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Editorial: Animal Experimentation

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What You're Missing by Not Picking Up
a Copy of the August/September Issue:
Our "Print Only" Contents

by Patrick Scott Barnes
The Truth About Boot Camps: Why are boot camps touted on talk shows as a solution to juvenile delinquency when they have been proven to be highly ineffective?

Waging War on Verbal Garbage
by Adam Finley
A hilarious look at why journalists must prevent the blurring of normal speech.

The K Chronicles
by Keith Knight
A blow-up doll to prevent racism? This cartoon will help you understand how it works.

Campaign 2000--Third Party Options
Learn About your presidential options besides the Republican and Democratic clones. Featured in this issue are The Natural Law Party and The Libertarian Party.

A Deaf Ear and a Blind Eye: Why Clinton Must Act for An Imprisoned American
by Craig Butler
Journalist Lori Berenson has been in a Peruvian prison for over four years, charged with terrorism, an almost laughable, although effective way to silence her.

Bitches and Ho's: Misogyny in Popular Music
by Mary E. Bahl
While censorship is not the answer, the concept of lyrical responsibility needs to return to popular music.

Activist Event Listings
Make a difference: Join a protest, attend a rally or a conference.

Make an IMPACT on AIDS
by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
"I recently heard that a study showed condoms aren't passing necessary tests. What's the point of wearing one if the damn things don't work?"

The Muddlemarch
by Neal Skorpen
Political 'toons: Florida Gov. Jeb Bush struggles to answer questions, and secret negotiations exposed.

Fighting for Hope Without a Home
by David Lucander
Sometimes conversations with the least likely of persons can open a world of understanding and respect you never knew existed.

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