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"Jim" is not his real name. Jim's a white supremacist living in the Tampa Bay area. We met on neutral grounds in a crowded nightspot. All around us people were engaged in laughing, drinking beer and conversation. Who would have guessed that in the midst of all this normalcy, there was something very out of the ordinary going on?

He walked across the room with an air of self-confidence as he approached the table. Our eyes met and even as he walked past people in the room that blocked our lines of vision, he never broke the line of eye contact with me. When he was within a few feet of the table I stood up to shake his hand and he never broke eye contact, nor changed his facial expression as he disregarded my outreached hand and forcefully sat down. Still standing, I pulled my arm in, closed my hand and sat down.

Before I could even say "hello" he started.

"You know, this makes me sick," he said as he surveyed the room. "Look at the numbers of white women with black men. It's bad enough that this nation allows them to live in gangs and rob from hard working white men and women, but to allow these subhuman, illiterate primates to become intimate with a white woman, it makes my blood boil."

When I questioned him on why he felt this way about black men, he responded: "First of all, it's not just black men that I have a disdain for, I hate all minorities. But it's in my face at the moment. Blacks are responsible for destroying the economy of the United States, and we just sit back and allow this to happen. Did you know that out of all the blacks in this country, only about 29,000 have an IQ above 130? And with affirmative action, we are placing more and more of these unqualified subhumans in positions with major corporations where they are screwing things up and ruining our competitiveness against all the Japs and Gooks over there in Asia. And, of course, the average white American is brainwashed by the Jewish media into believing that blacks are an integral part of American society. That's pure bullshit. The jobs for niggers, spics and gooks are to do the type of jobs that are not fit for a white man to do. They can be our janitors and our maids. They can cut our grass, and clean our pools. They can work in prison camps and make clothing for us. Or, they can get the hell out of our beautiful nation. The biggest mistake we ever made was allowing non-white people into this nation. Think of how different this country would be without these minorities. Our crime rate would drop instantly, and the dilapidated ghettos they live in would not exist. Our drug problem would be cut by three-fourths and people would feel safe."

He finally stopped talking, and I looked over to him and said, "Hello," since we had not even exchanged a greeting yet. He then looked back at me a bit puzzled and mumbled, "Hello."

We exchanged some more formalities and then Jim continued. "Look at me, I can fit in anywhere. I look more commonplace than you do. I look like a successful young white businessman. What kind of car do you drive?"

"A Chevy S10 Pickup," I replied.

"I drive a brand new Lexus and I'm wearing a Rolex. I'm not your typical white supremacist, am I? I am invisible. Everyone thinks I'm just another normal white guy. There are hundreds of thousands of others just like me. We are everywhere and we are infiltrating all segments of society. We are getting more involved in your mainstream political parties. We know that our more visible brothers and sisters involved in the skinheads, Aryan Nation, KKK, National Socialists, and other white movements are reaching an extremist segment of society, but there are others like me, the invisible white supremacists who are infiltrating your Republican party. We are infiltrating your school boards. We are infiltrating your fundamentalist churches and we are making a difference. Look at the large conservative trend occurring in the Republican party, we are responsible for that. We are responsible for using the name of Jesus to get our messages of hate to a blinded audience of lemmings. People are sending millions of dollars to our religious movements and we are putting out hate literature neatly disguised as Christian propaganda. We are getting books banned through school boards and we are gaining more and more power every day. We have helped to bring Republican control to Congress and we will control the White House. With a Conservative Republican majority in both houses of the Congress and the White House, we can then move our agenda items to the table."

I asked why they chose the Republican party to infiltrate. He responded: "The Democrats are controlled by the Jews and they are obviously too liberal. The Reform party is too new and does not have the power base we were looking for. The Republican party is the perfect choice. They are like the Germans that Hitler led. Look at the comparisons. They believe that they are the party of God. They believe that they are the party of the flag. They are close-minded and just need a little bit of coaxing and we’ll have the Fourth Reich in our lifetime. Think about it. You can't even argue with these people. People like you are dangerous to our cause because you can discern the difference between right and wrong. These people follow the Republican party with blind faith and have no idea we are taking advantage of them."

I asked if saying this would then make a difference since he has now exposed himself.

"In no way. Look at IMPACT, my audience doesn't read your liberal trash. And even if it was to get some attention, no one would believe it. They might even think that you made it up. They are too self righteous to believe that they are being manipulated and that there is a more sinister movement taking place. We are just going to use them as cogs to get the power base that we need. Think about it. One day, others in our more visible and fringe groups will create the deeds necessary to take away rights and freedoms. And we will be there when it happens. Look at all the militia activity and the growing white power movements throughout the world. We are everywhere and soon we will be in positions of power where we will take control. We are even in the military. We are everywhere there is power."

So who will you allow in your new America? "The question should be, who will we not allow? We will not allow blacks to exist in our nation. We will allow them to go back to the jungles of Africa. If they choose not to go, they will be eliminated. All of the Hispanics will be asked to leave and go back to Mexico or Puerto Rico as will the Japs and gooks. If they choose not to go they will be eliminated. All Jews will be eliminated as will the Jewish media. We include your magazine as part of the Jewish media and you and all of the other staff at IMPACT Press. You will all be eliminated. There will be no more CNN, MTV and no more lies fed to you by these purveyors of lies. All of the homosexuals will be eliminated. I don't care who the fag is, they will be eliminated, and if they find a gay gene, all the better. We can kill fags in-utero before they are ever born. We already have the support of a lot of Christians for that to become a reality. The handicapped will also be destroyed. We have no use for a person who only takes from the system. All of the white people that stand in our way will also be eliminated. Once we have achieved this, there will be no need for all those mindless lemmings if they decided to question our motives. And what will be left will be a paradise. Hitler would be proud."

This went on for some time and his message did not change. At the end of the conversation he closed with the following: "Is it true or isn't it? Sounds too crazy doesn't it? And that's just what I hope you’ll think. But the groups that we have infiltrated are scaring white people into believing what we want them to believe. We are taking fags and pushing them back into the closet. The Jews are next and then the blacks, Hispanics and Asians. It is amazing what you can do with fear, isn’t it? The next thousand-year Reich is just a breath away. I hope to see your bloody corpse on the battlefield. Victory will be ours, Heil Hitler!"

People like Jim have existed throughout history, manipulating others to achieve their goals. It is up to us to never allow people like Jim to gain a strong hold in our society. We must respond to all prejudices, and set an example and show that we will not tolerate this type of injustice. The messengers of hatred never leave us. They simply change identities and causes, but they are always there. Ready to feed on people's ignorance and fears.

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