Selections from the issue:
Quick Fixes: Confronting the "Drug Problem" by Morris Sullivan
Quick Fixes looks at many aspects of our supposed drug problem, focusing on the lack of attention given to really analyzing our teen drug fascination. Quick Fixes also looks at the issue of decriminalization of marijuana and other aspects of the "war."

Gay Rights Sacrificed on the Political Altar by Bill Waxler
Gay Rights looks at the recent legislation allowing states to deny accepting marriages done in other states. The law passed as a response to the likely approval (and now passed) of a law in Hawaii allowing gay marriage. Has the federal government gone against the constitution?

Psychic Phenome-Not by Sean "I Got Yer Crystal Balls!" Helton
The reality of psychics are reviewed. Maybe you're better off saving your money!

Chewin' The Bone With Maddog by Maddog Master of the Universe
This issue Maddog answers the question: "Why does coffee always send me running for the bathroom?"