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Alternative Energy NOW!

From the battlegrounds of Afghanistan to the looming attack in Iraq to the floor of the Senate, the Bush administration is fighting to get its hands on more oil. Whether it comes from the Caspian Sea, oil-rich Iraq or the mirage of oil in Alaska, the Bushies are desperately clawing for the dwindling supply of "black gold." But is our government so blinded by oil riches that it can't see how desperately our Earth needs us to seek alternatives?

As I write this, the Bahamian-flagged tanker Prestige is pouring its 70,000 metric tons of heavy fuel oil into the sea along the coast of Spain. This disaster will easily surpass the devastation of the Exxon Valdez oil spill - it is possibly twice as disastrous. It is already estimated that clean up could take as long as four years and the destruction it will cause to the ecosystem is unfathomable.

Now, this oil wasn't bound for the U.S., but that is irrelevant. The point remains that, as long as we depend on oil, this kind of disaster can happen. And this is only one aspect of the havoc wreaked upon Earth by oil. Others include air pollution (leading to numerous health problems), global warming and habitat destruction.

Why is the American public not up in arms over our lack of alternative energy options? A look at the roads will help clue you in. Too many people don't seem to care, more concerned with whether or not their new SUV's interior matches their cell phone case. As their gas guzzling boat-on-wheels dominates the road, the last thing they are thinking about is, "Am I doing my part to save the environment?" If they did care, they'd unload that beast of a vehicle in favor of something more efficient.

Many Americans are being extremely foolish. Or extremely selfish. To think that our current behaviors have no negative impact on the Earth is quite ignorant. However, I believe many do realize it but are simply too selfish-call it lazy, if you will-to make a change. I don't mean sell your car and buy a hybrid vehicle. Not everyone can afford that. But, how about trying to use a bike instead? If you can avoid driving, do. Try to carpool. And don't even think about buying an SUV or any kind of "light truck." Unless you're hauling bricks, you don't need a 4-liter, 210 horsepower vehicle, and the measly 17 miles per gallon you get should be illegal. It's not about being a free country; it's about respecting our Earth and the fact that there are generations to come who don't need to be punished by materialistic decisions.

This should be such an easy concept to embrace. I know there are many of you out there who completely support the vigorous and immediate pursuit of legitimate alternative energy options. Now if only we could get the Bush administration to open their minds long enough to think about someone besides themselves, maybe we could change their mind. I'm tired of having to see beautiful sea-faring birds coated in oil, sure to die a slow death. I'm sick of fragile ecosystems being destroyed by the pursuit of more oil. I'm ready for America to wake up and be a true leader of the world and prove it.

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