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Oct./Nov. '01 Articles:

The Island of Dr. Moreau Revisited

America United Against Racial Profiling

Notes from the Cultural Wasteland

Overpriced Musings:
Euro Nation

The K Chronicles

Evolution Without God

The Muddlemarch: 1

The Muddlemarch: 2

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What You're Missing by Not Picking Up a Copy of the
October/November 2001 Issue: Our "Print Only" Contents

Want Some Justice in Your Coffee
by Sam MacDonald
Using the market to make social change by supporting fair trade coffee.

Toaster Time on the Potomac
by Danny Schechter
Fighting for media reform and putting people before profits in broadcasting.

Targeting Children
by John F. Borowski
Exposing industry's campaign to redefine environmental education.

The Making of a Terrorist, Part 1
by Morris Sullivan
How America's involvement in the Middle East might have helped prepare Osama bin Laden for his role in the largest terrorist act in history.

Philip Morris Sees the Light
by Wayne Grytting
Philip Morris has found a new tactic -- promoting the benefits to society of premature deaths from smoking.

A New Thanksgiving Tradition That's Really for the Bords
by Teresa D'Amiaco
This Thanksgiving, families are participating in a new tradition -- saving an animal instead of serving one.

COMIC: Minimum Security
by Stephanie McMillan
The inconsistency of the opposition to stem cell research.

Did Satire Have to Die, Too?
by Adam Finley
Rationalizing the need for humor, even during tragic times.

The Big Bully
by David Borden
Our nation's drug war bullies manage to cause a lot of damage. Who will stop the Big Bully?

Who's Behind the Lens of the Camera?
by J.C. Carnahan
How Americans' privacy and the nation's security could clash.

Activist Event Listings
Make a difference: Participate in a protest, attend a rally or a conference.

The Truth Behind the Fur Trade
by Sharie Lesniak
You could easily be buying products made with dog or cat fur, using child labor, and not even know it.

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