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Wanna distribute IMPACT press?

Wanna Distribute IMPACT press?

Would you like to have copies of IMPACT press available for FREE in your town? There's a way we can do that. The only requirements are as follows:

1) I ask that you take at least 100 copies. You can take as many as you want over 100 copies, but shipping is much more economical with 100 or more. IMPACT covers all shipping charges, so you pay nothing. HOWEVER, if you can afford to contribute something to the cost of shipping, we appreciate it. IMPACT is a not-for-profit business and can make use of any financial assistance. Shipping on a 100 count box is around $9 ($7 if shipped within Florida) and for a 200 count box is around $15 ($10 if shipped within Florida)

2) I ask that you let us know the locations (local stores) where you put the mag. This IS NOT to check up on you. We list the locations on our web site so people in your area know where they can find the magazine.

3) Please don't agree to distro if you aren't serious/responsible about it. We greatly appreciate you volunteering your support. But if the box of mags is going to sit around, it's not really helping. All we ask is that you get them out to places in your area.

The magazines must be made available free of charge no matter how you get rid of them. We recommend putting them at local shops, such as book stores, skate shops, bars, coffee shops, college student centers, etc. We also recommend you get permission ahead of time if you think there might be a problem. If you are interested, please contact us via email:

Thanks for your support of IMPACT press!