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What You're Missing by Not Picking
Up a Copy of the August/September Issue

Y2K -- High Tech Yearnings for the Apopcalypse
by Steve Vivian
Some religious folk believe the Year 2000 is the end of the world. From conspiracy to fast-cash opportunity, things are getting out of hand.

Space Exploration and Exploitation
by Bruce K. Gagnon
As the space age advances, issues like "who will own the moon," "nuclear power in space," and "space law" have to be reviewed, questioned and debated.

A Ticket to Ride
by Tim Peeler
As concert ticket prices go sky-high, whether due to scalping or greedy artists, the spirit of music has been damaged.

Privacy Lost
by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
Today our personal information changes hands without us ever knowing. Who is getting this info and what are they using it for?

Urine and the Quest for Employment
by Adam Finley
What is more important when you interview for a job: Your skills or your bodily fluids?

Make an IMPACT on AIDS
by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
"I was told that by just getting VD, I'm more at risk for AIDS. Is this true?"

The Muddlemarch
by Neal Skorpen
Meet the star of this new addition to IMPACT. Every issue will feature two installments of this witty, socio/political comic. So be prepared.

This Week in History
by Chip McConnell

Can't Find a Bitter Man
by Rick Buss
"Fear This" stickers adorn the cars of "men" who thrive off that type of shallow intimidation. It's time to call them out and give them a verbal awakening.

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