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Spring '05 Articles:
Terri Schiavo & Euthanasia
God & School
The Thought Police
The Muddlemarch: 1
The Muddlemarch: 2
Ward Churchill's Sins
TV Journalism
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Fear and Loathing in the Cultural Wasteland
by Morris Sulliavn
One of the pioneering journalists of the 20th Century left us in February. We pay our respects to the passing of a great American.

Open the Government/ How The Bushites "Support" Troops
by Jim Hightower
Conservatives fight against government secrecy; Bushites say they love our troops, but treat them like crap.

Why Iraq Withdrawal Makes Sense
by Norman Soloman
It's Time to consider a swift U.S. pullout from iraq instead of assuming the U.S. has a responsibility to the Iraqi people.

Save the Whales: Stop Sonar
by Kari Lydersen
Numerous studies have strongly linked military sonar to mass whale strandings and deaths and now a variety of domestic and international groups are lobbying to reduce noise pollution in the ocean.

From Jail Cell to the Whitney Museum and Beyond
by Anthony Papa
"If you had met me in my prison cell eight years ago and told me I would have a party at the Whitney Museum of American Art, I would have thought you were literally talking out of your ass."

America's War on Wildlife
by Heather Moore
Unwilling to share "our" space with wild animals who have lost their land to development, we often use poisons, traps, guns, and other cruel methods to eradicate creatures who are commonly considered to be pests.

Book Reviews:
by Corbin Sarale, Virgil Butler
"Barbed Wire: An Ecology of Modernity"; "Making Kind Choices: Everyday Ways to Enhance Your Life Through Earth- and Animal-Friendly Living"; "!Ya Basta! Ten Years of the Zapatista Uprising, Writings of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos"

Comic: The K Chronicles
by Keith Knight

Social Security Comfort Woven Throughout American Society
by Christina Kasica
A personal look at the importance of our social security system and an argument for why the Bush administration must do whatever it takes to protect it in its current form.

Threshold Fears and Unanswered Questions About 9/11
by Peter Phillips
We may be on the borders of discovery regarding the possibility of a great evil within our own government, and perhaps others outside as well.

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