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We Are #16

Zine Guide is the bible of the small publisher world. Published by Tail Spins Magazine, Zine Guide reviews thousands of zines and compiles rankings based on votes from the general public.

Here is an overview of the rankings in Zine Guide #6:
#16 "Favorite Zines Overall"
#7 "Favorite Zines Among Readers"
#17 "Favorite Zines Among Males"
#31 "Favorite Zines Among Females"

The rankings are quite flattering and amazing considering the thousands of zines being published. (IMPACT was ranked higher than such great publications as The Onion, Giant Robot, Adbusters, MRR, and Razorcake.) Thanks to all the readers, zine-makers, record labels and others who voted for IMPACT. In the previous issue, Zine Guide #5, IMPACT was ranked #39.

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Cast your vote for IMPACT and help us get ranked even higher in Zine Guide #7. Just answer the following things in an email to

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Affiliation (zine, record label, band, store, reader, other):
E-mail address:
Mailing address:
Top five favorite zines (and if you want to add comments on why you like it) -- Also, let them know if they are in order of preference or in no particular order.

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