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CD reviews

Abilene self-titled Slowdime Records • This trio features former members from Hoover, Lustre King and Chisell Drill Hammer. Their musical past is evident in this self-titled debut, where songs tend to be slow and long, with few vocals and plenty of guitar picking. Precise drumming by Scott Adamson plays a role in each song, setting the pace which is followed by Craig Ackerman and Alex Dunham playing bass and guitar, respectively.

ADNY Selections 97-2000 Turbo Records • Chilean born Alexi Delano blends Soul, Techno and other types of electronica for his unique take on Deep House music. This sound is characterized by mid tempo beats, ethereal keyboards, sensual samples and additional percussion elements, usually Conga drums. He also experiments a bit with Electro, as heard on "Desierto de Atacama." The songs are perfect for any dance floor, yet also hold up during individual listening.

Against All Authority Nothing New for Trash Like You Sub City • This release doesn't really require much of a review. It's 18 tracks of "out-of-print/hard-to-find songs from 1992-2000". AAA are from Miami and this release is a great overview of their powerful, snotty, melodic punk rock style. Obviously, they've been around a while -- and over the past nine years they've grown into a mainstay of the punk scene. This release benefits The Tooth Fairy Project, "a national scientific study looking for links between cancer and environmental radioactive pollution".

AM Stereo Suffocation Town Intelligent Records • The vocals are great, the driving force of this album for me. While none of the guys who sing on here are particularly good, their delivery and vocals are honest, sincere and committed to the intention of each track. The music is rock and roll with strong melodies and a good amount of feedback. It reminds me somewhat of Pinehurst Kids or Seven Story Mountain, but less punk.

AM/FM Mutilate Us Polyvinyl Record Co. • Mutilate Us features pop arrangements and acoustic guitar work with somewhat layered and effected vocals. You'll find yourself tapping your toes to "Secretly Odds in Knowing Normal Worlds," while "A Best Man (Put My Girlfriend on Fire)" will make you a bit sad. "You and Me at 53" sounds kind of like Blur, and "Those Long Arms" has a country flavor. As you can see, AM/FM's new album is categorized, but easy to enjoy.

Ann Beretta New UnionSOld Glory Lookout! • When the anthems of Avail are combined with the teen angst of Green Day, you get the general idea of Ann Beretta. There's a working-class feel to the empowering, socially aware tunes on this 12-track release. While it won't bowl you over with chunky riffs, speed-core or wild tempo changes, you'll find the "homey" melodies, akin to Social Distortion, pulling you in more with each listen.

Antifreeze Four Letter Words Kung Fu Records • Fans of the Ataris will love Antifreeze. Probably because the Ataris themselves helped "discover" this band, and Ataris singer Kris Roe even produced the album. The result is 14 excellent tracks of fast pop-punk, full of harmonies and melodies. They even employed the use of a drum machine and keyboards on a few tracks, something that most punk bands tend to stay away from.

Aviso Hara Made From Scratch Powerbunny 4x4 Records • Aviso Hara has been around New Jersey since 1995. They continue to play their unique blend of noise-rock and pop, making them not exactly easy to label. This is a cool CD comprised of their early singles and six previously unreleased songs.

Big Bud Late Night Blues Good Looking Records • On this double CD, Big Bud goes further than before with his musical exploration. Disc One is supposed to be a live recording, with hall effects on the chatter between tracks and fake audience clapping. (It might have been live, but it sounded fake to me!). It starts out with the Hip Hop flavored "Return of the Spiritman," with Big Bud rapping over a mighty groovy, downtempo beat. "Baby" and "Mombassa" have a dZihan & Kamien feel to them, with plenty of ethnic percussion and ethereal atmospheres. Disc Two brings him back to reality, with 8 solid tracks of the Drum N' Bass he is known for. My one complaint about this CD is that the tracks take way too long to develop, making them too repetitive. While this may be advantageous on a dance floor, it tries the patience when listening to it at home.

Big In Japan Destroy The New Rock Honest Don's Records • Dammit! This Honest Don guy is a fricking genius! I think I've reviewed about 10 discs from this company and not one dog in the bunch. This is no exception. Mixing a blend of big melodies, buzzing guitars and punk-pop rhythms, this band switches from pop to punk on a dime. It's Elvis Costello at 20 again. It's more fun than Blink or Green Day and they've never even BEEN to Japan.

Bill Rieflin/Chris Connelly Largo First World Music • If you know of either Bill Rieflin or Chris Connelly, you know that Connelly has played for the Revolting Cocks and Ministry, where Rieflin was the drummer. With that knowledge, you might expect Largo to be an all-out, heavily distorted guitar affair, where chaos rules. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rieflin had already proven that he could step from behind Ministry's shadow and go out on his own, with the critically acclaimed Birth of a Giant. Even then, he toned down the guitars and created a sound all his own, even with Pop influences. He had wanted to record with Connelly since their Ministry days, and given the opportunity, they jumped on the chance to drop a few jaws. First of all, there are barely any drums at all. The guitar parts are acoustic, and they added piano and a string section. Chris Connelly's singing is eerily reminiscent of Talking Head David Byrne. These two artists have shown that they have grown up, and they would like us to come with them to a new musical place.

Bis Music For A Stranger World Lookout! Records • You may have noticed that the 1980's are making a comeback of sorts. Bands like the Faint and the DMX Krew capitalize on those old synth pop sounds and update them for the new century. Bis's newest album follows in that tradition, but with a more polished sound. Their adopting of that highly danceable beat of New Wave acts like New Order does not come across as sarcastic. In fact, the fact that they really dig this kind of music is endearing. The vocals are shared by both a male and a female, making Music for a Stranger World an engaging and enjoyable listen.

Boris The Sprinkler Gay Go-Kart Records • Boris The Sprinkler continues their campaign to lower the collective IQ of the entire world. This is really, really stupid, but doggonit, it's also a darn good disc. You'll love touching songs like "I Don't Really Want to Walk to Taco Bell Without You" and "Motherfucker, Are You Ready to Rock?" This is fun rock and roll music with a non-threatening, pseudo-badass attitude. Gay is a disc that you will try very hard to get out of your head, but you can't, so just give up and let them take over. It only hurts for a second.

Bright Eyes/Son, Ambulance Oh, Holy Fools Saddle Creek • It is a bold statement, but I dare say that Conor Oberst (from Bright Eyes) is a candidate for best poet/songwriter to emerge since Dylan. I make this hefty assumption after hearing the disturbingly heartfelt and sublime track "Going for the Gold" on the new Bright Eyes/Son, Ambulance split CD. The second song (of eight total) on the split and the first by Bright Eyes, it only took one listen for me to realize that Oberst is something rare. This guy is legitimate, a true poet laureate and songwriter supreme. The Son, Ambulance songs are great as well but they are merely stars outshone by a brilliant shining sun.

Butchies 3 Mr. Lady Records • This North Carolina trio focuses on "Queercore," which is really not so much a style of music, but rather a way to let the audience know that they are proud to be lesbians. If this bothers you, that's too bad, since the music is quite good. They blend strong guitars with emotional singing courtesy of Alison Martlew, formerly of Team Dresch.

Canyon self-titled Slowdime Records • Canyon create an ethereal atmosphere in their music, evoking Pink Floyd's trippy sound, but with less audio effects or flying pigs. They do add some keyboards, accordion and harmonica which create a southern feel. The heavily echoed singing is almost whiny, making this CD perfect for a rainy afternoon.

CO2 First Time Around Splivey Cool Entertainment • If someone played this for me without knowing who it was, I'd think that Pearl Jam joined up with Living Colour for some Millennium Crap tour. While this isn't awful, it's also not great and not very original.

Crispus Attucks The First Album Soda Jerk Records • Originally released in the Summer of 1998, this album quickly went out of print and demand has called for its re-release. This version has been re-mixed, re-mastered and re-packaged. It's 13 tracks of aggressive hardcore with a socio-political message that combines the rapid-fire old-school attitude with the tempo changes and breakdowns of new school hardcore. (Ahh, what a lovely mix.)

Dashboard Confessional The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most Vagrant • Leaving behind his emo-core aggressions, Chris Carrabba (ex-Further Seems Forever and Vacant Andys) has put forth his second solo album. Using emotionally charged vocals and lyrics, Carrabba captures the listener with beautifully orchestrated tunes. Combining emo with acoustic music is nothing new, but Carrabba does it better than anyone out there. The vocal melodies are supported by infectious guitar work and drumming that will have your toes tapping along immediately.

Denison Witmer The '80s EP Burnt Toast Vinyl • Witmer is a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia with sincere vocals and a good musical backing. This is definitely radio-digestible material. His style is acoustic-based and pop-oriented. The ‘80s EP is a seven-track offering that includes two versions of the title track and five other new tunes.

Diecast Day of Reckoning Now or Never Records • You've got 10 cuts of ear-splitting hardcore/metalcore here. Diecast has been on the Boston hardcore scene for nearly five years now and have made a big name for themselves in the Northeast. Relying on their brand of relentless breakdowns and vocal hooks, they are poised to make a name for themselves everywhere they go.

Diesel Boy Rode Hard And Put Away Wet Honest Don's • Usually, and unfortunately, I can think of several bands with whom to compare a band I am reviewing. It is great to be able to say that these guys don't sound too much like any band I've heard (at least recently). This is pop-punk that stretches the boundaries of the genre so that it includes more than the standard issue tried-and-true catches and riffs.

xDisciplex A.D. Heaven and Hell Triple Crown Records • Wow! A hard pounding Christian Straight Edge Hardcore Metal release! If you're in the need for a positive message that isn't preachy and you're a fan of metallic hardcore and death metal, definitely pick this up. Though I enjoyed reading the lyrics, I'm not a huge fan of metallic hardcore so I didn't get into the music much. The artwork inside is very cool, so check it out on the record.

Dr. Know Habily What Was Old Is New Cleopatra • This features 14 songs of old-school punk that will have you kicking someone's teeth in by the third song. These guys have been around in various incarnations since the early ‘80s spreading their fueled-up, ass-kicking variety of punk. I strongly suspect that these guys had a big influence on Guttermouth's sound. Fast, short songs that make their point and shut up.

Dryspell Kitty Porn Ill Legal Records • Hailing from Arizona by way of San Francisco, Dryspell creates its own style of Power-Pop blended with Alternative, with buzzing guitars and melodic vocals. When John Morris sings the high notes, he sounds like the lead singer for the 1980's one (or two) hit wonder the Outfield. Even though most of the tracks on Kitty Porn are drenched in energy, the guys find the time to calm things down and do a couple of slow songs.

dZihan & Kamien Refreaked Six Degrees Records • Being remixers themselves, dZihan and Kamien decided to turn over the tracks for their last release, Freaks and Icons, to some qualified producers, so that they could rework them as they pleased. The result is Refreaked, a collection of 10 different remixes of nine different songs, with "Smile" being the only one that appears as two different versions. The vibe from the original songs is intact, but the remixes are different enough so you don't think that you are listening to the original songs. Deep House, Downtempo, Dub and even a bit of Drum 'N Bass are all present, with some Eastern samples thrown in. If you enjoyed Freaks and Icons, you should definitely check Refreaked out.

Edie Sedgwick First Reflections Dischord/Mud Memory Records • Edie Sedgwick is a drum and bass duo. No, not the electronic music genre characterized by sped up hip hop beats, but rather two guys who play a drum kit and a bass, plus some singing. All tracks act as tribute to actors, with titles like "Faye Dunaway," "Sean Connery" or "Hilary Swank." The music is very free-form at times, mostly frenetic, fusing a bit of punk attitude into the mix. There is more to these songs than just the music, so you have to pay attention to the details to get the whole experience.

Eighteen Visions Until the Ink Runs Out Trustkill Records • A new hardcore sound? You bet. Eighteen Visions sound just a bit different but there's no mistaking the energy they put out. I think it's mainly from the distorted bass sound they get. Whatever it is, it's working and people in Orange County, CA already know it.

El Guapo The Geography of Dissolution Mud Memory Records • One word describes El GuapoSexperimental. This is the kind of music that some people listen to because they know everyone else in the world will dismiss it as random noises made with accordion, glockenspiel, guitar, drums and horns. That way, they can pretend to be cooler than everyone else. I don't mind improvisational free-form (Storm and Stress comes to mind), but this was a bit too much for me. You can forget about me trying to describe the music, since it is impossible. You'll have to check it out for yourself. Oh, by the way, this CD was recorded live during two different performances. The crowd sounds like they enjoyed the show.

Ester Drang Goldenwest Burnt Toast Vinyl • If you enjoy spacey, ethereal music that is mostly instrumental, then Goldenwest is for you. Like All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors, the members of Ester Drang create soundscapes with their instruments, lulling you into a state of conscious hypnosis. The vocals are smooth and heavily reverbed, further contributing to the state of beautiful limbo. It is suggested that the listener not operate heavy machinery while listening to this album!

Fabulous Disaster Put Out Or Get Out Pink & Black Records • These four leather clad chicks from San Francisco give the impression of being rough and tough. After all, they have the piercings and the tattoos. They also have talent. Their songs are melodic punk chock full of amazing harmonies and layered vocals. Even though they are not breaking new ground here, it's good to see more all-girl bands getting exposure and respect.

Face to Face Standards and Practices Vagrant Recordings • For this, their latest release, Face to Face decided to make "the ultimate mix tape." Each band member chose a couple of songs that had influenced them and then recorded those songs, trying to come as close to the original version, while adding a punk touch. The songs include "What Difference Does it Make?" (The Smiths), "Don't Change" (INXS), "Planet of Sound" (Pixies), "The KKK Took My Baby Away" (Ramones), "Merchandise" (Fugazi) and "That's Entertainment" (The Jam). Forget those 80's compilations they sell on TV, get Standards and Practices instead.

Fairweather If They MoveSKill Them Equal Vision Records • Suh-weeeet! This is the kind of band that you'd see open for your favorite band. Then, after the show you'd talk about Fairweather more than the headliner. The first thing you'll notice is the sound. Not only THEIR sound, but THE sound. This sounds like it was produced by a 20-year veteran. The songs themselves are an energetic, hook-filled mix of emo-core and punk. The tunes are intense, yet they never lose their rhythm and Jay's voice stays consistent throughout. There are some really nice melodies on here, too. It's hard to believe the band is barely more than a year old. This is their first full-length CD and I can only hope there will be many more to follow.

Fauna Flash Fusion Compost Records • Three years after their debut album Aquarius hit the Drum 'N Bass scene, Flash Fusion return with their follow up, Fusion. The first track, "Mother Nature," is not what you'd expect from this duo from Munich. It is in fact a dub song, complete with Rasta sounding vocals. Next up is "Percussion," a heavily Latinized track which was written as a tribute to the now late King of the Timbales, Tito Puente. It is on track three "Free," where the sound you know as Drum 'N Bass comes in. Instead of the hard and heavy repetitions of, say, Photek, they instead add jazz elements, such as Hammond organs and laid back saxophone interludes, to make their sound more accessible and enjoyable. "Alone Again" and "Ten" veer off into House territory, complemented by waves of synthesized sound. "Referee" features a frenetic breakbeat, also surrounded by jazzy instrumentation and a heavily echoed and unrecognizable vocal sample, while the last track, "Question," features rapping by the Aphrodelics. As you can see, Fauna Flash is not afraid to experiment with different styles in the Electronic music scene, instead of pigeonholing themselves into one genre.

Film School Brilliant Career Metoo! Records • You'd never know it, but Film School's members rotate instruments often. But they are firmly anchored by the band's founder and songwriter, Krayg Burton. Their songs layer guitars and keyboards effortlessly, and range from slow to medium tempo. Guest players include Pavement's Scott Kannberg, Fuck's Kyle Statham and Glitter Mini 9's Mauri Skinfill.

Fireside Hello Kids Crank! Records • Hello Kids starts out with a beautiful xylophone and reverbed guitars on "Beautiful Island, Ugly Natives," which builds intensity as it goes on. It releases its built up energy on "Silver Muscle Car," and pretty much keeps the pace throughout this massive 71 minute collection of unreleased tracks, b-sides and other rare stuff, including some tracks previously available only on vinyl. This Swiss quartet injects punk style into hard rock/metal, yet are not afraid to experiment with keyboards and vibes.

Frank Black and the Catholics Dog in the Sand What Are Records? • No, the Pixies are not getting back together. Frank Black simply asked his former bandmate Joey Santiago to play guitar on a couple of songs. Three songs to be exact. And this album is no tribute to his 1980's job as frontman for the legendary Pixies. It is somewhat of a collection of songs that represent American music. It was recorded live on a 2-track, achieving a live atmosphere. "Blast Off" is a lively rocker with Eric Feldman adding a touch of Billy Joel with piano licks. Morris Tepper contributes with some banjo playing in "St. Francis Dam Disaster," which also features a steel pedal guitar. "Bullet" might as well be sung by Johnny Cash. But by far the most interesting song is "Stupid Me," which sounds like it belongs on an oldies station, with Black singing way too high.

Fred Everything Under the Sun Turbo Records • Even though Fred Everything has been involved with the electronica scene for a few years, he is only now releasing his debut album. The wait will have been worth it for fans of House music. This CD incorporates flowing samples of a few styles, like Latin and Funk, held up by groovy bass lines and repetitive yet inventive drum breaks.

Frenzal Rhomb Shut Your Mouth Fat Wreck Chords • Straight from the Outback of Australia come Frenzal Rhomb. Their take on melodic pop punk is fast and catchy. Even though it's been a while since their last release, due to the lead singer's health problems, they sound like they never missed a beat. 16 tracks of adrenaline fueled punk with a tinge of hardcore in a few tracks.

Frodus And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea Fueled by Ramen Records • When I popped in this CD, the killer bass line on "Red Bull of Juarez" began, and the screaming vocals thundered, and I thought to myself..."Ok, another hardcore record." Then "The Earth Isn't Humming" came in and I thought..."Wow, this guy is singing now, and the guitars aren't totally distorted. This must be an Indie/Post Punk record." Then "There Will Be No More Scum" brought its Soundgarden style guitar riff and I thought..."Ok, maybe this is some kind of grunge/emo record." "Belgian Congo" is an instrumental ballad, and "Hull Crush Depth" features a programmed drum loop. I think you get the picture. Although the predominant feel is toward hardcore, you would be hard pressed to categorize Frodus, so don't even try it. Suffice it to say that they kick ass, no matter what kind of music they decide to play.

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci The Blue Trees Mantra Recordings • Judging the name of this band, you'd never guess that Gorky's Zygotic Mynci is a Welsh band. You'd probably imagine they are Russian. By listening to the music, however, you'd probably think they are American, since their music is completely acoustic and shares elements with 60's era folk music. Smooth guitars and soothing vocals (all in English) will have you thinking about the days of peace and love.

Greg Howard Band Lift Espresso Records • Greg Howard is one of the few full time Chapman Stick players around. This remarkable instrument is based on a guitar, but is played by tapping the strings, instead of plucking them, allowing the user to play two separate parts at the same time, one with each hand. Incorporating this instrument as the centerpiece for his band, Greg Howard focuses on adult contemporary fare, instrumental and jazzy compositions whose polished style is reminiscent of Special EFX. But don't be discouraged if you're fearful of adult contemporary. The sounds created by the Chapman Stick deserve to be checked out.

Groove Armada Live Jive Electro Records • Fans of Groove Armada's mixture of live instrumentation with DJ samples will really like this CD. It features live recordings and rehearsal outtakes that lean on the jazzy side and emphasize the live aspect. This is not really a dance record. It is more appropriate for driving with the top down on a beachfront avenue.

Hollydrift Hail The Frozen North self-released • Hollydrift is one dude, Mathias Anderson. He blends aural atmospheres with found and other sound sources and makes "soundscapes with heart." This is a three-song EP and it's quite interesting.

Idle Hands Building a Desert Trustkill Records • Wow!!! Now this is new to me. This is like emo-core with one huge difference: Meaghan Ball on vocals. This really floored me. Her voice is incredible and it's not lost at all in the music. And, the great part, she keeps up (and then some) without having to scream. She reminds me at times of the chick from The Cranberries. What's her name? Who cares. What really matters is that this is a band with a rarely seen blend of huge riffs and beats, and a very sweet voice carrying through. "Behind My Back" is amazing, as is "Popular" (great melodies) and "Home of the Hits."

Jesper Dahlbäck Stockholm Mix Sessions Turbo Recordings • Turbo Recordings decided to let Jasper Dahlbäck produce his own continuous compilation CD after contributing a few well received tracks to the Montreal Mix Sessions Volumes 1 and 2. This mix features jazzy House and Techno music from Blue 6, Isolee, Gemini Sounds and the Rurals, as well as his own under the moniker the Persuader. The beat is non-stop, the bass lines are heavy, and there is plenty of Latin percussion and some female vocals, even some flamenco guitars are mixed in on "Off the Beaten Path," by Solaris Heights.

JJ Nobody and the Regulars Rock 'n' Roll Doesn't End at 2:00 Hopeless Records • Do you like the Nobodys? Well, this is frontman JJ in full effect. The music is beer-fueled rock and roll with a driving energy and punk attitude. Don't expect wildly creative song instrumentation or kooky tempo changes; do expect to have a rocking good time.

Joi Veer On self-released • Strong on influence from U2, Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, and Pearl Jam, this debut album features a great array of inspired songwriting that is extremely fluid. Gentle guitars and soft percussion rhythms bubble softly underneath Veer's flawless vocals that do nothing short of taking flight. The subjects of his music are human experience, which he uses to render emotional ballads of honesty and conviction.

Jori Hulkkonen Helsinki Mix Sessions Turbo Recordings • In yet another installment of the Turbo Recordings Mix Sessions series, this time Helsinki resident Jori Hulkkonen takes over the decks. He has compiled 17 continuously mixed tracks by artists whose songs flow between Electro and House, always keeping in mind the decade that was the 1980's. For the first half of the CD there is also a decidedly Brazilian feel to this mix, though not an overt one. The second half slowly strips away this vibe, and evolves into straight House. Perhaps it is the way your hips shake unconsciously while you listen, but there is something special about this mix.

Josh Joplin Group Useful Music Artemis Records • No. The answer to your question is no. Josh is not the son of the late Janis Joplin. He's not related to her at all. Yet it wouldn't be surprising if they were as Josh is a spirited, gifted musician, too. I first heard the JJG on the Aware compilation CD's. That's where I also heard Shawn Mullins for the first time, who, coincidentally, co-produced Useful Music with ex-Talking Head Jerry Harrison. The music itself is a simple blend of guitars, bass and drums, playing in perfect time with Joplin's honest, witty lyrics. This is a refreshing break from the corporate rock on the radio today. Fans of R.E.M. and Mullins will eat this with a big spoon.

Keepsake The End of Sound Eulogy Records • Here's my advice: If you're listening to a CD before you buy it, DON'T buy (or not buy) based on the first song. Keepsake's first song is flat-out hardcore, but the rest of the CD hangs around in an emo-core/punk vein. They do some acoustic work on here, too. I totally dig the music and the pictures in the liner notes are great.

Kevin Seconds Heaven's Near Wherever You Are Headhunter Records • No, this isn't a typo. It really is Kevin Seconds. It IS the same guy you've grown to love from 7 Seconds. This is by NO means a 7 Seconds record though. Kevin has produced a very well written and edgy pop CD here. You'll think of Elvis Costello and Mark Bolan when you listen. It's a true compliment to him as a musician when he can be just as effective screaming and jumping around as he can be standing in front of a microphone with an acoustic guitar around his neck. Very impressive.

Kind of Like Spitting & Jeff London Home: Volume 1 Post-Parlo Records • It's open mike night in somebody's living room. Woohoo! You know how open mike night's work. Few songs are actually worth two pennies. Most songs are mediocre at best. The four songs on this EP - two from Kind of Like Spitting and two from Jeff London -- aren't bad songs. In fact, they're nice, melodic, acoustic tunes with heartfelt lyrics. This, however, doesn't take away the fact that it's open mike night in somebody's living room. Woohoo!

Kind of Like Spitting One Hundred Dollar Bill OHEV Records • I'm not sure where the name came from but I don't feel like spitting at all. Actually, I feel like scoring some weed and listening to this again. This is emo-pop, a la Hayden. They sometimes play around with the songs and add an element of noise pop but it's all good and mellow. Groooovy.

King Britt Presents Sylk 130 Happiness EP Six Degrees Records • "Happiness" is the first single from Sylk 130's Re-Members Only, an album that is a tribute to pre-disco funk music. There are four versions of the song, including the album version plus three remixes by Soul Dhamma, Critical Point and King Britt himself.

Laflèche Montreal Mix Sessions, Vol. 4 Turbo Recordings • For his second installment of the successful Montreal Mix Sessions, Laflèche assembled tracks from Young & Vincenzini, Jamie Anderson, Dahlback and Krome, Bert Dunk and Paranoid Jack, among others in a continuous mix of Hard House tracks. The relentless thump of the beat will surely damage your speakers if you are not careful.

LandSpeedRecord! Road to Flight Resin Records • Since 1996, LandSpeedRecord! have been recording eclectic and slightly weird songs. Road to Flight is no exception, with Charles Jamison's lyrics as dark and humorous as ever. What in the world does he mean by "Stare into the bleeding heart of cement / How does it bleed?" or "I can barely write to someone without being buried alive in their back yard." It probably doesn't matter. Just enjoy the music.

Leatherface The Last BYO Records • The story on this release is rather confusing. In 1993, Leatherface decided they were going to break up, which they did. (They also got back together and are currently touring.) Right around that time, they had just finished recording The Last. Years passed and singer Frankie Stubbs formed a three-piece called Pope, and recorded some songs with them. This year, BYO decided to release The Last, but also decided to include 8 tracks by Pope, for a total of 16 tracks. Beside the band member's names, Pope is not mentioned anywhere on this record, and you probably couldn't tell the difference between the two bands, anyway. Both are fronted by Frankie Stubbs's gritty, smoked-too-many-cigarettes voice, and both feature a blend of Punk and Heavy Metal that kicks ass.

Little Champions Transactions + Replications Barsuk Records • Seattle's Little Champions are an unusual, fun, hyper, poppy, indie rock band. The approach is subtle, not in your face. The melodies are strong, sensitive aspects of the musical landscape. The female vocals are not my favorite, a little too overdone for me. But the creative sounds used are quite interesting.

LTJ Bukem Producer 01 Good Looking Records • This recording can be described as a "Greatest Hits" collection, with nine of LTJ Bukem's favorite tracks from his career as a Drum N' Bass producer. Strangely enough, some tracks don't really fit well into what you would consider D N' B by today's standards. Take "Cosmic Interlude," a rather jazzy track with an upbeat tempo, but not a high bpm rate. Same goes for "Constellation," which is actually a hip-hop track with a lazy beat and rapping. "Coolin' Out," "Music" and "Demons Theme" fit better into the genre, with heavy bass lines and rapid fire drum beats. One thing all the tracks have in common is length, all being between six and ten minutes long!

Madcap Stand Your Ground Side One Dummy Records • Hell yeah! Another awesome, REAL punk disc. I'd go see these guys play in their garage every weekend. There are 12 great songs on here. The music is aggressive but simple and the harmonies (screaming, they may be) are a brilliant touch.

Mark Kozelek What's Next to the Moon Badman Recording Co. • Remember the Red House Painters? You know, they had that whole slow, melancholy rock thing going on, that made feeling sad feel kinda good. Anywho, this is the first solo effort from their lead singer Mark Kozelek. Kozelek has taken ten AC/DC tunes and stripped them down to the basics: just acoustic guitar and vocals. The song selection is interesting as well; these aren't the songs that pot smokin', domestic beer swiggin' types are grunting along to at the AC/DC rock spectacle coming soon to a major sports arena near you. No, these are lesser-known songs from the Bon Scott era that don't have quite the baggage of their more popular material. Kozelek's sparse arrangements and subtle vocals add, or perhaps reveal, depth to these simple tales. Check out his great take on the "Thunder from Down Under".

MC Conrad Logical Progression Level 4 Good Looking Records • For the fourth installment of the Logical Progression series, MC Conrad takes over both the composer and MC roles to deliver this three CD release. The first disc features Conrad, backed up by Fuze, a four piece band that brings some warmth into the recording without sacrificing the rapid fire pace of the Drum N' Bass sound. Disc two is a collection of tracks compiled by LTJ Bukem, featuring Big Bud, Nookie, Nu Moon and Intersperse. Finally, disc three, which is only available on a limited number of copies of the album, features remixes of the songs on disc one by the likes of Blame, Makoto, Rantoul and PFM. Each disc totals about 70 minutes of solid Drum N' Bass, so prepare to dedicate some time to listen to the whole set.

MC Conrad Vocalist 01 Good Looking Records • By the title of this CD, you can tell that vocals are very important to MC Conrad. For that reason, he picked nine tracks by Drum N' Bass artists such as PFM, Blame, Axis, Big Bud and Seba, and re-recorded the vocal tracks to update them and generally make them stand out more. His style is not a constant barrage of lyrics, but rather sporadic spurts of rhymes with somewhat of a Jamaican accent, while heavy on the reverb. This allows you to enjoy the tracks and makes them suitable for any DJ's set.

O.H.S. self-titled self-released • I don't know what it stands for so let me take a shot: rOckin Heavy Stuff. How's that? This is back-to-basics metal. There's not a trace of Limp or Korn on here, thank you. Fans of Corrosion of Conformity will want to marry this band. There are only four songs and that's a damned shame. I wanted to hear more and keep my neck on a swivel.

On the Might of Princes Where You Are and Where You Want to Be Creep Records • On the Might of Princes takes all the sonic fragments of the DIY music scene -- emo, screamo, and indy -- and stitches them together with amazing lyrics to create a defining record. Some might say at this point in time, it's too much to expect someone to do something original. However, On the Might of Princes filter their influences and life experiences to create a powerful listening experience you'll hear and feel, giving you a shiver down your spine.

OPE aka O-Asiatic Get Shorty! OPE Entertainment • Big props to OPE for taking care of his own shit, releasing his own records and making things happen on his terms -- and doing it better than those major label creeps. The intro skit is a hilarious rip on all those fake-ass thugs rhyming about bullshit ghetto life. From there things take off. OPE's flow is intense, so you better invest in this disc. "Get Shorty" is a 40-minute tour of hardcore rhymes, addictive beats, samples and creative loops. "I riverdance all over your face!" -- now that's some rugged, real-ass speech. OPE comes tough, but he shows his intelligence and ability to mix in humor is more important than how big he can flex.

Phantom Patient Songs From Downstairs Entartete Kunst Records • Songs From Downstairs is supposed to be a mind excursion, and can best be described as minimalist trip hop. Most tracks revolve around a lazy beat with a few samples thrown in, and vocals run through an effect machine. The lead vocalist has a heavy Scottish accent , which is hard to understand at times. There is a lo-fi feeling that permeates this record, either because it was intended or because there was a lack of money.

Phoenicia Brownout Schematic Music Company • Phoenicia is lethargically moving across the fine line between ambient and downtempo with Brownout. This glitch and beep fest has, at times, regularly scheduled noises that could serve as beats, similar to Mouse on Mars' upbeat sound, and at others it just has waves of sounds that come and go. This is definitely an album for fans of Aphex Twin's more ambient stuff, or some of Squarepusher's slower tracks. Listen to it if you need to relax. Its slow pace will set you right at ease.

Pinkerton Thugs End Of An Era Go-Kart • Pinkerton Thugs hails from up here in the Northeast where they know how to rock, motherfucker. This is punk anthem heaven. The Pinkerton Thugs play old-school pop punk (is there such a thing?) with melodic overtones that hook you from the first chord and don't let up. Just the right mix of ferocity and fun make this disc a very important addition to your collection. This is sort of like Sloppy Seconds meets Kiss meets James Taylor. Go figure.

Proletarian Art Threat self-titled EP Lean Enterprise Recordings • Part audio art display, part aural assault, PAT is as politically proactive lyrically as they are noisy. This is in-your-face rock with a lot of feedback, heavy riffs, and wandering/squealing guitar pollution (the kind that's good for your health). The vocals are delivered in one of two ways: screamed or spoken. Singing just isn't part of PAT's plan for world domination. And it serves no place in their already perfectly structured anti-establishment rock and noise orchestra. I imagine a lot of flailing during their live shows. Join the good fight:

Pushover Logic & Loss Asian Man Records • This quintet specializes in pop and melodic punk music, with harmonic vocals. Tracks like "Tell Me Why" and "Till Tomorrow" feature chugging guitar riffs that layer on top of each other. "Go Boy" and "Little Faith" are some of the few tracks that feature horns which add a touch of ska. "Home," a poppy nostalgic song, ends the album in a decidedly non-punk way. Pushover strikes a balance between the pop and punk elements in their music, making Logic & Loss well worth checking out.

Ran Away to Sea I Won't Tell a Soul Except the World Burnt Toast Vinyl • This CD is the collaboration of four Lancaster, PA rockers. There's no question, you can file this under "emo." With a sound akin to Jimmy Eat World and Cursive, Ran Away to Sea (RAS) joins an already crowded scene. They aren't breaking new ground with this ten-track album, but they're sure to gain new fans with the well produced and, for the most part, rocking release. However, the vocals waver (he sometimes seems unsure of himself -- which can work, but not for me), the ballads are too dramatic and I wish they would leave keyboards out of a few tracks.

Right Brigade Right Brigade Revelation Records • These guys are really pissed off at this person named "you." This is perhaps the angriest hardcore record I've heard in a long time. Heck, they even steal a riff from Suicidal Tendencies on "F T K." If you are young (or old), pissed off at your friends, life, world, parents, this will serve as very necessary therapy for you. The music is great hardcore, and you have to admire Right Brigade for expressing their vulnerability and not posturing as tough guys. They do some muscling grinds that are amazing on "Falling Down" and "Waste of Breath."

Rocket from the Crypt Group Sounds Vagrant Records • 2000 was a rather tumultuous year for RFTC. They were dropped from Interscope, and their drummer quit the band. Did they let this stop them? No. They immediately signed with Vagrant and enlisted the one armed wonder that is Mario Rubalcaba (Black Heart Procession, Clikitat Ikatowi) and charged ahead. Group Sounds is not much of a departure from the sound of their previous eight records. The fuzzy, churning guitars are as explosive as ever, and the singing is just as throaty. One evident change is the diminished presence of the horn section. Each song packs quite a wallop, sure to annoy your neighbors, so play it loud!

Rose of Sharon Even the Air is Out of Tune Espo Records • The increasing availability of CD burners to the mass populace isn't necessarily a good thing. Nowadays, it seems young bands are putting out discs before they figure out how to tune their instruments, not to mention write a decent song. Fortunately, this isn't the case with Rose of Sharon, who've honed their craft over the past four years. The Boston trio has cultivated a sound that is reminiscent of early Versus. Dave Auchenbach's production captures all the subtle nuances of the richly textured indie pop. If they keep writing quality songs like this, they can burn all the CD's they want with my blessing.

Rydell Per Ardua Ad Astra Headhunter Records • Rydell is an English emo-rock band that has toured the UK and Europe extensively. They're now bringing their brand of powerful and melodic emo to the states. They're actually better known for their hardcore shows but have switched gears this time and pulled it off quite nicely.

Sepultura Nation Roadrunner Records • Many thought that Sepultura would be over with after Max Cavalera departed as lead singer to form Soulfly. Instead, they recruited Derrick Green and kept going, recording Against and now Nation. The band's sound has matured, as evident in "Water," where Green actually sings, sounding like Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis. Or in "Valtio," which actually features the rather beautiful Finnish string quartet Apocalyptica as backup. Not that they have wimped out. In fact, "Revolt" is one of the most intense songs I have heard from these guys in a while. Their spirit of collaboration is as alive as ever, enlisting former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra and Hatebreed's vocalist Jamey Jasta as guest stars, among other artists.

Shadowyze Spirit Warrior SOAR Co. • Native American hip-hop is not the easiest thing to find. But the music that has been the musical voice of America's minorities for over 20 years now has a voice for Native Americans worldwide. The political and social awareness featured on this CD is powerful. It's a shame that this kind of pro-active lyricism isn't more present throughout hip-hop. Shadowyze is a solid vocalist, delivering his rhymes on point with both a ruggedness and a bounce. The beats are not groundbreaking, but they are well-produced with a strong dance aspect as well as combining elements of techno and some Native sounds.

Shamra Shamra Shamra Music • When I read their press release and saw "exotic pop/alternative" music, I got really nervous. However, that's about as on the money as you can get. They definitely play pop/alternative music and, thanks to lead singer Carrie Bolger's voice, it does have an exotic air. The music is tight, her voice is entrancing and their songs have meaningful lyrics. This is a six-song EP and a great taste of what the band is capable of.

Sig Transit Gloria self-titled Johann's Face Records • Sig Transit Gloria's debut is full of energy, like they couldn't wait to get into the studio to record. The CD should be listened to while driving way too fast down a curvy road. Their catchy melodies and rapid-fire guitars make this an exciting Pop Punk release, with an added touch of keyboards.

Six Reasons to Kill Kiss the Demon Alveran Records • These guys sound like they don't need any reason to kill...they can go off any time. Their sound is chaotic, with Christian Walk's guttural voice screaming out indecipherable lyrics. Thankfully, they printed the lyrics. The machine gun drums and hardcore-meets-metal guitars keep up the merciless attack on your hearing for the entire recording. Enjoy!

Sixer Saving Grace TKO Records • Sixer is another anthem-loving punk rock band from Richmond, VA. Add them to the list that includes Avail and Ann Beretta. Sixer pulls its influences from the likes of Rancid and Social Distortion. Gruff vocals, hearty American melodies and a boot-stomping beat keep the 12 tracks of this release repeating in my head.

Sloe Inexact Replica Sessions Records • Sloe charges right out of the gate in Inexact Replica, with songs that are energetic and catchy. Melodic punk is accentuated with guitars that are on the heavier side, and vocal harmonies balance out the tracks. You could compare them to the Ataris, but with breaks in their songs for the singer to take center stage, and give the guitars a rest.

Solid for Sixty The Secret of Magnets Record Cellar • This is a very refreshing album of great, 60-watt, unpretentious rock n' roll. The music tastes like the little bear's porridge -- not too hot, not too cold, just right. It features "Jagger-esque" vocals, and a two guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard lineup. It really works on many levelsS it's polished, very charming, and full of character.

Son of Sam Songs from the Earth Nitro Records • Son of Sam is a collaboration between AFI singer Davey Havok, Danzig guitarist Todd Youth, Samhain / Tiger Army drummer London May and Samhain drummer Steve Zing playing bass. You can probably imagine what the music sounds like. Replace Havok with Glenn Danzig, and you have his next album. Some Misfits influences creep in, like on "Stray," which is full of "Whoooa" shouts, just like on any (old) Misfits record. Havok seems a bit out of place, since his voice is higher pitched than Danzig's, who by the way, performs his first ever guest appearance on one track. Nonetheless, this is an interesting record that you should check out if you are into any band Glenn Danzig has ever played in.

Southport Nothing Is Easy Go-Kart • Comprising original members of Snuff, you might expect some seriously wonderful music here. You would be disappointed, however. There is nothing terrible about this disc, but it doesn't have anything that makes it stay on the top of your heavy-rotation playlist either. It is rock-oriented pop with a hard edge. It sounds like the kind of disc that will do very well in the college radio domain.

Terminal 4 self-titled Truckstop Records • This is a rather unusual CD, certainly meant for those a bit on the adventurous side. Cello, bass, trombone and guitars are combined to form a beautiful, yet melancholic sound that is hard to get around, even in the more peppier songs. Blame it on the cello, the centerpiece to the group founded by Fred Lonberg-Holm. Even though it is not featured prominently on every track, it serves as the backbone for the songs, which tend to take some twists and turns into improvisation land.

Terry Callier Alive Mr. Bongo Recordings • Alive is a wonderful recording of folk-jazz artist Terry Callier in concert, which is where he thrives as a musician. His voice has the capability to soothe the listener, as he does in the happy-go-lucky "Ordinary Joe," or to inspire thought and serenity, as in "Lament for the Late AD," a song where he recounts the events after the tragic killing of Amadou Diallou by New York City police. The beauty of a live recording is that the musicians can feel free to improvise and take the songs in new directions that would prove difficult in a studio. This CD is definitely a must buy for any fans of Jazz music or Adult Contemporary radio.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy Smash It Up EP Big Wheel Recreation • This CD EP features the single "Smash It Up" from The (International) Noise Conspiracy's last manifesto, Survival Sickness. It's a catchy song with a groovy beat and revolutionary lyrics. The enhanced portion of the CD features the video, which is drenched in reds and grays, suggesting Communism, just like the messages that appear on the screen. Two other songs are included in the CD, with the overall sound coming close to the Delta 72's mix of Blues and Rock. Viva la Revolución!

The And/Ors Will Self Destruct Better Looking Records • Born from the songwriting and four track recordings of Daniel Black, the And/Ors have quickly grown into a full-fledged band. The fourteen scuffed up, garage pop gems are perfectly rough around the edges. There is a great chemistry between the musicians, as the energy level and interplay are tight throughout. In addition to her solid bass work, Arabella Harrison, formerly of Jejune, adds great backing vocals that complement Black's voice quite well. Let's just hope that the album title isn't some sort of omen.

The Animatronics 2000: the year of the future Morphius Records • Hey, you got your Devo in my Man or Astroman. Hey, you got your Man or Astroman in my Devo. If that has been your chant for the last few years, then you're in luck. Here come the Animatronics to save your day. I loved this CD. The Animatronics claim to be androids created by the Toidinami Corporation. I don't care who created them, this is great. The Animanotrics kick ass with a great new wave punk sound and excellently entertaining lyrics.

The Berlin Project The Transition Radio EP Try Again Records • This punk/ska band from Pennsylvania knows how to keep you up and moving. They have an amazing energy that must be absolutely draining in concert. This is Less Than Jake minus the big bucks and polish. Fans of The Clash, Operation Ivy and Reel Big Fish will dig it.

The Deep Eynds Suicide Drive EP Black Cabaret Records • Overall, a solid record. It's kind of a pop-punk thing. It's not quite punk, but it's definitely not pop. The music is really tight and the singer's voice is very original. The songs are definitely themed -- "Dead Alive," "Superstition," "Deep Dark Secret," so you folks who dress in black every day, all day, will love this.

The Devil in Black resistance is fertile Ribonucleic Records • Remember that Meat Beat Manifesto offshoot Consolidated? If you don't, Consolidated was electronic hip-hop with a message. There was very little middle ground with them. You either loved it or hated it. I loved it. How does this connect to The Devil in Black (DIB)? Well, DIB (AKA Eric Piotrowsk) is electronic hip-hop with a message. I wanted to like DIB, but the majority of the lyrics come off as hokey and the production is non-existent. This is truly a hip-hop tragedy.

The Donnas The Donnas Turn 21 Lookout! Records • Like the title suggests, the Donnas are now old enough to order their drinks legally. And with that age comes maturity. Which means that the Ramones punk song structure that characterized their debut album American Teenage Rock N' Roll Machine has given way to a straight up rock and roll style. What it does not mean is that they have lost their girl-power attitude. Just about every song on The Donnas Turn 21 has to do with getting laid and not being shy about it. Think of it this way...if a guy sang lyrics like "I'll let you flip my flipper / if you let me unzip your zipper" and "Don't you know that I can't be treated like a toy / 'Cause that's for me to do to you" he'd be accused of sexism. The Donnas sing them, and they don't give a rat's ass who doesn't like it.

The Explosion Flash Flash Flash Jade Tree • The first full-length by The Explosion is a surprising change-around from their past EPs. Melodic and political, you'll be hooked on the first track "No Revolution." The best of punk rock has always transcended the scene and could stand on its own terms as rock-n-roll. The Explosion fuses melody and aggression without sacrificing either, creating a sound more distinct (thanks to the melodies) than the punk rock of their prior releases. If you like Dillinger Four, give this a listen.

The Foxymorons Rodeo City American Pop Project • Remember when you needed five other guys to form a band? Screw that. Two guys here. They pull it off without a hitch, too. The singing reminds me a lot of Son Volt but not the music. They're much more upbeat, almost a power pop thing, with all kinds of sounds to spice it up. Maybe they'd like to be a trioS

The Great Deceiver Jet Black Art Trustkill Records • Real fans of metal will remember the band At The Gates. The Great Deceiver features ex-Gates vocalist Tomas. Deceiver is more of a metalcore band but delivers the same raw power and bruising riffs that all great metal bands produce. This five-song EP is a good indication of what's to come. They have yet to make it to the States to perform live but when they do, don't miss out!

The Heroine Sheiks Rape on the Installment Plan Reptilian Records • OK, bear with me for a second. This is going to take some thinking. I immediately thought of Morphine when I heard this, even though there is a full compliment of musicians on here. This has a weird but very cool vibe to it. The songs are almost punk, but not really. They're punk because they're so outside the norm. This noise-rock will never be on the radio and that's a damned shame as it's more innovative and interesting than anything out there.

The Lillingtons The Backchannel Broadcast Lookout! • I reviewed their last CD and I liked it. I like this one much more. They are sitting somewhere on the fence between pop-punk like The Queers and spooky stuff like The Misfits, and on that fence is just where they should stay. Sixteen rockin' tracks engineered by Mass Giorgini with help from Ben Weasel on one tune. This is a band that is difficult to compare to others because their sound is different enough to be exciting.

The Mother Hips Green Hills of Earth Future Farmer Recordings • California's The Mother Hips seemed at the beginning of their career to go the path of the neo-hippie jam band. Touring extensively, 300 dates a year, and drawing large crowds, they could very well have remained content with their modest success and continued gigging relentlessly until they achieved a Moe/Widespread Panic modicum of fame. But they cut down on the touring and in ‘98 released the eccentric, lo-fi, country tinged Later Days. Now, with the release of Green Hills of Earth, The Mother Hips seem intent on killing the hippie band reputation that has heretofore limited their appeal. Green Hills is wandering and playful, with little if any alt-country. Instead the Hips have opted for an experimental yet poppy album comparable to the band Elephant Six.

The Ocean Blue Davey Jones' Locker March Records • Perhaps you remember the Ocean Blue's smash MTV hit "Sublime." These guys from Hershey, PA create pretty Brit Pop songs that have gained them plenty of fans. The central guitar melody of "Ayn" may as well have been lifted from a New Order song, while "Garden Song" actually has the lead singer letting out a series of "Pa pa pa da pa pa pa" sounds. "Denmark" sounds like a New Wave song from 1986, full of harmonies and guitar riffs.

The Oranges Band 900 Miles of Fucking Hell Morphius Records • This five-song EP showcases this band's artsy new-wave pop stylings. They sound at times like the Psychedelic Furs, at times like Devo. It's a welcome change and will remind you of Friday nights in 1982.

The Queers Today EP Lookout! • If you've ever heard The Queers, then you have a darn good idea of what this EP sounds like. They do a scintillating cover of a song that I have heard on my son's Sesame Street CD. This disc is definitely a throwback to their Lovesongs for the Retarded album, lacking the ferocity of their most recent full length. Still, I love them and this disc is only disappointing in that it is too short. The full length is due out this fall. Stay tuned...

The Rocking Horse Winner State of Feeling Concentration OHEV Records • Wow. I usually like to listen to female fronted indie bands, but am constantly disappointed by the lack of oomph in their voices. They tend to get drowned out by the backing instruments. This is certainly not the case here. I was blown away by Jolie Lindholm's vocals, which can sound a lot like Lisa Loeb, but better. Harmonies are employed generously to add to her already impressive talent. Not only is she incredible, but the rest of the band is as well. Matt Crum's drumming is flawless, with plenty of beat changes and rolls. Providing the low end is Jeronimo Gomez, whose fat bass lines force you to grab your chest. Finally, Henry Olmino switches between distortion and acoustic guitar, sometimes in mid song, adding flexibility and unexpected twists and turns to the songs. The band members complement each other perfectly, making State of Feeling Concentration, if you'll pardon the cliché, a must-get CD.

The Sissies Look Back and Laugh New Disorder Records • Fun! That's the first thing that came to mind. The songs are good and they have some nice harmony work, but fun is the word here. Kind of like The Donnas in a garage with the singers sharing one mic.

The Stereo No Traffic Fueled by Ramen Records • Two years after their debut Three Hundred, The Stereo is back with the high-energy No Traffic. The fact that founding member Rory Philipps left to reunite with his old band did not stop Jamie Woolford from plowing ahead. Their sound is a mix of punk and pop, with plenty of melodies and harmonies. The chorus on "New Tokyo Is Calling" made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, while "Please Don't Break My Heart" is both playful and melancholic. (The Stereo, despite rumors, is not breaking up. Jamie is going to be The Stereo on his own, as the other members have moved on.)

The Trouble With Sweeney Dear Life Burnt Toast Vinyl • Sweeney has created a style all their own, a hybrid of country, indie rock and folk. The music has an indie rock attitude and an aggressive push, but it also captures some of the sentimental feel of folk music along with the musical sounds and styles of country. Lead-singer Joey does a great job of getting your attention and, luckily, the music is good enough to keep you around. This is a marvelous, catchy, poppy new release worth sticking your ears into.

The Way Back self-titled EP self-released • Featuring Jeff Caudill of Gameface on vocals, The Way Back offers up five tracks of heartfelt, sentimental, sincere tunes. It's not really rock; it's definitely not Gameface; and it's too good to simply be labelled pop. Jeff's vocals are fantastic while the music is laid back and comforting with simple drumbeats and creative guitar work.

The Weakerthans Watermark EP Sub City • Is there a singer in a punk band with a better voice than John Samson? I sure as hell don't think so; it's sentimental and sincere and completely honest. This CD is enhanced, offering a pretty neat video for "Watermark" from their Left and Leaving album. The two remaining tracks are unreleased live versions of "Illustrated Bible Stories for Children" and "The Last Last One". Both are recorded fantastically and offer a cool interpretation of songs you may have heard before and could never hear enough of.

This Busy Monster Fireworks Barsuk Records • The opening track reminds me of They Might Be Giants. The vocals are forceful, the music is progressive, moving forward and using strong melodies, but quirky all the time. And things continue at that pace, maybe not sounding like TMBG, but poppy, unusual and fun all the same. Fireworks is a creative piece of work, using various instruments (including saw, banjo, clarinet, cello and violin) and well-developed orchestration.

This Day Forward The Transient Effect of Light on Water Eulogy Records • Wow. OK. Interesting. This is hardcore and it's really tight hardcore with great guitar work and wicked breakdowns. The interesting part is the singer's tendency to alternate, almost one-for-one, screaming and singing. Some seriously deep lyrics, too. The thinking man's hardcore.

Thrice Identity Crisis Sub City • For an album that is over two years old, this is really amazing stuff. Thrice is from Southern California and this is a re-issue of their sold out first album (and only full-length release to date). This 12-track CD is heavy on harmonies and melody blended together perfectly to balance the hardcore aggression of the music. Rapid-fire delivery, sing-a-long parts, swirling guitar work, chunky riffs, amazing tempo changes and infectious grooves push this album near the top of my current playlist. Man, I can't wait to hear what their new stuff sounds like. As with all Sub City releases, a portion of the proceeds from this album goes directly to charity.

Thug Murder The 13th Round Fat Wreck Chords • The press release for this CD describes Thug Murder as if "Shonen Knife were actually in Rancid." This is a pretty good description. The vocals are a bit throaty, and the choruses are somewhat melodic, even though I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Pump up your fists in the air and pick up The 13th Round.

Tiga Mixed Emotions: Montreal Mix Sessions, Vol. 5 Turbo Records • For the fifth installment in the Montreal Mix Sessions series, Turbo Records label head Tiga took to the decks himself to deliver an astounding collection of continuously mixed House music. As with any mix CD worth its salt, tracks blend seamlessly, with the recognizable nonstop beat that has made House music so popular in clubs. Moods range the spectrum, from Andrew McLauchlan's happy "Love Story," with its Brazilian music samples, to DJ Hell's "Jack the House," where an evil voice chants the title of the track continuously. The real gem here, though, is the bonus CD that features nothing but retro Electro Funk. Handclaps and cheesy synthesizers rule the 22 tracks, with a few robot voices and sound effects that will have you pulling out your cardboard mats and your old copy of Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Tinker Clay The As All Get Out EP Atta Boy Records • With a North Carolina power pop attitude, Tinker Clay storms onto the music scene. Hailing not from NC but Athens GA, they are comprised of three members that offer up fantastic female vocals, smart and poppy guitar work and uptempo drumming. This isn't a copycat Superchunk or Archers rip-off. Tinker Clay is definitely original, combining aspects of Superchunk power, Braid math rock and thick melodies.

Tom Daily The Burlington Northern Thick Records • Tom Daily is a musical genius. Daily plays nearly every instrument on this LP. There are some other musicians on various tracks, but the heart and soul of this recording is Tom Daily. Daily has other recordings, but this is my first taste. He reminds me of a crunchier version of Matthew Sweet. Like Sweet, Tom Daily infuses his LP with infectious pop hooks and wonderfully endearing lyrics. However, there are enough alt-rock asides to keep things interesting. You just can't help but love the tune "Your Walkman."

Tommy & The Terrors Mass. Hysteria Rodent Popsicle Records • Oi! Dammit I love this stuff! Punk you can really mosh to. No, it's punk that was MADE for moshing! Oi! Sick of commercial punk rock? Think you've heard some raw punk in your days? Think again and pick this up. You'll be converted in about three seconds.

Trust No One You've Been Warned Eulogy Records • I'm very picky about my hardcore. My personal collection of it is very small and selective: Biohazard, Madball, Sick of it All, and now, Trust No One. This is a very good disc full of just what you want when you want hardcore. This is unrelenting, serious stuff, right from the first chord to the last ringing in your ears. It is nice to say that these guys do not sound like anyone. They have forged an excellent sound for themselves which is original but still within the bounds of hardcore.

Tsunami Bomb The Invasion from Within EP Tomato Head Records • Lying somewhere between Punk, Gothic, Ska and Pop are Tsunami Bomb. The title track begins with an organ playing a macabre tune which suggests an evil presence. Soon thereafter, Agent M's vocals come in, sounding like Belinda Carlisle doing her best Gwen Stefani impression. Ripping guitar riffs thunder behind the vocals while the bass and drums maintain the frenetic pace. "No Good Very Bad Day" is more of a Ska-Punk song, but without the horns, and a duet with a guy that sounds like Less Than Jake's Chris. "Lemonade" features highly melodic lyrics, with Agent M singing both vocal parts. Clocking in at just over 15 minutes, this regrettably short CD kept me glued to my seat.

TW Walsh Blue Laws Truckstop Records • TW Walsh plays almost every instrument on this CD, plus he sings on all the tracks. His songs do not rush the listener, but rather let you enjoy each note, letting them run their course. Therefore, the songs are pretty slow, probably not enjoyed by those with short attention spans. His singing sounds like he has been hurt emotionally, and his lyrics betray feelings of insecurity.

Unearth The Stings of Conscience Eulogy Records • You know how you'll see a CD cover and know immediately what the music is? Enter Unearth. The CD cover had "lethal hardcore" written all over it (not literally) and they paid in full. This is seriously intense hardcore with some phat-ass breakdowns. The music is really solid and clean, too. Great production value.

Various Artists 2000 Black: The Good Good Planet E Records • Drum 'N Bass artist Dego (4 Hero) founded 2000 Black as a way to release music that he enjoys -- even if those songs are on another label. The artists on The Good Good have released this material on the Planet E label, but Dego doesn't care about such technicalities. He picked his favorite tracks from the Planet E catalog and (with permission) compiled them onto this CD. The music takes on many forms, from the jazzy downtempo in Catalyst's "Sunnin," to the erratic beats and beautiful singing of Pavel Kostiuck and Guest's "Brand New Day." Seiji contributes a super funky bass line on "Into the Now," and Domu lends his Electro-tinged "Groovesome." The artists refer to this amalgamation of styles as Broken Beat, a form that includes, among other things, Deep Techno and Drum 'N Bass to make things interesting. This is a terrifically diverse CD, and sure to be enjoyed by fans of all types of Electronic music.

Various Artists A Punk Tribute to Metallica Cleopatra Records • It seems that every other day, a tribute album of some kind appears on IMPACT's doorstep. This time around, a bunch of Punk artists got together to record some of Metallica's best songs. Some of the bands include Sloppy Seconds, Agent Orange, Flipper, Dee Dee Ramone, Total Chaos and the Vibrators. The interesting thing about this tribute is that it features many songs from Metallica's seldom mentioned debut album, "Kill 'Em All," and has absolutely NO songs from any album past their self titled "black" album. I would get this album just for that reason alone.

Various Artists Boston Punk 2000 Rodent Popsicle Records • Twenty-three, yes, 23, songs on here. Bands like Toxic Narcotic, The Profits, August Spies, Entrophy, Dumpster Junkies and Downfall Fear. More punk than you can shake your mohawk at.

Various Artists How Many Lumps Binkis Records • This indie hip-hop label is as raw as it comes. You have to come to terms with the recording quality, but if you can get past that you'll get to experience some fun-as-hell hip-hop. Binkis, straight from the streets of Atlanta, is all about having a blast with a musical genre that's all about fun. Forget the guns, this compilation, featuring the likes of Jax, Flux and Mike Self, is droppin' smooth, sometimes jazzy, sometimes funky, bouncin' beats with skillful rhyme delivery.

Various Artists Live Fat, Die Young Vol. 5 Fat Wreck Chords • Fat Wreck releases yet another compilation of songs by some of its artists. This time, it features unreleased tracks by 21 different artists, such as No Use for a Name, Anti Flag, Fabulous Disaster, Sick of it All, Strung Out, Less Than Jake, Propagandhi, Swingin' Utters and NOFK. Get your fill of melodic punk, ska-punk, hardcore punk!

Various Artists NYC Takeover Volumes 1 & 2 Victory Records • This is live hardcore and punk. That's all you need to know. Volume One has four songs each from All Out War, Reach The Sky and Grey Area. Volume Two has four each from Skarhead, Buried Alive and River City Rebels. A crapload of music.

Various Artists Rodent Popsicle Records Sampler Rodent Popsicle Records • Here we have a sweet mix of old punk and serious thrash. I'm pretty sure that one of these bands, Toxic Narcotic, used to practice next to my band in The Music Complex in Boston. They have improved since the bad old days. This disc features five bands: Toxic Narcotic, The Unseen, A Global Threat, The Statistics, and A Poor Excuse. It's a good sampling of how well the Northeast rocks.

Various Artists Stay Tuned for the Holidays: A Crank! Sampler Crank! Records • Stay Tuned for the HolidaysS covers six years of releases by artists on the Crank! Label. They picked one favorite track by each band and compiled them, 17 in all, for your listening pleasure. Crank up the volume on your stereo for the electric guitar-fest brought to you by Vitreous Humor, The Gloria Record, Errortype:11, Cursive, Fireside, Acrobat Down and Far Apart, plus many others. This is a high-octane collection of songs, so don't leave this laying around for small children to injure themselves.

Various Artists Terror Firmer Motion Picture Soundtrack Go-Kart Records • Terror Firmer is the latest movie from that last bastion of independent film, Troma Films. If you know any of the films by Troma, you know that the actual plot is immaterial. The only point is to show blood and breasts. So I won't bother telling you what the movie is about. I will tell you that the soundtrack features some of the best punk bands around, including Less Than Jake, Sick of it All, Gwar, Entombed, NOFX, Rocket From the Crypt, and the Lunachicks singing the title track. Never mind if the movie is worth a shit, because the soundtrack is.

Various Artists That Darn Punk Original Soundtrack Kung Fu Records • That Darn Punk is Kung Fu Films latest flick, a straight to video release which is an actual movie, with plot lines and everything. To accompany the film, they released this soundtrack, which compiles tracks by Bigwig, Lagwagon, Ozma, Pennywise, The Ataris, Rancid and others. Check out the hilarious "Sigfried & Roy," by Nerf Herder, or the Vandals's cover of Celine Dion's "My Heart will Go On." If the movie is as exiting as this soundtrack, it should do rather well!

Vending Machine The Chamber From Here to There Powerbunny 4x4 • This is the second solo album from the guy behind the band BigAssTruck. At times it reminds me of Beck or Ween (maybe even King Missle). The vocals are somewhat quirky and the music is all over the place, lo-fi as hell. It's an album that can be both fun and annoying within the same track.

Volante 45 Degrees North Guilt Ridden Pop • Volante is perfect for fans of emo, post punk and pop punk. Gabriel Shapiro's vocals come from the heart, and the dual guitar attack from Jeff and Jon Mitchell is aggressive. Josh Madson doesn't miss a beat, laying down the foundation with his drum kit. They are capable of all out rockers like "Seleccione Un Idioma," or more pensive and mellow tracks like "Watching Site Burn."

Volta Do Mar self-titled Arborvitae Records • This instrumental quartet features two bassists, one guitarist and one drummer. Like now defunct Math rock outfit Don Caballero, they like to pluck their instruments in beautiful and repetitive patterns that don't feature distortion. They are also fond of time and tempo changes. The only bad part about this CD is that it is only 17 minutes long!

Will Hoge Carousel self-released • Imagine, if you will, the musical equivalent of a tipsy Elvis Costello beating the shit out of that Counting Crows guy. Now you have a firm grasp on the sound of singer/songwriter Will Hoge.

Wise Monkey Orchestra They Live Lauan Records • Some bands have to be witnessed live to be able to be appreciated fully. The Wise Monkey Orchestra is one of these bands. For that reason, they decided to release They Live, recorded live at different gigs during the last year. Their music is pure funk, with plenty of jamming by the whole band. Alley's vocals sound a bit like Janis Joplin, full of confidence and feeling. The guitar solos go on for a while, trading licks with the horn section. I would suggest listening to this CD from beginning to end, so you can enjoy the vibe that comes from a Wise Monkey Orchestra concert.

Zerodown With a Lifetime to Pay Fat Wreck • Featuring former members of great bands such as Strung Out, Pulley, and Down By Law, this debut full-length has a very strong, uncompromising anti-establishment agenda and is a bit slower than most of today's punk rock. The band is thus able to concentrate more on harmonic and melodic flow, creating a dynamic, self-described "80's driving rhythm." Great addition to the Fat Wreck crew.


Adam West Piece of Ass / Iron Chain 7" The Telegraph Company • Take equal parts AC/DC, Cinderella and Monster Magnet and you have the Adam West. It's an odd combination, but once you hear them, you'll agree. These guys play rock, spelled R-A-W-K. Sleazy, rowdy, and damn good.

Dianogah self-titled 7" Southern Records • These two tracks were left over from the recording sessions for 2000's Battle Champions. Those familiar with Dianogah know that their unique sound is created with just one drummer and two bassists, with a remarkable sound as the result. "Hannibal" is a melancholic track which features a mid tempo beat and plenty of bass plucking. "A Bear Explains the Right and Wrong Ways to Put on a Shirt" is a bit faster and will probably be over with before you finish saying the song's title. This 7" should keep you busy until Dianogah visits your town.

Self-Made Monsters Give Me My Rabies Shot 7" self-released • SMM are five guys from North Carolina. But they do not have that typical NC sound. This is run-of-the-mill garage punk with mediocre lyrics. The recording quality does give it a good live feel.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy Time Bomb/Do U Know My Name? 7" Carcrash Record Co. • Featuring former members of Refused, The INC's ideas are far more radical than their music is able to convey; not to say they should stop making records. Music is the easiest way to propagate their ideas, and the inserts justify the records. "Time Bomb" features a steady groove and delivery similar to D.C.'s Make-Up, and "Do U Know My Name?" is a garage rocker.

The Beatings The Ballad of Jimmy and Jenny / Sex Beat 7" The Telegraph Company • The lead singer for this quartet sounds like a heavenly combination of Glenn Danzig and Jello Biafra. The backing music also borrows from both the Dead Kennedys as well as the Misfits. Throw in a couple of female backup singers singing "oh yeah" a couple of times and you've got yourself The Beatings.

The Lot Six The Hot Spot 7" Espo Records • Side A begins the assault and it continues on Side B. Full on rock with some emo aspects, great vocals and fantastic orchestration. The drumming is awesome, the guitar work is intricate and the bass lines are thick ­ these guys are dangerous. The question is, are you ready to rock? Here are three tracks that scream "YES!"

Winchester 73 Sein Wechselgeld Ist Blei (Arizona Terror) 7" Scene Police • This band used to be called IMPACT ­ so how could I say anything bad about them? The music is old school style, beer-infused punk rock the way it should be: fast, aggressive, melodic and packing a powerful punch. There are five tunes on this slab. Think DRI or Angry Samoans with a German attitude.

These reviews represent the "best of" music that was reviewed for this issue by IMPACT Press music reviewers.

Amy Ray Stag Daemon • Ray, one half of the Indigo Girls, also has an indie label on the side. This is her first solo album on that label, a collection of songs Ray wrote that didn't quite fit in with the soft, sensitive style of the Indigo Girls. The songs are sometimes folksy, sometimes gritty, but always brimming with the passion and life we've come to expect from the Ray-written songs of years past. Only this time, she's gone electric and included some surprise guests such as Joan Jett and the Rock-A-Teens.

Even Johansen Quiet & Still FiveOne Inc. • Breathtaking. I've been sitting here trying to come up with one good word to describe this CD and I think that's it. Johansen is a well-known artist in the UK and is still a member of the London-based band Libido. Thankfully, he has found the time to make this beautiful collection of songs. This is very reminiscent of Hayden, though Johansen's voice actually sounds a lot like Thom Yorke of Radiohead. Actually, these songs sound even more like Radiohead's mellow stuff. "Let Down, No Surprises" and "Karma Police" from OK Computer come to mind immediately. I think he has some slow Cure sounds in there as well. I'm sure that all sounds too good to be true, especially from someone you've never heard of, but believe me, the guy is for real. Very real.

Thursday Full Collapse Victory Records • Thursday is a band good enough for any day of the week. Ok, lame jokes aside, this is a fantastic album from five fellas outta New Jersey. Using awe-inspiring melodies and hooks, Thursday offers up their own version of hardcore rock and roll. This isn't East Coast hardcore, this is Thursday-style hardcore, combining screamed and well-sung vocals with intricate guitar parts, heavy riffs, and ever changing tempos that are bound to absorb the listener. (Elements of At The Drive In, ErrorType:11, Boy Sets Fire and Jimmy Eat World ­ among others ­ appear at various points.) Each track offers a new twist on their own style, a style that is sure to be ripped off by numerous bands, unlikely ever accomplishing it with the skill these guys have. This is a must have album!

Various Artists The Braindance Coincidence Rephlex Records • Rephlex celebrates its tenth anniversary by releasing their first ever compilation. Braindance is quite unique, as evidenced by the CD's tracks. The Gentle People start off with "Journey," which includes lounge-y percussion and sensual vocals. Global Goon follows it with "Long Whiney," with a midtempo beat and plenty of synths. Cylob's "Rewind" features a rapping computer, which sounds like Stephen Hawking's digitally generated voice. For an 80's Electro feel, there's DMX Krew's "The Glass Room" and D'Arcangelo's "Diagram VII (80's mix)." The Railway Raver's "Keith's Trumpets" has more of a House beat, while Baby Ford's "Normal" receives the remix treatment from AFX (Richard D. James), giving it a bit of a Breakbeat sound. Squarepusher contributes "Psultan" under his Chaos A.D. moniker. Bogdan Raczynski's "Death to the Natives" explores the more experimental and extreme realms of this genre with mind bending bpms. Finally, Ovuca closes out the album with "Afternoon Girl," where waves of atmospheric sounds are contrasted by punctuated scratches and staccato beats. This album is perfect as an introduction to this magnificent form of music, put out by one of the premier labels in experimental electronic music.

Various Artists Twinkie Legal Defense Fund Their Old Stuff Is Better Records • Twenty-one songs by bands that you have probably never heard of. This, however, is a good opportunity to hear them. This cheap sampler sounds good and has far more good bands than shitty ones, as is so seldom the case in samplers. Songs vary from the wacky "Spaghetti Dinner" by The 4 Spits to the dark and disturbing "Stacks and Stacks of Suicide Notes" by Sam Hell and "I Love You, Daddy" by Ritualistic Child Abuse. There are lots of good tunes on this hunka plastic.

Wagon Christ Musipal Ninja Tune Records • Luke Vibert comes from Cornwall, England, which should clue you in on the type of music he creates (Aphex Twin and Muziq are from there as well). Actually, that is not a fair assumption to make about Musipal. Sure, "Natural Suction" sounds like it belongs on Aphex's Richard D. James Album, but he also enjoys creating other types of music. Under the Wagon Christ pseudonym Vibert gets a bit jazzy and a bit funky at the same time. The title track features a groovy drum beat and horn samples that remind you of 1970's blues, while injecting some Hawaiian hula stuff and harps, even hand claps! "Receiver" is almost a Breakbeat song, while "Chris Chana" shamefully lifts the keyboard riff from the Black Eyed Peas's "Joints and Jam" song. "Tomorrow Acid" has a synthesizer loop that hints at IDM, showing you that at any point, it might degenerate into a glitch fest. The silliest song is "Thick Stew," which has plenty of animal sounds layered over a bouncy beat and spacey keyboard effects.

In alphabetical order. Please write them.

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