June-July 1998 Articles:

Sex By Numbers

Your World

(music reviews)

Confessions of A Phone Psychic

The Inconsistency of Theism

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What You're Missing By Not Picking
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Notes From The Cultural Wasteland by Morris Sullivan
When a movement becomes mainstream, where does that leave us? Well, just trying to shock everyone a little bit more.

Mind Power by Patrick Scott Barnes
Probable Cause: Why must police treat the black man like a criminal? Dive into Barnes' world.

Where Education Happens Pt. 35
by Tim Peeler
It has never been more important in this country to take a stand against groups whose ideologies embrace the repression of individual rights in the name of religion.

Symbols at the Approach of a New Millenium
by Sam Silva
A verbal trip through the economically driven world around us.

Can You Be Trusted With Fire?
by Bill Wexler
The government, like fire, is a useful servant and a fearful master. But who still uses fire?

Make an IMPACT on AIDS by Jeffrey-John Nunziata
"I've been shooting up street and club drugs for a long time now. I know that I'm not supposed to share needles and syringes, but what else can I do sometimes? What can I do to 100 percent protect myself and sterilize my works?"

Rampant Development by Scott Bledsoe
Demand for housing is rising so fast that the construction industry is having a hard time keeping up with it. The environment and deteriorating infrastructure are also experiencing trouble adjusting. A dilemma is on the horizon.

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