Aug.-Sept.1998 Articles:
Schoolyard Armageddon

Mindpower: A Misogynist's Compassion

The Life of a Pro-Abortionist

Your World

Letter to Leigh

(music reviews)

The Great Disservice of Nationalism

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What You're Missing By Not Picking
Up a Copy of the August-September Issue

Notes From The Cultural Wasteland by Morris Sullivan
Cancer, smoking and the evil system that furthers it.

(You Need to Chant This)USA, We're #1
by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
Only our closed-mindedness lets us believe we're #1.

Now Available: Existence Free from Religion
by Matthew Collins
Religion is not a necessity for a fulfilling life. Some people don't know that.

Why Johnny Can't Remember
by Steve Vivian
Johnny has been brainwashed, programmed by our culture and he buys into all of it.

Those Presumptions of a Youthful Mind
by Sam Silva
Reflecting about childhood enlightenment and reviewing our America.

Make an IMPACT on AIDS by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
HIV tests: What they are, how they work and their effectiveness.

The Regulation Debate by Derek Hollemans
With legislation for just about everything, we have to stand up and tell the government, Enough!

Lookout! There's a Human Attached to that Barcode by Corbin Sarale
A new plan may put a barcode chip under your skin.

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