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Issue #59, Winter '06, Cover Story: The Religious Right – Corrupting the Cross and the Constitution -- Also: Senator Is Top Terrorist Threat to America; Dog and Cat Fur From China

Issue #58, Fall '05, Cover Story: My Dog or Your Child? -- Also: Cut Out Dissection; Sacrificing Liberty for Security; Is Socialism Really Dead?; Our Desire To Be Sick

Issue #57, Summer '05, Cover Story: The Crisis in the U.S. Anti-War Movement -- Also: "Ecoterrorism" and the War on Dissent; Violent Forces Behind Capitalist Globalization

Issue #56, Spring '05, Cover Story: From the Beagle to the School Board - God Goes Back to School -- Also: Ward Churchill's Sins Against Empire; Fears and Unanswered Questions About 9/11

Issue #55, February/March '05, Cover Story: The New Abolitionism - Capitalism, Salvery & Animal Rights -- Also: Muzzled Activist In the Age of Terror; Reinventing The future To Protect the Earth

Issue #54, December/January '04-'05, Cover Story: WHAT NOW? Several articles dealing with the result of the 2004 Presidential Election -- Also: Banned in the UK; Worst Animal Abusers (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #53, October/November '04, Cover Story: Hijacking the Presidency -- 527 Committees and Internet Activists in the 2004 Presidential Campaign -- Also: Campus Cruelty; A Rape Nation

Issue #52, August/September '04, Cover Story: Trial By Fire -- The Shac 7 and the Future of Democracy -- Also: Remembering Reagan -- The Way He Really Was; Why Doesn't America Vote? (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #51, June/July '04, Cover Story: Taking The Pulse -- America's Heart Beats Faster As Election Day Approaches -- Also: This War and Racism; Activism Unleashed -- Animal Rights Crusaders

Issue #50, April/May '04, Cover Story: From Earth Day to Ecological Society -- Also: Gay Rights in America, Home of the Hateful; Born to Die–The Cruelty of Breeding Cats and Dogs (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #49, February/March '04, Cover Story: Blood On Our Hands - U.S. Bombs and the Civilians They Kill -- Also: Animal Rights and the New Enlightenment; Considering Third Party Options (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #48, December '03/January '04, Cover Story: The Democrats Are Coming, The Democrats Are Coming -- Also: You Don't Support The ALF Because Why?; Stolen Lives - Fighting Against The Nightstick (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #47,October/November '03, Cover Story: Global Fear and Loathing - How the World Really Sees the American Empire -- Also: Swazi Elephants - Born Free, Sold Out; Holocaust in the Forests (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #46, August/September '03, Cover Story: Barbarism In The Afternoon: Bullfighting, Violence and the Crisis in Human Identity -- Also: Got Veal?; Trashing The Border, Taking Human Lives (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #45, June/July '03, Cover Story: Mean Greenies -- Also: Son of Patriot ACT and the Revenge on Democracy; New Hope in Chavez's Venezuela; Faith vs. Reason: George Bush vs. Our Founding Fathers (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #44, April/May '03, Cover Story: Las Desaparecidas: Casualties of the Global Economy -- Also: The U.S. Army: A Class Action Suit Wating To Happen; Peace Is Hell (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #43, February/March '03, Cover Story: "What Next, Concentration Camps?" Racial Profiling in the War on Terrorism -- Also: A New Phase for China's Moon Bears; The Sky Could Fall At Any Time (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #42, December '02/January '03, Cover Story: Common Natures, Shared Fates - Toward An Interspecies Alliance Politics -- Also: Petco - Nationwide Hell for Animals; CEOs vs. The Environment

Issue #41, October/November '02, Cover Story: Privatizing Public Schools - Leveling the Playing Field or Political Football -- Also: The Search for a Species Identity; Election Crooks

Issue #40, August/September '02, Cover Story: The Growing Revolt Against Globalization -- Also: The Case for Granting Animals Legal Rights; Pledge Controversy--One Nation, Indivisible (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #39, June/July '02, Cover Story: Cruelty Under The Big Top -- Also: U.S. War In Afghanistan -- Another Oil War?; Trampling the Last Taboo -- Pedophilia, Politicians and Academic Freedom; Rethinking Race

Issue #38, April/May '02, Cover Story: One Nation Under God--Blurring the Line Between Church and State -- Also: Unmasking the Drug-Terror Link; Canned Hunts: Slaughter by Any Other Name (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #37, February/March '02, Cover Story: Dying for a Cigarette -- Also: Four Lies About Social Security; Rip, Mix, Burn, Go to Jail!; DEA vs. Hemp: Another "War" Waged (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #36, December/January '02, Cover Story: Beyond The Bombs -- Winning the "War" on Terrorism -- Also: Endangered Species: Now or Never; A Strong People Do Not Need a Government (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #35, October/November '01, Cover Story: The Modern Island of Dr.Moreau -- Also: Want Some Justice in Your Coffee; The Making of a Terrorist, Part 1; Evolution Without God -- New Arguments (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #34, August/September '01, Cover Story: Education on the Auction Block--Teaching Kids to Consume -- Also: Gestation Crates--No Way to Treat a Pig; Across the Great Divide--America's Wealth Gap (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #33, June/July '01, Cover Story: Dissolving Bones and Cancer--The Chemical Industry Exposed -- Also: Dinosaur Fuel Becomes a Dinosaur; Fish Are Not Swimming Vegetables

Issue #32, April/May '01, Cover Story: Downed Animals--Diseased Food On Your Plate -- Also: Was It the Falun Gong or Chinese Deception?; Selling Our Environment for a Barrel of Oil; Educational Equality (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #31, February/March '01, Cover Story: Ripe for Revolt--Building a New Left -- Also: Global Warming Heats Up and U.S. Runs from Kitchen; Pigs at the Trough -- The Corporate Welfare State in America (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #30, December '00/January '01, Cover Story: Did Jesus Exist and Does It Matter? -- Also: Have You Had Your Ritalin Today?; Trading With the Enemy; Confessions of an Ex-Bodybuilder

Issue #29, October/November '00, Cover Story: Attacking America's Greatest Enemy -- The Bloated Military Budget -- Also: Vaccine Conspiracy--Health or Profit?; Understanding Religious Wars (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #28, August/September '00, Cover Story: Genetic Engineering -- What's In It For Me and You? -- Also: The Deadly Truth Behind Greyhound Racing; The Spaceman Cometh--Corporate Rule & Control

Issue #27, June/July '00, Cover Story: Truth on Trial -- Why Capital Punishment Deserves to Die -- Also: A Political Solution to Medical Errors; Unholy Alliance: The CIA and Fascist Terrorists (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #26, April/May '00, Cover Story: Censorship, Alive and Well in the U.S. -- Also: Rape Shield Laws -- Who Needs Protecting?; Anti-Social Security: Your Personal Info Is At Risk (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #25, February/March '00, Cover Story: Vowing for Equality - Same Sex Marriages -- Also: Big Brother Broadcasts the Nightly News; The Fruits of Facism - ClA-Socialism in Chile (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #24, December/January'99-00, Cover Story: Creationism - Monkeying With Science Education -- Also: Articles by two death row inmates; Senate to World: "Screw You!"; Racism in U.S. colleges (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #23, October/November'99, Cover Story: Big House of Horrors - Abuse In America's Jails - - Also: The Religious Left - A Moral Balancing Act; America is Selling Out Taiwan: TJ Walker columns (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #22, August/September'99, Cover Story: Prisoners of Conscience -- US Political Prisoners -- Also: Space Exploration & Exploitation; America's Ritual Genocide of Iraq

Issue #21, June/July '99, Cover Story: Imprisoning the Mind - Art Censorship in America -- Also: Facing 30; Death with Dignity or a .22; A Patriotic Left

Issue #20, Apr/May '99, Cover Story: The Chaining of America -- Also: The Death Penalty -Reassessing the Punishment; School of the Americas: Training Foreign Killers

Issue #19. Feb/Mar '99, Cover Story: Population Control: How Many Are Too Many? -- Also: Imprisoning the Masses -- Dark Side of a Prison State; Human Rights Issues (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #18, Dec/Jan '98-99, Cover Story: Interview with Michael Moore plus, Are Women Just a Bunch of Boobs -- Also: An Inside Look at the Homeless Problem (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #17, Oct/Nov'98, Cover Story: Battle For Governor of Florida -- Also: Sexual Politics in the Workplace; Money Determines our Society (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #16, Aug/Sep'98, Cover Story: Schoolyard Armageddon -- Also: Life of a Pro-Abortionist: USA - We're No. 1; The Great Disservice of Nationalism (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #15, Jun/Jul '98, Cover Story: CyberSociety -- Also: Sex By Numbers; Confessions of a PhonePsychic; The Inconsistency of Theism (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #14, Apr/May'98, Cover Story: ArtsPolitik -- Also: Paranoia; Anal Laws Sodomize Society; Environmental Choas and Politics (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #13, Feb/Mar'98, Cover Story: Human Cloning -- Also: Surviving Bulimia; Purchasing Condoms and Lubes; A News Addict Speaks Out (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #12, Dec/Jan'97-98, Cover Story: The Age of Anger -- Also: Preferential Treatment; The Culture of Anonymous Sex; Medical Marijuana (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #11, Oct/Nov '97, Cover Story: Homohatred in America -- Also: Antidepressants for Adolescents; The Swift Solution -- Food For Thought

Issue #10, Aug/Sep'97, Cover Story: Employer Espionage -- Also: Family Values - Witch Hunting in the '90s; Spies in the Media - CIA Journalists; Know Your Drunks - Two Kinds Explored (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #9, Jun/Jul '97, Cover Story: The Assault on Public Education Also: Interview with a white supremacist; More from Mumia Abu-Jamal (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #8, Apr/May'97, Cover Story: Commentaries by Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Also: New Urbanism; tacism Today; The Real American --The Real Radical (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #7, Feb/Mar'97, Cover Story: American Religion on the Cross -- Also: Failed War on Drugs; Physician Assisted Suicide; Can Nutmeg Get You High? (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #6, Dec/Jan '96-97, Cover Story: Confronting the "Drug Problem" -- Also: Gay Marriage Rights; Net Censorship; The Idiot Clause; Ad Trickery (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #5, Oct/Nov 1996, Cover Story: Election '96 Special -- Also: Republicans Are In Denial; Corporate Terrorists - Pampering The Powerful; A Look At Two Third-Party Candidates; The Rape and Injustice - Chiapas, Mexico (OUT OF PRINT)

Issue #4, Summer/August 1996, Cover Story: Environmental Politics - Everglades vs. Sugar Cane -- Also: Further Down The Spiral of the Republican Revolution; Conspiracy - Council on Foreign Relations

Issue #3, May 1996, Cover Story: Christian Politics - Fearful Future -- Also: Entrapment - Could You Be The Next Victim; Urban Artworks - Graffiti Artist OMAR

Issue #2, April 1996, Cover Story: Purchasing Politicians - Can Americans Buy Political Power? -- Also: Cruel And Unusual Accidents - Botched Executions

Issue #1, March 1996, Cover Story: Divorce Dishonesty - A Look At Child Abuse Fraud -- Also: Tapping In On Privacy - FBI Wiretapping Proposal; Drug Testing and Self Incrimination

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We have listed only some of what each issue contains. Single copies: $3 (postage-paid U.S.) each, $4 per copy Canada/Mexico, $6 per copy elsewhere. Buy several and save: 3 issues for $6 ($8 Canada/Mexico, $14 elsewhere), add $1 for each additional copy; 10-12 issues just $14 (not available outside US); 13-25 issues just $17 (not available outside US); More than 25 issues just $20 (not available outside US).

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