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CD reviews

23 Skidoo Seven Songs Ronin Records • Curiously titled Seven Songs (there are eight tracks), this album revisits 23 Skidoo's 1981 release. At this time they were still a traditional band, though their music would venture into the experimental realm, heavy on the percussion and the funk. They also played around with ambient textures and spacious atmospheres, for a moody effect (AL)

23 Skidoo Urban Gamelan Ronin Records • Originally recorded in 1984, Urban Gamelan is divided into two parts (once upon a time, albums were released on vinyl, two sided discs called records). The first includes avant-funk, reggae and Eastern percussion. For part two they ditch their instruments and pick up a whole bunch of metal objects and bang their way into a tribute to Indonesian indigenous music. (AL)

764-Hero Nobody Knows This is Everywhere Tiger Style Records • Nobody Knows This is Everywhere is 764-Hero's third album, and it maintains their indie rock sound intact, only a bit more polished. The guitars have plenty of hooks, with elements of emo and even blues. If you like Built to Spill or Modest Mouse, check out these guys. (AL)

All The Dead Pilots Easily Lost In The Present Ambiguous City/Hyphenated-American • This heavy indie band out of Baltimore delivers a powerful sound behind grungy, yet melodic vocals. The music pushes forward with authority and the production helps out the drums, guitar, and bass lines each to stand out on their own. Songs contain good lyrics, mostly about faith and believing in lines like "who's name do you cry for?"and "Who gives you your life, so you can contemplate it?"This is an overall uplifting experience. (JC)

Anti-Flag Mobilize A-F Records • You better mobilize yourself to the record store to get this CD. Not only does it include eight brand new tracks, but it also includes eight tracks recorded live last December. If that's not enough to get you out the door, the limited edition comes with a free sampler with one song from every A-F Records release so far. (AL)

Anti-Pop Consortium Arrhythmia Warp • This release of progressive hip-hop is carried along by a raw, lo-fi, sonic sound bouncing between synth and bass. Crazy sound effects sneak up on you from bongos, a ping-pong ball, screeching tires and vocal rants. Production is done by Earl Blaize, but each member ­ Priest, Beans, M. Sayyid ­ contributed beats, and each brings there own style lyrically, intended upon demolishing the hip-hop sound and building there own. "Mind-blowing"lyrics delivered in poetry slam fashion are a lot to take in, beats jump around a bit and space out at times, distancing themselves from the crowd in the underground. (JC)

Aspera Bird's Fly Suicide Squeeze Records • Sporting a new name and a new sound, Aspera (formerly Aspera Ad Astra) follow up their last album with Bird's Fly, a six song EP. Organs are everywhere, and drum beats are almost nonexistent. The sound is not unlike that of an old record player with speed problems. (AL)

Audio Learning Center Friendships Often Fade Vagrant • I didn't quite know what to make of these guys on the first listen. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, I really hadn't heard much of them. It's subtle sounds that crescendo into powerful and potent songs create a good record. Not unlike a poppy Sunny Day Real Estate. (KM)

Ballboy Club Anthems Manifesto Records • After gaining popularity in the UK, Ballboy gathered their best songs from their first three EPs and put them in their US debut, Club Anthems. Gordon McIntyre's vocals are emotional and personal, with an unapologetic Scottish accent. Whether listening to the acoustic "Public Park,"or the hypnotic "Leave the Earth Behind You and Take a Walk Into the Sunshine,"you will be impressed with Ballboy's indie pop style and musicianship. (AL)

Bats & Mice Believe It Mammals Lovitt • Emo dirge and still so brilliant. Quiet in a way that will keep you up all night, Richmond, VA's Bats & Mice bring the noise, they just bring it quietly. Featuring members of such amazing bands as Sleepytime Trio, Milemarker, and Four Hundred Years to name a few, they don't sound a whole lot like their past, but more the obvious next progressive step. (KM)

BehemothOHIO Buford Diaphragm • There must be another Behemoth Œcause that "OHIO"thing is silly. But there's nothing silly about the music this five-piece (featuring three, yes three, guitars) presents. Each of the six tracks is heavy on feedback and has plenty of crunch for all your garage-rockin' needs. The intense, building energy of their songs probably leads to a lot of spilt beer at their live shows. (CM)

Billion Dollar Mission The Cup Immigrant Sun. • I fell in love with these songs from the first couple cords I think. Billion Dollar Mission bring an amazing driving rock deeply rooted in punk and hardcore, while still being catchy as hell. This debut EP from Norway's Billion Dollar Mission leaves you begging for a full length. (KM)

Blu Mar Ten Producer 03 Good Looking Records • Even though Leo Wyndham and Chris Marigold came from completely different backgrounds (artificial intelligence and sculpture, respectively), it is obvious that they are on the same page when it comes to music. They produce highly danceable drum Œn' bass, or hypnotic downtempo with ease. Songs don't follow traditional song structure, but rather evolve as they develop, without you noticing. (AL)

Bracket Live in a Dive Fat Wreck Chords • For the second installment in the Fat Wreck Chords Live series, pop-punk quartet Bracket take the stage and perform 17 songs from their repertoire, including some songs that have been long out of print. The sound quality is amazing, since it was recorded using professional equipment. There is an enhanced portion to the CD, with an interview and a few videos. (AL)

Brando Single Crown Postcard Recordhead & Mr. Whiggs Records • Single Crown Postcard is the latest release from this prolific Bloomington, Indiana band. Guitarist/vocalist Derek Richey serves as the ringleader for this loose collective of musicians and songwriters. The band has written and recorded in a variety of combinations over the past decade, but only in the past two years have the results been released to the world. One listen to Single Crown Postcard will leave you wanting more from the Brando vaults. Their Pavement meets Bowie style results in some fantastic indie pop that hardly sounds as if it were recorded on a 4 track studio. (CL)

Brandtson Dial In Sounds Deep Elm • Brandtson has a kind of pop emo sound that is not entirely uncommon these days. Catchy and sadly predictable sometimes, I find myself wanting to like it more than I do. The vocals are strong, and the guitars do their part to build mostly good songs, just songs that sound so much like so many things you have already heard a million times. (KM)

Brazil The New Loud Self Released • This band brings a very fluent emo/punk rock sound that feels emotionally powerful with a Œbacks against the wall' type of attitude. On this six-track release, the high and low tempo changes within the clean and crisp sound meshes well with the Œto the point' vocals. "Erasure"is a driving track that comes to a standstill with a mellow pit stop before continuing with smooth vocals over a consistent fusion of instruments from this 4-piece. This disc is good stuff to jam from beginning to end, music that creeps its way to the climax. (JC)

Breach Godbox Chrome Saint Magnus • Big. Heavy. Scandinavian. No, it's not black metal, its defiantly got its roots in some of the best hardcore out there. A lot like Snapcase or Refused, but their sound is dirtier giving them kind of a muddled and mucky sound, kinda like molasses on your hands. There are some elements of Neurosis and even a little Botch. Making this yet another good release from this group of Swedes. (KM)

Brick Layer Cake Whatchamacallit Touch And Go Records • This album begins with the track "Stars"a slow, grungy, ruthless and feedback heavy intro that verbally attacks the rock society ­ setting up the rest of the disc. This one-man band out of the Midwest comprised of Todd Trainer keeps it original and goes mainly against the grain on this creative project with a "no holds barred" approach within the singing/spoken word realm. Vocals are in a deep dark tone along the lines of Type O Negative with the guitar and drum sound being compared to "Black Sabbath on Downers"­ quite the mix. The music gets a little repetitious but this album could be a nice stepping-stone for future projects. (JC)

Buffalo Daughter I Emperor Norton Records • After three years without releasing any full length albums, Buffalo Daughter return with I. In it they continue to explore musical trends with nothing but electronics and vocals. Pop plays a big role, whether blended with pseudo metal on "Earth Punk Rockers,"or in the electro R & B of "Robot Sings." No two songs are alike, giving you the feeling you are listening to a remix album. (AL)

Burd Early Burd Early's Observatory EP Anchor and Hope (King Crab) • This 5-song EP is comprised of soft ballads, showcasing Burd's resonant bass voice, with acoustic sounds backing him gently. The album is a journey, as described by Burd: "Track 1 was written while wanting to be somewhere other than where I was.  Track 2 was written while wanting to be someone other than who I was.  Track 3 is about a place or a space.  Track 4 is about going there.  Track 5 is about residing there."It's a very low-key place to be, but it's the right place for this record. (DP)

Captain Tonic Chair self released • Though I'm no fan of anything remotely resembling country music, I found myself curiously attracted to Captain Tonic's Chair. It starts out with "The Distinguished Mr. And Mrs. Ruddle,"which could have been written by Calexico. This southwestern mix of country and horns is a preview of things to come for the rest of the album. Also present are elements of jazz, like in "Brother." The lead singer sounds like he could have a second career as an Elvis impersonator with some practice. (AL)

Caural Stars on my Ceiling Chocolate Industries • This is not your typical instrumental hip hop album. Maybe it's the things Caural samples, but Stars on my Ceiling feels somehow off-kilter. Twinkling piano lines and what sounds like a guitar played in reverse are some of the elements that create the mood. Plus, toward the end, the songs progressively slow down until the beats are but just a memory. (AL)

Chore The Coastaline Fire Sonic Unyon • This is very powerful alt/indie rock that is deeply aggressive in an almost hostile kind of way. From the get-go the music is full of high-toned vocals, grungy guitars and piercing percussion alongside lines like "red light shoot out from the inside, crooked coppers kept me uptight, they don't know your face so run away"and "I throw down my thanks, and engage in despair, you're running so fast but not going anywhere."The music gets really tense before loosening up and then taking off again to climb that mountain, but never falling down the other side. The crisp, heavy sound on this disc speeds right past the puzzles within these complex lyrics and are worth many listens. This is a great album from front to back, check out "American Machinist"­ very intense. (JC)

Chris Keighley The Gathering of the Deep • A man of many hats, Chris Keighley performs all the instruments on his latest album, The Gathering of the Deep. Keighley plays a bluesy, Stones-like rock as interpreted by an indie garage rock band. At times, Keighley sounds similar to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, with fuzzy, out of control guitars and a funky bass line vaguely anchoring the rest of the chaos. The vocals are an afterthought, lurking low in the mix and sung in an almost disinterested fashion. As with much experimental music, the results are hit and miss. There are some interesting moments, but the album as a whole is inconsistent. (CL)

Clocked In Tied To The Mast Radical Records • Melodic hardcore from Atlanta, GA, in the vein of Boy Sets Fire, while vocally a little like Hot Water Music. Good, but not brilliant, Clocked In seem to be a work in progress, and this release being more a part of their path and less of a monument to what this band is. While the vocals are strong, the rest of the band's sound is lost and muddled in the production. (KM)

Codename: Rocky Infinity Glue Factory Records • A lot of energy is felt on this disc as the intensity of this So Cal band is in full force from the get go. Heavy bass lines and hyper drum work with the trombone, sax and trumpet sounds are blended into this solid ska/power punk rock album. (JC)

Conflict Now You've Put Your Foot In It Go-Kart Records • This disc is less than 14 minutes long and that is plenty. There are only so many songs about Mad Cow Disease that one can comfortably listen to. This is old school punk with that raw sound that you get from the Germs and The Dead Kennedys. They do some interesting things with the vocals, but this is a bit too preachy and self-righteous for my taste. (MK)

Cookie Sweat-Soaked & Satisfied Infect Records • Immediately the strong female vocals struck me. It took me a while but Sabrina Rockarena (har) sounds a great deal like Cinder Block (from Tilt). I love those throaty, powerful pipes. It definitely adds a tad more "punkness"to the overall feel. Musically, it's uptempo punk garage-rock with lots of guitar feedback, big riffs and tons of melody that reminds me of Sloppy Seconds. This trio probably puts on one hell of a live show. (CM)

Cub Country High Uinta High Jade Tree • This CD was a sleeper to me, play after play it really grew on me. Defined as alt-country, it stays far away from anything rock-like, and instead has a poetic rural feel, something wide-open and crisp. Something about it makes you want to be walking on a long road in a place without a name with only your thoughts and the stars to keep you company. This is the side project of Jet's to Brazil bass player Jeremy Chatelain, complete with guest appearances from some people you never would have thought you would see on an alt-country release. (KM)

Dan the Automator Wanna Buy a Monkey? Sequence Records • I would expect Dan the Automator to include tracks by Black Rob, X-ecutioners and Bobby Digital in his new mix CD, but Air, the Doves and Tortoise? Believe it or not, the tracks blend together very well, showcasing Mr. Automator's record collection and mixing abilities. He also plugs his own projects with tracks from Gorillaz, Deltron 3030 and Lovage. (AL)

Deckwrecka A Better Tomorrow? Ronin Records • This D.J. and beat maker (Agzilla ­ The Deckwrecka) is known for his "heavy beats, earthquake bass and sharp cuts"but this release also finds the guest spots being plugged with a little R&B as well. Deckwrecka's far out style of beats and turntables are accompanied by a load of label mates from the U.K. who spit verses such as Jimmy Lyons, Rodney P, MCD, Silent-Eclipse, 2ice, Vee and Aishe. (JC)

Deckwrecka Vibekiller 12" Ronin Records • This single contains two tracks not included on the Deckwrecka full-length album. "A Better Tomorrow? (The 2085 Mix)"is a tale about people of the world taking advantage of and not taking care of our earth, it is also the mic debut for the Deckwrecka. The real story lies within "The Big Picture"which is a 14-minute massacre of hip-hop, funk, horror, September 11th and politics. (JC)

Division Who Died/ A Working Title Sinister Label. • Comparing this debut release from Chicago's Division to Jimmy Eat World would not be too far off base. Very likable from the first listen since it doesn't follow formula's like some bands do, but instead changes things up and they keep it interesting. It's got some nice punch in it. (KM)

Do Make Say Think & Yet & Yet Constellation Records • In & Yet & Yet, their third release, Do Make Say Think show their flair for composing instrumental rock with one foot in pop and the other in experimentation. The songs change tempos without you noticing, from catchy mid-tempo to almost ambient-like drone. (AL)

El Guapo Super/System Dischord Records • Since 1996, El Guapo has changed their lineup, their instruments and their style a few times, but always with an ear toward pushing musical boundaries through experimentation. On Super/System, you will be entertained by their pop leanings and challenged by their improvisations. Their sound can only be described as avant-garde. (AL)

El-P Fantastic Damage Definitive Jux • After laying down beats for the likes of Aesop Rock and the entire Cannibal Ox album, El-P has returned with his futuristic, dark and gritty beats to shine on his own. The microphone gets passed around a lot on this disc as El-P and label mates help add depth to wicked turntable techniques and a pounding sound. A shot is taken at Rawkus (former label of Company Flow) on "Deep Space 9mm"and "Stepfather Factory"stands out, but the whole thing flows well and sounds like preparation for what is yet to come from this originator. (JC)

Engine Down Demure Lovitt Records • After recording two well received albums and gaining fans all over, what's a band to do? Change their sound, that's what. Hey, it worked for Radiohead. Vocal harmonies or call and response shouts are out. Repetitive, droning guitars are in. Bad thing? Not at all, since their energy is still there, just redirected. (AL)

Face To Face How to Ruin Everything Vagrant • It must be amazing to be in a band like Face To Face, to be around for as long as they have been around, and to still be out there making music that is relevant. This latest release only adds to the impressive Face To Face catalog and will find listeners with their die-hard fans as well as the uninitiated. (KM)

Face to Face vs. Dropkick Murphys Split EP Vagrant Records • Face to Face and Dropkick Murphys contribute three tracks each of anti-war fervor. Face to Face goes first, with an original called "Fight or Flight,"followed by two covers, "Road of the Righteous"by Dropkick Murphys and "Wasted Life,"by Stiff Little Fingers. Then Dropkick Murphys take over, with an original called "The Dirty Glass"followed by a cover of CCR's "Fortunate Son"and Press's "21 Guitar Salute."(AL)

Fiver Here It Comes Devil In The Woods Records • Fiver's third release, Here It Comes, is full of atmospherics and dreamy vocals, putting it in the same category as the American Analog Set and the Appleseed Cast's Low Level Owl series, but without the instrumentals. Waves of keyboards and reverbed guitars will lull you into a hypnotic state you won't want to get out of. (AL)

Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies Side One Dummy Records • Flogging Molly owe their careers to alcohol. After all, their music is perfect for downing Guiness at the local pub. Their punk attitude adds an edge to their riotous Irish-folk tales. The line up includes violin, flute, accordion and mandolin, for that traditional Irish sound, but also includes a bit of distorted guitar. Pick up that glass and toast to Flogging Molly! (AL)

Fly Pan Am Ceux Qui Inventent N'ont Jamais Vecu (?) Constellation Records • After playing hypnotic, repetitive post rock for a couple of years, Fly Pan Am have switched gears and are now concentrating on more rhythmic song structures. Centered around instrumental rock / funk, they sabotage their own songs with digital feedback and other "mistakes"to keep the listener paying attention. (AL)

GABBA Leave Stockholm Stigma Records • Not since Dread Zeppelin's playing Led Zeppelin songs with a reggae beat and an Elvis impersonator for a singer have I heard such an unusual pairing of musical influences. GABBA are huge fans of ABBA and the Ramones. Thus, all the songs have the Ramones style of catchy, fast pop, while a guy and a girl tag team the lyrics to "Waterloo"and "SOS,"among other gems. Truly funny, it should kill at your next party. (AL)

Glen Closer Pine View Grocery Boxing Clever Records • This trio from New Jersey debuts with an 11-track album of pop rock. It's your standard melodic rock album without much in the way of frills or experimentation. The female vocals stand out on this record, but she isn't the exclusive singer. (Not that the guy is bad, I just like her vocals more.) I could imagine this on a light rock or mainstream rock (not hard rock, mind you) station. This isn't earth-shattering or incredibly impressive, but it's a solid release for what it is. (CM)

Harry Manx Wise And Otherwise NorthernBlues Music • A melodic journey through battered love, poverty, loss, living and dieing ­ all to reach a moment of bliss and innocence. This one-man band delivers a bluesy folk sound accompinied by his raw vocals (Dylan-like). Manx plays harmonica, banjo, guitar and the Mohan Veena (a 12-string Indian slide guitar) and covers songs by Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King while managing to make them all his own. Musically this album flows well, showcasing lyrics like "you can listen without words, it's not everyone can see/But I recognize your eyes, yeah they once belonged to meŠ"(JC)

Homesick For Space Self-Titled Immigrant Sun • Dark and moody, this record sounds a lot like what a band with a great name like Homesick for Space should sound like. Sort the sounds of lost souls playing their way out of uncomfortable feelings, making it all sound beautiful and lost all at the same time. A little like Dead Red Sea or Mogwai but not always as quiet. For only being 5 songs long there is an epic feel to this recording. (KM)

Hot Rod Circuit Sorry About Tomorrow Vagrant • It's a spring day, you want to open the windows. You have stuff to do, but you don't mind too much, you just want to feel good today. You put in the new Hot Rod Circuit and you start to feel it, and your feeling good about even the shitty things in your life right now and when you pass the sofa you do your best Van Halen jumping guitar solo. That's when you realize that this new Hot Rod Circuit is really catchy and pretty damn good. (KM)

Imperial Teen On Merge Records • Get ready for some sweet pop sounds. Imperial Teen give you that and more in their latest, On. There are plenty of boy/girl harmonies, catchy hooks and playful piano lines. Pay close attention to the lyrics, though, and you'll see that all is not made of sugar. (AL)

Jel 10 Seconds Mush Records • Armed with an SP-1200, Jel takes on instrumental hip hop to the next level. The album is named after the 1200's 10 seconds of sample time. With plenty of samples, he constructs medium tempo hip hop tracks that are complex in their layering. (AL)

John Trudell Bone Days Asitis Productions • This poet and speaker lays down his beliefs and views within this very mellow spoken word project over Native American tribal chants and music. The poetry is excellent and touches of folk and guitar sounds are added to accent and punctuate the meanings within. Although the words contain good content, at times they feel uncomfortable blending with the accompanied music, causing the project not to blend as well. Words deserve to stand out more, they don't have that feeling of flowing naturally over the variety of instruments, but there is a lot to dissect here. (JC)

Joseph Malik Diverse Compost Records • Diverse is a rather appropriate name for this album. Stripped down ballads, Brazil influenced rhythms, and some trip hop all coexist on this album. Acoustic guitars are everywhere, and I don't mean samples. Then there's Malik's unique vocal style, whose verses tend to be short, dispersed and at times repetitive. (AL)

Julie Dorion Heart and Crime Jagjaguwar • Doiron's last album, Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars, won the Canadian Juno entertainment award for 2000. This album, a follow-up to her French-sung Désormais album, is soft, gentle music with minimal arrangements that allow her earthy voice to take center stage. It is naked vocalization with a tone of intimacy is "like that which comes after three bottles of wine." It's an unafraid, real expression of longing, sadness, and hope. (DP)

KaitO Montigola Underground Devil in the Woods Records • KaitO likes their pop music, but not too much. They purposefully avoid making their music too sugary sweet by making the vocals a bit distorted at times, harmonic at others. Some electronics are added for flavor, as well as poorly recorded guitar jingle-jangles. Call it noise-pop. (AL)

Ken Cormier Radio-Bueno Elis Eil Records • The included press materials describe this as "radio-friendly pop songs." That's true. Combined with the album title you can tell where this is heading. It's not bad at all. Most of it is radio-ready pop singer-songwriter stuff. It's kinda quirky, a little like Bare Naked Ladies or even They Might Be Giants. Then a few tracks step out and get a little more experimental and reminiscent a bit of Cake. Like I said, not bad at all. CM)

Kevin Devine Circle Gets The Square Immigrant Sun • Fucking brilliant should pretty much cover it. There is vulnerability in acoustic music, something naked that puts you close to the music. Devine embraces this tender spot, and uses it to bring the listener into the fold. The themes are common, but written originally enough that you aren't just hearing another guy on a guitar with a broken heart. Devine is the front man of NY's The Miracle of 86 when he's not soothing lost souls with his acoustic guitar. (KM)

Knievel The Name Rings a Bell That Drowns Out Your Voice In Music We Trust • As fate would have it, I stumbled across an Evel Knievel "E! True Hollywood Story"shortly after listening to Knievel's CD for the first time. Man, that was one crazy, drunken, womanizing bastard. I'm surprised he hasn't sued this Australian trio for copyright infringement, challenged them to a bus jumping competition or something equally crazy. This band is the wild and aggressive Knievel's antithesis. They write gorgeous indie pop songs in the Death Cab for Cutie mold, sad and sweet with hooks that should come with warning labels. This is one of the best albums I've heard so far this year. Now, think of the promotional opportunities: did someone say jump the Snake River Canyon? (CL)

Landscape Positive Punk Power Scene Police • Can you fault the energy, even if it misses a little bit? Landscape's sound takes you back to the hey-days of hardcore and bands like Gorilla Biscuits or Instead. Their ideas are great and important, they have a great booklet with tons of great info and powerful messages of eco-anarchism and human rights. Yeah it's all great stuff, well except for the whole music part, that part isn't so good sadly. (KM)

Leeche Vermin self-released • Maybe grunge is still a viable sound. These guys dish out some very Nirvana-esque tunes and they aren't too bad. If you were, or remain, a fan of grunge, I'd definitely recommend checking this out. Maybe Kurt Cobain isn't dead. (CM)

Lesser Birds of Paradise It Isn't the Fall Loose Thread Recordings • It's been two years since the Lesser Birds of Paradise released their debut album, A Suitable Frame. Now, instead of an ever-revolving cast of musicians, they have settled down as a four piece. The music moved away from their organic sound, opting instead for an indie pop sound augmented with organ, stylophone, theremin and vibes. (AL)

Manish Kalvakota with Charles Douglas Outer Limits Voltage Recordings • Voltage Recording artist Manish Kalvakota and Charles Douglas of No. 6 Records bring their songwriting talents together for Outer Limits. The eleven songs are reminiscent of Dean Wareham's work with Galaxie 500 and Luna. The reverb drenched guitars and softly sung vocals float along over gentle percussion work. Fans of Velvet Underground inspired rock will enjoy this album. (CL)

Milford This Time its Personal Right-Left Records • Florida's Milford follows up their debut EP with this rock filled full length. Steering aptly away from definable genre labels, combining a bit of punk, emo, indie, and hard rock without sounding like anyone too much or a blundered mix of them combined. Lyrically amazing at times and musically potent the foundation is set for these guys to make some noise. (KM)

Minmae My Quiet Life Blackbean and Placenta Records • For his third CD as Minmae, Sean Brooks compiled some new versions of old songs, vinyl or compilation only releases, some collaborations between himself and Jake Anderson and a few new songs. The resulting recording is all over the place, with styles ranging from pop to drone. (AL)

Modey Lemon self-titled A-F Records • Garage blues is an unfamiliar style to me. This has a Œ70s fuzzed-out rock feel that fuses with a late Œ70s punk aggression. It sounds a little like The Doors meets New York Dolls meets Danzig. Two guys, 13 tracks and plenty of rock to go with the roll. (CM)

Mörser 10,000 Bad Guys Dead Chrome Saint Magnus Records • This band has three singers, two bassists, a guitarist and a drummer, and it shows. Their music insane and hard to categorize, but they encompass every genre related to metal. In one word: brutal. Death metal and hardcore are especially visible, and their intensity cannot be matched. (AL)

Nate Denver's Neck Prepare to Die King Crab Records • This is the epitome of home recordings, not necessarily because of sound quality, but because you get the feeling that it was kind of thrown together. Nate Denver does everything on this record, from playing the guitar, to singing, to programming the electronic effects. Folk music gets thrown together with electronica and a bit of death metal attitude on Prepare to Die. (AL)

Need New Body self-titled File-13 Records • Strictly for experimental / art rock fans, the music of Need New Body seldom comes close to traditional song structure. Think of a whacked out Critters Buggin'. Free jazz improvisations and sounds made with traditional instruments like sax and keys, as well as non-instruments like pots and pans is the modus operandi here. (AL)

Nina Nastasia The Blackened Air Touch and Go Records • Both beautiful and melancholic, the music of Nina Nastasia will get you through the toughest of times with her sweet, nonchalant voice. Guitars, accordion, cello, mandolin and violin whisper in your ear in this slow, minimalist album. (AL)

Otis Taylor Respect the Dead Northern Blues Music • Hailing from Chicago but residing in Boulder, Colorado, Otis Taylor is an accomplished blues artist and his music definitely speaks to the listener. The songs have a folksy feel to them, very earthy with Native American influences. Lyrically, the songs tell stories, a number of which deal with African-American issues and are very strong, socially aware tunes. (CM)

Pinq Quiet Games For Hot Weather Major7 • Pinq is a San Francisco foursome that plays deep, full cuts that begin with soft tones, and slowly crescendo into powerful, desperate rock firepower. There's heavy influence of great post-punk, emo, and post-pop bands here. Their layering of instrumentation is impressive, and the falsetto vocals are an excellent choice for this very dark-themed display of music that drips with emotion. (DP)

Poison The Well Tear From The Red Trustkill • There is a buzz about Poison the Well, people who you'd never hear talk of hardcore from are saying this band is the next big thing. This release is strangely teetering the edge of radio-friendly and true underground hardcore, and instead of creating a good listenable classic hardcore album, it sounds more like a good hardcore band trying to sound radio-friendly. It's a good record, just disappointing knowing what these guys can do, you really just wanted to see them take it to a whole other level. (KM)

Pooch Individual Medea Records • Touching on individualality, repressed anger and fake friends through rhymes. This rap metal band out of Michigan has the sound of 311 with the lyrics of Suicidal Tendencies with a bit of electronic flavor. Intensity is at a high level as the band angrily jams out, but vocals could have been better, they sound stale at times. (JC)

Potshot A-GoGo Asian Man Records • This ska/punk album is carried by a mean bass guitar sound and a horn section that just wont quit, a very impressive album. This band hails from Tokyo, Japan and the album moves like a Rolla coaster ­ one second climbing the hill, then the next letting it all hang out. Very fluent, good stuff. (JC)

Prevent Falls A Newer More Shattered You Equal Vision • I can't help but think of 90's Equal Vision band Shift when I hear this band. They have that same post-hardcore Quicksand sound that doesn't quite fit emo, indie or punk. This garden state outfit luckily isn't content to be worthy of such comparisons, but luckily moves things along and takes the sound where it needs to go next. Disappointingly they get repetitive sometimes. (KM)

Project 208 Love Songs for the Dying Machine Confined Records • Yes, yes these guys got it so right. Screamy hardcore that goes straight for the heart. In the vein of Thursday and Grade, Project 208 has a hardcore and emo sound that keeps the pace of things to come. Lyrics that are both personal and political relating the two and making the screams that much more important. (KM)

Quitter self-titled Tortuga Recordings • Blending a whole bunch of quasi-genres, we find Quitter becoming one of those bands that we would expect to hear on lour local hard rock radio station. They sound like the bastard child of Black Sabbath and Jon Bon Jovi. Pop rock hooks and fairly standard song structures will make Quitter a band you will be hearing more of - like it or not. (MK)

Radio 4 Gotham! Gern Blandsten Records • Hardcore dance music is back. Think The Clash meets Joy Division meets the Stones. I'm sure some will compare them to The Faint, mostly because of the new wave similarities. But Radio 4 is more rock-oriented and less new wave. The creative, electronic elements are there, but they're subtler than The Faint. This is really great stuff, sure to impress a wide range of tastes. (CM)

Radio Holiday Self-titled Conquer The World. • Detroit's Radio Holiday sure did try to avoid sounding stale. Straightforward and subtle at the same time. Sounding like a little like Samiam or Seaweed with the sort of bigger than life sound that fills a room so well. Radio Holiday keeps it simple with good catchy choruses and singable lyrics. Yeah, this one comes highly recommended. (KM)

Rancid / NOFX BYO Split Series Vol. III BYO Records • This is the third installment in BYO Records' split CD series, with NOFX and Rancid sharing the CD. The twist here, though, is that each band recorded six of the other band's songs. The result of this experiment is as interesting as its concept. (AL)

Randomvariate Olio Wrought Records • Four CD's and one "compendium"CD, booklets for each CD with full explanations of the songs, 10 years in the making. Do these people think they are the Beatles or something? I don't think in my entire life I have ever seen or heard something more self-absorbed and self-gratifying. You'd think that when you release a 4 CD set as your debut that it might even be good, and it's hardly listenable -- sounding too much like Ozzy Osborne with an acoustic guitar. Maybe in their native Nebraska this sort of self-indulgent snotty thing is respected, but then that's Nebraska. (KM)

Req Sketchbook Warp Records • If you like your beats slow and slightly twisted, check out Req's latest, Sketchbook. Waves of sounds drift in and out, over beats that sound dirty, even muffled at times. There is an unusual feeling on this CD, or else Warp wouldn't be carrying it. Think of them as distant cousins of labelmates Plaid. (AL)

Reverend Horton Heat Lucky 7 Artemis Records • For over a decade, the Reverend Horton Heat has been terrorizing music fans with his trio's brand of country-fied psychobilly. Lucky 7 sees a change in labels, but no change in musical direction. Why change a perfect formula consisting of cars, women, drugs and alcohol? (AL)

Richard Youngs May Jagjaguwar • This six-song mesmerizing, anguish-analyzing project is a somber testament of a man alone searching for the unknown. "Neon Winter"begins this cold journey with a man, his voice and neglected, tearful guitar strings. The acoustic/folk sounds of this singer/songwriter from England are a kind of "meditation"caught up in his defenseless "drone-like"voice. Think of being alone somewhere, strumming guitar strings and finding the highest note you can find. (JC)

S.H.Ar.Q. Future Artifact S.H.Ar.Q. • The acronym means "Secure Hash Algorithm Quartet,"and the music ranges from straight rock and roll to some really incredible experimental shit. The lyrics are nothing short of brilliant, offering poetic indictments of our twisted culture. The tunes employ instrumentation such as the cello and mandolin, and really creepy vocal effects to make the experimental truly that. It's head-bobbin', intelligent rock with an opinion. (DP)

Sadie No One's Pretty Sadie • This poppy 3-song EP has great harmonic and melodic flow, and great vocal lines that set it apart. Their mantra is, "We believe it is the blisters that make you beautiful. Give us Aphrodite before her shower, Apollo in the dark, that sort of thing." Themes of tearing down the glittery facades of glamour, the falseness, the walking lie that so many are forced to be. They are rebels in the truest sense, not the false traditional sense. (Note: Sadie recently changed their name to The Alps.) (DP)

Sarah Shannon Sarah Shannon Casa Recording Co. • You remember Velocity Girl, don't you? Sarah Shannon used to sing for Œem, but this ain't no jangly indie pop record. Shannon delivers ten songs all over the pop spectrum that provide a showcase for her outstanding voice. Several of the songs feature strong horn arrangements; you'd think Burt Bacharach was responsible for some of these songs. Actually, it's producer Blake Wescott, not Bacharach, who collaborates with Shannon on much of the material. This is a definite change of pace from Velocity Girl's sound, revealing a new range and maturity for Shannon. (CL)

Satovan Shhhh... It's Satovan self-released • Okay. I'll admit it. I thought that they were a joke when I first saw the album cover and the ridiculous band pictures that they included in their promo stuff. Now, I'll also admit that Satovan is a damn cool band. Hard rock that rocks. Catchy and melodic without selling out and sounding like every other band. (MK)

Seafood When Do We Start Fighting Nettwerk America • This London based indie rock band begins with a catchy, confident sound early on with tracks like "Splinter"and "Western Battle."The disc is mostly a free flowing ride up and down the adrenaline meter while showcasing their crisp, suttle, and at times melodic sound, which was recorded under claustrophobic circumstances in New York. This is both an energetic and out of breathe release best described as having a "sensitive side, an intelligent edge and utterly cracking tunes."A complete rock album. (JC)

Sectorseven Dual Sonic Unyon • This punk outfit from Canada plays it fast and loud. Sadly its nothing you haven't heard before, and it doesn't even really hold up the status quo. This is a re-release of older releases, and that's kinda what it sounds like, I'd imagine these guys have moved past these recordings and unless you love them, there is no reason for anybody else to take this walk down memory lane. (KM)

Sense Field Tonight and Forever Nettwerk • I can't imagine a band that has had a more difficult go of things than Sense Field, signed and then shunned by their major label, unable to release their last recording because of contract obligations, and a host of other hurdles. Life hasn't been easy for SF that's for sure, but hell if you would never know it from listening to their music. Inspiring, positive, and even enlightening songs remind you that SF is something special. The years have made them better than ever, and this release a long time in the making is proof of that. (KM)

Slackjaw Darkest Hour No Karma Recordings • Now officially a trio, Slackjaw carry on, laying down nine tracks of amazing indie rock. Eric Schopmeyer has a voice that is both beautiful and ragged, completely emotional. Musically, they weave through Cure and Radiohead territory, without staying in any one for too long. (AL)

Small Engine Metropolis The Cynic Immigrant Sun • A strange combination of triumphant guitar riffs, pounding drums and gruff vocals that come together more or less. I guess the sound is emo, but like that tag and every band that it seems to try and fit, it doesn't really tell you much. Maybe cleaned up punk might fit a little better. Regardless of the title, this release has some great songs and some bright moments. (KM)

Solomon Not Life Threatening self-released • Combining elements of folk and blues, Solomon offers up 11 tracks of guitar jangling tunes. The bluesy aspects add a groove to the music while the folk guitar-work twinkles along in the most pleasant of ways, layered upon each other. The vocals sit right on top of the music, marching each song forward with a wise and precise delivery of story after story. (CM)

Speedbuggy USA Round Up Cargo Music • Speedbuggy USA's penchant for roots rock and country is ever present in their EP, Round Up, tipping their hat to influences like Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard with two cover songs. Like with any country album, Round Up deals with pain and misery, yet are catchy as hell. This would do well in a dusty bar's old jukebox. (AL)

Stretching FM What if I Stopped Breathing Second Chance • I had seen these guys live a few times and never really taken away any kind of impression, which is all the more shocking that I really loved this CD. 5 tracks that make you wonder where number 6 is. Stretching FM's sound is very rock complete with guitar solos and a big arena-rock sound at times. This Florida band is ready to take that next step if this recording is any indication. (KM)

Strung Out An American Paradox Fat Wreck Chords • After four years without an album, Strung Out went into the studio and recorded An American Paradox, a blistering album of melodic punk. Fast as always, they blend heavy metal influences into their guitars while their harmonies soar. In particular, check out "Razor Sex," which injects a bit of hardcore into the mix. Bad Religion fans should eat this up. (AL)

SushiRobo Drawings and Garbage Structures Pattern 25 Records • Former Posies bassist Rick Roberts traded in his bass for a guitar and a microphone to front SushiRobo. However, his influence as a bassist is quite evident, since the songs on this, their second release, are quite heavy on the groovy elements. Some electronic effects and other noises are injected into these poppy, indie rock tunes. (AL)

The ŒTone Here's Another Reason to Believe In Rock Œn' Roll No Idea • Brit rockers The ŒTone are back and this release is their most ambitious and musically mature to date. I'm sure everybody says this, and they are sick of hearing it, but they sound so much like The Clash. It has all the elements that made The Clash so good, the punk mixed with the dub-reggae, the grit and attitude. Don't get me wrong, these guys are more than ampped up cover band, their songs are theirs and their sound belongs in the here and now. (KM)

The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies Resurrection A.D. Records • From looking at the press photo, these guys (and girl) look like a cross between Gwar and Slipknot. Covered in blood and all wearing masks, they look as menacing as they sound. Metal crossed with hardcore with the force of a bat to the face. The music is good enough to outlive the costumes, which is hardly an original concept. (AL)

The Cable Car Theory The Deconstruction Immigrant Sun • Vocally powerful emo-melodic hardcore with more passion than a high school romance. The Cable Car Theory bring their "A"game with this release. Beautiful artwork and a creative layout only make this release only better. This band is a perfect compliment to the creative landscape of the New York City music scene. (KM)

The Capitol City Dusters Rock Creek Dischord Records • For solid indie rock with a punch, look no further than the Capitol City Dusters. Sometimes melodic and sometimes not, these guys from Washington rip through 41 minutes without looking back. The bass lines jump out and the guitars are just fuzzy enough. (AL)

The Cricket Rumor Mill Renderings Loose Thread Recordings • Renderings is a collection from their previous two EPs, a self-titled one and Molto. Songs like CD opener "Frisbee"have a shiny quality to them, saying more with instruments than any singer could ever put into words. There's just the right amount of reverb without turning the album into space rock, but creating a nice atmosphere for you to get lost in. (AL)

The Frustrators Achtung Jackass Adeline Records • If you like pop-punk like Green Day you will like these guys (plus Mike Dirnt from Green Day is in the band). They are slightly better than most of the punk drivel that I am forced to listen to. The songs are fun and they don't sound like every other band you've ever heard. It is a nice change. This is a band worth seeking out and hearing. (MK)

The Gadjits Today is My Day Thick Records • From listening to Today is My Day, you'd never guess that the lead singer and songwriter was born in 1977. You see, their sound has progressed from third wave ska to a blues influenced, roots-rock sound, similar to the Delta 72 or the Forty Fives. (AL)

The Gloria Record Start Here Arena Rock Recording Co. • The new band featuring members from emo icons, Mineral. Just as Mineral came along and changed the world around, The Gloria Record seems to be trying to do the same. I am not sure if their results will be as drastic, it won't be for a lack of trying. This recording is rich and deeply threaded with a sound that will move some parts of you that you never swore moved. They do have a little bit of this U2 thing going on, think good old U2, not cheeseball U2. (KM)

The Herbaliser Something Wicked This Way Comes Ninja Tune Records • The Herbaliser is back with a fresh combination of samples, beats and rhymes. Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba rounded up the lyrical talents of Seaming To, Iriscience, Blade, Wildflower, Phi Life Cypher and MF Doom. The instrumental tracks conjure up images of 1970's funk, while keeping in touch with the present and hinting at the future. (AL)

The Kickovers Osaka Fenway Recordings • This is 13-tracks of power pop with huge melodies and enough hooks to a fish farm shake with fear. The Kickovers features Nate Albert, the former guitarist for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. This project of his is nothing like MMB. The songs are more along the lines of Material Issue, Weezer and Pinehurst Kids. It's a strong rock and roll album with a good pop sense and addictive track after track. (CM)

The Lab Rats Start Thinking New Disorder Records • Okay. I'm going to say that the oldest person in the band is 17. Bearing that in mind, this disc is pretty decent. Loud, fast hardcore with everything you would want or expect in a hardcore disc. Lots of screaming from the singer got on my nerves after a very short time, however. (MK)

The Marginal Prophets Dead Hippie Bootleg self-released • Somebody say "Ho!" Somebody say "Ho! Ho!" Damn, this CD really gets me in the mood to put my arms in the air. And wave Œem like I just don't care. The Marginal Prophets are a self-described hip-hop/garage band and that hits the nail on the head. Combining garage rock elements with hip-hop, this five-part crew (two vocalists, bass, drum and guitar) avoids the lame world of metal-rap and instead shifts the gears into funk. This may be tough to follow but imagine a blend of Beastie Boys, Sublime, P-Funk, and Run-DMC. This album will definitely get the party started. And, yes, quickly. (CM)

The Maroons You're Gonna Ruin Everything In Music We Trust • So, how famous do you have to be to be considered a supergroup? Guitarist/vocalist John Moen and keyboard player Mike Clark both have day jobs with the Jicks, the backing band for former Pavement big cheese Stephen Malkmus. Guitarist Jim Talstra has played with Minus 5 and bassist John Cox is a member of Satan's Pilgrims. Impressive indie rock pedigrees aside, the Maroons play some damn good pop music. Their smart, catchy tunes are reminiscent of bands like the Fountains of Wayne, less the high geek factor. (CL)

The Miracle of 86 Kevin Kolankowski Immigrant Sun • This is their 2nd release and the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut. It's good, but it lacks some of the power that the debut has. It's more of an unplugged album, and has a strange coffeehouse kind of sound. With that in mind, all the elements that make MO86 good are still there, great song writing and heartfelt emotions on their sleeve. This is a good compliment to their other release, but buy that one first. (KM)

The Mooney Suzuki Electric Sweat Gammon Records • Get ready to rawk with the Mooney Suzuki's soul drenched rock and roll. They borrow from the Stooges, the MC5 and 1960's British R & B, busting out ten songs in about 35 minutes. If you are not dead tired from dancing after listening to Electric Sweat, then there is something seriously wrong with you. (AL)

The New Amsterdams Para Toda Vida Vagrant Records/Heroes & Villians • Para Toda Vida is the second release for Get Up Kid Matthew Pryor's side project, the New Amsterdams. Now, kids don't go expecting the energetic, emo stylings of the Get Up Kids; the New Amsterdams let off the gas pedal with mellow, stripped down tunes and simple arrangements. But at the core is still Pryor's expressive songwriting style. Like the Pinehurst Kids' Joe Davis' solo work, the New Amsterdams showcase the raw power and talent of one of emo's most popular performers. (CL)

The Remedy Session Self-titled Self-Released • Three very average emo songs from this South Florida band. There is some potential there, but I don't think these songs capture that. A few years from now this release will either be a document of where this band was at one point, or just another demo of just another band that broke up before they ever really did anything. There is enough good in this demo for me to hope for the first one. (KM)

The Secession Movement Academic Keep Safe Records • Appropriately self-described as having an "acrobatic"sound, The Secession Movement offers up nine new tracks. Their sound is, at times, a kin to Dismemberment Plan while other times similar to Sonic Youth. It's an aural journey that is full of intense energy and experimental sounds. Through and through, it's indie rock, but far from run of the mill and definitely unique. (CM)

The World/Inferno Friendship Society Just the Best Party Gern Blandsten Records • The World/Inferno Friendship is back with 12 new tracks that are equal parts Broadway theatre, circus tent performance and punk attitude. These nine guys and gals will appeal to fans of the Squirrel Nut Zippers and the Billy Nayer Show. (AL)

Thee Insekt Days of Thunder B9000 Records • Days of Thunder marks the first solo outing by DJ Grazzhoppa, proving he can make it on his own. His scratching is amazingly fast, and his samples are from all over the place, foreign movies, old funk records, you name it. (AL)

Trapdoor Fucking Exit Self-titled No Idea • Oh hell yeah! Kinda of an artsy Born Against sound that just rocks you to death pretty much from the get go. Trapdoor Fucking Exit's sound comes off as sincere, real and heartfelt while not sounding too pretentious or self-absorbed. More great hardcore from the socialist paradise of Sweden, and hell they have a great name too. (KM)

Trial By Fire Ringing In The Dawn Jade Tree • Trial By Fire are the perfect blend of what is now and what was then, the bridge between 80's era hardcore like Minor Threat and this era's Strike Anywhere or Avail. Hailing from Washington DC might help that comparison. Punk hardcore that seems to know exactly where it wants to go, exactly what it wants to do, and you are taken in and feeling it all. (KM)

Tungsten 74 Await Further Instructions Technical Echo • To be instrumental, you have to be interesting. Tungsten 74 keep it interesting and then some. Kind of an ambient space indie-rock thing going on, kinda like Mogwai, but not as boring. When you hear that it's mostly recorded live, and some of it improvised you start to realize there is a whole lot of music genius going on. (KM)

Ultimate Fakebook Open Up And Say Awesome Initial • Imagine if you will a combo of a tough Weezer and The Replacements. OK, that's a start to figuring out Ultimate Fakebook. Poppy without being being wimpy, catchy without being boring, sentimental without being sappy. Good diverse song writing creates a great CD full of rock. A constant grueling tour schedule has made this group really come together and this release is their best to date. (KM)

Uptown Sinclair Uptown Sinclair D-text Records • Highly praised in the Cleveland region, these four guys push power pop rock with melodic, catchy hooks and harmonies. There harmless sound puts the fun back into rock. There is not a bad song here; any track is ready for the radio. (JC)

Ursula 1000 Kinda Kinky Eighteenth Street Lounge Music • If you enjoyed Alex Gimeno's previous effort as Ursula 1000, The Now Sound, you'll definitely love Kinda Kinky. His love of lounge music and all things kitsch gets a kick in the ass with danceable Latin infused beats and funky effects. (AL)

Various Artists Beast Of British High Speed Recordings • This 20-track compilation from the U.K. is packed with punk, ska, old skool and hardcore rock. Featured are the likes of Varukers, Southport, UK Subs, King Prawn, Vanilla Pod and Capdown. This disc has enough of a variety within the same ballpark to wet the appetite and then some. (JC)

Various Artists Compilation 2001 Fastmusic • With bands like the Circle Jerks, Travoltas, The Fairlanes and Slab, you can be damn sure that you are in for a 26-song audio feast here. This is a good disc with a lot of your favorite punkers. There are also a lot of bands you've never heard of whom you will wish to know better. Get this disc. (MK)

Various Artists Down In Front No Idea • The music on this 21-track compilation spans more than 10 years. It features an amazing blend of punk tunes from such bands as Astrid Oto, Sweet Baby, Pinhead Gunpowder and The Blank Fight. But what really makes this comp great is that it's all about Aaron Cometbus (ex-Crimpshrine); he plays a part on every track. It comes with a sweet 12-page booklet with signature Cometbus handwriting. (CM)

Various Artists Happy Meals Vol. 3: Songs to Run Away From My Records • On the contrary, these are songs to run to. Many of the songs here are previously unreleased, including Bright Life, Adventures of Jet, Goleta, Smile, Armchair Martian and a cool Dylan cover by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Styles range from pop and punk, to alt-country and acoustic. (AL)

Various Artists Me Against The World: The Emo Diaries, Chapter Seven Deep Elm • And the story goes on. With Chapter Seven, Deep Elm offers up twelve new tracks in their quest to introduce listeners to lesser-known emo bands. The styles span the range of mellow to hardcore and hail from the Netherlands to New Mexico. Standout artists on this release include the hard-rocking, guitar-weaving Dorian and the hyper-catchy, melodic rock of The Killing Suspense. (CM)

Various Artists New York's Hardest 3 Go Kart Records • Twelve bands contribute two unreleased songs each, for 24 tracks of ear-splitting, hardcore. Included are Agnostic Front, S.O.D., Ill Niño, Demonspeed and Inhuman, just to name a few. If the first two volumes failed to anger your neighbors, volume 3 will surely see the police summoned to your home for excessive noise. (AL)

Various Artists No Categories 5 Ubiquity Records • No Categories 5 is the perfect combination of sounds the Ubiquity label has to offer. Their mix of styles like broken beat, house music, downtempo, hip hop, Latin and Brazilian beats gives them a unique roster of artists. Play this at your next gathering and keep your guests entertained with the sounds of Interfearance, Beatless, As One, Jack Costanzo, John Beltran and others. (AL)

Various Artists Prisons on Fire AK Press • Complied lectures, interviews, and archive news reports about George Jackson and The Attica Prison rebellion. Gives you a good look back at an important and mostly forgotten piece of history, mixed well with both old interviews and news reports and newer interviews that have the perspective of the years looking back. A must for anybody interested in human rights, black liberation, and prison reform. (KM)

Various Artists Redefiling Music No Idea • This is Gainesville record label No Idea's 100th release, over the span of 15 years. I can do the math for you that means that long before Florida was the cool place to be No Idea was pumping out great releases. To celebrate this legacy this release has 16 bands from the No Idea stable doing covers, Hot Water doing The Boss's "No Surrender,"Small Brown Bike covering Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak², I Hate Myself covering my favorite Spoke song, and Radon doing a Morrissey song among other classics. (KM)

Various Artists Rock Music ­ A Tribute to Weezer Deaddroid Records • Is there really a need for a Weezer tribute? Personally, I think it is a bit early , since they just came out with their third album, from which no songs are represented here. Thus, seven songs from their debut and four from Pinkerton are covered here, as well as "Jamie"from the Buddy Holly single and "Susanne"from the Mallrats soundtrack. What is impressive is the bands they got to appear on this record: Piebald, Elliott, Dashboard Confessional, The Stereo, and The Ataris are just a few. (AL)

Various Artists The Legacy: Episode 1 Ronin Records • "Touching all countries/hustlin' rap"is what this crew from the U.K. is working towards, this compilation mixed by Skitz and Deckwrecka is a damn good introduction if you haven't heard anything from this label. Thumping, pulsating beats are what carry the album (a couple instrumentals) but the rhyme flow and lyrics have their bright spots as well. Rodney P., Roots Manuva, MCD, Skinnyman and others make appearances; "Whatchu Expect"and "Cordless Mics"stand out. (JC)

Various Artists The Thing That Ate Floyd Lookout! Records • If you've been searching for this out of print compilation, you're in luck! Lookout is re-releasing this 1988 double CD, with 34 tracks by Neurosis, Mr. T Experience, Vagrants, No Use for a Name and Steel Pole Bathtubs, among others. Also included is Operation Ivy's "Hangin' Out,"which was recorded during their initial sessions for Energy, but never released. Add to that a 24 page booklet with artwork by the bands, and you've got yourself a collector's item. (AL)

Various Artists Twelve Step Program feat. Burns Out Bright, Dade County Resistance & Last To Know Three Day Records • All three of the bands on here are extremely tight. The sound is pretty consistent: melodic, emotional, hard rocking, lots of tempo changes, strong vocals. It's not ground-breaking material, but it's hard not to enjoy ­ all the songs are pretty catchy. Fans of Starting Line, Digger or Alkaline Trio are sure to dig this. (CM)

Various Artists You Don't Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right Geographic Records • This album was originally intended to introduce the Geographic label to Japan, but then they decided to release it in the US. If you like slightly unusual pop music, you'll be glad they did. Future Pilot AKA, the Pastels, International Airport, Pedro and Sister Vanilla are just some of the seventeen artists on this highly enjoyable comp. (AL)

Very Metal Hit and Run Beer City Records • Fast driving short rock and roll songs. This is the kind of band you want to play really loud when you're cruising down the highway at 95 mph. Nothing fancy, nothing experimental, just straight forward hard-hitting rock. (MK)

Warren Ellis Three Pieces for Violin King Crab Records • If this CD reminds you of the Dirty Three, it's because Warren Ellis is one of the dirty ones. For his first solo release, he took his inspiration from the Tango and composed these three songs. They are not Tango songs, but rather an homage to the style, taking elements from it and improvising around them. (AL)

When Sparks Fly Why Bother Waiting Confined Records • These Ohio cats really tear it up on this 12-track punk rock album. It's an amazing debut release that capitalizes on great vocals (two different singers), powerful melodies, swirling guitars and great tempo changes. They combine elements of power punk, rock and roll and hardcore, but the overall thick, catchy result is unique and impressive. (CM)

White Collar Crime Their Laws Are Dimwit Greed Soft Skull Press • This band uses bass guitar, piano/keyboards and percussion to deliver their displeasure with our country's government on behalf of under-appreciated workers of America. The sound is a cross between punk and jazz, full of radical lyrics focusing on the out of control economy, a corrupt oligarchy government and the followers of mass media. Lead singer Sander Hicks has a vision of a world in which the people have control over the economy on this "to the point"release. (JC)

Whitee Sapphic Delight Smegma Records • Not much to get excited about beginning with the opening track "Jesus Just Wants To Dance."Described as "genre-bending"this emcee rhymes about corny stuff over drum machine beats mixed with guitar and electronic flavor. Oh yeah, three tracks are based on trials and tribulations with lesbians. (JC)

Wise and Foolish Builders Sleight of Hand self-released • I didn't know Radiohead's Thom York had a side project! Actually, he doesn't. Wise and Foolish Builder Ben Smith just sounds a lot like him. This band is no Radiohead clone, though. Their piano driven pop style is more along the lines of a melancholic Beulah, with pedal steel guitar adding an interesting contrast. (AL)

Wonderlick Self-titled Future Farmer • This is a strange CD, the acoustic almost poppy cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart"should have been the first sign. Kinda happy and kinda sad at times, with a sound that sometimes sounds like acoustic techno or something. The thing is it's good, it's likable, you just aren't sure why. Featuring Ex-members of Too Much Joy, some of the lyrical humor and ironic bitterness present in that band is also found here. This one is a scratch your head kind of good. (KM)

Yesterday's New Quintet AnglesWithoutEdges Stones Throw • With Madlib (Lootpack, Quasimoto, remixing for everyone and their mother) behind the project, I knew it was going to be nice. But the jazzy flows that filled my ears were still a surprise. YNQ is made up of Amhad Miller on vibes, Malik Flavors on percussion, Joe McDuffrey on keys, Monk Hughes bass, and Otis Jackson Jr. on drums or keyboard. The result is an aggressive style of jazz that is heavy on keyboards, complex orchestration and keepin' your head bobbin'. This is one of the most aurally-satisfying albums I've heard in a while and further proof that there are some new cats in the world of jazz that deserve attention. (CM)


Grafton Sumbitch b/w Fine, Good, Go! 7" Diaphragm • This rock and roll has a real swagger to it. It has a garage rock feel to it and a classic metal attitude. It's drenched with sweat and a working-class Ohio punch to the face. The guitar work on side-B is really bad-ass. Two tracks of beer-enriched rock. (CM)

Last Yearıs Diary self-titled 7" Ignition/Scene Police • With a poppy, acoustic jangle, LYD caught me off guard. I was expecting something harder, but I was pleasantly surprised by the sincerity and strong songwriting of all three tracks. Germany's Alex Erich is the man behind the band and his diverse musical background and skills have made LYD into something of its own -- a bit emo, a bit blues and a bit punk rock. His music and his words send a message. Pay attention. (CM)

Strike Anywhere Underground Europe 2001 Genoa Benefit 7" Scene Police • Pulling out some older material, SA releases this collection of 1999 demo tracks as a benefit for the Lawyers' Committee of Inquiry in Berlin. It was put out shortly after the actions at the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy in July 2001. The political commentary and hardcore intensity are a perfect mesh and SA carries it out better than anyone. Songs featured are "Sunspotting," "Antidote," "Chorus of One," and "Cassandratic Equation." (CM)

The Wife Beaters Child Mulletstation 7" self-released • I really can't say much good about this four-song release. The vocals are way too gruff and "manly," the recording is really bad and the music is garage-rock mush. The lyrics are equally (if not more) poor, mostly focusing on violence (including violence against women, hence the band's name). Maybe it's all supposed to be a big joke. But I don't get it. (CM)

Yage self-titled 7" Level Plane Records • The packaging on this is great (die-cut insert and spot varnish on the cover). But the music is even better. This five-piece hails from Cologne, Germany and have been around for about three years. Their brand of hardcore is infectious. It's incredibly intense but not void of melody while the screaming vocals add an extra level of emotion. The socio/political lyrics and commentary (on the insert) are equally quite impressive. The band reminds me at time of harder Boy Sets Fire or Grade. (CM)

These reviews represent the "best of" music that was reviewed for this issue by IMPACT Press music reviewers.

Boards of CanadaGeogaddiWarp Records • When BoC's last album, "Music has the Right to Children" came out, rumors abounded that they were into the occult due to their incomprehensible voices speaking in tongues. Geogaddi, their first album in four years, is 66 minutes and 6 seconds long. Hmmmm. Their melodic, melancholic sound is, as usual, peppered with children's voices and beautiful keyboard lines. And is that Leslie Nielsen on "Dandelion?" Somehow, BoC manage to make their tracks sound both electronic and organic at the same time. (AL)

Coheed and Cambria The Second Stage Turbine Blade Equal Vision • Some bands leave me at a loss for words upon first listen. I had been told these guys are good. I had been lied to, though. "Good" understates the abilities and quality of music offered up by this upstate New York quartet. Combining melodic emotional rock with the ferocity of hardcore, Coheed and Cambria create songs that tell stories and pound the ears with skillful musicianship and an energy that gets under your skin. The album opens up reminding me of Hankshaw (that Florida emo band with male vocals that sounded more like a girl) but then transitions into sounds that are reminiscent of At The Drive-Inıs best material. Despite the heartfelt nature each song is delivered with, aggression and intensity is never sacrificed. While this isn't purely hardcore, it most certainly is not the stereotyped, sappy nature of emorock. Somewhere in between, Coheed and Cambria has found itself a niche and few bands can touch them. (CM)

Dianogah Millions of Brazilians Southern Records • It's been a while since Dianogah's last album, Battle Champions, and in that time they modified their sound a bit. Not limited to the core trio of two bass guitars and drums, they added electric guitars, plenty of keys and even a clarinet to round out their compositions. Their sound is still centered around the two dueling bass players, but fuller. (AL)

DragnaSlimDublin & The Beatcave Hermit There Is No Easy Definition Underground Sounds of America • This amazing album is a cross between Beck and Cake with a touch of Paul's Boutique. These two guys have a different style while spitting rhymes over live instruments, telling great stories that add a twist to our everyday lives. Incorporating a multitude of sounds with original, creative lyrics this disc is a fresh breathe of air while mixing positive hip-hop and utilizing jazz, funk, soul and funk. "United Front" touches on war and our government, "Please' is a trippy tale about safe sex and "Folly: Chapters 1 & 2" is about some bullies who get taught a lesson. The way all of this is delivered is what makes this album shine. (JC)

Illogic Got Lyrics? Weightless Recordings • I won't even mention where he's from. The only thing that matters is that you need to here what this guy has to say. Tongue-twisting lyrics are delivered with confidence and something worthwhile to say with the intent to prove those who did not believe in him wrong. This cat is down with crews like Definitive Jux and Rhymesayers Entertainment. His funky beats are laid out by Blueprint and are the perfect landscape for this emcee. The whole disc is tight but notably "Too Many Times," "Day By Day" and "Breaking Bread" (which Blueprint rhymes on). The surprise of it all is the hidden spoken word material included. This project is his second release, can't wait for the third. Got Lyrics? Illogic does. (JC)

Piebald We Are The Only Friends We Have Big Wheel Recreation • Piebald's work spans more than seven years and with this full-length release they offer up their most solid and powerful release to date. The sound is thick, tight and melodic as all get out. The opening track is a catchy and lyrically amusing tune about the band's tour van. And that's just the beginning of what is a really strong rock album featuring sometimes quirky, sometimes personal, and always intelligent lyrics. The guitars have just the right amount of feedback, the basslines are super thick and the drums bounce along with precise fills and tempo changes aplenty. Vocally, Piebald always delivers. With the more straightforward approach to this album, Travis' vocals get even more attention and deservedly so. While bands like Jimmy Eat World have rock-a-fied their sound in a way that took their music backwards, Piebald definitely takes a leap forward. (CM)

Red Shift Mantra Deep Field Image Manteis Recordings • Just over a year ago, Red Shift Mantra released a self-titled EP of four beautiful songs combining ambient textures with electronic effects and ethereal vocals. Their latest release, Deep Field Image, includes three of the four songs, plus five new tracks that expand on their sound. Their trance-inducing style is augmented by actual beats in a few songs, including a house beat on "Kobayashi Maru," and a jazzy one on "Prominence." (AL)

Sage Francis Personal Journals anticon • Aesop Rock and, now, Sage Francis keep being mentioned as the next big thing for hip-hop. But the fact is, they already are a big thing; people just can't fathom their music. And while they're getting mad clout and respect in some press outlets, they're unlikely to ever "hit the big time." Which probably suits Paul Francis (aka Sage Francis) just fine. Already a well-known freestyler and slam poet, Sage finally delivers some recorded shit for those craving to hear what all the hype is about. Listen up, 'cause you'll learn quickly. The opening track rages across rapid drum and bass beats with Sage firing rhyme after rhyme, line after line. Then it flows into track two, a similarly driving cut but with a much deeper funk and big basslines. And it goes on from there (don't miss horn-heavy track four), morphing from track to track (18 of 'em) with Sage never once letting up on his flawless flows. Yeah, Sage may be the "next big thing," but there's not reason to wait and see ­ get on board this runaway rhyme train before you get run down by it. (CM)

Sewing With Nancie Take A Look at Yourself Fastmusic • I love it. These guys seem like a pack of knuckleheads that you would love to go get a beer with. Funny songs with a strong melodic sensibility make this a disc that you will enjoy. These boys, our neighbors to the north, are Canadian, but we will not hold that against them. They are way cooler than most other Canadians like Micheal J. Fox. Iıll bet that they could kick his ass. They are a really good band. (MK)

Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends Victory • I remember when I first heard Save's the Day's "Thru Being Cool" and was excited about pop-punk/ emo, and then being disappointed with everything that they released after that. Taking Back Sunday is what I wished they would have sounded like with their next release. I was blown away by this debut release. They are cute and poppy, but at the same time they keep their sound edgy. This is a good one worth owning. (KM)

The Frequency Organization Fluke The Frequency Organization • Exciting, new, and penetrating, this album has some important things to say, and an unbelievably otherworldly way of saying them. Few bands are brave enough to at times fall back to some '70s style rock chord progressions and then throw some robot-sounding voice modulation in your face and kick your ass with haunting alien riffs, and then coast along on some gentle acoustic guitar. The album is well produced to boot, and sounds clear as a bell. (DP)

The Long Winters The Worst You Can Do Is Harm Barsuk • Talk about being taken by surprise, I didn't think too much of this CD when I picked it up out of the stack. I was in love with in on the first listen. Amazing songwriting, amazing lyrics, personal and poignant. The sound is inventive, creative, experimental at times, but never annoying. It just works, as a whole this CD just fits perfectly into its self. (KM)

The Miracle of 86 Self-titled Immigrant Sun • This is my new favorite band I think. This album and this band are simply put amazing. 10 songs that will have you in love with them the first you hear them. Imagine acoustic songs and then plug them in, turn them up, and let them rock. All the lyrics will have you thinking and the music will make you move, the song writing style mixes these two elements perfectly. (KM)

The Wage Of Sin The Product of Deceit and Loneliness Immigrant Sun • I hesitate to even mention this is an all-girl hardcore band. I say that because it's a fucking amazing hardcore album period, and the all-girl part shouldnıt really matter. This CD will scald the inside of your head, it will make your ears bleed, it will break your stereo speakers, and it will make the old man who lives next door come over and tell you to turn it down. Wage of Sin is one of the best new hardcore bands out there and I canıt wait to see them live. (KM)

Thrice The Illusion of Safety Sub-City • "...sonic and emotive..." says the record label press release, yeah I'll take that. At first it comes off like a hammer of a hard hitting wall of noise with traditional hardcore elements of screaming and earth shaking beats, along the way you have some singing that nicely offsets the force of the screaming, and more importantly doesnıt sound wimpy. Thrice have a good thing going indeed. (KM)

Various Artists The Funky 16 Corners Stones Throw Records • Fans of the funk rejoice! Stones Throw has assembled 22 tracks from 16 artists of the '60s and '70s you may never have heard from before. If you're tired of the same old tired funk comps, then get your mitts on The Funky 16 Corners. Try not to trip over yourself as you inevitably get up and dance to these should-be classics. (AL)

In alphabetical order. Please write them.

Adeline Records, 5337 College Ave #318, Oakland, CA 94618
A-F Records, PO Box 71266, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
AK Press, 674A 23rd ST. Oakland, CA 94612-1163
All The Dead Pilots, PO Box 508, Hanover, MD 21076
amBiguous CITY! Records, PO Box 31560, Baltimore, MD 21207
Anchor & Hope, c/o Burd Early, 146 Wickham Rd., Garden City, NY 11530
Anticon, c/o 6months Distribution, 5878.5 Doyle St., Emeryville, CA 94608
Artemis Records, 130 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10011
Asian Man Records, PO Box 35585, Monte Sereno, CA 95030
Asitis Productions, Daemon Records, PO Box 1207, Decatur, GA 30031
B9000 Records, Burggravenlaan 20, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
Barsuk Records, PO Box 22546 Seattle, WA 98122
Beer City Records, Box 26035, Milwaukee, WI 53226-0035
Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Avenue #24, Boston, MA 02115
Blackbean and Placenta, PO Box 1476, Frazier Park, CA 93225
Boxing Clever Records, 10 New Friendship Rd., Howell, NJ 07731
Brazil, PO Box 1274, Muncie, IN 47308
BYO Records, PO Box 67609, Los Angeles CA 90067
Captain Tonic, PO Box 420393, San Francisco, CA 94142-0393
Cargo Music, 4901-906 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92117-3432
Casa Recording Co., 4509 Interlake Ave N, #305, Seattle, WA 98103
Chocolate Industries, no contact info available
Chrome St. Magnus, Am Bahnhof St. Magnus 10, 28759 Bremen, Germany
Compost Records, Haager Str. 10, D-81671, Munich, Germany
Confined Records, 807 North Maple Street, Eaton, OH 45320
Conquer The World Records, PO Box 40282 Redford MI 48240
Constellation, PO Box 42002, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2W 2T3
Deaddroid Records, PO Box 68061, Grand Rapids, MI 49516
Deep Elm Records, PO Box 36939 Charlotte, NC 28236
Definitive Jux, 199 Lafayette St. #3b, NY, NY 10012
Devil in the Woods Records, PO Box 579168, Modesto, CA 95357
Diaphragm Records, PO Box 10388, Columbus, OH 43201
Dischord Records, 3819 Beecher St. NW, Washington DC 20007
D-text Records, no contact info available
Eighteenth St. Lounge, 1210 18th Street NW, Ste. 200B, Wash., DC 20036
Elis Eil Records, PO Box 1282, Queens, NY 11372
Emperor Norton Records, 102 Robinson Street, Los Angeles CA 90026
File-13 Records, PO Box 2302, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Equal Vision Records, PO Box 14 Hudson NY 12534
Fastmusic, Box 206512 New Haven, CT 06520
Fat Wreck Chords, PO Box 193690, San Francisco, CA 94119-3690
Fenway Recordings, PO Box 15614, Kenmore Station, Boston, MA 02215
Future Farmer, PO Box 225128 San Francisco, CA 94122
GABBA, 20 Cuthbert Road, Brighton BN2 0EN England
Gammon Records, 111 E. 14th Street #179, New York, NY 10003
Geographic, PO Box 549, Glasgow G12 9NQ, Scotland, UK
Gern Blandsten Records, PO Box 356, River Edge, NJ 07661
Glue Factory Records, PO Box 404, Redondo Beach,CA 90277
Go Kart Records, PO Box 20, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012
Good Looking Records, 84 Queens Road, Watford Herts, WD17 2LA, UK
High Speed Recordings, PO Box 20, Prince Street Station, NY, NY 10012
Ignition, PO Box 333, Margate, Kent, CTP 2FY-UK
Immigrant Sun Records, PO box 150711 Brooklyn, NY 11215
In Music We Trust, 15213 SE Bevington Ave, Portland, OR 97267-3365
Infect Records, PO Box 1201, Tacoma, WA 98401-1201
Initial Records, PO Box 17131 Louisville, KY 40217
Jade Tree, 2310 Kenwynn Rd. Wilmington DE 19810
Jagjaguwar, 1021 South Walnut, Bloomington, IN 47401
Keep Safe Records, 1016 Berlin Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
King Crab Records, 2255 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 4W, Chicago, IL 60616
Knife and Death Records, 805 Adele St. Northfield, NJ 08225
Leeche, no contact info available
Level Plane Records, PO Box 280, Cooper Station, NY, NY 10276
Lookout Records!, 3264 Adeline Street, Berkley, CA 94703
Loose Thread Recordings, PO Box 220181, Chicago, IL 60622
Lovitt Recordings, PO Box 248 Arlington, VA 22210
Major7 Records, 1646 Page St., San Francisco, CA 94117
Manifesto, 740 North La Brea Ave., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Manteis Recordings, no contact info available
Medea Records, PO Box 99055, Troy, Michigan 48099-9055
Merge Records, PO Box 1235, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, 4790 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121
Mush Records, 1742 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046
My Records, PO Box 41730, Santa Barbara, CA 93140
Nettwerk America, 8730 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 304, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211
New Disorder Records, 115 Bartlett St., San Francisco, CA 94110
Ninja Tune Records, PO Box 4296, London, SE11 4WW, UK
No Idea Records, PO Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604-4636
No Karma Recordings, PO Box 71203, Milwaukee, WI 53211-7303
NorthernBlues Music, 225 Sterling Rd., Unit 19, Toronto, ON, M6R 2B2
Pattern 25 Records, 610 20th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112
Radical Records, 77 Bleeker St. #c2-21 New York, NY 10012
Recordhead & Mr Whiggs c/o Luna, 1521 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Resurrection A.D. Records, PO Box 763, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Right-Left Records, 112 Des Pinar Ln. Longwood, FL 32750
Ronin Records, 11/13 Corsham St, London N1 6DP England
S.H.Ar.Q., 2 School St. Base. 2, Northampton, MA 01060
Sadie/The Alps, 283 19th St #1, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Satovan, c/o CCB, 510 North 104th Street, Seattle, WA 98133
Scene Police, Humboldtstrasse 15, 53115 Bonn, Germany
Second Chance Records, 5160 SW 20th St., Plantation, FL 33317
Sequence Records, 588 Broadway, Suite 1003, New York, NY 10012
Side One Dummy Recs, 6201 Sunset Blvd. #211, Hollywood, CA 90028
Sinister Label, PO Box 1178 La Grange PK, IL 60526
Smegma Records, PO Box 18532, Rochester, NY 14618
Soft Skull Press, 98 Suffolk no. 3A, NCY, NY 10002
Solomon, 50 R.C. Kelley Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
Sonic Unyon, PO Box 57347 Jackson Station, Hamilton, ON L8P 4X2 Canada
Southern Records, PO Box 577375, Chicago, IL 60657
Stones Throw, 8117 W. Manchester Ave. #644, Los Angeles, CA 90293
Sub City Records, PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409
Suicide Squeeze Records, PO Box 80511, Seattle, WA 98108
Technical Echo Records, 172 Fifth Ave. #51 Brooklyn, NY 11217
The Arena Rock Rec. Co., 68 Greenpoint Ave. 4th Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11222
The Frequency Organization, 9373 Monona Dr., La Mesa, CA 91942
The Marginal Prophets, PO Box 591794, San Francisco, CA 94159-1794
The Remedy Session, 1501 SW 25th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
The Wifebeaters, PO Box 5192, Redwood City, CA 94063
Thick Records, 409 N. Wolcott Ave., Chicago, IL 60622
Three Day Records, 16 Crane Branch Ct., Columbia, SC 29212
Tiger Style Records, 149 Wooster St. 14th Floor, New York, NY 10012
Tortuga Recordings, Box 15608, Boston, MA 02115
Touch and Go Records, PO Box 25520, Chicago, IL 60625
Trustkill, 23 Farm Edge Ln. Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
Ubiquity Records, 864 W. 16th Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663
Underground Sounds of America, PO Box 5617, Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Vagrant Records, PMB 361, 2118 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90403
Victory Records, 346 N. Justine St. Suite 504 Chicago, IL 60607
Voltage Recordings, Box F7, 1000 Smith Level Rd, Carrboro, NC 27510
Warp Records, PO Box 25378, London, NW5 1GL England
Weightless Recordings, 5873 Karric Square Drive, #287, Dublin, OH 43018
Wise and Foolish Builders, 503 N. Franklin St., West Chester, PA 19380
Wrought Records, PO Box 1804, Kearney, NE 68848

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