22 Jacks/The Smooths · split 7" · Devil Doll Records · 22 Jacks play hook-filled punk rock that isn't astounding, but is still pretty darn good. I believe it's the lead singer from the now defunct band WAX. The Smooths play uptempo punk-ska with some kickass horns. Both bands have one track each.

Adhesive · Sideburners · Onefoot Records · Even though “Sideburners” was just released, it is actually two years old. The Swedish quartet unleashed their extremely tight melodic punk assault in mid-1996 on their homeland’s Ampersand label, later to be licensed by Onefoot. I’m surprised it took them this long. Memorable tracks include “Nothing is won” and “Never been.”

Against All Authority · All Fall Down · Hopeless Records · When you think of ska-punk or punk-ska, Against All Authority are perhaps the best at fusing punk speed and politics with tempo shifts from raging anger to mellow horn solos and a ska upbeat The politics expressed are very sincere, and the music is so good, so distinctly their own. All Fall Down is a treat for those familiar with AAA and a great intro to a band with the coolest sounding singer that’s been on a lot of comps and has plenty of 7"’s worth listening, too.

ALL ELSE FAILED · a most bitter season · Temperance Records · There are two great tracks on this release. “Burster” starts with tribal drumming and deep barking and hits an amazing break down that makes this album in my opinion. The vocal delivery of one guy screaming another singer works awesome here. Unfortunately, artistic leanings get in the way of the songs. Hidden tracks and ambient “music” are fine, but of the seven tracks here, “burster” and “travis” caught my attention but the remaining stuff didn’t. Great hardcore, should’ve been a 7”.

another society · Blood Wrong · PC Music · Proclaiming themselves the “new wave of metal,” these guys don’t screw around. Seeing how Metallica and Megadeth have given in to radio, this band decided to jump in the big hole where hard rock used to be. And, thankfully, they fill it and make it stick. Pop this in, bang your head and feel the burn!

At The Drive-In · El Gran Orgo · Offtime Records · ATDI’s most recent EP release, “El Gran Orgo,” brings forth 17 minutes of emo-punk from Texas. However don’t be discouraged by the CD’s short length, because this quartet has recorded only awesome tunes. No filler here, folks.

Built To Last · self titled · Resurrection AD Records · Pissed off sXe hardcore in a non-death metal vein. The voice here is well shredded, denoting anger and pain and that most important emotion to release, ANGER! The music is mid-tempo, lyrics dealing with betrayal and such. The voice is what distinguishes Built To Last from other bands, so if that’s enough for you, enjoy!

C.O. JONES · DREAMS OF SUCKCESS · Self-released · C.O. JONES is five high school guys who kick ass. Rocking is their business and business is good. Sounding like “Days of the New" "Creed” and “Nirvana”, these kids have serious potential. If they can continue to put their teen angst into tune, the world is their oyster.

C4AM95 (A.K.A. The Champs) · III · Frenetic Records · I really liked this CD. This mostly instrumental epic from C4AM95 travels easily from metallic riff-heavy punk, to techno-like loops, then to piano solos with amazing confidence, all under a cloud of saddening gloom. As the “Kings of the Insanity Sound” put it, their sole aim is to set the audience soaring high on the wings of sorrow. Get ready to fly.

Chixdiggit! · Chupa Cabras 7" · Honest Don’s · A two song 7" pre-cursor to their April 98 full length. This is characterized by fuzzy guitars and neat vocal harmonizing on both tracks, with Chupa Cabras being the fast punky song and 20 times the slower one, both blessed with a good sense of melody.

Converge · Petitioning the Empty Sky · Equal Vision Records · This is extra heavy grindcore which was recorded (in part) at my favorite radio station (WJUL). Super thrashing, but enough melodic stuff to make it easy to listen to.

Converge/coalesce · Among the dead we pray for Light (Split 7") · edison recordings · Converge do that noisy , screaming, bass heavy thing they do so well on their track “Love As Arson” which has an amazing chorus of “I will Rise Again.” Coalesce do their guttural grind screaming of coming back from the dead to copulate on “Have Patience.” Heavy heavy monster sound here, kids. Play loud.

C-Style · Get On Down · Strictly Urban Records · C-Style drops some older style hip-hop on this 12" single (featuring a remix). It has a slight G-Funk flavor. It's not the hip-hop of today, but it does have a fresh, party-style flavor (add a little R&B).

Dropkick Murphys · Do or Die · Hellcat Records · This is a must-own release. Call it punk, street rock, or Oi!, the Dropkick Murphys play aggressive and passionate songs that just rock. Virtually every track here is a stand up sing-a-long soundtrack to a love for life and the culture. The only disappointing track is Barroom Heroes. It’s a great song on the Give ‘Em The Boot compilation. On this full-length version the singer holds back and sounds like it’s all a put-on. It comes off as affected in comparison to the comp version and the rest of this raw and ready album. Fifteen great tracks vs. one not-so-good cut are great odds that you should get this.

Electric Summer · Shock · Soda Jerk Records · Punk is international! This band from Japan has been linked to “Black Flag", Circle Jerks” and “The Germs”. However, they claim to have never heard any of them. Perhaps they should go listen. Although they at times sound like those aforementioned bands, they are far from them.

Filibuster · The Means... · Skunk Records · In an era when all groups seem to blend more and more different styles of music, Filibuster proudly steps to the front of the pack. After seven years, they successfully continue to blend their punk rock ethic with the traditional sounds of rock-steady ska, the smoothness of reggae, the snap of funk, and the rhythm of hip-hop.

FLOORPUNCH · TWIN KILLING · equal vision records · Right away, let me ask if you like straight-edge hardcore. Some people are against it, regardless of its worth. If you’re OK with it, this should be your next purchase. And quickly! These guys shred. Wicked hardcore.

Gadjits · At Ease · Hellcat Records · These three brothers, whose average age is 17, recently added a keyboard player to their guitar/bass/drums outfit to complement their blend of ska. This is quite an upbeat album, although the lack of a horn section is regrettable, since they lean towards trad ska.

Gameface · Reminder · Dr. Strange Records · The title of this record is perfect. This album is a reminder that Gameface has always been a great melodi-punk band. Featured on Reminder are fifteen tracks (plus a couple bonuses). It includes everything they released pre-Dr. Strange Records (two 7”s and a demo, dating back to 1990). For those who don’t know, musically, Gameface plays uptempo melodic punk rock with a pop sensibility. Lyrically, Gameface has emotionally/sentimentally driven lyrics that give a new perspective to their sound.

Gnomes of Zurich · Songs of couch and consultation · Reptilian Records · Side A has “Will to Fail,” which unfortunately doesn’t do much for me. Their cover of Psychedelic Furs’ “dumb waiters” just rules, however. From what I can see this is a 3 piece band from Minneapolis that had a release on AmRep.

Haberdasher · Songs On Love nos. 48602-48608 · Reptilian Records · Nifty concept, interesting execution. The tracks are just numbers, but I’ll go by CD order. Track one builds slowly with percussion for the first minutes and the slow addition of other instruments to a heavy dirge at the end. The music has the intricacy of Sonic Youth minus the noise. The vocals unfortunately are not so inspired. There’s not so much singing (most tracks are sans-vocals) on this CD but when it does come in, it kills the mood the instrumentation has created.

Hepcat · Right on Time · Hellcat Records · In their third outing, Hepcat delivers a mixture of Caribbean melodies, soulful harmonies, and swing infected rhythms blended together in their traditional ska style. “Right on Time” has a summery, feel good texture that will invade your body and make you rock steady.

Hypocrisy · The Final Chapter · Nuclear Blast · A bunch of Swedish death rockers. These guys have put out a very ferocious disc here. It’s nice to see something from Sweden besides ABBA. This definitely kicks ass.

IN FLAMES · Whoracle · NUCLEAR BLAST AMERICA · Message to self: Never agree to review a CD on the basis of the first eight seconds of it. This is European death metal. I guess the music is pretty good but the lyrics… Granted, you can’t understand them anyway, but here are just a few of the words they use in song: biotronic, organic soap, omnipotence and seismorgasmic.

Jalopy Taco Stand · going deep weekly · Cameltoe Records · Awwwww, yeah, boyeee! This kicks big butts! These guys groove hard, mixing funk, ska, rap and blues into some crazy concoction that gives you the heebie-jeebies. I’d go to CA just to see them live.

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp · ‘Til Niagara Falls · BYO Records · If you don’t get this CD for its very original name, or for its kick-ass cover of their namesake’s “Small Town,” then get it for the music they play. This trio pushes out punk music with a garage feeling to it. The first track, “C’mon, baby c’mon” sets the mood, with a crowd chanting this phrase over and over. And it just gets better from there.

King Diamond · VooDoo · Metal Blade Records · Lots of spooky rock punctuated by mood inducing sounds, screaming, and crunching guitars. This is a good disc from the grand-master of the death-metal genre. It has a kind of 80’s Black Sabbath feel to it.

Limp · Pop & Disorderly · Honest Don’s Fat Free Records · Pretty cool melodic punk á la Green Day with some No Use For A Name thrown in for fun. Even though this is their first CD, they already have a new guitarist who used to play for Screw 32. “Pop & Disorderly” is sure to satisfy, especially the cover of “Holiday Road” from the movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” Also memorable are “Ode to M” and “Far Away.”

Lucky 13 · Chromosome · New Urth Records · There’s nothing worse than an independent alternative band that sounds like an independent band. Unfortunately, that’s where these guys are. I don’t know how though, not with “Captain Wright” on guitars. Totally un-moving, bland and borish.

Luke Slater · Freak Funk · NovaMute Records · Though there are some interesting washes of sound on this disc, it’s a disc to be enjoyed more by fans of experimental electronic music than folks expecting something with high energy, as this isn’t very danceable.

Mad Trucker gone mad · Mad Trucker gone mad · Crustacean Records · In this day of ever-changing sounds, Mad Trucker has opened up a whole new category. They blend surf, rockabilly and punk, and that’s just in the first song! This is addicting, fast-paced stuff. Buy if you dare…

Meshuggah · The True Human Design · Nuclear Blast America · They may as well call it “Fuck marketing!” This “cyber thrash” Swedish band doesn’t believe in it. The back cover only lists four tracks, when in fact there are seven. Aside from “Sane” and three different versions of “Future Breed Machine” (one of which sounds a bit like country music), they delve into the realm of ambient techno for two more tracks. Not only that, but there is also a CD-ROM program on this disc that contains the video for “Terminal Illusions,” as well as band bio’s and even links to get on the web.

Mid Carson July · Minus Wings and Halos · Keystone-Ember Recordings · These emo cats are from Pennsylvania and their four-piece plays tempo-shiftin’ emo rock. This is in that same group as The Get-Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World. It’s not something new, but if you dig this style, they do it very well.

Midway · poole hall sessions · Midway Music · Midway is a four-piece college rock team from Virginia. Their music is very radio-friendly in the same vein as Matchbox 20 or a number or other top twenty bands today. They do what they do well.

My Man Friday · self-titled · ABCD’s Records · Get ready to sit back and enjoy this three song EP by My Man Friday. Traditional Ska reminiscent of the Toasters with an interesting cover of “Come Dancing” by the Kinks. Good for a ten minute fix of ska.

Nashville Pussy · Let Them Eat Pussy · Amphetamine Reptile · I know it’s only rock n roll, but I don’t like it. The white trash thing is all fine and good, and songs like “I’m The Man” are funny, but it does get old after the first 3 tracks. It’s not rockabilly or psychobilly or inventively good garage rock. It’s just not that good.

NOFX · All of Me/The Desperation’s Gone · Fat Wreck Chords · This two song, seven-inch sounds like the good old NOFX that I’ve always remembered them as. Catchy, punchy, punk, and that’s as good as it gets. These two songs have the familiarity as all their other stuff, but with a much fuller guitar sound than before. It’s on colored vinyl, too. This is a definite plus to add to your record collection.

NOFX · So long, and thanks for all the shoes · Epitaph Records · NOFX is back, once again showing us what punk music is all about. If you’ve heard NOFX before, you’ll like it. If you haven’t, then you need to. They also play a little ska and even a French cover song. “It’s my job to keep punk rock elite” just drips with sarcasm, while “Quart in session” talks about recovering from alcoholism in a way not heard about often.

Overcast · Expectational Dilution · Edison Recordings · Another fine product from Edison Records. This is metal that you can write home about. Heavy? You bet. Very cool stuff that you will like.

pave the rocket · taken in · Deep Elm Records · What’s the rule? Lower case letters for a band name normally means indie rock/emo rock. This is both. It’s got an indie rock feel with a strong emo power. The music is melodic and often times breaks into heavy parts. Structure-wise, they really mix up the sounds. Think Promise Ring and then add Orange 9mm.

Phallus Dei · Adorations · Hollow Hills Recordings · The CD is billed as the “Best of from renowned German industrialists.” They sing in English, with very clean production and an eerie minimalism at times. I like this one a whole bunch. Tracks like “Dog” are creepy in their use of organs and synthesizers. The faster tracks are for the most part annoying, but the beauty here are the slowed down songs, particularly “Circles on Circles.” Great stuff!

Pohgoh · In Memory of Bab · Outback Records · Pohgoh is a now disbanded Tampa-based emo band. Characterized by music that constantly pushes forward and powerful, beautiful female vocals, it’s a shame the band is no longer around. This, what is likely their final release, is ten tracks of quite amazing music. They are a mid-tempo style band (although, they do mix it up a bit) that uses melody and Susie Richardson’s voice to draw in the listener and create a strong emotional feeling. They do it well!

Purple Ivy Shadows · No less the trees than the stars · Slow River/Shetland Park · Though this looks to be psychedelic judging by its cover and titles, this is actually well-made coffee house fare with creative lyrics and nicely rendered male vocals. There’s nothing overwhelmingly overpowering me to give it repeat listens, but nevertheless, it’s a finely produced disc fans of new music might want to support.

Riverdales · Storm The Streets · Honest Don’s Totally Beaten Brats · Ben Weasel co-produced this glorious piece of punk pleasure. Smooth, melodic punk that you can’t help but sing along with. This is a really great disc that everyone should own.

Sacred Reich · Still Ignorant · Metal Blade · This is live rock-n-roll with no bullshit. Heavy and not too fast – sort of a cool AC/DC feel to it, but just cranked up a notch or two. This is a great disc.

Shai Hulud · “Hearts Once Nourished…” · Crisis Records · Unfortunately the tempo shifts threw me for a loop on Shai Hulud’s second release on Crisis Records. The artwork here is beautiful, the lyrics are full of determination and self-empowerment against the negativity of humanity, yet… it lacks cohesion in the music. Too much going in the guitars vs. rhythm, so that 75% of the songs fall together like a mess, which sucks cuz I was really looking forward to liking this record.

Shake Appeal · you're too rich · Go-Kart Records · Delicious pop is what you get from these three New York boys. This record has a solid, catchy pop sense throughout; read: Material Issue, Superdrag, and others - but this band seems a bit more advanced. Six and Violence · Petty Staycheck · Giant Explosion Records · Imagine Primus meeting Eskimo and Green Jelly and Biohazard. This is the coolest, funniest disc I have heard in a LONG time. Buy it just for “I’m Gonna Kick God’s Ass”. It rocks my liver.

Snap-HER · Queen Bitch of Rock & Roll · New Red Archives · These chicks scare the hell out of me. Good punk, gratuitous beaver shots, sex, drugs, violence and Beavis and Butthead. This is a disc which simply has it all.

Snuka · Snuka Bloody Snuka · Paradigm Records · A stripper chick singer who could (and would) kick your ass. I love her. I love this disc. Songs like “Puke for You” and “Fuck You (With A Song)” get stuck in your head and probably do lots of damage. This will never come out of your CD player.

Stizzle · "Two Weeks Too Late" · Boxcar Records · Sometimes punk, sometimes ska, sometimes a poppy combination of the two - take it any of those ways and you've got some fun music. Seven pieces, including two horns, allows them to really mix it up musically (from old style punk to pop-punk to hardcore to ska). Stizzle was from Orlando, but Stizzle is no more. So, grab this to see what you missed.

Superchunk · Indoor Living · Merge Records · The kings of indie rock do it again, this time a bit slowed down and less pop-punky. It is still quite creative, melodic and fun. The vocals have their normal quirkiness. This is probably my favorite Superchunk album to date, mostly because the music isn’t simply based on pop. This has a stronger “emo” feel. Check ‘em out on February 9th at the Sapphire in Orlando.

TEEN IDOLS · TEEN IDOLS · Honest Don’s Records · These aren’t the original Teen Idols, but they rock well enough on their own. This is textbook punk. No frills, no spills, just loud guitars, fast drums and vocals you strain to understand. Ahhh, now THAT’S punk!

Ten Yard Fight · Back on Track · Equal Vision Records · Straight up hard-core. This is good hardcore, but I wish that the mix had allowed a little more on the vocals. They’re kind of hidden away in there. I think these guys are straight-edge, but if they are, they aren’t too pushy about it.

The Bar Feeders · Scotto El Blotto · Depth Charge/Dill Records · “Hail Hail, The Beers All Here” What more do you need to know? This is straight ahead punk with a hard edge that gets you skankin’ and boppin’.

The Candy Snatchers · Pissed off, ripped off, screwed: The first two years · Go-Kart Records · Aggressive, straight ahead, really heavy punk. All these songs have appeared in other places before, but this is a good way to have them all in one place for your listening pleasure.

The Donnas · American Teenage Rock ‘n Roll Machine · Lookout! Records · Chick rock is back and bigger than ever. And I mean that literally – Donna A. must be 6’ tall! Anyway, these four Donna’s (A., C., F. and R.) play kick-ass, guitar driven rock a la “The Ramones” and “The Runaways.” This is really cool stuff.

The Eclectics · Idle Worship · Jump Up! Records · Hailing from Chicago, The Eclectics bring with them a jumpy, snappy style of ska-punk that will make you worship them. They definitely have a sense of humor when it comes to relationships, with lyrics like “You stepped into my life / and I know you cannot stay / because I hear your car running outside” and “Take away your worries and all of your fright / for two hundred dollars I’ll be your man for the night.”

The Lazy Cowgirls · A Little Sex and Death · Crypt Records · If you’re a fan of garage rock, you’ll find this disc to be a treasure. Straight up rock and roll here. My first introduction to the Lazy Cowgirls was their “Teenage Frankenstein” 7" years ago when they had a less refined rock and roll sound, though I still love that song. Their growth has been in a positive direction and I can’t think of rock n roll disc that is as greasy and sexy as this with as cool vocals and guitar playing. (This is the band that was a cause for existence of Sympathy for the Record Industry.)

The Marshes · Pox on the Tracks · Dr. Strange Records · This is a very cool punk rock band. Featuring Colin Sears of ex-Dag Nasty fame, The Marshes release their second full-length record. Again, it is defined by catchy melodies, creative tempo changes, definitive and well-sung vocals and lyrics worth reading. This band is worth the price of the disc and maybe a lil' more.

The Nimrods · Once again saving the world takes a back seat to a good beer · Doctor Dream Records · Once again the Nimrods attempt to take over the world with “Once again...” Armed with nothing but three chords and catchy choruses (not to mention a cover of the High Plains Drifters’ “Nobody loves me but my mom”), they’ll make you laugh with their generic but amusing brand of melodic punk.

The Smooths · Very Own Vegas · Side 1 Dummy Records · This Baltimore outfit plays some “smooth” 3rd wave ska. Heavy on the horns, light on the guitar distortion, faster paced than its rocksteady predecessor. Get ready for a good time with “Very Own Vegas.”

The Toasters · Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down · Moon Ska Records · The Toasters are definitely one of the most important ska bands playing today. Utilizing their horn heavy traditional ska sound, “D.L.T.B.G.Y.D.” delivers, and leaves you wanting for more. Also included is a cover of Spencer Davis’s “Give Me Some More Lovin’.” Indeed.

Throbbing Gristle · Assume Power Focus · Hollow Hills Sound Recordings · From what I can collect, Throbbing Gristle was one of the first industrial music acts in the 1970s. Whereas the face of industrial changed in the late 80’s to a harder form of rock with synthesizers and went big time with the likes of NIN, Throbbing Gristle doesn’t sound anything like that. It’s experimental music made of noises and low-bass rumblings and sound loops, albeit not danceable one iota. Listen with caution.

Unsane · Occupational Hazard · Relapse Records · After ten years, Unsane can still drop some hard rockin' metal. This record is very heavy, characterized by throaty vocals, chord driven music, punchy drums and some pretty damn cool changes in tempo and style.

Various Artists · Beauty in Darkness Vol. 2 · Nuclear Blast America · For anyone interested in gothic/dark metal music, this compilation is definitely worth some attention. Included are Dimmu Borgir, My Dying Bride, Crematory, Pain, Theater of Tragedy, among others. Some of the 17 songs are lifted from albums, but five are not available anywhere else.

Various Artists · Dillinquents - Green & Red · Dill Records · This two CD set (sold as the Green disc and Red disc) compiles the best ska punk that the folks at Dill could gather up. You can buy the CD’s separately or both at the same time, and I recommend you do the latter. Included are MU330, GLG Twenties, Agent Twenty-Three, Crumar, Skankin’ Pickle, Slapstick, Skallops, and Adam’s alcoholics, just to name a few. 40 tracks in total, plus a few hidden ones, as well.

Various Artists · ESSENTIAL PEBBLES-Volume One - Ultimate ’66 garage classics · AIP Records · Surf rock fans, your prayers have been answered. Fifty-five, count ‘em, fifty-five surf rock tunes are compiled here. Dean Carter, Trolls, Breakers, Malibus, Strangers…more music than you can shake a board at. Load up the VW Bus, pop these cd’s in and shoot the tube!

Various Artists · Honest Don’s Welcome Wagon · Honest Don’s Records · Comp’s, comp’s and more comp’s. This one features punk and ska bands like Dance Hall Crashers, Teen Idols, Chixdiggit and J Church. You can’t go wrong with this. Great stuff.

Various Artists · Physical Fatness - Fat Music Vol. III · Fat Wreck Chords · For $3.98 this is a really inexpensive CD, yet as a comp it didn’t do much for me. The Goober Patrol track is also on the infinitely better “Cinema Beer Nuts” comp, and the Dickies track is well… a Dickies track. Not much to jump up and down over. If you like Fat Wreck you’ve probably heard these bands already. On the flip side, it’s really cheap so you can knock out 16 bands off your like/dislike list immediately.

Various Artists · Ska American Style · Jump Up! Records · After the release of their 4-volume compilation series “American Skathic,” Jump Up! Records follows up with “Ska American Style.” In this release, some of the bands from “Skathic” are represented, with exclusively new tracks. From the ska-core sounds of the “Parka Kings” to the swing-ska from “Suspect Bill” and everything in between, “Ska American Style” truly covers the whole field. In a time when everyone and their mother puts out a ska comp CD, Jump Up! steps ahead of the pack to show why it is one of the top ska labels.

Various Artists · You arE nOw unDeR our coNtrOl · KATHODE Records · This comp features 22 great tracks of power pop, punk and some mellow stuff. This is about the best bang for your buck you can get and it ranks right up there with the best indie comps.

Whatever… · Youngsters · Dr. Strange Records · This release is just too great for you to wait any longer to own it. The lyrics are great, the singer has a gruff voice yet can carry a tune, and the music itself is fast and melodic. There’s a lot of great pissed off songs on this disk, yet it makes me super happy to listen to it. Show yourself some love- get this disk!

Whiskeytown · Strangers Almanac · Outpost Recordings · This has been getting some local radio play in Orlando, which is a good thing for these slowed down country-influenced musicians. It’s such a different sound from what I listen to, as it’s main instrumentation includes pianos, acoustic and electric guitars gathered in harmony to belt out country love songs with ghost and religious imagery. Great stuff to unwind to.

Zoinks! · Well and Good · Dr. Strange Records · Pop-punk ala Green Day. Yes, the boys are back. This is damn fine stuff that keeps a constant bounce with melodies and hooks that don’t quit. This is better than a lot of the older style Green Day/Screeching Weasel style stuff. Twelve tracks of pop-punk pleasure.

ADDRESSES - in alphabetical order TOO!! Please write them.

ABCD's Records, PO Box 50524, Provo, UT 84605
AIP Records, PO Box 7112, Burbank, CA 91510
Amphetamine Reptile, 2645 1st Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Boxcar Records, PO Box 1141, Melbourne, FL 32902
BYO Records, PO Box 67A64, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Cameltoe Records, 3418 Suncrest Ave., San Jose, CA 95132
CO Jones, PO Box 1000, Versailles, KY 40383
Crisis Records, PO Box 5232, Huntington Beach, CA 92615
Crustacean Records, PO Box 37384, Milwaukee, WI 53237-0384
Crypt Records, 1250 Long Beach Ave. #101, Long Beach, CA 90021
Deep Elm Records, PO Box 1965, NY, NY 10156-1965
Devil Doll, PO Box 30727, Long Beach, CA 90853
Dill Records, PO Box 347388, San Francisco, CA 94134-7388
Doctor Dream Records, 817 W. Collins, Orange, CA 92867
Dr. Strange Records, PO Box 7000-117, Alta Loma, CA 91701
Edison Recordings, PO Box 42586, Philadelphia, PA 19101
Epitaph Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Equal Vision Records, Box 14, Hudson, NY 12543
Fat Wreck Chords, PO Box 193690, San Francisco, CA 94779-3690
Frenetic Records, PO Box 640434, San Francisco, CA 94164-0434
Giant Explosion Records, Box 604024, Bay Terrance, NY 11360-4024
Go-Kart Records, Box 20, Prince Street Station, NY, NY 10012
Hellcat Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Hollow Hills Sound Recordings, PO Box 862558, Los Angeles, CA 90086-2558
Honest Don's, PO Box 192027, San Francisco, CA 94119
Hopeless Records, PO Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495
Jump Up! Records, 440911/2 W. Greenview, Suite 2W, Chicago, IL 60640
KATHODE Records, 1487 W. 5th Ave., Suite 205, Columbus, OH 43212-2403
Keystone-Ember Recordings, PO Box 1798, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703
Lookout! Records, PO Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94712-2374
Merge Records, PO Box 1235, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Metal Blade Records, 2828 Cochran St., Suite 302, Simi Valley, CA 93065-2793
Moon SKA Records, PO Box 1412, NYC, NY 10276
NovaMute Records, 140 West 22nd St. #10A, NY, NY 10011
New Red Archives, Box 210501, San Francisco, CA 94121
New Urth Records, PO Box 608963, Orlando, FL 32860-8963
Nuclear Blast America, PO Box 43618, Philadelphi, PA 19106
Offtime Records, PO Box 220763, El Paso, TX 79913
Onefoot Records, PO Box 3834, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0592
Outback Records, PO Box 780132, Orlando, FL 32828
Outpost Recordings, 8932 Keith Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Paradigm Records, 67 Irving Place South, 3rd FL, NY, NY 10003
PC Music, 711 8th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101
Reptilian Records, 403 S. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231
Resurrection AD Records, PO Box 763, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Side One Dummy Records, 6201 Sunset Blvd. Suite 211, Hollywood, CA 90028
Skunk Records/Martian Church, 6285 E. Spring St. #234, Long Beach, CA 90808
Slow River/Shetland Park, 27 Congress Street, Salem, MA 01970
Soda Jerk Records, PO Box 4056, Boulder, CO 80306
Strictly Urban Recordings, 245 Eighth Avenue, Suite 843, NY, NY 10011
Temperance Records, PO Box 685, Northfield, NJ 08225

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