V/AFeed Your Head Vol. 2Planet Dog Records • Stand out tracks on this UK electronic ambiance compilation are the two tracks by the Star Seeds, and Phreaky Buddha for their mellow feel and throbbing bass. For new comers, most all the songs slowly build up their layer of sounds and rhythms and last for five to 10 minutes. No message, just music to relax to.

Pep GirlzDown 'n' DirtyAlive Records • Pep Girlz are an 80’s no-wave/noise influenced band, alive and kicking in '97. If you want to listen to something to annoy your family and friends, this is it. Otherwise, Sonic Youth’s “Sister” and “Evol” are more rewarding products of the evolution of experimental art noise rock.

V/ATranced Out & DreamingPlanet Dog Records • Sharper synth repetitions makes this hard on the ear. If trance is your cup of tea, there’s 78 minutes here to drink up. Otherwise, the higher pitched synth sounds, beats-per-minute, and drum rolls may grate against ears unaquired to trance.

Easy Big FellaEat at Joey'sMoon Ska Records • This is slow to mid tempo ska with a nice horn section and use of hammond. This cd is well worth it for the above standard tracks, all which contain vocal harmonizing. Get this, as their harmonizing separates this CD from being a “same sound different band” situation which is plaguing ska.

Parasites Hang Up 7"Lookout! Records • Another tear-jerking release from the punk rock world’s foremost lovepunk band. Grab a tissue.

V/ASkarmaggedon 3Moon SKA Records • Outside of the piss-poor techno derivative packaging, this is a nice addition to your ska collection and a great way to start if you don’t own any ska recordings. Two CDs hold 45 tracks total. Disc one is “Old School/2 Tone” and has Ft. Lauderdale’s King 7 and the Soulsonics. Disc two is “Post 2 tone/Ska Punk” and boasts a catchy song by Orlando’s Stizzle.

The Letterbombsself-titled 7”Harmless Records • The Letterbombs are a new band on the Chicago punk scene. They’re gonna fit in just fine. I hear immediate Bollweevils influences. They are fast paced, lead with female vocals and great basslines. This 7” has five songs, which makes it more than worth picking up.

Vegetarian Meat s/t 7" No. 6 Records • “Comeback” is a bitter sweet song of longing that’ll have you singing with it in no time. “Luxury” has the same catchy fell, in a folksy vein with even more self-effacing lyrics. Alex McAuley is the man behind Vegetarian Meat. He is brilliant.

Sloan One Chord to AnotherThe Enclave • Ladies and Gentlemen- the Beatles! I don’t understand why a band would model themselves so heavily after the fab four, making an album of Beatles-derivative slow songs. If you like the Beatles, listen to this. Otherwise, there are more inspired rip-off artists out there.

Dead Fucking Last (DFL) • grateful...Epitaph Records • Do you have your skateboard handy? Are you ready to cause your body great harm? This is the second Epitaph album of fast skatecore from the only band that is still able to do it well. Reminds me somewhat of Angry Samoans. Seventeen tracks!

Isaac Green and the SkalarsSkoolin' with the SkalarsMoon SKA Records • As the vocals are this band’s strength, the tracks are hit or miss depending on the lyrical content. Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good here. On CD I’m not impressed. However, performing live they rule.

[refused]everlastingEqual Vision Records • Powerful hardcore counter-culture album. These guys are pure humanists (and Germans), seeking to escape the ruts and evils of society and reclaim our individuality.

DJ MicroCoast to Coast MixESP Sun Records • This is an amazing break-beat cd. Steady beats and varying arrangements of beats all the way through. If you’re curious as to what break-beat is about, this is worth owning.

Los Terriblesself-titledNapalm Records America • This is pretty cool stuff. The first cut is textbook thrash but the rest of the CD settles into some meaty hardcore and metal. Put this in rotation right behind Helmet and Suicidal Tendencies.

U.S. BombsNever Mind the Opened MindsAlive Records • Irony of ironies, U.S. Bombs pay a talented lyrical and musical tribute to no-talent punk poster boy Sid Vicious. This CD has a rare emotion to it- like they care. There is heart infused into these songs, in addition to anger and respect. Six songs. All great in an aggressive, catchy fashion.

V/A - Pebbles Vol. 9Southern California 2Archive International Productions • This has 24 garage rock songs from the 60’s, bringing you obscure tracks from obscure bands. It seems to hit the psychedelic end of that decade- very white, male and very much against their girlfriends.

V/ALatin Ska Vol. IIMoon SKA Records • On the upside you have danceable tracks to put your Spanish and Italian skills to work deciphering the lyrics. On the downside all but a couple of these bands haven't filtered ska through their country’s cultural or musical history. Where I expected to hear a different sound from Italy, a different sound from Spain, well, no such luck. Their approach is similar to American ska bands of late, probably because American 3rd wave acts have influenced and inspired everyone. Regardless, this has more good tracks than not.

Kool DJ Red AlertKool DJ Red Alert Presents...Next Plateau Entertainment • Kool DJ Red Alert has done more to popularize and promote hip-hop on the airwaves than any other DJ in the past decade. Maybe that’s why this album isn’t really for hip-hop heads, but for the mainstream. Kool DJ Red Alert Presents... is a collection of catchy rap songs (the standouts are I Shot Ya, Sugar Hill, and Get Money) that are edited for the radio. If you want to keep it moving, check this joint out; but, if you want to keep it real, move on by this one.

Patrick FrostEverything’s Normal HereMax Music • Interesting mix of adult contemporary and social activism. Hints of Billy Joel’s work grace this very intelligent 21-song album.

SquirtgunAnother Sunny AfternoonLookout! Records • Fun, melodic, and inspired by just about every Lookout band that ever was, Squirtgun pumps out another fine pop-punk toe-tappin’ release. Even better than their first LP.

Cradle of FilthDusk... And Her EmbraceFierce Recordings • The disc cover says it all: “Litanies of Damnation, Death and the Darkly Erotic.” This is Gothic Style Doom Metal which is moody and evocative of slow pain and death. They tried and succeeded.

Tristan PsionicTPA Flight 028Sonic Unyon Records • Rockin’ alternative stuff from these fine Canadians. Similar to the Breeders.

SaturnineFlags for Unknown Territories Dirt Records • Emotional, mellow rock with great vocals and crisp guitar. Complete relaxation of the mind.

The KnobsHappy, Sad, DrunkMoodFood Records • Very cool alternative stuff with similarities to the great King Crimson.

ChavezRide the FaderMatador Records • Chavez play that nearly-official new brand of alternative rock: heavy on the guitars, light on everything else, and they do it well. I’d liken them to School of Fish and Sunny Day Real Estate.

The Weird LovemakersElectric ChumpGouramie Records • Nasal, relentlessly fast punk rock. 28 great songs. What a deal!!

Killing SpreeTerror From Beyond SpaceNapalm Records America • Remember when Metallica was good? Before the “black album"? Hold that thought and add Ministry to it. Now you’ve got yourself some Killing Spree. And they pull it off very well. If they can get a break, metal will have a new player.

Carl, You Know Peggyself-titled EPCrustacean Records • This is a four-piece hailing from Milwaukee. They play their own breed of funky rock ‘n roll. This delivers six songs. Sometimes blues influences drift through. They do what they do well.

II BigII Big for the RadioRussian River Records • 80’s metal is alive and...well? I don’t know that they’re too big, but they probably won’t be on the radio. Luckily this is a party metal band whose members most likely have a steady 9 to 5’er and do this for kicks. File under “Winger.”

TribhangaSoul FreakNapalm Records America • Tribhanga throws out cool, heavy grooves and female lead singer Jahnavi adds a sweet, sweet voice to it all. Rage Against the Machine lite. The first cut is a little whack but don’t worry, you will not be disappointed.

Romey BuzleyRadio ShowFigurehead Records • Local Orlando band releases their first CD. An epic story in album format.

XysmaLottoRelapse Records • These five Finnish fellows (say that three times fast) claim to be part Sonic Youth, Misfits, Helmet and Black Sabbath, Cult, etc., but I only heard the first two. I think they sound like a slowed down Danzig more than anything.

McRackins Best FriendShredder Records • Great melodic punk rock. New stuff, including studio songs and live ones.

CharadeUnEarthedself-released • Charade seem to be taking this '80s metal revival thing way too seriously and I don’t know if that’s good or not. The band formed in the summer of ’96 and though this is not a bad EP, they need some more maturation time.

David RaittTake a ChanceGreen Wave Productions • Yes, that’s the same Raitt as in Bonnie. Her brother is more eclectic, poppy and diverse than her usual offering of blues. They’re all here guesting, all 120 of the Raitt family members. It should be a favorite on the adult contemporary stations.

Machine Headthe more things change...Roadrunner Records • If you had the pleasure of listening to Machine Head’s previous release on Roadrunner, you have a pretty good idea of what this one sounds like. It’s super aggressive, super heavy, screamin’ thrash. It’s fantastic.

My Dying BrideLike Gods of the SunFierce Recordings • Long, slow introductions build songs into powerful displays of dark emotion. This is another Doom Metal outfit from Fierce Recordings. They seem to have evolved a bit since their last disc, honing their skills and continually redefining the boundaries of their genre.

The HumpersPlastique ValentineEpitaph Records • These guys have a strange way of incorporating Jerry Lee Lewis-type piano into punk rock. It works well.

The Crumbsself-titledLookout! Records • Fun album from the people who brought you some of the greatest. The Crumbs do a melodic punk thing. They’re from Miami to boot!

Shades ApartSeeing ThingsRevelation Records • This album, like their last, is produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton (of ALL and the Descendents). Their producing influence definitely shows in the music. The music is clean, quick pop-punk with an edge and a sound that can sometimes compare to ALL.

Ten Foot PoleUnleashedEpitaph Records • This four-piece now has a new lead singer. Their old lead singer is in Pulley. Both bands are better than Ten Foot Pole was. This is a great follow-up to their debut on Epitaph and it blows the old one away. The vocals are super clean, the music is full and powerful and the driving force is melody. Thirteen tracks and they are all worth checking out.

Mustard PlugEvildoers Beware!Hopeless Records • It’s like butter baby! These Michigan boys play high energy, punk influenced ska that will make your head spin. Evildoers Beware is not quite as slaphappy as their previous release on Moon, but it’s amusing nonetheless. This CD contains 12 catchy songs that will surely find their way into your heart or your head. Recorded and produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton of All/ Descendents fame.

V/APunk-O-Rama Vol. 2Epitaph Records • Excellent collection of old and new punk rock featuring Descendents, TSOL, NOFX, Bad Religion, Voodoo Glow Skulls et al.

V/APebbles vol. 10Archive International Productions • A super cool collection of 60’s psychedelic rock and OG punk. These are the oldies that you won’t hear on your parents' favorite radio station. It’s an interesting, fun, and bizarre rock-n-roll comp complete with short bio’s and histories on the various bands.

Drunk in Public Tapped Out!Fearless Records • These five guys pump out lots of beer (I’m assuming) as well as fast-paced melodic punk rock that features excellent vocals and great harmonized choruses. Through the fifteen tracks the boys stay pretty consistent in bringing the listener new school punk rock. The music is in the vein of Rhythm Collision or Down By Law. This album is tight all over.

V/A - A Tribute to the MisfitsViolent WorldCaroline Records • Gosh, I love the Misfits. Ever since I was a wee lad. This compilation presents fourteen bands doing fourteen different Misfits songs. It includes Snapcase, Pennywise, Prong, Goldfinger, NOFX, and Farside to name a few. Some bands decide to retain the original sound, while others mix it up a little.

The BollweevilsWeeviliveDr. Strange Records • Rockin’ live album by one of Dr. Strange’s first and best bands. Has some of their best stuff on it.

CoalesceA Safe Place 7”Edison Recordings • Coalesce have a breed of creative hardcore that is fierce. The music is much faster than it is chunky. Which makes it a little different than a lot of the new-school hardcore out there. The tempo changes aren’t necessarily “break-downs” which leaves them in a class by their own. The vocals are screamed, but don’t sound like death metal. This 7” works and shows how Coalesce has become one of the leading hardcore bands out there.

Supergirls Destruct 7”Liberation Records • Three tracks from the Supergirls who are really just super guys. They play super punk rock that sounds a lot like a super NOFX. The music is super fast, the super vocals are slightly nasal, and the breakdowns are super cool. Did I mention that this 7” is pretty darn super?

In Ano/Sohcahtoasplit 7”Urinine Records • In Ano play crazy good emocore. The vocals are forceful yet smooth while the music changes from quiet to full-on emotional melody. Sohcahotoa seem to have a breed of music that I’ll call emonoise. It is mostly quiet and contained, yet emotional driven.

Auntie Christself-titled 7”Lookout! Records • This is a three-piece led by Excene Cervenkova (X). The music is punk rock with a garage feel. It is fairly melodic and has some cool basslines. Lyrically, it’s very socio/political (and in a VERY smart way), which makes it that much better. Very much worth a listen.

HepcatScientificBYO Records • Even though it’s been four years since their debut album, Hepcat continues to deliver their brand of traditional ska, rocksteady and reggae. If you’re feeling rootsy this album is for you.

Cavity self-titled 7”Rhetoric Records • Cavity is a good name for this band. They are very angry, in the same way a tooth cavity may make you feel. It gnaws at you until you make it go away. Side one: the vocals are screamed, in a bad way. The music sounds like a combination of metal and bad ‘70s music. However, the tempo changes are pretty cool. Side two: dragging on noise. The sound of the drill that removes your cavity, but at a lower pitch.

Shonen KnifeBrand New KnifeBig Deal • If you haven’t heard Shonen Knife, than you’re missing out on some great melodic pop rock. Three Japanese gals who know how to play great music. This is their latest delivery, and it features twelve tracks plus seven more in Japanese. If you REALLY haven’t heard them, get off your ass...and if you have, you should be on your way to get this one.

Ebola Soupself-titled 7”Vaccination Records • These guys are pretty cool. They’re a four piece made up of guitar, bass, drum and trombone. The music is inconsistent, chaotic, but playful. It is totally silly. It is not your typical music.

Pinhead GunpowderGoodbye Ellston AvenueLookout! Records • This is the third album from the punk rock four-some fronted by Billie Joe (Green Day). It is characterized by Billie’s vocals and melodic, quick paced, catchy music. The lyrics are written by drummer Aaron (ex-Monsula) and are well-worth reading. Great release.

SunbrainliquidGhostmeat Records • This four-piece out of Atlanta has a wide variety of styles. They go from the Violent Femmes to Matthew Sweet to Pearl Jam. If you have an open mind for music, you should check this out.

SlugfestBuffalo HardcoreInitial Records • Slugfest is broken up now, but fortunately, for hardcore fans, their music lives on. Add equal parts Helmet and old (read: good) Metallica, throw in a big helping of hardcore and press liquify.

The New Grandself-titledSonic Unyon • Why did I just hear about this great band? They play super melodic, guitar driven pop. Some comparisons have been made to Superchunk. I can also hear Superdrag, Lemonheads, Weezer. Trust me, though, comparisons don’t matter. This is really an excellent album. I can’t wait to hear more.

Screw 32Under The Influence of Bad PeopleFat Wreck Chords • Although, tight and fast, Screw 32 never gave that punch that you expect from a band on Fat Wreck Chords. They do have some good breakdowns and some good harmonies, but overall this 12 song release left my mouth dry. Give this one back to your kid sister.

V/ASkankin' In The PitHopeless Records • Hopeless Records has got one hell of a ska-punk compilation here which features some of the best in the genre (Blue Meanies, Mustard Plug, The Bruce Lee Band, Fallen Sickness). It moves and shakes throwing in-yo’-face ska at your ugly mug. There are only a few disappointing tracks but the good overwhelm the bad by 8 to 1.

Overcastbegging for indifferenceEdison Recordings • What are the kids so angry about? This is hardcore with heavy metal influences. It is also very technical, and I question if that gets in the way of the music. The vocals go from somewhat sung to extremely guttural screaming. This is music that will get you going. I’m just not sure where. Four-song EP.

AnathemaEternityFierce Recordings • Slow and moody death metal, though I think that metal is a pretty strong word here... This is romantic music for people who dress in black, flowing clothes and think that graveyards are erotic.

88 Fingers LouieThe Dom YearsFat Wreck Chords • This is a great record to own if you like 88 Fingers Louie and don’t have any of their 7”or 12” releases. The Dom Years is a collection of previously released cuts. It rocks with their usual vigilance and majesty.

Youth BrigadeTo Sell The TruthBYO Records • The brothers are back and sounding more like their old selves than ever. They’ve progressed into the ‘90s punk scene by keeping their early ‘80s roots. I can’t think of a single thing they’ve released that was bad, and by all means this is the best release yet. Through all the agro riffs and biting harmonies, they still convey a positive message to today’s youth, speaking against censorship, racism, and political/cultural uprising.

Kiss It GoodbyeShe Loves Me, She Loves Me NotRevelation Records • A macabre, angry band born out of numerous northeastern hardcore bands. Now they incorporate their influences of metal, guitar-noise and experimental music to bang out this new release. It’s a combination of Slayer, Nirvana, Helmet and Ministry. Their rage is intoxicating, invigorating and adrenalizing.

ColeHow The Crow Came To Be BlackMoodFood Records • This trio is from Chapel Hill, NC. But don’t worry, they’re not at all like Hootie. Their songs remind me of Neil Young’s work on the Deadman soundtrack. Containing dreamlike bass, guitar and drum riffs, but not much in the way of lyrics. Personally, I enjoy the lack of words because the music holds up so much on its own.

StarfishFrustratedTrance Syndicate Records • Once you get past the first two instrumentals (which sound like the saddest songs NIN never made) this band sounds similar to L7 with a little more punk edge. Like the liner notes read, “it’s punk you f*$#ers!”

X-25Tidy Paradigm Records • This New York based band has an interesting sound fusing punk, heavy metal and grunge, which comes out like a psychedelia filled codeine dream. It’s good, moody music pounding with heavy guitars and even heavier vocals. The ballads, as much as metal has burned them out, are outstanding, and watch out for their more angst filled, power driven uptempo tracks.

Tony Tidwell and The Scalded Dogsself-titledGhostmeat Records • This is good, fun music. It’s like Son Volt on uppers. Tony sounds a lot like Greg Allman. So imagine Son Volt on uppers with Greg Allman vocals. Too cool for country and too hip for rock, you’ll only hear this on CD.

CamberBeautiful CharadeDeep Elm • Great emo-pop punk rock without the wussie, high-pitched belly-achin'! What is everybody so upset about anyway? Good song structures kept simple; it's just damn good.

V/AGo-Kart vs. the Corporate GiantGo-Kart Records • Superb compilation featuring bands with other stuff on Go-Kart. Features great pop, punk, garage and more. Includes: Lunachicks, Weston, Berserk, Buttsteak and more.

TerrorgruppeUber AmerikaBYO Records • This is the first American release from the German punk outfit Terrorgruppe and in a word, it rocks. Their melodies are catchy, their vocals are throaty, and if I knew German I’m sure their message would be straight up my ass. Uber Amerika is a select compilation of material previously released in a Europe, and shows the length and breadth of their work which swings from straight-up punk, to Fat Wreck style, to beauty kraut ska-punk.

New Bomb TurksScared StraightEpitaph Records • Kick-ass punk with the sounds of TSOL, SNFU, Circle Jerks, and a Reverend Horton Heat twang. The lyrics are well-written and sung by lead Turk, Eric Davidson (and you can actually understand him).

LunachicksPretty UglyGo-Kart Records • This is a five-piece, all-girl, power-pop attack. The Lunachicks have been doing this since 1988 and this album shows their maturity. The music is full of melody and sarcasm. The “punkness” of it comes through in attitude, not so much in music. Through all fourteen tracks, the Lunachicks deliver. This album was produced by Fat Mike of NOFX and Ryan Greene (not sure what he’s of).

BongzillaMixed Bag 7"Rhetoric Records • When I first put this record on I was sure that I had the turn-table on the wrong speed. With a name like Bongzilla, is there any wonder why their music is so slow? Hmmm... Regardless this is adequate grindcore with a message: smoke weed, smoke a lot of it, smoke it every chance you get, get your mother high, bong swats are your friend, worship the weed. Once this message is internalized this record sounds just dandy. Be sure to keep your bong handy.

Frankie BonesEscape From BrooklynESP-Sun Records • The perfect disc for a party. It’s 18 tracks of non-stop electric dance music mixed by a myriad of DJs. High energy bass beats intertwined with the versatility of keyboards and turntables.

WhiskeytownFaithless StreetMoodFood Records • What an interesting sound these guys have come up with. It’s going to catch on quick. They throw around unmistakable indie punk sound with a little southern rock/honky tonk.

Dead Lazlo's Place self-titled 7"Fearless Records • This is a five piece band out of California. They play quick paced, solid melodic punk rock that has a very California feel. There is nothing too new here, but the music is good. It's a five song 7", so that's a hell of a deal.

One King DownBloodlust RevengeEqual Vision Records • These guys tear shit up. Throw Rage Against The Machine, Tool and the punk-style Beastie Boys in a recording studio and this is what you’d get. Loud, throbbing drums and bass, torturous, grooving guitars and a punk, hardcore, rap singer to top it off.

At The Drive-InHell Paso 7" & Alfaro Vive, Carajo!OffTime Records • OffTime has released two 7"s from ATDI that were recorded a couple years ago, '94 and '95 respectively. They are both 4 song 7"s. ATDI play emo-influenced punk rock that has suberb basslines and vocals that are heartfelt and well-sung. The recording on the latter 7" is a little better than the first, but this is vinyl, fuck it! Both are quality releases!

ADDRESSES - in alphabetical order TOO!! Please write them.

Alive Records, PO Box 7112, Burbank, CA 91510
Big Deal, PO Box 2072, Peter Stuyvesant Station, NY, NY 10009-9998
BYO Records, PO Box 67A64, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Caroline Records, 104 W. 29th Street, 4th Floor, NY, NY 10001
Charade, P.O. Box 173, Wheeling, IL 60090
Crustacean Records, PO Box 37384, Milwaukee, WI 53237
Deep Elm, PO Box 1965, NY, NY 10156
Dirt Records, Knickerbocker Station, Box 1053, NY, NY 10002-9998
Dr. Strange Records, PO Box 7000-117, Alta Loma, CA 91701
Edison Recordings, PO Box 42586, Philadelphia, PA 19101-2586
The Enclave, 936 Broadway, NYC, NY 10010
Epitaph Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Equal Vision Records, P.O. Box 14, Hudson, NY 12534
ESP Sun Records, 536 Broadway, NY, NY 10012
Fat Wreck Chords, PO Box 193690, San Francisco, CA 94779-3690
Fearless Records, 13772 Goldenwest St. #545, Westminster, CA 92683
Fierce Recordings 285 W. Broadway NY, NY 10013
Ghostmeat Records, PO Box 54693, Atlanta, GA 30308
Go-Kart Records, PO Box 20, Prince Street Station, NY, NY 10012
Gouramie Records, PO Box 856, Tucson, AZ 85702-0856
Green Wave Productions, P.O. Box 18, Talmage, CA 95482
Harmless Records, 1437 W. Hood, Chicago, IL 60660
Hopeless Records, PO Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495
initial records, PO Box 17131, Louisville, KY 40217
Liberation Records, PO Box 17746, Anaheim, CA 92817
Lookout! Records, PO Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94712-2374
Moon SKA Records, PO Box 1412, NYC, NY 10276
Napalm Records America, P.O. Box 7905, Boulder, CO 80306-7905
Next Plateau, 536 Broadway, NY, NY 10012
No. 6 Records, Box 5037, New York, NY 10185
NuBorn Records, PO Box 143, Bloomfield, CT 06002
OffTime Records, PO Box 220763, El Paso, TX 79913
Max Music, PO Box 771281, Orlando, FL 32877
Paradigm Records, 67 Irving Place South, 3rd Fl., NY, NY 10003
Planet Dog Records, 101 B Street, Carrboro, NC 27510
Relapse Records, Box 251 Millersville, PA 17551
Revelation Records, PO Box 5232, Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5232
Rhetoric Records,PO Box 82, Madison, WI 53701
Roadrunner Records, 536 Broadway 4th Fl., NY, NY 10012
Romey Buzzley http://www.iag.net/~buzley/
Russian River Records www.riverrox.com
Shredder Records, 75 Plum Tree Ln. #3, San Rafael, CA 94901
Sonic Unyon , POB 57347, Jackson Stat, Hamilton, Ont. L8P 4X2, Canada
Trance Syndicate Records, PO Box 49771, Austin, TX 78765
Urinine Records, 6808 Madison Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Vaccination Records, PO Box 20931, Oakland, CA 94611

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