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All through the 2000 Presidential elections, I keep hearing it over and over again. I'm getting sick of it. Folks act as if it's the biggest deal since Hurricane Floyd. From media types to right-wing idiots on the job, it gets repeated over and over and over and over. What is it that everyone has to know? What is the big deal? The big deal is that Vice President Al Gore is boring.

I ask myself, "Is this the best the media and his enemies can do?" Besides that campaign funding mess, is this what we must crucify Al Gore for, being boring?

This is more important than some guy who won't admit if he snorted cocaine or not. For the record, Al admitted to smoking marijuana in his younger years. Unlike our current president, Mr. Wooden Man Gore inhaled.

I beg to differ that Vice President Gore is boring. Although he's not as charismatic as Clinton, when you hear the man or read his words, boring is the last word to call him.

The one thing that gets left out by his enemies and the media is his debating skills. Al Gore's debating skills are deadly. Al Gore is the Mike Tyson of debates. Countless times, he made his Democratic opponent, Bill Bradley, put his foot in his mouth.

Bradley talked about how the country needed new Democratic leadership. Gore brought up the fact that Bradley supported Reaganomics and an experimental school voucher. Gore also pointed out that Bradley left politics at a time when Republicans were taking over Congress. Not only this, but he was also talking about leaving the Democrats to form a third party.

Yep, Gore whupped Bradley's ass big time. He even whupped his ass in Harlem where they debated at the Apollo Theater. Yet, Bradley is supposed to be Mr. Big Time Anti-Racism. This is a first, a predominately black audience watching two Caucasians going at it. Usually it's the other way around, like at a boxing match.

To be truthful, I think politics is one of the worst things a decent person could enter. I also believe that all politicians would stab folks in the back for personal gain, if they got the chance.

For instance, Clinton is a back-stabber. I'm glad I voted for him. I have no regrets. Still, he pissed me off with that welfare reform business. This was nothing more than bowing down to hate-mongering conservatives. For years, Republicans have been distorting the truth about welfare. It's one of their greatest past times to pick on the unfortunate. Bowing down to pressure, Clinton gave in to it. He back-stabbed some of the same people who voted him into office, single mothers and poor folks. He did it by coming up with that flimsy welfare reform. According to many left-wing reports, the program doesn't work. Many recipients are worse off than before.

After seeing stuff like this, I go by the "Lesser Of Two Evils" method. Which president is likely to do the worst harm? Seeing that the GOP is hostile towards anyone who isn't a WASP male, I usually vote for a Democrat.

In the 2000 race, I'd vote for anybody but George Dubya Bush. This man is just too stupid. He spoke at a fundamentalist Christian university that was anti-Catholic, homophobic and against interracial romance. He made himself look stupid on television when he couldn't name world leaders.

I remember when the press was just licking his ass. Everyone talked about the charismatic governor of Texas. The media just couldn't get enough of the polls that showed he was leading Gore. But now, the tides have changed. Recent polls show him neck and neck with Gore. Folks are beginning to realize what an idiot he is.

Since McCain and Bradley have been handed their walking papers, Gore is now challenging Bush for more debates instead of expensive TV ads. This is my prediction: Gore is gonna put the big smackdown on his ass!

One begins to wonder why the media is so infatuated with Gore instead of Mr. Alleged Cocaine Snorter. I don't know about other folks but I would rather see a boring pothead in office than a cocaine snorter who doesn't know his dick from his asshole. Also, George is too in love with the electric chair. This "compassionate conservative" has sent so many folks to the electric chair that he even scares GOP white folks.

The media's fascination with Al Gore being boring reminds me too much of the fascination they had with Clinton being a womanizer. I guess folks were supposed to focus on the womanizing instead of the real issues just like folks are supposed to focus on Al Gore being boring. People didn't care. Americans voted Clinton into office twice.

Besides being a liberal, the media may fear Al Gore because he was a huge supporter of the Internet. (I know! I know! He said he created it in March of '99. Still, I'm picking the lesser of two evils.) The way I see it, some folks want to control all the information we receive. Al Gore has created something that takes that power away from them.

This could be the reason we're supposed to focus on Gore's flaws instead of focusing on Mr. Alleged Cocaine Snorter. One can consider the media a special interest group and special interest groups just love Bush.

Gore's supporters have said that a scandal-hungry media is probably pissed off because they can't really tag enough bad things on him, things that would piss off the public.

Whatever the reason, I predict Gore will be our next president because George Dubya Bush has proven to be too stupid.

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