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Four Years of Fighting to Do

It took me one and a half days to get over the election. Faced with the reality that my day job at a local TV station forces me to confront the news on a minute-by-minute basis, I couldn't pretend it hadn't happened.

I was also very concerned about this issue of IMPACT. If the election results were delayed, I didn't know what I would do from an editorial standpoint. Obviously, being a bi-monthly magazine, it's always a challenge to be timely; but this was a situation where things could have changed at a moment's notice, making an entire issue of IMPACT irrelevant.

Fortunately (or not), that's not the case. Here we are, facing the very real fact that George Bush will be "leading" this country for the next four years.

So, what now?

That's the question this issue of IMPACT confronts. A majority of the articles in this issue take on the election results, from one angle or another, and try to give some perspective to the incredibly-hard-to-answer question of "What Now?"

Some of you may still be dumbfounded. I, too, have a hard time understanding exactly how this knucklehead got reelected, how so many people saw him as a better, stronger, safer leader than John Kerry. However, I found it much more productive to accept this scary reality than to try and block it from my mind.

We now have four years of fighting to do. But not just fighting to get a better president in office in 2008–which should be easy, even if he is a Republican. We need to fight this administration throughout its entire term.

We, as citizens and as the nearly 50 percent of the vote opposing George Bush's re-election, must speak out against the dangerous, selfish, fascist, extremist policies and decisions that this administration is very likely to have a chance to impose over the next four years.

Now is not the time to become complacent, nor is it the time to allow disappointment to turn into apathy. Millions of us rose up, having clearly seen the danger that the Bush administration poses to this great world of ours; we must now stay active and outspoken and not back down.

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