22 Jacks · Uncle Bob · USA Side 1 Dummy Recordings · 22 Jacks delivers smoothed-out melodic punk rock. The music is pretty consistent at a mid-tempo. It is very melodic and at times reminds me of past label mates, WAX (maybe because they have the same lead singer). I’m not really too impressed by this.

30 Amp Fuse · Saturday Night at the Atomic Speedway · Dedicated Records · Poppy punk, "ah-huh." Very catchy and upbeat, it makes you want to jump up and down like a pogo stick. Those darn Knoxville guys sure can cook.

454 Big Block · Save Me From Myself · Big Wheel Recreation · This is hardcore, but with some seriously thought-provoking lyrics. Skip directly to “1245 Comm Ave” if you want to think about your surroundings. Good and good for you.

Baby Bird · The Greatest Hits · Baby Bird Recordings · This is a double CD compilation of this ultra-original experimental UK artist’s recordings. It’s mellow and haunting, with Baby Bird being a one-man effort, dominated by a distinct voice that changes sound over the course of these recordings. I like this a whole whole lot. It covers a wide range of alternative structures, sounds and pop music genres yet they are unified by a skewed sense of perspective. This is pure genius- deconstructing and liberating with it’s freedom to roam across the sonic soundscape. Get it! (Simplified review: Fans of Beck should own this.)

Better Than A Thousand · Just One · Revelation Records · A short CD at 24:20 total, it’s a return to old hardcore roots, with ex-Youth of Today singer Ray Cappo providing vocals for this positive hardcore band. The songs are catchy and full of energy. Still kind of preachy, but it’s worth saying and well worth owning.

BIOHAZARD · No Holds Barred · Roadrunner Records · It’s Biohazard. It’s live. It’s on Roadrunner. It’s like a dream. 24 of Biohazard’s most ferocious tracks in 64 minutes of raw, unmastered fury. This disc includes songs from all 4 of their studio albums making it kind of a greatest hits comp. It is unmastered so it sounds live (but good!) not like a studio album with canned cheers. GET IT NOW!!!

Blue Bird · self-titled · Revelation Records · Off to a slow start, but as we move along, the drive becomes much stronger and flows throughout. If you like Fugazi with a bit more “umf”, then this is definitely the album for you. Revelation has done it again.

Boy Sets Fire. · The Day The Sun Went Out · Initial Records · Is there such a thing as advanced hardcore - it’s like a combination of indie rock and hardcore. Some stripped down melodies combined with intense hardcore rhythms. The vocals are sung, spoken and screamed. The tempo changes are tight and creative. This band impressed me.

Carlos · Steamroller 7” · Broken Rekids · Carlos is a three piece that plays lofi indie rock that has a guitar heavy feel. This piece of vinyl has three driving songs. The melodies are catchy but not in a candycoated poppy way.

Chicklet · Premiere 7” · Satellite Records · Beautiful vocals are what characterize this release. Chicklet is a two piece, Julie and Daniel. There is no bass guitar, but there are keyboards, guitars and drums. Both members have vocal responsibilities. The melodies are quiet and sweet. It’s very “pretty” sounding and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Chigliaks · self-titled 7” · Offtime Records · A quadruple dose of melodic punk rock is featured on this 7”. Some of the changes are good, the vocals are only fair though - a bit whinny. I wouldn’t say this is gonna be the next big punk band, but they’re not bad either.

Christ On A Crutch · Shit Edge & Other Songs for the Young & Sentimental · New Red Archives · This is a compilation of released and unreleased material from Christ on a Crutch, a late 80’s/early 90’s political speed-punk band. All good punk rockers should give this a good listen and read the lyric sheet. Christ on a Crutch have a sharp sense of wit- “Song for a Slab of Pork”- and delivery.

Crisis · The Hollowing · Metal Blade Records · Slow, heavy and artistic death metal with nicely processed gruff female vocals. It’s their use of vocal processing that I like so much of this CD, all the more when she contrasts the processing with her clear voice. This could be said to be a concept album, as there is a unified progression lyrically from one song to the next carrying a story of inner decay and suffering. If you like heavy death metal or cathartic female fronted rock, get this.

Crumbox · Resident Double U · Time Bomb Recordings · These four boys hail from California and deliver some great punk rock in the vein of JChurch/Cringer. This album is twelve tracks of consistent stuff with great melodies, solid vocals and changes that won’t bore you.

Death In Vegas · dead elvis · Time Bomb Recordings · Here’s some more ambient stuff for you. This band is a little more upbeat than most ambient music, but they’re still good. It makes it a little more danceable than most other music of its kind. Guh-rooovy.

DJ Hardware · Coast to Coast Vol. 2 · Roadrunner Records · A continuation of ESP-Sun DJ series (Vol. 1 is an excellent dance CD mixed by DJ Micro), this CD is over 60 minutes of energetic dance breakbeat. This non-stop (no pauses between tracks) live mix kicks off with “Sextasy” and builds up to “Acid or XTC.” Music of this persuasion has tons of energy, so if you’re together or blown up, this rules. Get it.

Dynamite Boy · Hell Is Other People · Offtime Records · I want to write this off as nothing new, but something about it sticks, well, a lot of it seems to stick. It’s uptempo, melodic punk rock with some harmonized vocals, catchy tempo changes, and a definite bounce to it all. These four kids may not be doing something totally new, but what they do they do well and mix it up enough so it’s really worth checking out.

Fall From Grace · Fall From Grace · Fierce Recordings · This is a super heavy metal band. They shy away from the 2,500 beats per minute that so many of their counterparts go in for. They focus on solid, riff oriented metal. This is a super disc for thrashing about to.

Five By Nine · 4 Song 7" · Soda Jerk Records · Four songs of fast tempo punk rock from Georgia. The posi-core “Lifetime” is the stand-out track.

Funbox · V XX III · Onefoot Records · Canadians Funbox pack 18 tracks of fast-paced, politically conscious punk into this 45 minute CD. I kept thinking of Big Drill Car when listening to the lead singer. “No Directions for Use” and “Sense” made me listen again.

Haberdasher · 2 song 7" · Reptilian Records · “Quarry” is brooding grooving mid-tempo emo-core, though the bass line does sound like Fugazi. “Day Two No Sleep” has a slow intro, spoken words, and decent guitars but the song doesn’t build to an explosion as I hoped.

Hecate Enthroned · Upon Promeatheau Shores · Metal Blade Records · It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or heart. Or whatever organ this band would remove from your carcass to appease their dark lord. Yes, death metal is back. Hell, (pardon the pun) if hair bands can do it, why can’t they? The review? Oh, yeah. It’s loud and fast, and you can’t understand the lyrics. I guess that means it’s good.

Iced Earth · Days of Purgatory · Century Media · The cover of this disc is frighteningly erotic. Long-legged, large-breasted she-devils killing men. The music ranges from pretty good metal to overly dramatic gothic epic music. It isn’t as gloomy and shitty as most goth-rock though. It’s worth buying just for the cover.

Idle · Ego Park · Big Deal Records · I hate to totally rip on the work of others. Everyone has redeeming qualities. So, um, well, er, uh…I’m sure these guys are really nice. If you like Hootie you’ll love this. There. Nice enough?

Ink & Dagger · Drive this 7" wooden stake… · Initial Records · This could’ve been an amazing album that would’ve changed the world if they had a finished what they started. The opening song “The Road to Hell” has screamy vocals, an undercurrent of melody and a slow build to boil the blood and make you want more. The lyrics are brilliant and carry a story of vampirism through the whole album. On the down side, all remaining songs suck. Screaming on top of an anti-melodic wall of noise doesn’t do justice to the words. Lyrics worth reading, music worth avoiding.

Jack Killed Jill · In Stereo · New Red Archives · This is female front punk rock from San Fran - f-in’ - cisco. I loved their split 7" with JFA and their song “But I’m Not Fucked Up.” Here it doesn’t have the same anger (maybe it’s the difference between vinyl and CD). A full length holds up for what it is- screamy punk rock. Fans of the genre may approve.

John Cougar Concentration Camp/Cigaretteman · split 7” · Liquid Meat Records · JCCC plays hard, melodic punk rock with gruff, throaty vocals and a tight sound. They have two songs. Cigaretteman is a Japanese pop-punk band. They have female and male vocals which are superb and the music is simple, not boring. It’s very catchy. I could compare them to Discount (add male vocals), but they’re on the same label and maybe I’m looking for that. Either way, I liked the two Cig. songs best.

Kid With Man Head · Flapjack Hairpiece · Onefoot Records · Sometimes I wonder if there is anything wrong with playing a style of music that may have been done before - as long as you add something new to it. KWMH does just that. I could easily compare them to Big Drill Car and other melodic, solid punk rock bands. And these comparisons work. But, this isn’t generic punk rock by any means. It’s tight, catchy, and well worth listening to.

King Cobb Steelie · junior relaxer · Nettwerk Records · The world got you down? Feel like you need something to mellow out to? How about some ambient, trip-hop stuff? Not quite Tricky (but then who is?) but it’s about the closest thing I’ve heard yet.

King for a Day · 2 song 7" · Initial Records · Another Initial release with amazing packaging. The record isn’t so amazing. Rather generic emo-core on “Sleeping Hero.” “Lazy” doesn’t fair much better. Still, great packaging.

Kingdom Scum · Contaminating the thinking supply · Turn of the Century · I was intrigued by the whole idea of this disc. Songs like “rectum relocated to forehead”, “systematic phallic overture”, and “nature is disgusting” sound promising. The problem is that they fall short of expectations. The music is all electronically produced and fairly pedestrian. It’s slow and uninspired. It comes with a cool poster, but the disc isn’t so hot.

KRS-One · I Got Next · JIVE Records · He’s back with another solid album of hip-hop knowledge. KRS-One delivers the mental flow and tough beats that can rock your mind and your body. This release has eighteen tracks and includes appearances by Redman and Angie Martinez. This is real hip-hop.

Lagwagon · Double Plaidinum · Fat Wreck Chords · Yes, Lagwagon has done it again. Lagwagon’s tight-as-heck style of punk rock hasn’t suffered one bit even with two member changes. More mid-tempo stuff on this one with a little less of a playful tone. It’s kind of “typical” Lagwagon in parts, but that’s good.

Life of Agony · Soul Searching Sun · Roadrunner Records · Perhaps one of the better written, bittersweet and deeply personal albums put out, but unfortunately I’m put off by the excessive 80’s hair metal music. I always heard they were hardcore, alas, not on this one. It’s an interesting contrast, but damn does it bother me that they didn’t ROCK OUT.

Lionrock · An Instinct for Detection · Time Bomb Recordings · This is a 2 CD set of stripped down ambient techno. CD#1 has a very mellow, sparse feel to it. CD#2 is the remix disk of a number of songs on CD#1, with Chemical Brothers and Prankster Sound System adding energy to the mellow grooves.

Maryjane · Sympathy Cards · Bear Records · Six songs of Psychedelic indie rock with fuzzy guitars, male vocals, and good pop sensibilities.

Million Six · Free Sticker Inside · Satellite Records · It’s not just a clever name, there really is one! 5-song EP showcases excellent pop power punk tunes. Includes a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Play With Fire.” Oh yeah, and a free sticker, too. Did I mention that?

Mitchell Rasor · waterloo in reverse · Big Deal Records · Very cool acoustic folk/rock. In the vein of Duncan Sheik or Michael Penn. Typically this kind of music wears on me because it tends to get sappy and pitiful, but this guy keeps it real and interesting. A definite welcome change.

MU330 · two albums: Press AND Crab Rangoon · Asian Man Records · Press is one of those rare perfect fun ska records everyone should own. The lyrics are funny and touching, the vocals are great (Fleeba), and the music is a fusion of ska and driving pop-punk. It’s been reissued with two additional unreleased tracks, so GET THIS! Crab Ragoon is their third release. The vocal duties are now split, and I favor Potthast more. Lyrically there are political and personally issues addressed in a smart way, but the music and vocals don’t gel until the last two tracks, and those are the one’s that work best. Get Press, if you like it, then try out Crab Rangoon.

Muler · The State of Play · Dedicated Records · Muler just might be the best melodic indie-rock band around. The music is creative, catchy, and emotionally charged. The vocals are brilliant. The music journeys between clean power-pop and lo-fi indie rock stylings. Absolutely amazing album through and through. This is their first full length - more goodness yet to come.

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult · A Crime for All Seasons · red ant ent. · This is perhaps the best sex album of the decade, right after their '91 release “Sexplosion.” Pure Brilliance- combining samples and synthesizers and sensual vocals (the Bomb Gang Girlz steal hearts with “Feel the Bite.”) Every song is slowed down to a fuckable tempo, and either references pain, sex, drugs, satan, and at times all four. Its presents pleasure as it should be- forbidden and dangerous. Desperately recommended!

Nobodys · The Smell of Victory · Hopeless Records · These fantastic guys bring snotty punk to a whole new level. They’re fast, furious, and playful. I’ve been fond of their previous work and they have recrystallized my fondness this time around. Keep it up, snotsters!! Yeah!

No Knife · Hit Man Dreams · Time Bomb Recordings · I like, I like! Very original stuff with great musicianship to go with it. If you have ever liked any kind of Jawbox-type stuff, then definitely check this band out. Nothing too crazy, just damn good and solid. Good band.

Oblivians · Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron · Crypt Records · Being that this was my first experience with the Oblivians, I don’t know much about their history or their groove - but I do know this disc was particularly difficult for me to get through. This compilation led me to believe many possibilities in the reality we know as life: a) perhaps I’m not meant to jive in the groove of rockabilly; b) maybe I’m not open-minded enough to appreciate their unique, raw talent; c) maybe I’m just some ignorant asshole who doesn’t know good music from PMS; or d) perhaps they just SUCK. This record is sprinkled with breathy preachings and ministries, complete with organ music! Praise god.

One Way System · Leave Me Alone · Crypt Records · With its hard, angry, and political messages, traditional punk lovers will dig this fresh infusion of punk rock from popular British band One Way System. This is their first new studio recordings in twelve years.

Paradise Lost · One Second · Music For Nations · I guess I should feel sorry for this English band in their country’s time of loss — nah. If you like Europe and Dream Theatre you should give them a listen. Or, just listen to Europe and Dream Theatre again. Whichever.

Pegboy · Cha-Cha Damore · Quarterstick Records · For months I’ve been hoping for a new Pegboy album. My life is now fulfilled. This latest album from the kings of Chicago punk (forget Screeching Weasel) is sure to please old fans and hopefully entice some new listeners. The vocals are gruff, tough and delivered right on time. The music is driven by heavy guitars, pounding drums and a consistency not found in many bands. The melodies are buried in the music perfectly. Pegboy has an intensity not found in many bands of their kind.

plumb · plumb · Silvertone Records · Every once-in-a-while you hear a band that begs the question, “How can radio be filled with such crap and this band be unknown?” Here they are. Plumb is amazing – pure and simple. Part Cocteau Twins, Garbage and the Sneaker Pimps, Plumb will win you over in one listen. Tiffany Arbuckle’s voice is angelic and the band is incredibly tight. If you claim to “like just about everything,” you must listen to this.

Polvo · Shapes · Touch and Go · Dissonant rock and soft whispery male vocals start this CD. Then they switch to eastern guitars on “Fighting Kites.” This is intelligent music for indie rocker and is necessary to the progression of the form. Unfortunately it didn’t grab me in any visceral level. Fans of Polvo, rejoice! Others, um, try Sonic Youth’s Evol or Sister records.

Purged · Form or Release · Metal Blade · “F’ing metal, dude!!!” In your face, take no prisoners, chew bubble game and take names metal. This band will make your ears bleed. Plus, they’ve got some cool Helmet-esque breakdowns that keep your head bobbin’. Buy it.

Regatta 69 · Prime Time · Moon SKA Records · Medium to high tempo ska with a ‘poppy’ feel to it. If you like lots of horns, get this release from this North Carolina band. “Killer Cabbie” is reminiscent of Madness. Their use of keyboards, such as the organ, adds a nice touch of soulfulness to the CD. Don’t miss their cover of “You Light Up My Life”.

Rudiments · Bitch, Bitch, Bitch · Dill Records · I didn’t like this the first time I listened to it, but it grew on me. I like it now. It’s fast paced punk with a kind of SKA beat thrown in now and then for good measure. Even though they put umlauts over the “u”s in a few song titles, we will still like them and buy their discs. Now.

Shipping News · save everything · Quarterstick Records · Avante garde indie rock is the best way I can describe this. This is a three piece that plays intricate, and often long-winded, pieces of music. They are complex and minimalistic all at the same time. Parts are great, some are good, however, the dragging on parts really get to me.

Shotwell · Celery, Beef and Iron · Broken Rekids · A definitive East-Bay sound is present here. This five-piece plays melodic punk rock that is catchy and fun. It’s nothing incredibly new, but what they do is done well.

Skalidays · Late Again · NONstop Music · This outfit from Indiatlantic, FL, plays an energetic, bouncy style of ska, mixed with a little punk, that will have you skankin’ in no time. They reminded me of Rancid and Reel Big Fish. Watch out for tracks “Tomorrow” and “Mila’s New Waxed Legs Dance Theme”.

Skrew · Angel Seed XXIII · Metal Blade · I guess this should be called “industrial-strength metal.” Keyword: Industrial. Which came first — Marilyn Manson or Skrew? I don’t know either. Skrew sticks to the straight metal more than Manson, but the similarities are there. More anti-christ superstars.

Space Cookie · Your CD Collection Still Sucks · Reservation Records · Hard driving from the get-go. Pop this in your CD player, as it hits you in the face, and you can’t even remember your name. This is good ol’ punk rock that makes you tingle all over.

Tenderloin · self-titled · Time Bomb Recordings · I knew it would happen: someone took the idea of Blues Traveler and kicked it in the ass one time. And kick ass, it does. This band is pure addiction. A little rock-a-billy, some great harmonica and straight-ahead rock. A whole new flavor of fun.

The Allstonians · The Allston Beat · Moon Ska · This is really a good disc. It’s happy, slower paced ska. Somewhere between the Bluenotes and the Toasters. It keeps you wanting to bounce up and down, but not too high. It’s definitely something that you want in your collection.

The Articles · Flip F’real · Moon Ska · Jazzy ska with some of the finest horn playing this side of the century. This is 14 tracks of instrumentals from a great band. Forget that lounge fad- this CD will stand the test of time. Whether you want to relax or dance this is the soundtrack for your wonderful life. Be hep- get this!

The Bomb Bassets · take a trip with.... · Lookout Records · Who says we can’t relive the ‘60s through the music of today? This album features twelve tracks of sappy, fast-paced, ‘60s influence punk rock. Most of it is uptempo and incredible catchy with lyrics such as: “First you want my hugging/Then you want my kissing/Now you want my burning love” and “There are lots of things that people want to do/I just want to dream this dream of you”.

The Bouncing Souls · self-titled · Epitaph Records · This isn’t the Bouncing Souls that I’m use to hearing, comparing to “The good, the bad, and the argyle.” This album is rougher and faster. I like it a lot, and I recommend it to anyone who is a Bouncing Souls fan, and even to those who aren’t.

The Cramps · Big Beat From Badsville · Epitaph Records · I don’t consider myself a devout Cramps fan; however, I do wholeheartedly appreciate their music and their attitude as a band. This record represents everything that is The Cramps: psychosexuality fired up by leather-clad, rubber worshipping, spiked heel-to-head libidos...it’s classic Cramps sound, and the perfect album to use as a vehicle of introduction for those of you who’ve been living in the caves of Mozambique. Many of the tunes sound familiar (another Cramps characteristic) due to unrelenting, in-your-face, punk-ass style: strangely blended surf-guitar, tinny vocals, sprinkled with a pinch of rockabilly. I recommend everyone listen once - no more than twice consecutively, unless you want to be driven that final stretch to utter madness...

The Drapes · The Silent War · OneFoot Records · Ehhh....even if you are one for the anything goes “South Cal.” sound, give this one a good in-store listen before ploppin’ down any hard-earned cash. Unless you’re into the less tight and originally challenged stuff. Sorry, just be careful.

The Facet · Playing Second · Dill Records · Not a usual acquisition for Dill Records, this is a mostly angry against-everything type of punk rock. You give them somethin’, they’re against it, baby. Think their CD markings say it all: “Body piercing is the system, chain wallets are the system, baggy pants are the system, fuck the system.” You too can circumvent the system by writing them instead of the label. (The Facet, 2320 Corey St, Longmont, CO 80502)

The Fosters · 4 Song 7" · Kat Records · The vulnerable yet strong female-sung pop punk tunes of teen love lost and growing up and apart are great stuff. Unfortunately they gave a guy vocal duties on two tracks. Ugh!

The Instigators · Happy Hour · Slimstyle Records · Aptly named, this CD will indeed make you happy for about an hour. This upbeat selection includes a couple of instrumentals and even a Mexican-influenced Spanish-language song called “Bandido”. Throw in a couple of harsh guitar licks in “Spider Monkey” and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded production.

The Instigators · Just for Starters 7” · Reptilian Records · Two songs here. “Are You 18?” is a swinging number, though Matty’s Song is a standard ska #. The voice seems restrained and bored. There’s better ska out there. The best thing about this is the sleeve’s musicology notes. Very funny for a not so fun 7".

The Loudmouths · Gone Drinking 7" · New Red Archives · 4 songs of fast punk rock n roll. “Reject” is a fitting anthem for an 80’s punk rocker or today’s crust punk. I dunno if it applies to everyone else. Nonetheless, it’s good to know someone is carrying on the banner of social rejection in the aftermath of mass acceptance of punk.

The Mr. T Experience · Revenge Is Sweet and So Are You · Lookout Records · Amazing and long-standing Lookout band releases a new one. This was one of the first bands which saved my punk rock soul, and they continue their rich tradition of mixing some of the most intelligent lyrics ever with some of the most puerile music ever. It’s a combination that works better than a Denny’s (R) sampler.

The Neckbones · Souls on Fire · Fat Possum Records · Though the vocals reminded me of Flaming Lips at times, the music is deep fried hillbilly punk rock.

The Semibeings · Three Pawns Standing · C/Z Records · This band is a bit hard to nail down. If the first song wasn’t acoustic it would be a serious rocker. However, it is acoustic and it’s probably better for it. I liken them to the Violent Femmes. If you don’t like the first song, don’t worry, they mix it up a lot.

The Slackers · Red Light · Hellcat Records · A year ago the Slackers came out with “Better Late than Never,” an amazing CD of traditional sounding ska with catchy melodies and unsurpassable musicianship. Live, they meet if not exceed their recording energy, which is rare in the ska scene (generally good live- awful recordings). So with high expectations I listened to Red Light. It’s a progression from “Better…”, with them appropriating older forms of music (Boogaloo, Latin, late 50’s broken love songs) with a lyrical slant towards broken relationships. All things good about the Slackers are here, so if you like them or are interested in ska, get it. Just take into account it is more depressing than danceable.

The Thumbs · Sweet Merciful Crap 7" · Soda Jerk Records · This is a great, energetic poppy punk. It’s uptempo to midtempo with excellent vocals and some cool changes. I am really impressed by the creativity and playing-ability of this band. This is well worth checkin’ out. Oh, they’re from Maryland, in case you care.

The Smooths · Kiss the Carnage 7" · Reptilian Records · Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, this three-song seven-inch from the Smooths is definitely worth checking out. It includes two versions of “Kiss the Carnage,” plus “Fish in my bed.” They have a decent horn section, along with melodic male vocals of reggae to punk influences.

The Weaklings · Remarkably · Beloved/Crane Mountain · Nifty indie pop with a dark tinge and song structures that reminded me of the Feelies.

Thrall · 2 Song 7" · Reptilian Records · An experimental noise release by ex-God Bullies guy on distorto voice. “I want you” is a driving rock song, “Eye Socket To You Daddy” deconstructs disco in a noisy macho reinterpretation of dance-floor funk.

Union 13 · East Los Presents... Union 13 · Epitaph Records · I’ll admit it. I thought that this was going to be crappy old-school type punk that was just a lot of screaming. In fact, it is a lot of screaming, and it is kind of old school type punk, but it is definitely not crappy. Catchy melodies and ferocious social commentary make this a killer disc.

Unsteady · Double or Nothing · Asian Man Records · This band is so great. They are a seven piece from CA with an awesome rhythm and horn section, plus the best harmonizing vocals I’ve heard in a long time. I wouldn’t necessarily categorize them as ska, but maybe jazz, lounge, rock, Latin, and somewhere in between.

Uranium 9 Volt · Wild Seven · Lookout Records · How did this band end up on Lookout? Not that they are too good or that Lookout only puts out one style of music, but this is not like anything I’ve heard them release. And it rocks. I’m not sure what to call it. It is often times melodic, it has a definite hardcore sound, a indie-rock sensibility and a solid feel that puts all the pieces together.

Various Artists · Soundtrack: Born To Lose · Alive Records · Twenty four tracks from punk rockers such as: Iggy and the Stooges, White Flag, Sacred Hearts, and The Zeros. This compilation is a definitive collection of straight-ahead punk rock.

Various Artists · Give “Em The Boot · Hellcat Records · This is an amazing comp of ska and Oi! from the finest bands in this country. For under $6, you can afford to give this a listen. Perhaps my favorite track is by “The Silencers”- they make great use of cheesy sci-fi organs. BUY THIS NOW so you can say you heard it first.

Various Artists · How to Start a Fight · USA Side 1 Dummy Records · This 18 band compilation includes such bands as: Murphy’s Law, Screw 32, Dance Hall Crashers, NOFX, Lag Wagon, Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade, and more. I would consider this as one of those comps, where there are good tracks, and there are those few tracks that must be skipped over. All in all, it’s a decent comp.

Various Artists · More Bounce To The Ounce · Lookout Records · Two discs of melodic punk rock for ya! Compiled by Joe King (The Queers), this double CD set features twenty-two different bands and a total of thirty-nine songs. Some of the bands included are: The Parasites, Sicko, Sinkhole, The Hi-Fives, cub, The Mr. T Experience, Lick 57 and bunches more.

Various Artists · Punks Undercover · Cleopatra Records · This contains 15 mainstream songs covered by late 70’s/80’s punk bands like DK (Viva Las Vegas), Germs (Round & Round), & Blitz. The music is interesting if you’re a punk enthusiast and will hopefully inspire listeners to get the original artist’s recordings. But c’mon, putting Sid Vicious on the CD cover with a piss poor live sound recording of “My way” inside is a scam. Avoidable.

Various Artists · Skampler 3 · Leech Records · Ever wonder what other countries have ska bands tearing up their music scenes? This sampler included Germany, Canada, USA, Switzerland, France, Sweden and England, to name a few. This compilation gives new meaning to “World Music”. Get it and impress your friends with your worldliness. Some of the songs are in different languages, so break out the phrase books to enjoy this collection of everything from traditional to third wave ska. Sorry, no ska-punk.

Various Artists · What’s Mine Is Yours: The Emo-Diaries - Chapter One · Deep Elm Records · This is an absolutely incredible compilation. Twelve great emo-bands playing heart felt stuff, through and through. The stand out tracks are by Jimmy Eat World, Samiam, Jejune, Triplefastaction, Red Level and Pohgoh. But, that’s not to say that the rest isn’t great. This is well worth the time, money and your hearing. Listen to it loud.

VIDEO - Various Artists · Video Flemloque · BYO Records · This nice little video combines music videos, interviews and behind the scenes footage all packaged together into 40+ minutes. It includes such bands as Youth Brigade, SNFU, Terrorgruppe and Jughead’s Revenge.

Weston · Music from the Soundtrack MATINEE · Go-Kart Records · Weston has mastered the fine art of power-pop. The vocals are tight and smooth and often harmonized well with backup vocals. The music is poppy enough to grab you, but has an intensity so as not to lose you. I hear a little Too Much Joy, a little Material Issue, and a lot of punk rock heart.

will haven · el Diablo · Crisis Records · Hardcore and plenty of it. And this ain’t the hardcore your mama listens to. These guys are pissed and glad to let you know about it. The word “hate” is used at least 12 times in every single song. If you’re planning on getting into a fight, listen to this right before you strap on the gloves.

ADDRESSES - in alphabetical order TOO!! Please write them.

Alive Records, P.O. Box 7112, Burbank, CA 91510
Asian Man Records, PO Box 35585, Monte Sereno, CA 95030-5585
Baby Bird Recordings, P.O. Box 5433, New York, NY 10185
Bear Records, 295 Greenwich St. #105-F, New York, NY 10007
Beloved Ent. Group, 201 Monroe Ave., Suite 45D, Maitland, FL 32751-6646
Big Deal, PO Box 2072, Peter Stuyvesant Station, NY, NY 10009-9998
Bomp! Records, PO Box 7112, Burbank, CA 91510
Broken Rekids, PO Box 460402, San Francisco, CA 94146-0402
BYO Records, PO Box 67A64, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Century Media, 1453-A 14th ST. #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404
Cleopatra Records, 8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite D-82, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Crisis Records c/o Rev., PO Box 5232, Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5232
Crypt Records, 1409 W. Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91506
C/Z Records, 4756 U. Village Place NE #469, Seattle, WA 98105
Dedicated Records, 580 Broadway Suite 1002, New York, NY 10012
Deep Elm Records, PO Box 1965, NY, NY 10156-1965
Dill Records, PO Box 347388, San Francisco, CA 94134-7388
Epitaph Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Fat Possum Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Fat Wreck Chords, PO Box 193690, San Francisco, CA 94779-3690
Fierce Recordings, 285 W. Broadway, NY, NY 10013
Go-Kart Records, PO Box 20, Prince St. Station, NY, NY 10012
Hellcat Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Hopeless Records, PO Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495
Initial Records, PO Box 17131, Louisville, KY 40217
Jive Records, 137-139 W. 25th St., NY, NY 10001
Kat Records, P.O. Box 460692, Escondido CA 92046
Liquid Meat, PO Box 460692, Escondido, CA 92046
Lookout! Records, PO Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94712-2374
Metal Blade Records, 2828 W. Cochran St., Ste. 302, Simi Valley, CA 93065
Moon SKA Records, PO Box 1412, NYC, NY 10276
Music For Nations, 137-139 West 25th St., NY, NY 10001
New Red Archives, P.O. box 210501, San Francisco CA 94121
Nettwerk Records, 632 Broadway, Suite 301, NY, NY 10012
Nitro Records, 7071 Warner Ave., Ste. F-736, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
NONstop Music, 401 Monaco Drive, Indiatlantic, FL 32903
Offtime Records, PO Box 220763, El Paso, TX 79913
OneFoot Records, PO Box 3834, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0592
Quarterstick Records, PO Box 25392, Chicago, IL 60625
red ant ent. P.O. Box 8873, Red Bank, NJ 07701-8873
Reptilian Records, 403 S. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231
Reservation Records, PO Box 7374, Athens, GA, 30604
Revelation Records, PO Box 5232, Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5232
Roadrunner Records 536 Broadway NY, NY 10012
Satellite Records, 920 East Colorado Blvd., #151, Pasadena, CA 91106
Silvertone Records, 137-139 West 25th St., NY, NY 10001
Soda Jerk Records, P.O. Box 4056, Boulder CO 80306
Time Bomb Recordings, 31652 2nd Ave., Laguana Beach, CA 92677
Touch and Go Records, P.O. Box 25520, Chicago, IL 60625
USA Side One-Dummy Recs., 6201 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 211, Hollywood, CA 90028

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