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From the Editor

by Craig Mazer

Bush's Hot Air on the
Global Warming Treaty

178 to 1.That's one hell of a majority. The 178 represents the number of countries that approved the Kyoto Treaty. The "1" represents an America led by ignorance. GW says the treaty is flawed. The rest of the world, and a majority of Americans, say sign the damn thing. I can't argue with that attitude. I feel the same way. However, with GW's administration standing firmly empty-headed in their decision, Americans must move forward and force their own change. Being aware of the intelligence of the global community and the cluelessness of the American legislation (mostly the White House and conservatives) is key in recognizing the importance of this issue.

"We were capable of showing the United States and our citizens and the NGOs [non-governmental organizations] that we could come to an agreement without the United States," commented European Union (EU) Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstrom shortly after a Kyoto Treaty compromise was met.

In response to the compromise, Paula Dobriansky, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs stated that "the Bush administration takes the issue of climate change very seriously and we will not abdicate our responsibilities."

But I ask, responsibility to whom? It's obviously big business. It has always been big business with GW, from energy to pharmaceuticals to the environment. Our responsibility should be to the Earth and our fellow people. Instead it's a responsibility to selfish, capitalistic interests that benefit very few, even in America.

Dobriansky went on to say, "Although the United States does not intend to ratify that agreement, we have not tried to stop others from moving ahead as long as U.S. interests are not threatened. It does not change our view that the protocol is not sound policy."

That pisses me off. Who the hell is she to say what U.S. interests are? I'm an American citizen and I'm positive she's not concerned about my interests. It clearly shows, as Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle recently put it, just how isolationist this administration is.

How much more obvious is America's isolation when you have Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations, Baghir Adasi, weighing in: "The success of Bonn is the very direct outcome of dialogue, mutual understanding and a sense of engagement. This represents the triumph of multinationalism over unilateralism."

"The agreement is a geopolitical earthquake," commented Jennifer Morgan, Director of World Wildlife Federation Climate Change Campaign. "Other countries have demonstrated their independence from the Bush administration on the world's most critical environmental problem."

And now Americans should demonstrate their independence from an often-fascist administration. Consider donating your tax rebate (if you're one of the "lucky" ones who receive it) to a proactive organization that is fighting GW (such as United for a Fair Economy or Be vocal about the importance of environmental action. Don't let anyone tell you that global warming is a myth. Know the facts (see links below) and live wisely. The time and "inconvenience" of living more environmentally is invaluable. Experience it and share it with others. Recycle, conserve and educate.

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