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Issue No. 37: February-March '02

things within

This issue hit the streets February 8. This is some of it. Enjoy.
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Dying for a Cigarette
by Heather Moore
The tobacco industry has taken a lot of heat from smokers who blame cigarette manufacturers for their smoking-related illnesses; but if anyone has reason to sue the big tobacco companies, it's the animals.

From the Editor: by Craig Mazer
Bush is Bad for America -- What is wrong with Americans? GW has a tremendous approval rating. Yet, the man continues to do things that should make America cringe, both related to terrorism and otherwise.

Notes From the Cultural Wasteland by Morris Sullivan
Seeking truth in America's war reporting. But do Americans care?

Over-Priced Musings by Don Pflaster
Rip, Mix, Burn, Go to Jail!: The government wants partial ownership of your computer to keep your filthy mitts off copyrighted material!

Four Lies About Social Security
by Chris Hartman
Marketing manipulation and Wall Street's push to control Americans' Social Security dollars. At what cost and what risk?

Hemp Is Good Food--But the DEA Can't Stomach It
by David Bronner
As other countries cash in on hemp, U.S. businesses face new DEA restrictions on products. It's time for public outrage.

Comic Relief: The Muddlemarch by Neal Skorpen
Enron and the Media; John Ashcroft and Homeland Insecurity
Choose: Enron and the Media | John Ashcroft and Homeland Insecurity

Quickies by various writers
A little bit on a whole heck of a hell of a lot of CDs.

Comic Relief: The K Chronicles by Keith Knight
"Bush Babies": The Prez's daughters and the great pretzel scare.

Advertiser Index: The businesses that make this magazine possible; includes lots of cool music-label links.

This issue's quotes:

"If only more of today's militory personnel would realize that they are being used by the owning elites as a publicly subsidized capitalist goon squad."

--General Smedley Butler, USMC, winner two Medals of Honor

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
--Benjamin Franklin

"It's a damn shame when they kill each other. It means we wasted all the feed that went into the damn thing."
--Herbert Reed, poultry producer, referring to chickens pecking each other to death