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Dec. '03/Jan. '04 Articles:
The Democrats Are Coming
Editorial: Litter Butts
Over-Priced Musings
Stolen Lives
The Muddlemarch: 1
The Muddlemarch: 2
Crossing the Thames
(music reviews)

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December '03 - January '04 Issue: Our "Print Only" Contents

Notes from the Cultural Wasteland
by Morris Sulliavn
"While You Were Out Getting Drunk," "Black Eye for the White Guy," and seven other ways to save Western culture.

Where Is Santa's Workshop? / From Delusional to Dangerous
by Jim Hightower
Corporate America's labor exploitation and a look at how religion is taking over the federal government.

The Politics of Media Filtration
by Norman Soloman
The big media's filtration process has worked to Bush's great advantage and impoverished people, who suffer because of the administration's policies, are among the real victims.

You Don't Support the A.L.F. Because Why?
by Dr. Steven Best
"Since when do implements of death and devastation fall outside the range of legitimate attack? I do not believe that property destruction is violence, but even if it is, violence is defensible in certain cases and I will always defend the lesser over the greater violence."

Deep Trouble: Corporate and Military Designs On The Deep Seas
by Deborah Cramer
The ocean offshore remains a mystery, but increasingly, as the federal government seeks energy and military security, the deep sea is coming under intense scrutiny.

Down With Big Brother's Spying Eyes
by Karyn Strickler
American voters, it's our civic duty to watch over our government and hold it accountable–not the other way around.

Comic: The K Chronicles
by Keith Knight

Republicans: Please Take Your Party Back
by Thom Hartmann
Republicans would do well to revisit the Republican Party's campaign platform of 1872, before the era of corporate personhood, as it may hold the seeds of their redemption.

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