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Jun./Jul. '02 Articles:

Cruelty Under
the Big Top!

for Sale

Notes from the Cultural Wasteland

The Muddlemarch: 1

The Muddlemarch: 2

Another Oil War?

The Last Taboo

Lone Star Nation?

The K Chronicles

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What You're Missing by Not Picking Up a Copy of the
June/July 2002 Issue: Our "Print Only" Contents

Return of the Drug Czars
by David Borden
Two former "drug czar types" prove that legalization is not universally opposed.

Still Not Good Enough--From Barbie to Botox
by Norman Soloman
In spite of all the progress for women's rights and against rigid gender roles during the last few decades, it's chilling to take a fresh look at routine depictions of women in mass media.

Over-Priced Musings
by Don Pflaster
Nader Lives
Looking back at Nader's 2000 election run and looking forward to what many come from Nader and the Green Party.

Zoos and the End of Nature
by Dr. Steven Best
Culture is not advanced enough to preserve evolution. The zoo, then, is the perfect symbol for the entombment of the planet, for the sarcophagus of animal species, and for a human power pathology spiraling out of control.

Rethinking Race and Reestablishing the Dream
by Andy Howlett
Over 30 years after Martin Luther King Jr.'s death, disturbing questions remain. A new look into the racism of the 21st century might provide us with the tools to make King's dream a reality.

A Thousand Points of Hype
by Paul Loeb
Let's Honor the volunteers, but not use their hard work and commitment to excuse destructive national choices that hurt far more than they could ever help.

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