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Notes from the Cultural Wasteland

The Lesser of
2 Evils

Rape Shield Laws

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Men Can Not Be Held Responsible For the Birth of a Child
by William B. Kaliher
A woman's absolute right over the birth of a child should free the man from his legal obligations to that birth.

Fatherhood: A Responsibility That Must Be Enforced
by Carol Jane Remsburg
A child is a living being and should be born with certain rights. In a perfect world the father would be there, but it's not perfect.

Overpriced Musings
by Don Pflaster
Anti-Social Security: Every time somnone asks for your Social Security number, you are putting your private information at risk. That is, if it isn't already.

Your World
by Sean Helton
The news revisited but with a much-needed reality check: John Rocker's return to baseball, "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire," illegal poaching and stupid scientific studies.

It's Only a Game
by Rebecca Johns and K. Shreeram
It's not just a game when teams use Native American mascots. Professor Charlene Teeters, an activist on the subject, speaks out.

Activist Event Listings
Join a protest, attend a rally or a conference.

Veggie News
by Erik Marcus
The latest headlines for the conscientious eater--from fake veal to a fur protest to school lunches.

Make an IMPACT on AIDS
by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
"I'm worried about getting herpes from this guy and I heard that you could get herpes from someone even if they don't have sores at the time."

This Week in History
by Chip McConnell

The Muddlemarch
by Neal Skorpen
This issue's toons: Voter abstinence put in perspective; the high cost of getting political power.

It's All Greed! The Worldwide Economic Spiral Downward
by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
Wealthy nations, like the U.S., and global capitalism are to blame for the struggles of developing countries.

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