. • Five never released songs, five old songs lost on compilations no longer in print, and all typically brilliant in the Bluetip style. Melodic and hard, Bluetip fills that void in the world left after Jawbox broke up, and as they do it, they take it to a whole new level. This retrospective release is the perfect companion to your growing Bluetip collection or the perfect starting off point if somehow have managed miss out on this band so far. (KM)

Brady Brock I Will Live Where Your Heart Used To Be Feel Records • New York by way for Texas singer/songwriter Brady Brock's debut album has that atmospheric feel reminiscent of Elliot Smith or Jeremy Enigk. Instead of writing songs about his own life, he took inspiration from his friends lives, making for a refreshing change from the usual solo artist moaning about his own life. While the CD is talent-strewn and interesting, after the 4th listen I found myself losing interest. I imagine the intimacy of a live performance would do wonders for these songs, but as this recording stands they don't beg to be played over and over. (KM)

Brothomstates Claro Warp Records • Warp's newest recruit to their eclectic roster of glitch electronica is Finland's Brothomstates (AKA Lassi Nikko). He shares Autechre's penchant for manipulating beats in odd, repetitive patterns and meaningless song titles: Natin, Te Noch Rp, 25101999, MDRMX. However, he also adds melodic instrumentation, similar to Plone or Plaid, smoothing out the edges a little. This should go nicely along your Squarepusher and Aphex Twin CDs. (AL)

Budapest One The Crooner Rides Again Self Released • This album starts out heavy on the organ and bass guitar, sounding a lot like The Animals and Cake. Overall it sounds like someone needed to clear their conscious. These 10 tracks are arranged in story format, based upon two lovers that go from a wedding to a honeymoon, then right into the days of temptation and betrayal. On the track "Longhorn Motel", voices of little girls chant "it can't be decided how the man fell at the scene, we only hope he feels guilty." References of the groom's ex-lovers and late night sins at a motel seem like a lot to get off your chest. (JC)

Buried Inside Suspect Symmetry Cyclop Distribution • There's a fine line between the more aggressive hardcore and pure death metal, and Buried Inside thrashes all over it. With hardcore's politically charged lyrics and death metal's hideously screamed vocals and occasional grindcore drumming and churning guitars, the combination is horribly evil-sounding. (AL)

Burn Cleanse EP Equal Vision • Burn is a product of the late-'80s NYC hardcore scene. From 1988 to 1994, they rocked fans across the globe. Their brand of chunky, socio-political hardcore rock was missed when Chaka Malik and the rest of the band broke up. Chaka went on to form Orange 9mm. But now Burn is back, featuring Chaka's aggressive, thundering vocals along with Alan Cage (original Burn member, also in Quicksand) on drums, Gavin Van Vlack (original Burn member) on guitar, Vic DiCaro (Inside Out and 108) on guitar, and Manny Carrero (Glassjaw) on bass. The result is not unlike older Burn material, heavy, thought provoking, melodic and creative. (CM)

Cable Northern Failure Hydra Head Records • Imagine some drunk rambling at no one in particular in the middle of the street. Now lay some sludge rock guitars behind him and you have Cable. Actually, the guitars lack some of the fuzz that usually describes the sludge sound, but the changes in tempo from fast to oh-so-slow are there, and vocalist Randy Larsren actually sounds pretty good. (AL)

Cannibal Ox The Cold Vein Def Jux Recordings • The production on this disc is a mix of tight futuristic beats mixed with multidimensional lyricism, from street talk to theories inside the mind - creating a complex journey through New York's underground. From beginning to end, Vast Aire and Shamar ride the production of El-P taking you to another galaxy while still keeping your feet grounded. "Real Earth" (rhyming that "I'm that voice in the back of L.L.'s heads saying 'you gonna let a weed plant do that?'), "Atoms" with Alaska and Cryptic, and "Pigeon" stand out on this disc. (JC)

Cell Block 5/ White Trash Debutantes What's It All About? Split CD Orange Peal Records • Combining a sound akin to The Ramones with a more current punk rock style, Cell Block 5 offers up seven tracks on this split CD. They play an aggressive, melodic sound with lots of feedback and a punk snear. WTD is well known, having been on TV numerous times and formerly featuring an 84-year old punk rock diva. Their old school brand of punk rock is fun, fast-paced, lyrically amusing and sure to encourage heavy consumption of alcohol. (CM)

Charles Douglas 31 Flavors No.6 • A re-issue of Douglas' first two albums, Minor Wave and The Burdens of Genius, this album showcases his style of super-desperate chronicling of "crap jobs, crap drugs, bad housing, questionable company, the overwhelming oppressive stench of failure and the stoic armor one develops to cope with it all." All of this is done in a perfectly strange, Velvety, supernormal style of half-there, half-dead expression. (DP)

Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine Commencement Wyndel Records • Charlie Brown probably would have been an emo fan, had the late Charles Schultz further developed the popular cartoon character's musical tastes. Think about it: a sensitive lovable loser always yearning for that one great moment of triumph and validation. Charlie Brown would love this band that bears his name. CBGAV's songs are driving, uptempo, and melodic. Their powerful emo-ish punk would have the entire Peanuts gang going wild, even that wet blanket Marcie. (CL)

Check Engine self-titled Southern Records • Angular guitars and emotive vocals in an indie rock with punk attitude. Oh yeah, and a saxophone. Don't be discouraged. It actually works. The extra sounds produced by the saxophone help tone down the math rock quality of the guitar playing, while the two vocalists take turns at the mike or yell at the same time. (AL)

Chiyoko Cinematic Boo-The-Cat Records • After plenty of vocal work with bands like June of 44, The Bells, Modest Mouse and Sweeder, Chiyoko finally got her own band and released her debut, Cinematic. Her voice can be powerful, yet gentle, strong yet subtle. Definitely worth the wait. (AL)

Crepusculous Nouning Pocket Mounter Mathbat Records • This duo composed by Sean Hopp and Chris Mann combine repetitive, jagged beats with looping samples with unsettling results. Soon you ignore the repetition and start to find your own incongruities in this electronic hodgepodge. At other times, the beats disappear and leave behind waves of noise that wash over themselves. Truly experimental stuff. (AL)

Cylob Cut the Midrange Drop the Bass Rephlex Records • 1999's track "Rewind" saw Cylob mixing a computer voice rapping over tweaked beats. The result was both funny and highly catchy. In that spirit, the three songs from this CD employ the same techniques. The funniest one though, is "What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?" which is exactly the song you are thinking about, set to an electro beat with computerized singing. (AL)

Cylob Mood Bells Rephlex Records • To say that the music on this CD is weird is saying a lot, considering that it is on the Rephlex label, a label pioneered by Aphex Twin himself Richard D. James. In a complete departure from his usual IDM-pop material, Cylob has recorded an album entirely with...bells. And other bell sounding instruments. It is intended to be listened to when relaxing, maybe even while taking a bubble bath or something like that. This is the ultimate chillout music. Go ahead, I dare you not to fall asleep. (AL)

Dabrye One/Three Ghostly International • You know how when you fry fish in oil, then fry something else in the oil, it tastes like fish? That is what happened with this album. Somebody recorded an IDM album, then recorded a hip hop album using the same equipment, and this is the result. The apparent love child of Autechre and DJ Shadow, Dabrye blends the glitchyness of IDM with the laid back beats of instrumental hip hop. Never too experimental, One/Three keeps your head bouncing to the beat. (AL)

David Dondero Shooting At The Sun With A Water Gun... Future Farmer Recordings • This is a creative disc full of clever, imaginative lyrics that updates the American folk music sound. Stories of people met in bars while traveling the country and guys who have nothing to lose but still manage to lose it all are found within. What really makes this album is the mesh of programmed drums, beats and electronic sounds with great vocals and equally impressive guitar work. The up-tempo approach carries this project even when the issues get touchy. Lines like "if it wasn't for the liquor and the weed, I never woulda made it through the winter" help shed light on this guy's situation. (JC)

David Gans Solo Acoustic Perfectible Records • Those of you who recognize David Gans probably know him from his nationally-syndicated "Grateful Dead Hour" radio-show and his long affiliation with the band itself. His new live album is comprised of six covers (mostly Dead cuts adjusted to ballad format) and his 10 original compositions which recall that particular style of folk and blues. There's a very warm voice and inviting sound inherent on this record, one of definite interest to those into the Dead or Phish ­ a very lyrically comfortable and happy sound. I presume this guy rules most open-mic nights at coffeehouses. He's like, the Don of open-mic night. Yeah, that's it. (JS)

Dead Red Sea Birds Deep Elm Records • Dark, quiet, and haunting with indie-rock, emo, folk, and hardcore overtones. Intense for a moment and then gentle in the most unpredictable of ways, your mind is fixed waiting for the next change. Ryan Shelkett (Liar's Academy, ex-Cross My Heart) leads this band that just wrote the soundtrack for sweater weather. (KM)

Dealership TV Highway to the Stars Keiki Records • What a better way to spend your student loans than to buy all the instruments necessary to start a band, even though you never played a note and have no bandmates. That's what Chris Wetherell did in 1995. He eventually got himself a band, and together they learned to play energetic indie pop music full of harmonies and boy/girl vocals. Think Weezer, the Breeders and the Pixies. (AL)

Diastemata self-titled Mud Memory Records • This self-titled EP from DC (Wash.) duo Diastemata is packed with wonderful guitar work and beautiful vocals. A good comparison would be a mellow Don Caballero with vocals. This is most evident in "Idiot Savants," where Meade Krosby takes her guitar picking to dissonant levels. (AL)

DJ Food & DK Now, Listen! Ninja Tune • Solid Steel started out as a radio show put together by Matt Black and Jonathan More 13 years ago in London, used to showcase their tastes and mix as many different styles of music as possible. This CD is a tribute to the show, which is still on the air. True to the show's mission, it goes all over the musical map, kicking things off with Deru the Damaja's rapping over a Cinematic Orchestra track. Hip-hop is further explored with tracks from the Executioners and DJ Vadim, all tweaked in some way. Things progress through Latin Funk and 80's pop, to finish off with straight up electronica by Link, Art of Noise and Boards of Canada. (AL)

Downway Defeat Songs Session Records • Grab yer board and shred, dude. Here is a gang of Canucks who really rock out. They have played with some impressive acts (Diesel Boy, Dayglo Abortions, Good Riddance) and I'm not sure that they wouldn't eclipse some of the bands they have played with. This is a good disc with enough hooks to keep your toe tapping for quite a while. (MK)

Elders of Zion Dawn Refuses to Rise Incidental Music • A collaboration between Punk Planet editor Joel Schalit, Asphodel Records engineer Vance Galloway, Phyllis Stein and Pansy Division drummer Luis Illades, Elders of Zion combines political awareness with cut and paste digital technologies to explore different musical genres. Hip-hop, dub, drone and noise all get the workout, with samples from political speeches and other events. If you don't care for the politics, just enjoy these mostly instrumental tracks. (AL)

End On End/ This Engine Burns Split CD This Guy Records • Five songs each from two great Los Angeles based melodic hardcore bands. End on End reminds me a lot of Endpoint and Falling Forward, while This Engine Burns has all the qualities that made me once fall in love with early Hot Water Music. Each band seems to have a few songs about politics, and a few about friendships giving the lyrics some diversity. The most important thong is both bands are really good. This split does what many split CD's fail to do, and that is make a recording that is complete and fully listenable. (KM)

Fauna Flash Confusion: The Remix Album Compost Records • After doing some remixing work themselves, Fauna Flash called in a few favors and got themselves ten remixes from their Fusion CD. Styles range from downtempo and disco to house and hip hop. This star studded album includes tracks form dZihan + Kamien, Peter Kruder, Pole, Kyoto Jazz Massive and Stereotyp, plus others. Confusion makes a great companion piece to Fusion, but can also stand on its own as a solid electronica album. (AL)

Fourbanger Demo self-release • When I get a "self-released demo" to review I get a little skeptical I must admit, but this one is downright rockin. Seven songs from this Mesa, AZ four-piece punk outfit prone to move their sound out of the desert and into the hearts of all the kids that think Fat Wreck Chords bands rule. Sometimes poppy, sometimes hard, always punk. (KM)

Garrison Be A Criminal Revelation Records • An explosive passionate kiss on the lips of the post-punk/ emotional hardcore genre. Garrison is so good in fact that I might forgive Revelation Records for putting out that 'Better Than A Thousand' CD. Be A Criminal is a concept album of sorts, with the 10 song titles walking you through the action of a crime. Rather than coming off as cheesy, this album will blister your ears with creative, intelligent, and driving sounds that a few of the kids out there just might not even be ready for. (KM)

Garrison/ Hundred Reasons Split EP Simba Records • The buzz around England is the band Hundred Reasons, and now after hearing this split I have a better understanding why. Garrison only adds to make this a great split. Both of the Hundred Years songs are good. The 1st Garrison song is one of their best I think, but the other Garrison song leaves a lot to be desired. All and all a really great split EP. (KM)

Gasganno Minus to Plus EP self-released • Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Gasganno brings to the table amazing indie/math rock skills. The tunes jump around, never failing to impress from a structural standpoint. The vocals are secondary to the music, yet still play an important role and effectively so. The pace, at times, is rapid, frenetic even and the energy is constant. I'm instantly drawn into the melodies and awesome instrumentation as well as the emotional intensity. All three songs on this EP are excellent, lending themselves to a DC-esque kind of sound. Fans of Jawbox and Fugazi will delight in this. (CM)

Give Us Barabbas Luke 23:18 Ever Reviled Records • "Just do what the bible says/The lord is always right/Close your mind, stick out your tongue/And take another bite of the.../the body of christ!" That's just a warning ­ those who can't handle extreme blasphemy and Christian criticism, stand clear. This is fierce both musically and lyrically. I love it all. The music is an intense, aural assault with equal parts punk, metal, hardcore and plenty of theatrics. It doesn't lack melody, though, and the mix of sung and screamed vocals works very well. "We're the Jesus Brigade, so run, run, run/We'll shoot you in the face with a holy water gun." Disgusted, insulted, enlightened? It gets even better. Oh, and don't forget: "God is watching you." Rev. Fred Phelps, Sen. Jesse Helms, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, eat your heart out! (CM)

Gonzales Take Me To Broadway Kitty-Yo • Peaches sideman Chilly Gonzales gives you a taste of his electro funk flavor with this three track EP. It opens up with the title track, a cross between "Putting on the Ritz" and "Planet Rock," with an infectious beat and hilarious lyrics ("I got an extra testicle / but you're skeptical about spectacle"). The other two tracks are Chilly's take on a Baroque concerto and Tschaikowsky's "Return of the Sugar Plum Fairy" ‹ with electro beats. (AL)

Harkonen The Grizz Hydra Head Records • About 20 seconds into the opening track, a loud feedback threatens to split your eardrums. This serves as a warning to those to the sensitive. Those that don't head for the hills are in for a treat. The ever blurring line between hardcore and metal has been blurred a bit more by Harkonen, who don't deal in speed, but in aggression.(AL)

Haymarket Riot Bloodshot Eyes Thick Records • I think there will be a point when the masses get tired of instruments being tuned in the lowest key possible. Its like, "Ok, you're hardcore". On the flip side, this disc DOES have lots of raw energy, evident in the opening track "Technicolor Bombs" (awesome opening sample) and tracks like "Castor Oil" (though they need a single to push into the mainstream). Instead of wasting your time with descriptive rock-music adjectives you won't understand unless you actually listen for yourself, I invite those of you who listen to rock radio to check out Haymarket Riot. For myself, the standout track here is "Twenty" ­ a deep, emotive working of acoustic guitar and effects. Running time: 32 seconds. (JS)

Henry & Louis Meet Blue & Red Time Will Tell BSI Records • Andy Scholes from Henry & Louis went to Jamaica armed with a bunch of roots reggae tracks he hoped to get vocals for from some of his heroes. The result is Time Will Tell, featuring the vocals of Johnny Clark, Willie Williams, Tippa Irie, Preddi and Daddy Ants, among others. With impeccable production and soulful vocals, this is a "greatest hits" collection of sorts, uniting some of the best reggae singers in Jamaica. (AL)

Himsa Death is Infinite Revelation Records • I have not heard riffs like these since Slayer's Reign in Blood. This is truly what they mean by metal influenced hardcore. Speed is the key to Himsa, double kick drums and all. Two guitarists add heaviness to their sound, yet the screamed vocals are really the only reason why they could be categorized as a hardcore band and not a metal band. (AL)

Ides of Space There Are No New Clouds Better Looking Records • For those about to (softly) rock, I salute you. Ides of Space reminds me of Tristeza, but with vocals. Which by the way, fit perfectly with the mood and atmosphere. Waves of keyboards wash over the layers of guitars and pace-setting percussion on the slower songs. When the pace picks up, the distortion is kept in check. (AL)

Jan The Early Year Me! Records • Minnesota is home to 10,000 lakes, the soon to be contracted Twins, and a proud musical tradition. While Jan was not voted the best new band at the 2000 Minnesota Music Awards, Jan is doing their best to carry on that tradition. The Early Year, their debut full-length, is full of catchy indie pop hooks that'll stick with you for days at a time. They even have an ode to Mr. Rogers! Don't worry about those award show eggheads, Jan, you rock! (CL)

Jeremy Gloff America is Lonely Tonight self-released • Tampa, Florida's Jeremy Gloff is a singer-songwriter who has put out a ton of music. He's got a very strong ability to write sincere, guitar-driven pop. However, his vocals take a little getting used to. He reminds me, at times, of Bob Dylan, with his scratchy, wavering voice. Luckily, Gloff, more often, has a deep, bassier vocal style that delivers honest, personal lyrics. He's part Elliot Smith, part Ben Folds Five, but ultimately, Jeremy Gloff. (CM)

John Train Looks Like Up Record Cellar • For three years, this quintet has been playing bars in Philadelphia to loyal fans, and now release this fantastic sophomore effort, a follow-up to their 1999 debut Angels Turned Thieves. It is warm and very robust bluegrass-and-country-tinged acoustic music that's got a generous amount of soul and feeling. There's definitely magic in these well-constructed pieces from accomplished musicians. (DP)

Keith Welsh American Box Car Records • Another CD release from one of Gainesville, Florida's finest singer/songwriters. While the songs have the token Keith Welsh concepts (good lyrics sung with a heartfelt voice), this newest release takes it up a notch with more complex well-written songs, and the addition of piano in a few songs. I think the acoustic guitar songs are still the best, but the piano songs do add a new dimension. "Snow in PA" and "Leave Nothing" will stick in your mind long after you turn the radio off. (KM)

Kill Me Tomorrow Chrome Yellow Silver Girl Records • For their latest release, Kill Me Tomorrow wrote four new tracks and asked some friends to remix them. Included are treatments by Tristeza's Jimmy Lavalle, The Black Heart Procession's Pall Jenkins and Telefon. KMT's sound is best described as indie pop ­ jangly and sometimes atonal instrumentation combined with a few electronic effects, but with an approachable feel. (AL)

Kittie Oracle Artemis Records • Damn. And I thought Spit was harsh. Kittie has hardened this past year since their debut. The loss of bass player Fallon Bowman did not stop them from becoming even rawer. Many of the tracks lean toward hardcore(!), with extremely guttural vocals (for a girl) and breakneck instrumentation. They can still sing melodies, best evidenced in their cover of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell." You will love this change or hate it, but you won't forget Oracle any time soon. (AL)

Koop Waltz for Koop Jazzanova Compost Records • Koop's Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson have put together a very jazzy set of songs for your listening pleasure. Featuring beautiful vocals by Cecilia Stalin, Earl Zinger, Mikael Sundin, Yukimi Nagano and Terry Callier, the album brings back elements of retro jazz, much like Air's Moon Safari did for 1970's synth pop. Hard bop and Latin music play a prominent role in Waltz for Koop, emphasizing the importance of good rhythm. (AL)

Labtekwon Song Of The Sovereign Mush Records • This release is a career retrospective collection of Labtek's work since '93 and it contains 17 tracks of his most notable contributions to the underground hip hop world. Hailing out of Baltimore and bringing a style similar to The Roots with the live instrument sound, this emcee delivers "stream-of-consciousness channeling to take-no-prisoner battle raps." The song layout is mixed well enough that songs don't really sound dated. In case you missed it "Big Kid," "Darkside of the Sun," "I Am Here" and "No Time To Chill" still sound good. (JC)

Laymen Terms An Introduction Soda Jerk Records • This release of aggressive rock with a punk drive is a fluent blend of sarcastic vocals and ragging instruments. Lyrics are great, the approach is a "down on your luck" attitude which sounds good with the clean, crisp delivery of the band. "Thin Ice" is a story about talking a friend out of suicide and "Whipped" is about a guy violently not getting the hint that the girl is no longer interested. (JC)

Liars Academy No News Is Good News Equal Vision Records • Featuring members of Cross My Heart and Strike Anywhere, Liars Academy come off as more than just another new project. Rapid hooks and melodic powerful songs get you moving your body and doing finger points, that are oddly out of place in your living room. They kind of sound like a not so sad Texas Is The Reason or Six Going On Seven. Liars Academy takes the lost ship of the indie-emo world on correcting course, where some of the crap out there has lead the music astray. All that and beautiful packaging to boot. (KM)

Little Grizzly I'd Be Lying If I Said I Wasn't Scared Quality Park • This is great Texas-flavored alternative. It's very well-wrought, and it champions the vocal styling of past bands whose music was so compellingly dirty and great simultaneously that singing on-key is almost taboo. It's gritty, it's smart, it's Americana from the heart that doesn't forget to rock. (DP)

Living Legends Almost Famous Access Music • This crew out of Oakland is 9 members deep and this disc is full of creative beats and styles from each separate, distinctive emcee. Lyrics are tight as Sunspot Jonz, PSC, The Grouch, Aesop, Bicasso, Eligh, MURS, Scarub and Arata add another underground classic to their lengthy discography. The album opens up with a sample from Carlito's Way on the track "Gotta Question For Ya" and the rest is history after that. Many tracks stand out (though it sounds good as a whole) such as "What Would I Be?" "Rabbit Hole" and "Common Ground." (JC)

Love Seed Mama Jump self-titled Artemis Records • This Delaware six-piece has been featured on MTV and ESPN and their sound explains why. This is radio-ready alternative rock; you know, fusing pop rock along with some funkiness and classic rock influences. It's good, if that's the kind of music you're into. I'm sure they put on a fun show, but the music really does very little for me. They offer up the kind of tunes you'd expect at a college battle of the bands ­ and they'd probably win because they do it well. Beware of their butchered version of "Country Roads." (CM)

Manhunt Revenge Volume One self-released • I was quite impressed with Manhunt. I have to say that this lady can scream with the best of them. Truly painful wails come from her mouth, with reckless disregard for her own vocal chords. Too bad she also wants to sing and harmonize, because let's face it, she can't. The music is a bit more technical than other hardcore, with hints of match rock and metal. (AL)

Marley Marl Re-Entry BBE Records • This is the 4th release from the Beat Generation series and it contains smooth, crisp, bangin' beats and turntable techniques with touches of jazz and funk. This disc proves to be the right recipe for Marley Marl's re-entry into the game. And he's not alone, Grap Luva and Kevin Brown stand out on "What Rulin Means" and appearances by Big Daddy Kane and Capone help keep the tempo going. Songs are mostly based on tales about the ladies ("Three's Company" and "So Good") but the purpose for this project has been served - thumpin' beats and a good time. (JC)

Mary Tyler Morphine/ Munition Split CD Failed Experiment Records • Two bands that have a record label and the city of Chicago in common. Both bands are good in their own way. Mary Tyler Morphine is punk rock with well sung female lead vocals that remind me of something like a loud angry Blondie. Munition is more typical guy punk rock. A driving drum beat and great backing vocals, but I could do without the random guitar solos. Overall a very good release. (KM)

McRad Absence of Sanity Uprising Records • This reissue of McRad's Absence of Sanity shows how ahead of their time they were back in the 80's. They were playing fast punk, ska and reggae way before No Doubt and others made it popular. Their punk style is a cross between Black Flag and Eye for an Eye era Corrosion of Conformity. They even throw a hair band guitar solo here and there. After all, it was the 80's. Not only is the entire album here, but they added six live tracks and two studio tracks taken from the Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. II comp. (AL)

Mi6 Lunchbox Kung Fu Records • Pop punk that you can't help but like, even if does sound a little too much like one of those MTV punk bands. The vocals remind me of NOFX which is always a plus. Well-sung lyrics and catchy tunes give you the feeling that anything below 5 on the volume control isn't loud enough to really rock these 12 songs. Enhanced CD comes with bits of the band recording and other tidbits that are interesting but only the first time you check them out. (KM)

Mid Carson July Wessel Fueled By Ramen • Its always been my belief that the one thing that takes a good band and makes them great is nearly constant touring, and now I can use Mid Carson and the CD "wessel" as proof to that point. The power, quality, tightness, and over all song structure don't come close to anything Mid Carson has recorded in the past. Relentless and listenable through and through this CD stands to take Mid Carson to the next level. (KM)

Mighty Flashlight Self-titled Jade Tree Records • Mike Fellows (ex-Rites of Spring) proves that experimental doesn't have to be a bad word. A combination of acoustic guitar and a powerbook give this release an indie-country feel. Quirky vocals and random electronica make your ear stand up and wonder what the hell is going on, but after a few listens you'll see the brilliance. (KM)

Minmae Since Before Inertia Tape Mountain • Minmae continue on their musical trajectory, building songs that can hypnotize you if you're not careful. Whether instrumental or with vocals, the effect is the same. I am reminded of The American Analog Set and The Appleseed Cast's Low Level Owl discs. The way this album was recorded makes it feel more intimate, like it was only intended for the individual listener, so use your headphones. (AL)

Most Precious Blood Nothing in Vain Trustkill Records • Most Precious Blood is a new band only in a technical way. They are actually what remained standing after Indecision broke up. This gives them years of experience playing hardcore music, New York style. Tom Sheehan's vocals are powerful and wailing, and the music is heavy, with an emphasis on melody. Your ass is about to be kicked. (AL)

Munition The Black Wave Failed Experiment Records • Munition is a Chicago quartet with a solid punk rock sound using deep melodies and emotional intensity to really set them apart. They are reminiscent of city-mates The Honor System at times, but then tear into a far more aggressive, straight-ahead punk rock style that you might expect from Naked Raygun or Pegboy. (Yeah, I'm trying to stick with Chicago band references, lay off.) This is only their first full-length release, so I expect a lot more good things from these four Chitown fellas. (CM)

Nathaniel Merriweather Presents... Lovage: Music to Make Love To Your Old Lady By 75 Ark • I got three words for you: Dan the Automator. Anybody familiar with his work (Gorillaz, Dr. Octagon, Handsome Boy Modeling School) knows that he usually assembles some well-known artists for projects with, let's just say, unusual concepts. This time, he enlisted Mike Patton and paired him with the orgasm-inducing Jennifer Charles for the vocals. Kid Koala mans the decks, Prince Paul drops some comments along with Plug 3 from De La Soul, and even Afrika Bambaataa shows up for a track. If you aren't interested yet, the music is very sensual, slow paced trip-hop and hip hop. Off you go to the record store. (AL)

Noam Chomsky An American Addiction AK Press • Noam Chomsky versus the drug war. In his amazing and subtle voice Chomsky breaks down the drug war from every side and kicks it like no other political genius can. The amount of knowledge on this CD that will make the average person say "I didn't know that" is more frightening I want to admit. The only MIT professor to have a split 7-inch with Bad Religion again proves his place at the pinnacle of radical American thought. (KM)

O.A.R. Risen Everfine Records • Combining elements of rock, ska, reggae and pop, Of A Revolution (O.A.R.) has a style that will entertain a crowd. They remind me of Barenaked Ladies in that they are diverse, full of energy and always changing their sound. I could imagine this band "raising the roof" on any college campus and may soon be the next big radio band. (CM)

One Time Angels Tricks and Dreams EP Lookout! Records • The opening track is thick with melody and it continues from there. One Time Angels have a sound akin to a less-punk The Honor System or even along the lines of Jets to Brazil. Tricks and Dreams is six tracks worth of rock and roll with a pinch of punk and a whole lot of hooks. (CM)

Onry Ozzborn Alone BSI Records • The title track is the groundwork for the haunting tales of the fight between good and evil heard on this disc. "The Return Of Bobby Fisher" starts things out with a slamming beat and an introduction to the aggressive, mellow-toned delivery into the darkness of the human psyche. Beats here are consistently tight and eerie with changing tempos that help the flow of things and have you dissecting lyrics of paranoid proportions. Rhyme delivery is on point as well, appearances by Dose One, Destro, N8 The Gr8 and more make this a lyrical massacre, no matter what side your rooting for. References to rock bands are subliminally placed within and tracks like "Shout At The Devil" and "Daredevils" stand out. (JC)

Park No Signal Lobster Records • It's that kinda emo-melodic rock that is really easy to get into. Great vocals, guitar hooks and a good beat are all this band needs to bring you in and get you rocking right in tune. Their sound might not be the most original you have heard this week, but that might be a strong point in their case. You don't have to reinvent rock and roll to write humble and straightforward songs that will rock any that listen to them. (KM)

Penfold Our First Taste Of Escape Milligram Records • This brand of emo/indie rock out of New Jersey is well thought through. Vocals are dramatic, instrumentation carries the pain along with tempo changes ranging from a low-key, mellow, loneliness approach to an all out build up to an adrenaline rush. Although the vocals are mostly full of anguish, the lyrics are good and the music really jams out with a clean sound. The notable stand out is the title track with a good vocal sound and percussion work that carries the song. (JC)

Pierre Bastien Mecanoid Rephlex Records • The ultimate control freak, Pierre Bastien created his own band out of robots built out of Meccano, which is like an Erector set. Each robot plays a pattern on a certain instrument. All song titles are palindromes ("Damn Mad," Revolt Lover," "Avid Diva", etc.) which reflect the way the robots play their parts. Bastein himself plays some of the instruments, and he's actually a rather good trumpet player. If you like your music to be on the experimental side, check out Mecanoid. (AL)

Pinback Blue Screen Life Ace Fu Records • Pinback's members have done time in bands like 3 Mile Pilot, Heavy Vegetable and Thingy, going back to 1991. Blue Screen Life is a simple album, with songs that tend to be mellow, yet posses a certain energy. They use keyboards and other electronics for effect, without relying on them too much. The vocals are casual, smooth and harmonic. (AL)

Powerball Opposing Furies Rat Town Records • Powerball is a raging four-piece from Florida. They're on a tear, ripping out 12 energized tracks on this release. They play a mix of melodic power pop and angst-filled, beer-fueled garage punk. I can already picture the live show; the band sweaty, staggering on the stage as the crowd swirls below them. Sounds good to me. (CM)

Radioinactive Pyramidi Mush Records • The hip hop sounds turn into jazz, the mambo sounds turn into spaced out trips and it all comes full circle 30 tracks later. This "avant-emcee" out of L.A. brings trademark "west coast workforce stylings" on his first full-length release. The far-out approach is an escape from earth aboard "space waves incorporated" with distorted beats and live instruments with well thought out lyrics and a rapid delivery. The deep storied lyrics are laid down in an off-flow manner, rugged and effortless. The experimental sounds on this disc are a collection of many influences. (JC)

Ringworm Birth is Pain Victory Records • With a lead singer called the Human Furnace, you can pretty much imagine what Ringworm sounds like. Indeed, what comes out of his mouth is the closest thing to vocal fire. The rest of the band is no less blistering. Having been around for a few years in the Cleveland metal scene, they have perfected their hardcore metal sound. (AL)

Sarah Dougher The Bluff Mr. Lady • Talented singer-songwriter Sarah Dougher is back with her third album, a complete indie pop record full of emotion and energy. Her vocals are key; they're sweet and sincere with a casual style of delivery. Lyrically, the songs tell sentient, seemingly personal stories. The music is fluid, floating and bouncing from tune to tune with a melodic pop sense without overdoing it. Like The Smiths, this is the kind of music for holding hands while walking through a park on a sunny day yet can be equally perfect for sitting alone, crying over a lost love. (CM)

Saturday Supercade Everyone Is A Target Liberation Records • From a Cincinnati basement this bands style of "intelligent and emotionally driven punk rock" was born. The targets on this disc range from dealing with growing up, heartbreak and broken friendships and all of the accused get hit with a bundle of lyrical satire with a pop punk sound. Lines like "I wish I knew what I wanted so I could teach myself to live without it" stand out on tracks like "What I Wanted." This album pushes forward with power and stands strong because songs are comprehendible and contain good melodies. The instrumentation is tight; the percussion work is piercing and complements the rest of the band well. (JC)

Scene Killer self-titled Meteor City Records • Everything happens in cycles. Trends come and go, and musical styles get revisited. For Scene Killer, it is the sound of 1970's heavy metal that they use for inspiration. Along with a flurry of bands like Unida, Acid King, Sons of Otis and Men of Porn, they focus on the downtuned, heavy, slow grinding of guitars and massive drumming. Oh yeah, the group features members of Monster Magnet, Solarized, The Atomic Bitchwax, Core and Solace. (AL)

Scott Garth self-titled My Records • The press sheet for this disc uses a line that needs no paraphrasing: "honest songwriting." It's the first thing that comes through when you listen to this. Garth's raspy voice and personal, poetic lyrics (read: Cat Stevens) really invite you into this record without even trying. All of the tracks on here are very solid and the wide range of instruments on this disc contemplates the acoustic guitars and voice very nicely. Those who are into songwriters, you'd be doing yourself a great disservice by not checking this out, seriously. This guy bled his heart onto a 5" circle of plastic for you! Infidels. (JS)

Scott Lippincott Sampler EP Lipp Service Music • This singer-songwriter from New Jersey tackles studio alternative pop from a dramatic heart-felt angle. Songs flow with a smooth and innocent feeling; melodies are sprinkled throughout each catchy hook and harmony with ease. Comparisons to the Beatles creep up on power-pop song "Deep In My Heart" and comparisons to Elliot Smith on piano, guitar layered "Allison's Room." (JC)

eville Waiting in Seville € Fiddler Records •When I saw that this was the back-up band for Dashboard Confessional, I was ready to really hate it... Lucky for me that I was able to look past that and find a fucking great piece of rock. Nothing super complicated, nothing really groundbreaking... catchy vocals and quotable lyrics over melodic guitars make this very listenable, and perfect for a sunny weekend afternoon with the windows open and the smell of autumn in the air. (KM)

Sharine Psych-E-Motion Ripple Records • This release contains sexually driven lyrics delivered in spoken word fashion with a cheap synth sound in the backdrop. Guitar work compliments what she's trying to accomplish, strings are suttle and non aggressive. The problem with this release is that her erotic approach doesn't come off authentic or sincere, vocals just don't sound natural enough. Of course her purpose and what she has to say is the big draw here. (JC)

Sianspheric The Sound of the Colour of the Sun Sonic Unyon Recording Company • After a several year hiatus, Sianspheric return to the scene with The Sound of the Colour of the Sun, and I'm glad they're back. Here are ten more tracks of hypnotic, atmospheric songs that tend to build from slow beginnings to dramatic crescendos and back down. It's like the instruments (and vocals) drown each other out and become one beautiful sound. (AL)

Solarized Driven Meteor City Records • It was about time for Solarized to release a follow-up to 1999's Neanderthal Speedway. Twelve tracks of raw power, grinding sludge rock guitars and James Hogan's Rob Zombie-esque vocals, including a cover of a Rat Scabies of the Damned tune. (AL)

Sorry About Dresden The Convenience of Indecision Saddle Creek • This album blends delicate vocals with a driving guitar sound. Emotional lyrics fuel this explosion of "hyperactive" indie rock. "One Version of Events" picks up where the first two tracks left off by progressing with attitude, as does "Deadship, Darkship" which is very aggressive, but with great rhythm. This album is basically based on mistakes made in the past and the questions and uncertainties of the future. "It's Morning Again In America" touches on loneliness and the disc continues with smooth transitions by using sounds of a piano, organ, glockenspiel, vibraphone and violin to compliment the rock approach. (JC)

Spitalfield Faster Crashes Harder Walk in Cold Records • This Chicago area quartet plays a nice emo/indie/punk mix. There are some faster, upbeat pop punk-ish tunes, some harder, more aggressive material, and some mellower, introspective songs. The use of the viola on some of the slower material adds to the overall musical texture. Spitalfield has a little something for everybody. (CL)

Student Rick Soundtrack for a Generation Victory Records • The Victory PR people call this "by far the most commercially viable band to ever be on Victory." With looks to make a boy band jealous and catchy tunes that scream to be on the soundtrack to a teen coming of age movie I am going to have to agree with Victory PR people. With all that in mind, the CD is only average, there are good moments that seem to make the lesser moments that much more disappointing. I see this band finding its way into the success that Saves the Day has found, but just cause you can appeal to the screaming masses of teenagers with wads of their parents money to spend doesn't mean you are a good band. (KM)

Sunset Valley Icepond Barsuk • This is SV's third LP in five years. It's difficult to compare this band and album to anything else in existence. Their songs are a stylistic cavalcade ranging from "three minute radio-friendly gems" to haunting, slow, transcendent mind-trips. Great tunes that create a mellow ambience and possess a strong emphasis on super-conscious flow. (DP)

Supersleuth Thirty-One Months Failed Experiment • Straight-Edge hardcore from Illinois. Nothing you haven't heard since the first wave of straight-edge bands. Supersleuth's heart might be in the right place as they come with meaningful lyrics and a powerful sound that in the end misses the mark. Coming off as stale and lost in a time long since gone. The covers of Minor Threat and Uniform Choice while amusing, only further remind me that when I am looking for positive straight-edge anthems there are better places to look. (KM)

The (International) Noise Conspiracy Capitalism Stole My Virginity The G7 Welcoming Committee • This is the first single from their new record, A New Morning, Changing Weather, and not only does it contain the title track, but also two unreleased tracks. Their style is a highly infectious mixture of anti-capitalistic politics and pure rock and roll beats, sure to induce spontaneous dancing. (AL)

The Actual The Red EP Missing Sequences • This LA-based band plays music that, for the most part, is very ready for the radio. I don't mean that in the typical negative way; the songs on here are solid, catchy and aggressive. But they have that "alternative rock hook" to them that would really work on the radio ­ their sound is accessible for today's lazy listener. But it's also a sound that will appeal to fans of indie rock and roll (ala Errortype:11 and Jimmy Eat World, although JEW isn't technically "indie"). This is a five-song EP that will grow on you rather quickly. (CM)

The Appleseed Cast Low Level Owl Volume 2 Deep Elm Records • Even though both volumes have been released separately, the Low Level Owl series should be listened to in one sitting. This second volume continues with the atmosphere established in the first: soothing vocals and lush instrumentation that builds upon itself and relies heavily on reverb and other audio manipulations to achieve its hypnotic feel. In one word, amazing. (AL)

The Cubby Creatures Who Remembers Kathy Barra? Rodent Records • The use of clarinet and violin gives The Cubby Creatures's music a certain high-school band quality. They are also clearly influenced by the music of the 60's, particularly the Beatles. The EP refers to a girl they used to make fun of when growing up, who apparently looked like some kind of rodent, as explained on the title track. (AL)

The Departure A Necessity For Ruins self-release • This does, as the promo literature claims, walk the line between punk and hardcore. The songs are pretty good, as is the production for a self released job. There isn't a lot here in the music that hasn't been done before. It's not bad; it's just not great. (MK)

The Eyeliners Sealed With A Kiss Lookout Records • Twelve songs from the newest punk rock chicks I've fallen in love with. This is fun pop-punk belted out the way that only three sisters who love punk could do it. When you get Ben Weasel singing a duet with a lovely young lady, you know that you are in for a really good time. This is one of the best new punk discs I've heard in a long time. (MK)

The Fire Self-Titled Self-Released • Buffalo hardcore that has its moments, but mostly sounds a lot like the self-released demo that it is. If this were being graded by one of my college professors they would hand it back, say it's a good start and give me an "incomplete." (KM)

The Flow Dada self-released • The Flow is seven-piece (plus three string players) pop band that fuses a multitude of world music styles to create catchy, danceable tunes. There's the standard guitar, drum and bass as well as a beatboxer, turntablist, percussionist and three string players. All those factors put together forms a unique sound that is hard to resist, even if it's not your thing. I can't even try to compare them to anyone, so you'll have to check them out on your own. (CM)

The Gamits A Small Price To Pay Suburban Home Records • Seven songs which clock in at a total of less than 16 minutes, you do the math. After you do the math, listen to the disc. This is another fine effort from a fun pop-punk trio. There is a lot of energy on this catchy hook-filled disc. After you hear it, your wish will be that it was just a little longer. (MK)

The Goddamn Gentlemen Sex-Caliber Horsepower Uppercut Records • Pouring sweat and blasting forth from the Northwest are The Goddamn Gentlemen. This is raucous, alcohol-soaked, rockabilly-influenced garage punk complete with harp, farfisa and even sax (on a couple tracks). Your hips will be shaking in no time to this twang-laden rock and roll. (CM)

The Half-Empties Full Bore Out of Step Records • With a sound that will drag you, kicking and screaming, back to the old days of punk, here is a cool band. They have a stripped-down style that sounds like they spend more time actually playing songs than bothering with post-production bullshit. The Half-Empties would probably be a whole lot of fun to see live. (MK)

The Line Monsters We Breed Volcom Entertainment • I will give these guys immediately that they have a fairly amusing disc cover. Beyond that, I am happy to report that this does not sound like every other disc I reviewed for this issue. The songs have a sound that definitely set them apart from other bands. While they are identifiable as a hard rocking band, they don't give you a load of the same old, same old. Lots of nice harmonies and catchy hooks will keep you interested. (MK)

The Locust Flight of the Wounded Locust Gold Standard Laboratories • The best way to describe The Locust is "sci-fi grindcore punk." They infuse the fastest grindcore drumming with the most aggravating screaming vocals and some interesting keyboard sounds into a 10 minute slice of chaos. Not for the faint of heart. (AL)

The Mark Point Six Inside self-released • Well, I'm stumped with this one. Is this hip-hop? Is this folk? Pop? What is this? Actually, it's a pretty cool combination of these and other styles. Forget about comparisons, except maybe with De La Soul on the hip-hop side. (AL)

The Others Live 05.10.01 EP Bad Rep Records • This is a five-track live EP from The Others, whom I suspect are always touring, but decided to press this black CD (very Playstation-esque) of a recent live session. The first problem with this disc is that its not recorded loud enough which sucks because, although the band is not the tightest outfit in the world, they still rock. The second is that the vocals are recorded too loud. Ok, so this is no Lisa Loeb Unplugged CD but if you're going to use the live format to push your material, listen to the final mix-down before you press these discs, dammit. Your fans will appreciate it. For fans of the DC punk scene, this CD will cater to you: its raw like William Straw. (JS)

The Pointy Shoe Factory The Unforgettable Sound of the Pointy Shoe Factory The Clandestine Project • This is some spooky stuff, perfect for Halloween. Organs, harpsichords and other gloomy keyboards are combined with violins and saxophone, plus Daron Beck's dramatic vocals. To make things even more unsettling, they close the album with a pretty damn good, by the numbers cover of Roy Orbison's "In Dreams." (AL)

The Reindeer Section Y'All Get Scared Now, Ya Hear! Bright Star Recordings • The Reindeer Section was formed after Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody went out drinking with some of Glasgow's finest indie-rockers. Sounding like they have been playing together for years, they include members of Belle and Sebastian, Arab Strap, Astrid, Mogwai and others. The songs are slow and mid-tempo indie rock with beautiful vocals and a couple of fast rockers. If you are a fan of any of these bands, you should check these guys out. (AL)

The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band Born Into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward Constellation Records • Since they added a couple of members to their lineup, the folks at Silver Mt. Zion decided it was fitting to also add a few words to their title. Aside from this cosmetic change, the band also underwent somewhat of a musical shift. They still perform lo-fi chamber music with somber tones, but they added vocals and distortioned guitars on a few tracks. No matter what they changed, this band still plays some of the most emotional music out there. (AL)

This Beautiful Mess Falling on Deaf Ears Deep Elm Records • I'm so glad that there are bands out there that are tired of the crap that goes for music these days, and are doing something about it. This Beautiful Mess write beautiful songs with hints of pop, but have more substance. They sound a bit like Ours, and hints of old Radiohead surface in the latter parts of the album. (AL)

Tilt Been Where? Did What? Fat Wreck Chords • Not down with Tilt? Consider this a crash course on these punk veterans. Been Where? Did What? is a collection of previously unreleased demos, outtakes, and covers, including the Dukes of Hazard and Carmen San Diego themes, spanning their career of almost ten years. Female vocalist Cinder Block is a punk rock rarity, being the only woman on the Fat Wreck roster since 1995. Her powerful vocal presence sets Tilt apart from many of their contemporaries. Good stuff for both longtime Tilt fans and newcomers alike. (CL)

Tizzy Down With the Furies Vital Cog Records • Tizzy's second full-length album, Down With the Furies, is an energetic indie-pop record in the tradition of bands such as Tiger Trap and Fuzzy. The dual female vocals ride atop fast-paced, familiar sounding tunes that make you wanna jump around like the indie-pop geek that you are. (That wasn't meant to be derogatory, I fall into that category myself.) This is a fun record guaranteed to piss off your brooding, angst-ridden friends. (CL)

Toys That Kill The Citizen Abortion Sessions Records • I'm sure that this disc will grow on me. It has yet to do so, however. Toys That Kill has managed to hammer out a rock and roll sound that defies direct comparison, so, kudos to them. They have not, however, hammered out a sound that I could listen to over and over again. Loud and raucus and kind of fun. (MK)

Traitors Everything Went Shit Johann's Face Records • The Traitors were around for five years and this release chronicles 32 tracks of their material including their never-released album featuring their original lineup (which includes Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba on drums and No Empathy's Marc Ruvolo on guitar). Their style of punk rock was very original (and remains so). It's snotty, heavily influenced by their Chicago scene (you can hear The Bolweevils and The Vindictives influences coming through), super catchy and wildly out of control. (CM)

Trudgernaut self titled Ocean Drive Recordings • Intended to be an exploration of "the sonic landscapes that exist between technology and conventional musical instruments," Trudgernaut's self-titled CD turns out to be a dull experimentation with endless repetition. Songs are too long and don't seem to develop into anything but a background loop. They do mix real instruments and electronic elements in creative ways, sometimes achieving interesting juxtapositions of sounds. (AL)

Various Artists Absence of Sanity ­ Rat Town Records Comp. II Rat Town Records • The bands featured on this compilation hail from all over the U.S., from Daytona Beach to New Orleans to Ohio. This 20-song release features a mix of uptempo punk rock, garage rock and hardcore/metal. The songs, for the most part, are aggressive and heavy on guitar. Bands featured include Harsh, Legbone, Load, Tanked, Spickle and 12 others. (CM)

Various Artists Bomb Threat Suicide Watch Records • A comp of North and South Carolina bands. This comp has all the good and bad aspects well known to regional comps. Sometimes sounding like a recording of high school battle of the bands, strange mixes of talented bands that may well one day write your new favorite song paired next to the sounds of strangled cats played backwards. Luckily for us most comps contain a few gems, some to be found on this one are, Alli with an I, Years Apart, The Dirty Politicians. There are a lot of really great bands in this area, but this comp. seems to neglect them, even in their liner notes describing who they were unable to get for the comp. (KM)

Various Artists CD Compilation #4 Autumn 2000 Blackbean and Placenta Records • It would be impossible for me to characterize all the songs on this disc as one style. The one recurring feeling is that of d.i.y. attitude. Folk acoustic, glitchy electronica, and every other style in between is in here somewhere, with appearances from Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, Minmae and a bunch of other bands that, let's be honest, you probably never heard from, but should. (AL)

Various Artists Club Bogaloo Spinning Wheel Records • There actually is a Club Bogaloo, in the south of Germany. Its founder Reinhard Wimmer became somewhat obsessed with acid jazz, and eventually opened the club. This CD is a sample of what you might listen to there. It is nu-jazz: a combination of electronica with jazz elements, the funkier the better, leaning toward the downtempo, but still danceable. (AL)

Various Artists Early Summer Campfire Songs Dare To Care Records. • A whole lot of acoustic songs that mostly suck. I really wanted to like this CD more than I did, and there are some good songs on it, but for the most part these songs are a complete waste of recording time. I really liked the Mike Park song and the Dan Potthast song. I think that the Rollerstarter song is an argument for censorship because it is so bloody awful. Featured artists include, The Lawrence Arms, Ann Beretta, Dashboard Confessional, and the Ataris.

Various Artists Farewell ­ Fondle 'Em Definitive Jux Recordings • This hip hop compilation is packed with freestyles and tracks by Kool Keith, Arsonists, Binkis and Juggaknots, who stand out on "I'm gonna kill you." This disc has the right formula of a basic beat approach and heavy lineup of underground talent. Unfortunately the overall product just doesn't stick. (JC)

Various Artists Greetings Lobster Records • This release serves as a platform featuring some (maybe all) of the Lobster Records roster including Staring Back, Yellowcard, Mock Orange, Buck Wild, Park, Whippersnapper, Joystick and Jargon. Most of the tracks here have already been released and the new ones aren't really anything to write home about. It is nice that the liner notes include band photos and info on releases. If you're a label follower and you dig these bands, I think it's worth a shot. Also, if you just blond-tipped your hair and put Flowmasters on your Integra, this is for you, baby. (JS)

Various Artists Lookout! Freakout Episode 2 Lookout! Records • Here it is, the Episode 2 everyone's been waiting for! No, not Star Wars, you sci-fi geek! It's the latest compilation disc from the hard working bands of Lookout! Records. This 26-song sampler features Alkaline Trio, The Donnas, Bratmobile, and Screeching Weasel, among others, as well as five unreleased tunes from the likes of Squirtgun and American Steel. You can enjoy rockin' tunes from all over the punk universe for less than it costs to even see a movie nowadays. Less Jar Jar, more rock! (CL)

Various Artists Monkeywrenching the New World Order AK Press • This double CD filled with spoken word from a variety of voices gives you a crash course in the politics of globalization, world trade, third world debt, human rights, and the politics of throwing vegan cream-pies in protest. Ward Churchill, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and Alexander Cockburn are among the chorus of speakers that will make you wish you weren't sitting in your living room on a comfy couch just listening to talk of revolution. (KM)

Various Artists Naked Music Presents: Bare Essentials Volume 1 Naked Music / Astralwerks • To celebrate the recent collaboration between Naked Music and Astralwerks, various Naked Music releases are being reissued to the public. Bare Essentials Vol 1 is one of these reissues, which itself compiles the best from Naked's back catalogue, with tracks by Groove Collective, Petalpusher, Bluie Six and others. Play this deep house compilation late at night for best results, preferably accompanied by a honey. (AL)

Various Artists Nude Dimensions Vol. III Naked Music / Astralwerks • This third installment in the Nude Dimensions series showcases the different styles of dance music, this time with a bit more percussive feel. Broken beat, electro and nu-jazz are given the deep house treatment for 72 minutes of pure pleasure. (AL)

Various Artists On the Rocks Chez Music • Chez Music's leader himself Neil Aline mixed this compilation, which features 12 hand waving, hip grooving deep house cuts. There's plenty of thumping bass, Latin percussion and female vocals to satisfy all. Tracks from Fish Go Deep, Bibi, Jon Cutler, The Shadow Kings and DJ Spen, just to name a few. (AL)

Various Artists Pop-Punk Fever • Here are 24 tracks from a whole slew of different bands. As with any compilation disc, there are a few songs that are not quite as good as the others. But on the whole, this disc is one of the best pop-punk compilations I've heard in a long time. Bands featured include Dynamite Boy, Junction 18, Student Rick, Big In Japan and The Juliana Theory. It is definitely worth checking out. (MK)

Various Artists Songs for Cassavetes Soundtrack Better Looking Records • This soundtrack features moments from the Songs for Cassavetes film, which documents the indie/punk/diy scene in the mid-90's. Sixteen songs, most of which were recorded live, make this CD indispensable. The Make-Up, Sleater-Kinney, Unwound, Crayon, Dub Narcotic Sound System and others contribute tracks. (AL)

Various Artists Soul Addiction Cookin' Records • Following the tradition of last year's Soulfood, Soul Addiction plays like a 1970's lost funk record that has been remastered to pristine condition. However, these tracks are new, by artists such as K-Scope, Solaris, Blend, Les Voleurs and Makoto, all handpicked by label honcho LTJ Bukem Get ready to feel the rhythm and groove of Soul Addiction. (AL)

Various Artists Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau Ghostly International • Lovers of electro rejoice! Here are 70+ minutes of that tinny sounding, 1980's style that is sooo infectious. They call it Italian Disco, and in fact, it does sound like a very retro version of disco and house. You might think this music is a bit cheesy, which it is. But that is why it's appealing. Even though these are recent tracks, they sound like they just came out of a time capsule. (AL)

Various Artists With Literacy and Justice for All Exotic Fever Records • For its first release, Washington-based Exotic Fever Records assembled a compilation of artists to benefit the DC Area Books to Prisons Project. The music ranges from acoustic, folksy numbers, to all out death metal assaults. The CD comes with a complete and thorough 'zine with more information about the project, the bands and book reviews. (AL)

Ward Churchill Doing Time (The Politics of Imprisonment) The G7 Welcoming Committee • A recording of a lecture by Ward Churchill, the co-director of the American Indian Movement, given last year in Winnipeg. It's long and tedious sometimes, but his words are powerful. The information, insight, and wisdom contained on this CD should be mandatory listening for everybody in America. This lecture goes into depth about the concepts of crime and punishment in centralized democratic governments exposing the flaws, weakness, and straight up racism of the modern prison system. (KM)

Whenwedie self-titled self-released • Before I knew what was happening, it was over. 4 tracks and eight minutes of total chaos. The vocals reminded me a bit of Al Jourgensen if he sang in a hardcore band, while the music mixes hardcore, metal, thrash and punk with tight guitars and insane drumming. (AL)

Why? & Odd Nosdam Split E.P. Anticon • This split E.P. is the first solo attempts for each artist following the insanity plagued cLOUDDEAD project. Why? (collection entitled "You'll Know Where Your Plane Is...") brings a maze of distorted beats and interesting lyrics to an experimental basement sound full of organ, laser sounds and various samples. All of this is delivered in a freestyle or free-will approach in the "freest" sense of the word. The same can be said for Odd Nosdam (collection entitled "Eat"), but you'll have to figure out what he does on your own. His collection is mysterious and crazy, beats and samples of voices are tightly squeezed together. The sounds between the two artists are vintage "get a tape recorder and make noise music." More than music, this is quite a trippy experience. (JC)

Will Haven Carpe Diem Revelation Records • Like the calm before the storm, Carpe Diem begins with a calm and subdued intro which hints at the destruction that is about to come. Soon, the distorted guitars crash and Grady Avenell's vocals threaten your very spirit. This Sacramento hardcore quartet pulls no punches with a heavy groove sound. (AL)

Winepress Complete Recordings Harmless Records. • As the name would imply, these are the complete recordings of the now defunct Chicago pop-punk outfit. They were young lads when the band was at its pinnacle in the Chicago scene and these songs come across as wonderfully innocent with themes perfectly uncomplex. How can you argue clean cut images and song titles like "The Girl That Broke My Heart"? (KM)

Yuji Oniki Tvi Future Farmer Recordings • This is pop music with a consistently soft, dreamy, vulnerable sound. Vocals are good and carry alongside mesmerizing, sometimes jangly music. The disc includes appearances by Oniki's musician friends from the U.S. as well as Japan and is looked at as a "result of many worlds colliding and the beautiful sounds that can occur." This album flows right through and "Transport" stands out with lyrics like "remember who you were and then you'll forget who you are." (JC)

Z'EV Face the Wound Soleilmoon Recordings • This "sonic artist" has released a dark spoken word/poetry release that is so spaced out that it pushes buttons in your brain and could honestly make you believe that 1+1=3. This project is based around an idea about the "computer in your mind" and the programming of people in our society. This trippy journey has a musical landscape full of bizarre samples and tribal synth beats, all intertwined to create a new reality "that's all in your mind." The intro to the disc provides insight on what is to come throughout, but lines like "kill your parents," "God ain't no good" and "pain gets your attention" come unexpectedly, but make you want to hear what will happen next, just don't try this alone. (JC)


The Sound of Rails / PutrescineSplit 7"3 Bay Hopper Records • This split 7" features one song from each of these two Omaha bands. The Sound of Rails contributes "The Red Room," which starts out as a slow instrumental, then bursts into a faster part with vocals toward the end. Putrescine's "Everlasting Heart Stopper" will indeed stop your heart with indie punk chords and vocals full of urgency. (AL)

Electric Frankenstein Sick As A Dog 7" With An X • This two-track slab of vinyl offers a couple cover tunes. First up is Aerosmith's "Sick As A Dog." It's rock and roll, through and through. Next is the X's "Sex and Dying in High Society." It's also rock and roll but definitely more punk rock. Both songs well done, heavy on the feedback and even heavier on energy. (CM)

The Deadbeats Damned Since Day One 7" With An X • Four Swedes come together to deliver some extremely melodic and very solid rock and roll. They've been playing since '95 and haven't quit. This reminds me of what J. Mascis and the Fog would sound like if they were heavier. The hooks are tremendous and the alcohol flows freely. (CM)

Supagroup When In Rome 7" With An X • Who said glam rock is dead?! This sounds like Poison meets Aerosmith meets Nashville Pussy. Yeah, it's big time rock and roll. I think that's pretty much all this label releases, so you know what to expect. As the press material says, New Orleans-based Supagroup "puts the cock back in cock-rock." (CM)

Super Heroes of Rock Team Up Chris Colbourn and Hilken Mancini 7" Vital Cog • Buffalo Tom's Chris Colbourn opens up this two-track, split 7" with a sincere tune that combines elements of pop, folk and country in a melodic and swaying manner. His vocals, combined with the music, are hard to resist. On the flip side, Hilken Mancini, of the great pop band Fuzzy, offers up a sweet and lovely tune that rides high on her amazing vocals. The music hops along at a pleasant, sunny afternoon kind of pace. (CM)

Fat Ass Another Great Day in Shithole 7" Diaphragm Records • Fat Ass plays guitar-rock that is loud, aggressive and drunken. All four songs on here are sure to satisfy your need to unwind after a long day of busting your ass for little in return. Fort Wayne, Indiana has hardened these guys, helping them to create this sweat-drenched music. (CM)

Sage Francis Climb Trees 12" Anticon • Sage Francis is an MC. Sage Francis is a poet. Sage Francis drops three banging tracks on side A that will leave your head spinnin'. His flow style is characteristic of the new school of hip-hop poets, a spoken word rhyming fusion that is catchy as hell. The beats are provided by JEL, Alias and DJ Mayonnaise and they, too, deserve props for the skills they provide. Side B has instrumental versions of two Side A tracks plus a spoken word cut that you definitely want to check out. It's no surprise this guy has won numerous MC battles and tears up the slam poetry stage. (CM)

Videos Songs for Cassavetes ­ An All Ages FilmThe Breadcrumb Trail • This 90-minute, B&W film chronicles a number of bands and musicians active in the indie music scene during the early '90s. Bands featured include The Make Up, Sleater-Kinney, The Peeches, Dub Narcotic Sound System and more. While the sound is a little static-y at times, the filming quality is superb. There is a soft, artistic touch to the film that supports the honest nature of the music it depicts. The film took four years to complete and features both live performances and interviews. The musicians interviewed are very articulate and do a great job of putting an insider¹s perspective on the Do-It-Yourself, indie movement. (CM)

These reviews represent the "best of" music that was reviewed for this issue by IMPACT Press music reviewers.

Aesop RockLabor DaysDefJux • Aesop Rock is a rugged hip-hop wordsmith busting complex rhymes effortlessly. His flow is constant, staccato, aggressive, pounding forward like a soldier. The music is stripped down, to the point, providing solid beats and breaks. Mixed in are horn loops, keyboards, beautiful basslines, a combination of funk, soul and a goth darkness. His lyrics are a blend of story telling and stream of consciousness, often weaving in socio-political commentary. He is leading the underground, new-school hip-hop charge and he deserves to be in command. Do not miss track 2, "Daylight"; it is one of the most amazing tracks ever recorded. (CM)

As Friends Rust Won Doghouse Records • It's hard to believe a band could be as popular, been around for so long, gone through as many line-ups, and just now be releasing their first full length. With a huge following in Europe and a string of EP's, Gainesville, Florida's As Friends Rust are set to take it all up a notch and become the next big thing, and I can't imagine a better way to announce their intentions than with this release. A crafty blend of hardcore, emo, and punk, this CD has you hoping we don't have to wait 4 more years for another release. (KM)

Brand New Your Favorite Weapon Triple Crown • Brand New plays catchy power punk of the utmost quality. The NY quartet fuses a hardcore guitar crunch with bad-ass tempo changes, hook-filled melodies and fantastic vocals. This is the kind of punk rock that Blink 182 and Sum 41 wish they could play. Each track is as fun and infectious as the one before it. But instead of relying purely on tempo changes and hooks, Your Favorite Weapon rushes forward with an aggressive intensity instead of merely a pop punk touch. Heads will bob, fans will scream, and after the second listen you'll already be singing along. (CM)

Dialog Cet Ny Metall Carcrash Records • Hailing all the way from Sweden, Dialog Cet attacks the post rock / math rock genre with the intricacies of Don Caballero and the atmospheric percussion of Tortoise. Some songs, like the opening track "Bald Eagles Making Love" are hypnotic in their slow repetition. "Trance OHM" picks up the pace and features organs and a quick beat that make it sound like a funereal disco song. "New (Ancient) Metal" is reminiscent of the Fucking Champs, all riffs and aggression. (AL)

Eyedea & Abilities First Born RHYMESAYERS Entertainment • Fresh off an amazing Blaze Battle victory, Eyedea has released an autobiography of sorts and brought DJ Abilities to supply the soundtrack. Proving he's more versatile than just a battle MC, Eyedea spits deep lyrics that take your mind into intense journeys. There is a lot to take in on this release; it's like going through levels of a video game or chapters in a book. Dungeon-sounding beats bleed into one another (in a Pink Floyd kind of way) and blend perfectly with the clever, tricky wordplay. "On This I Stand" is the last track on the album and provides insight on the ideas behind this release explaining "the difference between love and lust, clarifies as trust." On "Birth Of A Fish" you become placed inside a cubical cut off from changing your own reality. "Color My World Mine" is about a man who trained himself not to dream after seeing a painting of a dream he once had, he finally realizes "I'm not real, god just imagined me." The 18 tracks found here are like a script to a movie - unpredictable, never before thought of, but something you could relate to. (JC)

Hey Mercedes Everynight Fire Works Vagrant • The quartet that rose from the ashes of Braid continues to provide musical stimulation and receive fan admiration, deservedly so. Three of the four members played together in Braid and that sound has carried over to an extent, leaving off some of the intensity, replaced by a more melodic and focused style. The album has plenty of energy, though, using a big sound, solid melodies and awesome vocals to propel each track. J Robbins (Burning Airlines, ex-Jawbox) produced and recorded Everynight Fire Works and, as usual, he's done a fantastic job; the meandering and differing guitar parts sit perfectly with the thick basslines and progressive drumming. Expectations for this album have been met and I "haven't been this happy" in a while. (CM)

Hood Cold Room Aesthetics Records • Like Bjork and Radiohead have done on their most recent offerings, Hood experiments with electronic effects and beats, but unlike Bjork and Radiohead, they don't completely reject traditional instrumentation. Beautifully arranged guitars and other strings share disk space with glitchy beats and mellow, harmonized vocals. The addition of sporadic vocals by hip hop artists Dose One and Why? add even more weirdness to the sound. (AL)

Jim O'Rourke Insignificance Drag City • Indie rock superman Jim O'Rourke takes some time off from working with the likes of Sonic Youth, Stereolab, and Superchunk, among others, to churn out his third solo release, Insignificance. O'Rourke and his many friends have put together a relatively straightforward rock album. There are some typical O'Rourke twists, with instruments subtly lurking below the surface of the mix and clever, intelligent lyrics. The lyrics, often sarcastic and caustic, belie the mellow music that supports them. "Cause listening to you/reminds me of a motor's endless drone/and how the deaf are so damn lucky," from "Memory Lame," has become my new insult of choice. The songwriting, the performances, even the artwork, are all outstanding. Insignificance is a misnomer; this is one of the best indie rock albums of the year. (CL)

Ken Stringfellow Touched Manifesto • Stringfellow has been making music for over a decade with groups from Big Star to REM, and is one half of The Posies. He is a prolific songwriter who writes pop gems that drip with emotion and power. His beautiful harmonies and soft, insistent tones leave no barrier between listener and artist. He is explicitly about making music for the love of it, and for the love of his audience. (DP)

Minus the Bear This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic EP Suicide Squeeze • The opening track is so lovely: layers of jazzy keyboards with harmonious vocals, fuzzy guitars and a poppy, uptempo drum beat that will hook you immediately. From there, the music continues to awe, move and amaze. The melodies are fantastic and the somewhat hyper pace of the music is simply perfect. Think Braid meets Inlantic meets The Get Up Kids and you've got a pretty good idea of what these six tracks have going for them... a lot! (CM)

Moment Songs for the Self-Destructive Espo • This Boston quintet plays melodic power punk with heavy emo overtones. The music is full of time changes, catchy breakdowns and amazing amounts of energy. The mostly-personal lyrics are well written and pack a punch. Vocally, Moment uses harmonies very well and mixes in a bit of screaming that helps add intensity. Their sound is reminiscent of many bands, such as Grade, Thursday, Lifetime, The Get Up Kids and others. However, they've blended styles so well that they've created a sound uniquely their own. Do not miss this debut full-length from Moment. (CM)

Naked n' Happy and Friends Live at l'X Dare To Care Records • This release is basically a vehicle to showcase some French-Canadian punk bands, and it does a pretty good job of it. Naked n' Happy do half the tracks here and the friends include The Sainte Catherines, MAP, and The Delegates. In these 20 tracks, you'll literally find every style of punk and ska imaginable and all these bands like to shift gears midway through songs which really adds energy. There are varying tempos and the groups allot time in between each track to talk with the crowd. However, I would recommend a PhD in French if you plan to decipher anything sung or written in the liner notes, though French linguistics on top of punk sounds great. (JS)

Rocky Votolato Burning My Travels Clean Second Nature Recordings • Singer/ Songwriter Rocky Votolato will remind you how much you are in love with simple sounds of the acoustic guitar. He will remind you that you don't have to have somebody screaming in your ear to move you. Eleven songs that will leave you someplace between heartbreak and hope. An immaculate recording that fits either a lazy, sunny afternoon or a raining late night driving home from the bar with vocals that just might haunt your dreams for nights to come. (KM)

Scissorfight Mantrapping For Fun And Profit Tortuga Records • I had heard these guys on the radio a long time ago. I loved it. I knew nothing abut them except that they rocked. Now I know lots about them and they still rock. Heavy, riff-oriented grooves give you a slow menacing feeling creeping up your spine. They have a sound reminiscent of Clutch, but slightly more insidious. This is an excellent disc. (MK)

Serotonin Universal Time Constant Bifocal Media. • Hardcore math rock? This CD is perfect, and the 8 tracks are not nearly enough for me. The layout is simple and yet completely brilliant. The sound is powerful even in its quiet moments, like the swell of an ocean wave preparing to break. Creative swerving gutters, thick rhythms and potent convincing vocals. Maybe a cross between some of the '90s Ebullition Records stuff and June of 44... but in all honesty this is unlike anything you have heard before, but you will want to hear again and again. (KM)

The Æffect A Short Dream Fueled By Ramen Records • If you like the new trend of revisiting New Wave sounds of the 80's with pumped up dance beats, if you are a fan of bands like the Faint or Bis, then The Æffect is for you. Their music brings to mind New Order, Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode. Sadly, this musical gem by this Florida trio (two members are from Orlando, the third from Sarasota) is only 17 minutes long. I want more! (AL)

Volta Do Mar At the Speed of Light or Day Arborvitae Records • After hearing their self-titled debut EP, I was blown away by Volta Do Mar, and could not wait to hear more. My long wait has ended, with the release of their first full-length CD. Guitar, drums and two bass players (one five strings, the other, six) whirl away at their instruments in a flurry of art rock riffs and jazz-like percussion. Mostly instrumental, except for the sporadic lyric here and there. For fans of Dianogah, Tristeza and Pele. (AL)

In alphabetical order. Please write them.

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